My master declares today Blowjob Wednesday

First off my name is Alba, i'm a natural blonde, as the name suggest I am latin but you couldn't tell by looking at me. I have slightly paler skin and green eyes that I got from my European mother and South American born father. However I do have those famous latin curves that so many women wish they had, small C-cup tits with juicy big nipples and an onion booty to match. Make no mistake about it though, i'm a completely open and submissive slave for my wonderful master. My entire f****y and all my friends know he alone controls me, I no longer make any decisions over my own life, not even what i'm going to wear to the mall in a few hours, my master tells me what I am to do and I follow his every command exactly as he instructs me to without any hesitation. I truly am his to use.

Every morning I get up and make my master his morning coffee while he's still asl**p and go back to bed to give him his morning wake up blowjob, I know I am not allowed to be fucked by my master unless he believes I have earned it, I earn it by being a 'good girl' and doing all that my master commands me. If i'm not a 'good girl' my master not only doesn't fuck me but he teases my body for his own pleasure but doesn't let me cum.

After a night of being suspended in the air while tied to our bed and ball gagged while my master used my body and pounded my mouth with his huge 9in cock, he let me sl**p in as today was my 'day off' and he had an early morning meeting to attend. Around mid morning my phone rang waking me from a deep sl**p and a dream of being sent out to be gang fucked by a group of total strangers as they filled me with load after load of hott seed.

I answered in a half asl**p tone, "Hello"

"What the fuck, you're still asl**p!"

"I'm sorry master, you really wore me out last night, my body still aches a little"

"I really don't care about that, don't you have errands to run today?"

"Yes daddy, I do"

"Well you need to get to it then, I won't be home until around 4pm, so since you want to be a lazy slut you're going to run all the errands on your own"

*sigh* "Yes master"

"Do you know what today is?" He said with that devious tone I know so well

"It's Wednesday?"

"Not just Wednesday, but Blowjob Wednesday so when you go to run your errands, every place you go, you're going to give one lucky bastard a blowjob...and to make it interesting, at your last stop, the guy won't be cummin in your mouth, he'll be cummin on your face and you're going to walk out of that building with your head high and cum dripping down your face like the cum bucket you are"

*sigh* "Okay master, i'll be your public cum whore, what will I be wearing master?"

"You're going to wear that strapless yellow top I like and one of your denim mini skirts, as usual, no bra or panties"

"Yes daddy, can I call you when I return home?"

"No i'll deal with you when I get home, and I want you to take a picture of your cum drenched face before you leave your last errand"

"Okay, I'll do whatever you want me to do master"

After getting off the phone I run to my closet to pick out my outfit for the afternoon that my master requested. I started to get wet just thinking about my task for the day. I truly am a complete slut, no one knows this more than my master, I can feel my pussy juices run down my thighs as I bend over to pick out my shoes. My master loves me in heels and mini skirts, maybe it's because they make my legs look sexy, but I know it's because he knows I'm like a free for all whore with them on and i'm fine with that.

I'm all showered and dressed now, hair back in a ponytail and a light scent of perfume coming from my neck and my cleavage, looking in the mirror I feel like the fuck toy I am.

"Six places and six cumshots to go" and i'm out the door and jumping in my truck.

My first errand is the post office, before I get out he truck i'm feeling a little down. You see last night I was punished by my master for being rude to him and I paid the price, I want to make it up to him today. As I sit in the parking lot I see a marker sitting there and had the most hott and naughty thought, so I scour through my glove box for a piece of paper. A few scribbles later I step out of my truck wearing a big smile because I know my master will be very proud of me.

I walk into the decent size post office wearing 4in heels, blue denim mini skirt, somewhat sheer yellow strapless top, yup you can definitely see my hard nipples, my blonde hair up in a ponytail and my new sign stapled to my shit, "FREE BJ'S UNTIL 12:30" "CUM GET IT". Needless to say even though it was pretty empty quite a few heads turned to undress me with their eyes.

After I finished my business at the counter the clerk who's maybe in her 30s brunette, petit, whispers to me "Have fun"

"Oh I definitely will"

I turn around and walk past the line and a guy in his early 50s with his wife, he couldn't take his eyes off my tits as they were falling out of my top, that was until his wife punched him in the ribs and they started arguing. I walked in the middle of the lobby area and stood there with my hands on my hips and my chest pushed out, my nipples were straining against the fabric and my thighs were already damp.

An older guy with a little grey hair was sitting in one corner of the building over by the bathrooms giving me a look over trying to be discreet, i'm anything but discreet, so I gave him a nod and walked over to him letting my hips sway and giving him quite a show. I walked by him then stopped and looked over my shoulder.

"If you see something you want, then follow me" and I headed into the men my master told me to do regardless of who had anything to say or do about it.

When the old guy finally got the courage to follow me into the bathroom, I was already on my knees in the middle of the bathroom, not a stall, with my top pulled down letting the A/C run over my still sore nipples, I had one finger already buried in my pussy teasing it.

"So are you going to come over here and put that old raisin dick in this hott 21 yr old mouth or do I have to come and take it from you?"

I guess that was all the motivation he needed.

He came over and unzipped his pants and I reached in and pulled out his limp old dick, I was a little disappointed at first but I got a renewed determination to give this old guy the best head of his life, hopefully he didn't catch a heart attack on me before he came. Hehehe.

After a few minutes of easily deepthroating his dick it rose to a respectful 6.5in and they old guy was really getting into it no, even fucking my mouth a little. I made sure to tongue his balls in between taking the entire length of his dick down my throat, less than 3 minutes after I started blowing him, he groaned and without much warning started shooting a nice load down my throat. Some dribble down my mouth which I quickly scooped up and sucked my finger clean for him. His eyes almost popped out of his head.

"You just made an old man happier than he's been in maybe 10 years"

"Good now you have something to tell your sons about, maybe i'll meet them someday and they can blow their minds in my mouth too"

I go up fixed my top and my skirt and left the old guy leaning against the sink catching his breath. When I walked out of the bathroom the post office was empty, and the guy I had seen in the line earlier with his wife was gone. I was hoping he was still there, he was hott and looked like he'd give my mouth a good pounding.

"Ah well maybe at my next spot"

So I hopped in my truck and was off to my next errand, but not before getting some glancing looks from persons walking into the post office.

One old lady who was probably in her 70s told me I was the devil and would catch something, I just laughed and walked on by.

I needed gas and I figured what place could be perfect to give a blowjob or 2 than a gas station, there's always horny hott guys there wishing they'd see a hott blonde that would let them blow their wad all over her, and I was going to be the one. *SMILE*

I pulled into the gas station, they were 3 other cars there, one an elderly couple, another with a few k**s in the back seat and the last car was empty. So I decided I was going to go inside and see whose day I could make next. When I got inside I was a little disappointed, actually more like a lot. The only ones there were a middle aged lady who wasn't attractive at all, the store clerk who looked like a white Steve Urkle and a couple that couldn't keep their hands off each other.

The Lady was a bust, I started really checking the guy with the girl out, he was ripped, nice muscles, the military type, the girl with him was a bit average, i'd fuck her after a few drinks though. She caught me swapping looks with him down the aisles and she read the sign on my top, she started walking towards me with fire coming out of her ears, scream at me about wanting to suck her man's dick and calling me a whore. I loved it to tell you the truth, her bf dragged her out the store before we went at it, so it was just me and the nerdy clerk.

I figured I was going to make this nerd 'the shit' amongst his friends because I was going to give him what maybe was his first blowjob and take a pic with him to show all his friends. I walked up to the counter and bought a huge lollipop which I had already started seductively sucking on, and paid for gas, when the register opened i leaned over the counter, he had an awesome view of my tits and he thought I was reaching for my money in the register, but instead I reached for his soon to be growing cock. He gasped and asked what I was doing.

"What does it look like i'm doing? you've never had a hott bitch want your cock before?"

He stood there with his mouth open as I massaged his cock and balls in one hand and demonstration what I was going to be doing in a minute to the lollipop in the other hand.

I climbed up on the counter without letting go of his dick, which was at full attention by now. For the first time he paid attention to my shirt and not my tits, then his gaze kept going further south as he realized my legs were spread wide open and my pussy was totally wet. He looked like he'd cum in his pants so I had to check. Jumping off the counter I dropped his shorts in one swoop and started sucking on his nice big knob. I guess it might be true, nerds and black guys do have big dicks.

I was on a schedule so I wasn't about to waste any time, I started sucking on his dick like the back alley whore my master trained me to be. I looked up and him and told him how much I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I was ready to swallow his entire load. I had my phone in the other hand and it didn't take long at all, maybe ten seconds later I was snapping shots of a thick stream of cum leaving his cock and splashing against my tongue and down the hatch, I made sure to get a shot of my face sucking down the last few drops then one with us standing behind the counter with him squeezing my tits and a finger in my pussy.

"Now you have something to tell your Star Trek club friends"

As I was filling my truck up before hitting the road again, the store clerk came back out and gave me the money for the gas back and said it was on him.

I smiled and said thank you then gave him a long kiss while squeezing his about to be hard again dick, I slipped some of his own cum back into his mouth as I pulled away and smiled. He didn't catch on until I told him,

"I wouldn't tell my friends I cum swapped my own load with a hott cum slut, if I were you"

He looked at me puzzled then then realized it wasn't spit in his mouth. :)

I took off down the road feeling a little accomplished but not satisfied by any means, I thought there would have been more of a turn out if you know what I mean.

Then next I went to my very local bank and a take out restaurant to grab lunch, both of which were total busts, the barber shop where I usually get my eyebrows done were closed, then my attorney called and we were going to have to reschedule our appointment. I was completely furious not because I was soooo expecting to be on my knees in his office sucking his big juicy Italian cock, yes i'm sucked it a few times before, and he's pounded my ass and pussy too. His partner is also a cute hot shot lawyer fresh out of law school, the idea of tall, dark and handsome but that wasn't going to happen today anymore.

I was starting to get worried because I only had one more errand to do and I was four blowjobs short, since I didn't get to suck a guy off at each place I was hoping if I made up for it in numbers he's be pleased. I didn't want to be punished two days in a row.

The only up side to it was where my last errand was....THE MALL...and there's plenty of hungry cocks there waiting to be swallowed up and loads to be blown.

As I pulled into the mall parking lot, before I got out the truck I wanted to leave an impression on every guy or woman I walked by, so I took my little pocket knife I keep in my truck and cut a slit in the middle of my strapless top right between my boobs, since it was already so tight, my big tits just f***ed the slit to open up even wider. My mini skirt also had a slit at the side and I decided it wasn't showing 'enough' so I grabbed hold of each side and ripped it some more, I struggled with it then,

"Oh shit!"

It ripped more than I wanted it to, it ripped all the way up to just below the pockets, now when I walked my hips f***ed the skirt open and everyone could tell I wasn't wearing any panties. Not that it made much of a difference because with my "FREE BJ'S" sign everyone knew I was just a fucking whore looking to be filled by loads of cum.

As I walked through the mall which was packed with people, for being in the middle of the day, I could hear little snickers and guys calling out to me and a few knowing looks from some of the women, mixed in of coarse with some groans of disgust and jealousy of coarse. I made my way to my favorite clothing store to grab a few things, one of the girls that works in the store helps me get fitted every time i'm there so when I was finished I asked her to hold my bags behind the counter and 'I'd be right back' she flashed me a smile because she knows me very well, if not for my sign. We had once taken turns fucking this football player in the changing room when he had come in the store looking for something for his girlfriend for her birthday.

There was already a few guys lurking around the store, pretending to be looking at stuff but glancing at me every few seconds out the corner of their eye. I walked right down the center isle of the store and across the hall to the bathrooms, I stopped at the fork for the men's/women's bathroom when a young black guy behind me asked if it was too late to get that free blowjob.

"Follow me and you'll find out"

As I pushed the door open to the men's bathroom one guy was at the sinks washing his hands but froze when he read the sign stapled to my shirt, I got on the floor and sat on my knees about 5 feet away from him in the middle of the room, put my hair up and then suddenly the door burst open. Seems like the young black guy wasn't alone, he brought who turned out to be his father and his uncle, right after the 'foot long gang' came a guy in a business suite who was on his cell phone. Yea he quickly ended that call. Then two latin men, the older one didn't speak a lick of English so the younger one was translating, not that much needed to be said anyway "Yo soy una puta".

I pulled my top over my head and threw it in the sink, got on my hands and knees and asked,

"So which one of you fucking will be the first one to pound me mouth with a hard dick and and fill my tummy with some fresh protein?"

They all got in a circle and dropped their pants and fed me their cocks or stroked it for me, it wasn't my first time being surrounded by 6 delicious cocks, wasn't going to be my last either. I was like a possessed cock hungry tramp, my pussy was on fire and I hadn't cum all day. Since my earlier errands hadn't gone as planned I was definitely going to make up for it. I feverishly sucked on the buffet of growing cocks surrounding me, I was in complete bliss, not only did they all want me but I wanted all of them to squirt for me so bad.

As I sucked off the young black guy I jerked off his father and the older spanish guy, then alternating my polished deepthroating skills the guy who was in the bathroom when I got there. By now my pussy was gushing cream down my legs, I was starting to form quite the puddle on the floor. The black k**'s uncle must have known me from some where because he got behind me and fish hooked my jaws and told his nephew to, " Pound this little white bitches mouth, I guarantee she loves it" Oh mg god did he ever fuck my mouth, I thought he was going to pierce my jaw with his big cock. As he started to throat fuck me and I gagged and spit everywhere, the uncle slammed his 3 thick fingers in my soaked pussy, his hand was huge and it was stretching my pussy, the other spanish k** came around and stuck two fingers in my tight ass, now i'm also a complete anal slut so in about 5 or 6 thrusts in my ass and I started cumming, HARD!!! I screamed out muffled by the sound of my mouth getting ****d and squirted all over the floor and their feet. I didn't think I was going to stop cummin.

"I think this cum whore is ready to get fucked" Said the father of the black k** whose knees were getting wear from my handjob and occasional blowjob.

"NO!! no one is fucking me today"

"Why not bitch"

"Because my master said today is blowjob Wednesday, and that's all i'm allowed to do, maybe the next time he rents me out for a Superbowl party I can come over and meet you and your friends" *smile*

Everyone seemed a little upset at the 'rules' but that quickly went away once I started sucking their cocks again. By now they had picked my tiny frame up off the ground and held me in their arms still face down with cocks all around my hear, groping my tits, my tight ass and body, pulling on my nipples so hard I was pretty sure they'd be bruised for a week after that. Then suddenly I guess uncle got his 'revenge' on me, he shoved his entire hand into my not stretched out pussy and began to fist fuck me like a jackhammer. His b*****r has switched places with one of the others and not he had 3 of his also thick fingers knuckle deep in my 'innocent' asshole, this was too much for me to take and I started to cum again, with a little less waterworks but my orgasm was just as hard as the one before.

I hadn't realized it but hey had locked the bathroom door, they had their way with me for what was probably the next half hour, fucking my mouth with their dicks and fisting and fingering my poor asshole and pussy, when they were all ready to cum they actually dropped me on the floor like a bag of flour, I hit my ass so hard on the cold tiled floor.

"Cum in my mouth please, I want to swallow all your loads"

"Shut the fuck up" Yelled from once quiet guy in the business suit and he grunted and shot his load right in my eyes. It burned like hell but I was obedient and took it without saying a word but "Thank you".

All the others shot their loads down my throat until it came to the last, who was the black k**'s uncle, he'd treated me like a whore from the very start, and truth is my pussy got wetter the more he did.

He walked up to me and slapped me in the face, it was more like a bitch slap, my head swung around and some of the cum on my face flew across the room. The others looked on with a bit of horror on their faces but I knelt there quiet and begged him to cum in my mouth.

He responded by grabbing my face and fucking my throat, deeper than anyone else had done before that, to the point I couldn't breath. He held my nose and he slammed his entire dick down my throat and held it there, I started to get lightheaded from the lack of air, then he pulled out and slammed it right back down my throat, this time unleashing a huge load into my stomach at the same time. I couldn't help but really gag and almost threw up all that delicious cum I had just swallowed.

It was now over and I was exhausted, laying on the floor only wearing my mini skirt, my heels were somewhere under the sinks, everyone was leaving, and leaving me there in a pile of sweat and cum on the cold bathroom floor. The uncle came over to me picked my head up and said "Here's what you get you piece of shit for not letting me fuck that pussy". He spit in my face twice then stood up and turned the water on in the sink where my top was, and walked out leaving the sink on. I was pissed but I had done what my master told me to do so I had to live with the consequences of what happened. I was just getting my shoes when I thought. "I hadn't done everything my master told me to do" I can't leave without having the last lucky guy cover my face in his load, and what am I going to do about my top, it was soaked, and sheer to begin with, now it's practically invisible. I stayed there on the floor sitting on my legs waiting for the next guy to walk in the bathroom. Only took two minutes but in walks and overweight, balding, look like he still lives with his mother guy and i'm completely disappointed by now but it's my job to make his day.

I just look at him, topless and looking thoroughly fucked and tell him. "I need your cum now and you're going to give it to me"

I didn't even give him a chance, I tackled him, little as i am, pushed him to the floor and ripped his pants off, to be even more disappointed by his little 5 in dick. I wasn't about to slow up though, I started on his cock and balls swallowing them both at a time, one of my best sloppy blowjobs if I do say so myself. My spit was running down his ass in no time and he was bucking like a horse every time his dick slipped in my mouth, I could tell this wasn't going to last very long. I sped up and sucked even harder then suddenly he yelled out he was cummin, I stood him up and pumped that little cock for all it was worth. When he started to cum though, I was completely shocked, waves of thick hot cum shot from this little dick and hit me with enough f***e to knock me off my balance. I steadied myself and he kept on shooting stream after stream of cum in my mouth, it was probably 15 seconds since he started and my mouth was already full of cum, I couldn't hold it any longer, it was too much to swallow in one gulp, cum poured out of the corner of my mouth and I tried to swallow the rest. It was truly a mouth full of cum, while I was swallowing he hit my with 3 more long streams of cum that dissected my face, I already had cum stains on my face but now my face looked like an over glazed cinnamon roll. Cum was streaking down my stomach and dropping on my thighs, I never would have expected to get all that cum from one guy far less this guy.

I thanked him for allowing me to fulfill my master's task, threw on my still soaked top and headed out the door while cum stains were clearly visible all over my body, water was dripping down my body from my top and my freshly applied load of cum couldn't be hidden. I went back to my favorite store to collect my things.

"Holy shit, you sure went all out today" said my store clerk friend.

"Thanks to my master"

"Do you want to change into something you bought or at least clean up?"

"No, my master likes to humiliate me, especially when i've been bad, so I have to walk out for everyone to see, i'm nothing more than his submissive cum whore"

I turned and walked the two long minutes through the mall, with EVERYONE staring at me, and a bunch of degrading comments coming from all directions, I wanted to hide but, what my master says, goes and I was going to walk out of there looking like his cum bucket slut.

When I finally got to my truck, after even being followed by a few guys I stripped naked in the parking lot, didn't really care who saw, threw my wet and cum soaked clothes in the back seat and jumped in my truck and drove all the way home naked.

When my master got home from work I met him in the customary way of being on my knees giving him his after work blowjob, and I told him about my day.

He was so proud of me for going the extra mile to please him he fucked me all night long just the way I like it, he used me and all my holes like the complete slut I always have been and always will be.
62% (17/10)
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Very Hot Story!
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What a great story mmm
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