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By the spring

It was just a regular Saturday morning like so many others like it. I was running a little late because Friday night ran a little late. No one else in my house was up yet as I took my dog out for our morning walk. On Saturdays, we go out to the fields and just enjoy nature and the quiet of the early morning. Today was the same. Or so I thought…..
As was our usual route, we walked through the fields and then through the vineyards on our way to the spring. It was especially hot today and I was curious to see if anyone had camped out there on Friday night. By the time that we started our walk, it was already in the high 80's and the day promised to be a blistering one. The heat had made all the other usual walkers start out earlier so we weren't meeting anyone on the way. We finally made it to the spring.
My dog ran ahead and jumped straight into the spring in order to cool off. I could hear her splashing around in the water. When I got to the bank, I saw that there was one car and one small tent there. At that moment, this really good looking woman crawled out of the tent. She had short black hair and very very white skin. She was wearing a white peasant's shirt that had a very large opening at the top. The opening was large enough so that from the angle that I was watching her, I could see her very petite breasts and flat stomach. My breath caught as I saw her hard reddish brown nipples perking up from her red areolae. She stopped as she saw me watching her. I was torn between tearing my eyes away from embarrassment (mine and hers) and wanting to keep watching. As I watched, I could feel my cock getting hard in reaction to the lovely sight in front of me.
She crawled towards me until there was almost no room separating us. She still hadn't broken eye contact. It was almost as if she was testing me, teasing me.
"Would you help me up?" she asked.
I extended my hand to help her. With one hand, she took mine. As she rose, her other hand grazed against my crotch as if to check to see how much she was affecting me. As she touched me, my mouth went dry. My short intake of breath seemed to be the appropriate reaction that she wanted.
"Did you like what you saw?" she asked.
"Oh, most definitely I liked what I saw," I replied as I blushed. Truth be told, I really didn't know exactly how to respond to her question. She was beautiful and young. I'm neither. This was a situation that dreams are made of and here I was totally fumbling my way through.
"Would you like to see more?"
Oh, baby, does a bear shit in the woods? Would I like to see more? Of course I would!
And with that, she peeled off her shirt ever so slowly. As the shirt came up, she swayed her hips as if dancing to unheard music. She was wearing very short shorts that were very tight. I could see that she was shaved as the material clung to her. Her breasts were revealed to me in all their magnificence. She let her shirt drop to the ground and just stood in front of me.
So there I was with a beautiful woman with a beautiful body standing half nude in front of me. My manhood reacted well and stood and saluted. She reached out and took matters in hand. She reached in through the waistband of my shorts and released my cock from it's confines. Without saying a word, she went down on her knees and kissed the hard pulsing end of my cock. With great difficulty, I was able to stay on my feet and pushed forward with my hips. She took my cock with both hands and ran her tongue over the tip of me. My cock felt like an ice cream cone as she licked and tasted my pre-cum that was pulsing out.
Ever so gently, she spread the tip of my glans and with her tongue, she licked me on the inside of my cock. Oh, so amazing. No one has ever done that to me before. I was moaning with pleasure and my dog came to see if I was all right. She decided that things were ok and went back to the water.
In the meantime, I had reached down to hold and caress those beautiful breasts. I very gently passed my hands over them and lightly squeezed her nipples. Her quick intake of breath over my cock was incredible. Her moan was louder than mine.
"Please, rub my breasts harder and squeeze harder" she begged me. So I did as I was asked. We were both moaning with pleasure. She had taken my entire cock in her mouth and I could feel myself ticking her tonsils. She didn't gag once. One of my hands was one her breast and the other holding her head urging her to take me deeper into her mouth. I saw that one of her hands had disappeared down the front of her shorts and could only imagine what she was doing in her magic garden. Her other hand reached under my balls and then, she started to finger fuck my ass. With each thrust forward, her finger thrust into my ass.
I couldn't take this any more. I felt myself about to explode. She could sense that and she sucked on my cock really hard and pulled her finger out of my ass. With that, I grabbed my cock to keep it on target in her mouth and shot my cum down her throat. She didn't lose a drop. Every drop was sucked out of me. I had to hold onto her in order to support myself and not fall over. I was totally sapped of all strength.
She gave me moment to recover and then asked me to go back to dealing with her breasts. I saw that there was a wet stain spreading over her shorts as her hand moved faster and faster over her clit. Finally, she half screamed, half moaned with pleasure and her back arched. Her cum juices started to run down her legs as she shook with the pleasure of her orgasm.
We sat together for a few minutes trying to get our strength back. So what happens now, I thought to myself? Where do we go from here?
She solved the problem for me. She kissed me lightly on the lips, picked up her shirt and pulled it on covering the source of where this whole thing began.
"I have to get going and you probably have to get back."
And without another word, I whistled for my dog and one our way we went.

Posted by bbbooom 2 years ago
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2 years ago
great one off
2 years ago
It indeed was....
2 years ago
ahhhh... what a thrilling morning! Sounds like heaven!!