First time bedding a hott blonde MILF

Being in an open relationship at the time was a great idea for me and my gf at the time since she was away at college in another state, some nights tend to be longer than other. So we agree if we found someone(s) that we were comfortable with then by all means go for it. Unless of coarse that either of us had reservations about the potential friend with benefits, then all deals were off.

So I had been online one Sat evening just relaxing after a long day of work, then errands and household chores, when i stumbled upon a more mature, very hott might i add blonde MILF. Just thinking "what the heck" i contacted her soon to be surprised that she has a thing for black guys, although never considered being with someone as young as i was at that time, but we were both a little intrigued.

We started chatting and soon realized that we had alot in common, from our humor, to what sports we liked, even to recent events in our separate lives. Similar tastes in fashion, food and life in general. I was a little taken back by how easily we fit together and after 2 or 3 hours of conversation it wasn't we were strangers but old friends getting reacquainted.

We both talked about our current relationship statuses, I explained how me and my then gf agreed on an open relationship because after having her off to school now for 2 years, our desires were starting to get the better of us and we needed a way to release the pressure but with us still having control over it and not running wild. In my new friend's case she wasn't getting what she 'needed' at home and was feeling emotionally and physically unsatisfied because of it, there was only so much she could put up with and she was at her limit now. Also with her husband away on a business trip she was feeling a little more free and not to mention horny.

We decided to move to IM for i guess what you could call a 'webcam date'. Once the cam was on I was in awe, she was even more beautiful on cam then in her pics, and she also had an amazing smile. She waved to me, pushing her blonde shoulder length hair behind her ear, looking amazingly sexy. I had a huge smile on my face as thoughts of "10 things i would do to her right now" came through my head, getting caught up in my thoughts, she buzzed me "What are you smiling so sweetly about?" of coarse i brushed it off, and let her know it was because i was amazed at how beautiful she was. I never would have thought that I could get and 'older' (i hate using that word) lady to blush the way she did. It was almost like she was a high school girl all over again. "God she looks soo cute!!" is all I can think in my head.

We continue our conversations centered around no one topic, we talked about anything ranging from recent history, to more sports, TV shows, her k**s, what we both wanted for the future, some of our sexual history, and our respective partners. At that point we were truly 'friends' now, the chemistry was like nothing either of us had previously with anyone else. She had a great sense of humor, much like my own, witty and a tad bit sarcastic at times, she was definitely a sharp lady who could keep up. Now if only to find out if she can keep up in the bedroom the way she keeps up intellectually.

Since neither of us had plans for the night previously, and with no k**s or hubby, we decided that our night was going to be about us partying non-stop, dinner and drinks followed by going to the club and hopefully back to my place :D to add a little fireworks to the night.

I arrived at dinner first since the restaurant we chose was closer to my house, but soon after while i was sipping my drink at the bar, i felt this cool breeze across my ear and i turn around and there she is looking absolutely gorgeous. I cupped a feel of her cute butt when i helped her get seated in her chair, talk about firm. She only responded with a smile.

The food was okay but we hadn't missed a beat from our conversation online, so much so we stayed at the restaurant an extra two hours more than we wanted to, so feeling a little tipsy and horny from our conversation, we walked out the restaurant with my hand squeezing her ass. She looked me straight in the eyes and said "Let's just go back to your place, we can go clubbing another time" So she followed me back to my house, longest 15 mins of my life. I walked her up the stairs just so i could get another look at her ass in those jeans before i knew they were coming off.

As we walked in my completely dark house and i closed the door, i grabbed her hand to guide her through the house, half way to my room i spin her around and we have one of the most passionate kisses ever imagined. At that point we start dragging each others clothes off, my shirt ended up in the kitchen, her jacket on the couch, her top on the TV, somehow her bra ended up on the door handle, but needless to say there was a trail of clothes s**ttered everywhere. By the time we got to my bed we were both completely naked, my 8in black cock was standing proudly and her creamy pussy was already dripping on my hand.

After a few minutes of heavy kissing and teasing each others body, she pushed me back on the bed, got on top looked in my eyes and said, "I've been wanting to taste this cock all evening so if you don't mind, i'll do just that" I thought i had died and went to heaven, her mouth was like a gushing waterfall, she sucked my cock from the head all the way down the shaft to my balls and sucked them in her mouth, OMG if this is what getting head from a porn star feels like, i'm in the wrong business. Then she spit my balls out of her mouth and took half the length of my cock down here throat. I grab her by her hair and pull her up on the bed now, spin her around into a 69, and i dive straight for her swollen cit, her pussy is so wet its leaking all over my bed. We 69 for a few minutes until neither of us can take it anymore and she get on all fours and looks over her shoulder and says "Give it to me, i wanna feel you deep inside me" How could i say no to this beautiful lady, she begged me to go a little slow since it had been a while since she had taken a cock this big. So we started out slow, building up the pace as we went and as her pussy loosened up around my cock, by now her pussy was so slick i could have put my whole fist in her easily. I started pounding to her wet pussy now, she let out a loud moan and to my surprise she squirted all over my leg :D now there's something she 'forgot' to mention. My excitement of finally having a squirter took charge and i was determined to make her squirt again. For the next hour i kept pounding away at her pussy in different positions, she came and squirted another 5-7 times. At one point when i had her doggy style again she looked back at me and said "you want to put that thing in my ass don't you? I want you too also, just get some lube and you can pound my ass like you fucked my pussy" In no time i was all lubed up and pushing my cock against her puckered asshole, it was a pretty ass too actually, after the head was in it felt amazing, and to think she thought she wouldn't be able to take the entire length in her all. They all do, but it still happened in the end. Soon enough i was banging her ass doggy style til she pushed me over and rode it reverse cowgirl. I reached around and started playing with her clit, til she screamed out and she squirted 3 more times. I fucked her ass for another hour, then gave her pussy a pounding for another half hour before we were a pile of sweat, tits and balls lying in a cum soaked bed, compliments her squirting more times than she ever has before.

We roll over to look at each other, out of breath, but satisfied. We didn't even have to say it, we both just thought it. HOLY SHIT!!!! that was fucking good...."We definitely have to do this again some time" she said to me.

As i walked her out and we grabbed her clothes that were thrown everywhere, i pushed her against the wall, kissed her passionately and whispered in her ear...."and you thought i was too young for you"
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1 year ago
my wife i know is sneaking around behind my back fucking a bbc.i cant help it but it turns me on thinking of them together
3 years ago
very sexy
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
i've done it quite a few times actually, it just keeps getting better and better :)
4 years ago
Did you do it again?

4 years ago
Was really feeling this one nice story
4 years ago
Really Great Story! Romantic!
-Laurel and Sara
4 years ago
That is a good story!