The entire f****y was gathered at Gramma's house for Thanksgiving 1995. k**s were running everywhere and the game was on TV. Our team was beating the pants off the other guys and lots of beer and wine was flowing. I had my glass of red and was settled out of the way of the k**s, watching the game and watching all the beautiful young girlfriends that came with the cousins and b*****rs. One sweet thing came over to introduce her self and we got into a very long conversation about medical school and her hopes and aspirations.
The guy she came with happened to be one of the most worthless bums in the group. He was the son of a son of an in-law. He had been in and out of trouble with the law for years and she was aware of his past. After learning about how she was doing in med school I couldn't help asking why she was running with this bum. She hemmed and hawed around the subject for a while and then whispered in my ear that he could giver her 2-3 great orgasms every time they fucked. I had to chuckle, but that is one hell of a good reason, and I told her so, I also told her I appreciated her candor.

Later at the dinner table, she sat across the table from me and at some time during the meal I felt her foot on mine. It wasn't long before I noticed she was staring at me and our eyes locked. Her foot went up my pants leg and she was rubbing my leg. It took me a minute to realize that her movements were no accident. I ran my foot up her leg too. We just smiled at each other between all the cross conversations. Here was this cute brunette about a third my age coming on to me.

After dessert and coffee, I found her sitting outside on a truck tailgate by herself and strolled up to her. She said, "You are the nicest man here. You have been so very nice to me and made me feel very much a part of the f****y." I told her she was a beautiful girl but it was hard to see much of her with the long denim skirt and heavy sweater. She pulled me close and kissed me softly. It was kind of like a thank-you kiss. I wanted to show her a different kiss so I gave her an I-want-to-fuck-you kiss back. She was quick to understand and our tongues danced in each other's mouths. I found her very exciting and as I ran my hands over her sweater she pulled it up to expose her full, firm young tits.

We caressed and our kisses became more passionate and exciting. She pulled back and looked up in my face. "You are a fucking wolf," she whispered. "And you, little lady, are a fucking fox," I responded. She grabbed my semi-hard cock through my slacks and began fumbling with my belt and zipper. "Help me," she said in a whiney voice. I wanted to help her get it out before I started to make pecker tracks on the inside. She held my cock in her hands and slowly stroked it. As she did I started to worry that I may not get a full erection, but her hands felt good on me and I started to run my hands up her legs.

She pulled her long skirt up exposing her thighs and I felt that she did not have any panties on. My hands were deep between her legs as she squirmed to pull the skirt higher so she could open her legs. At last she opened and I felt only soft flesh around a very wet pussy. She just moaned. She was stroking me but I just wasn’t getting hard. "Come here," she said, pulling me up. I could step up on the curb and get my soft cock closer to her face. As I did she took it all deep in her mouth and started to fuck me with her mouth. As she took my cock deeper in her mouth it got bigger and harder. Once she pulled it out and said "Oh, my!" She was silent for a moment and said, "I just had an orgasm and I think I got it on my skirt." I felt around and she was very wet but her skirt felt dry.

She started again and it didn't take long before I was getting close. I was harder than I could remember. As she started to move away I said, "You're not going to stop now are you?" She just scooted closer to the end of the tailgate and said, "Fuck me." Her skirt was up and her pussy was wet and ready. I got in and was fucking this tight little cunt with all my strength. She has one hand on my buns pulling me closer and the other over her mouth. Each stroke I'd make she would let out a little squeal. I couldn't go long and shot my wad right in her. I did whisper, "Not to worry. I was clipped before you were born." I went totally limp in no time.

She was still rubbing her clit when I was all put away and zipped up. I pushed her hand aside and got my fingers deep in and up on her G-spot. I could tell by the look on her face that not many guys had ever been there. It was a look of total surprise and total enjoyment. She started to hump up and buck hard. Within only moments she let out a cry under both her hands and the whole tailgate of the pickup was wet. We pumped together for a few until I know she was exhausted and was pushing me away.

She got up quickly and took a fast look around to see if anyone was around. The evening was dark and everyone was inside just then. She gave me a deep thank-you kiss and looked up in my eyes and said, "Somehow I knew I could depend on you." I told her she was good and I sure would love to have some more of her sweet ass. She promised I would. But it never happened.

The bad news she did have a wet spot on the back of her skirt. The good news is she is now a top pediatric doctor just a hundred miles up the road. You know who you are. Thank you, dear. You made this old man feel young again.
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wonderful & sweet story