seduced by friends mum-pt 2

what happened in the ect 5-10 minutes was like a film in slowly motion!!!
she turnen round, me thinking she was leaving, when i heard "click", she had locked the bathroom door!!
when she turned around again her rope then was fully open, i could not believe what was before my eyes!
there she was standing there in her black 1/2 cup bra, her tits barely covered from the 1/2 cup, her nipples as stiff as my cock!
looking down, seeing her naked body to her string tanga.
It being see-through i got a magnifcent view of her dark triangle of pussy hair!
there being no more soap or foam in the bath i caught the way her eyes were looking at my stiff prick!
she then took the few steps to me, bending over and down, just slightly allowing me to watch the way her massive melons pushed together and nearly out of her bra!
being more excited than nervös and without realising it i was already dripplng spunk out of my cock.
as she went over to me she made the comment about how it would be better if she helped me get washed otherwise the water would get cold.
she started by washing my back, then started on my chest making the comment of how hairy i was for a boy of my age.
as she went down her hand was brushing the top and tip of my cock when with in seconds she took my cock-header between her thumb and fore-fingers, at this point i raised my pelvis wanting more!!
with her free hand, she took mine, made the comment about how she had known i had been viewing her tits and asked if i want to touch them?
i lifted one of her tits from under her cup, not believing how heavy it was
then she lifted it out the cup, i could not help but gasp at the size, weight and how hard her nipple was!!
taking her nipple between my thumb and fore- finger, (this i done often with my gf!)and twisting it back and forth as she wanked my fore-skin back and over my cock-head!
i was so horny and excited, within about 30seconds i could feel my balls contract, my spunk cuming up through my hard stem and spouting out over my stomach!!
i like wanking off and being wanken off but this was different!
my spunk just shot out, never seeming to stop and then watching how she then rubbed my balls together and commenting how it got her wet seeing a guy cum his load!
it was a matter of minutes, seeming ages, then she finished washing my spunk down, dried me off as if nothing, or it was normal what happened.
saw then stood up, removed her bra, her tits falling out and down which left me no choice but to take my cock in my hand, still being so hard i started wanking myself off!
she then slipped of her gown, dropped her string to expose and lovely hairy pussy!!
(my gf was fairly mature but this was "pure mature pussy!")
she then putting one leg up on the bath tub, split her thighs exsposing her cunt, her clit, not like my gf's was at least 1/2-3/4 iches big, it was then she putting 2 fingers into her pussy opening, started finger fucking herself telling me to masterbate while watching her!
i had seen one of my gf's rubbing her pussy through her slip but this was like watching a porno film, only real!
i could hear er cum, moaning slowly more and more, never experencing a girl, letting alone a women having an orgasm!
she was telling me to cup my balls while wanking myself, at the same time as she was fucking herself, i then was again at the point where i could not hold back my orgasam when again my spunk short out at the time i watched as er cunt lips contracted in rythum to her orgasam!!!!
i still could not get over what happened, as she went down, putting her gown on, lefth her bra and slip over the stool, before rubbing my hair, smilling slightly and said......
"thanks big boy, your gf will a lucky girl!!!"
this was 1 of 2 other occasions with her, before this and for years, even now i am turned on with "older" women!
"Chandell", a women from i met 2 weeks ago from Washington, America.
73% (6/2)
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nice & sweet