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MY Name is john, i'm your average young black African boy who is told to respect his elders although i go to church my sexual mind does not reflect it , i most times when my parents are out sneak onto the computer to have a hard on.Most times i gt caught by my dad who gives me a lecture on how to leave it but at times i wonder if he has the right to tell me anything like that , since he had an affair with his Secretary ,but all the same i listen to him.
I have always watched i****t on the computer and wanted to try it but it is not in my culture to have sex within the f****y so it was not possible.One day did something s bad that i got sent out of my house forever and went to live in Soho london, there i was picked up by social services and put in a home. In the home a lot of the girls were under 18 so i had to wait till they were of age for me to make my move on them but i could not because i was picked by a f****y , did i mention it was a lesbian f****y who had an already adopted girl at home.
Most nights mom and mom who fuck very loudly till the morning and my mind was racing about how it would be better for them to have a real cock instead of a plastic one , on one faithfully night when my adopted parent were having sex my step s****r came into my room saying she was scared by a movie she had watched earlier and that she wanted to stay with me , this was like a dream come true because i had my eye on her fr sometime.Has she was about to get into my bed she stopped and confessed that she was not not scared of the movie but that she wanted to me to fuck her hard , i can tell you i was shocked but not ashamed to tell i wanted the same , so she gt in and we had sex , little did we know that our parents were not having sex but watching a porno movie which was about to end , i had a fantasy of fucking a girl anally and she wanted it too , has i inserted my c**k onto her a**h**e she screamed but we taught our would not hear but little did we know that hey had left their room and were watching us , after a while they burst in i wanted to leave but they said i should stay and continue what i was doing to her and that they had an announcement to make my mind was now fixated on this announcement and they knew it was so they decided to tell us earlier they took off their nighties and came over to the bed and told us both that we need a f****y fuck night , but my steps****r did not believe it , but to prove they were serious one of my parent went under the sheets straight to her pussy and the other took my cock into her mouth and it did not take that much time for us to believe they were serious about what they had said , i cannot ell how happy it made me to learn that i would be able to go any one of them at anytime for sex.
Suddenly i hear a cock crow and i get up from bed , i looked around for my steps****r and my parents and even screamed for them till my mum came in to as what was wrong, i asked her why she let me get into the house and she look confused and asked if anyone had kicked me out , i was about to reply her then i realized from the heaviness of my eyes that i was asl**p all along.
Hope you enjoyed the read THANKS
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Well, that's 30 seconds of my life I won't get back.
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