seduced by friends mother

I got my first experiance at 16, getting seduced by my best friends mother who was 55!
I must admit i was sexully attracted to her when i first met her, going home at the weekend to stay with my mate.
We were often alone in the house on saturdays, getting to watch tv ect, by him was a treat being able to shower or have a bath.
On many occasions his mother would come into the bathroom to get ready to go out downtown and it was on one occasion she came in only wearing her dressing gown!
I was in the bath and it was very difficult not to keep looking in the mirror only to catch a glimpse of her open gown!
She was standing still with her back to me when she turned round, looking down into the bath tub only to see i had got a hard-on, making a comment asking if i was ok!
There was her gown open to her waist, exsposing her big breast sitting cupped in her bra, i was speachless!
I was dreamed about here having big tits but to see them like this....
43% (13/18)
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