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So let me start, my f****y consists of my father Shiekh Ali, my mom Fatima and me Sultan Ali. My father was a marketing manager of a reputed MNC company. He stayed at home only for 3-4 days a week due to his routine office tour in remote places of Eastern India. He stays home mainly on weekends and my mom is a housewife. She is 42, height 5-”6” and weighs 62 kgs.

My mom is fair complexioned, long hair, big boobs and round ass as both of them are juicy where anyone can rate my mom as 38-32-40. 40 indicate my mom’s ass so I think anyone can imagine it. My mom is mad about sarees, she usually wears all kinds of sarees like c****, georgette,silk, designer and rarely net sarees and looks modern and even sexy too.

I have never seen my mom wearing other dresses like salwar kameez and chudidars or jeans wherein she would look more modern and sexier. I used to think my mom is a strict traditional woman but now I have changed my mind.

That time we were living in a third floor apartment of multi storied residential building and the opposite flat of ours was vacated by our neighbors as the flat was sold to Mr. Srinivasan(44, 5-‘’10’’) an NRI civil engineer. He is also a fair complexioned man used to live in USA, he had come back to India for one of his important office projects.

On the first day when he entered the flat which he had owned, he came to our flat and introduced himself to us. He had chatted 15 min with my father and asked about my studies. My mom gave him coffee to drink and he went to his flat after drinking it. My mom never talked to him even though he stayed opposite to us but used to give a small smile when she saw him and used to be in her limits.

One day me and my mom attended a marriage reception function, my dad was not there and went to Mumbai for a business deal. My mom wore a nice black designer work saree it was shining because of the work done on the saree. Her belly and blouse cuold be seen clearly. Her boob’s size was big and she had a perfect structure in the saree.

The jewelry also added beauty to her. So it was 11.00 at night and we didn’t get a single auto to reach our home. A car came and stopped near us and Srinivasan uncle was in it. He was coming from his office and was on the way home when he saw us looking for an auto. He invited us into the car and my mom said “No problem we will take an auto”.

Uncle said he too was going home and he will take us. But after telling NO for 3 times we finally sat in the car and he started driving it. He asked my mother about my father and she said, “He went to Mumbai and will return in 3 days” We reached our apartment. We three reached our floor in the same lift and my mom and Srinivasan uncle were standing close to each other, talking and he cracked some jokes.

Finally we thanked him for giving us lift and he replied, “Its ok and its not safe standing there at late hours wearing jewelry”, he also complimented my mom, “You are looking beautiful in that black saree.” She took it in a positive way and thanked him. We went inside our respective houses. Mom appreciated his way of talking and said, “He is a nice guy.”

We went to sl**p as we were tired and I haved to attend my college in the morning. So that’s the turning point in my mom’s life. She used to praise him in front of me and slowly started talking to him regularly. On the next Diwali day all the residents in our apartment came down to ground floor to enjoy fire crackers.

We also went down to enjoy fire crackers. On that day my mom wore a cream and pink cross work saree which also had work on it. Srinivasan uncle greeted us by giving a hand shake and I was shocked that my mom made shake hand with him. She never shakes hand with any man and been humble always.

My dad didn’t noticed but I noticed my mom talking to him and laughing. At one stage she gave him a gentle push with her hand and I was shocked again. I thought something is going wrong and but I went into diwali mood and fired crackers and forgot it. On one Sunday my dad was not at home, he was on an office tour to Assam.

My mom decided to go to shopping and on the same day she had cooked chicken, she went to Srinivasan uncle’s house with some curry and gave it to him. He thanked my mom and asked her about my dad then she said, “He went to Assam on an office tour.” In the conversation he said that he was going for shopping then my mom replied even she was also going for shopping.

Then he asked my mom, “Shall we both do the shopping?” My mom hesitated at first but said ok to go along with him. On that day she wore a blue colored silk saree with a nice design and we went to shopping, we first went to the landmark mall and were shopping. My mom’s ass was moving sexily inside her saree and it’s always a cute one.

Srinivasan said he would like to take jeans pants and we entered the stall. There he told us, Do you know coming Sunday is my birthday and I wanted to select a new dress. Will you help me in selecting one?” I went aside and watching some T-shirts and observing them from a distance. He took a jeans and a T-shirt my mom also helped him in selection.

He asked my mom, “Select a jeans and a sleeveless T-shirts for you”, she laughed for it and said, “Not now but definitely later. Promise I will not disappoint you.” So we completed our shopping and entered into the lift, many people entered at once and it was almost tightly packed, my mom and uncle were touching each other and shocking thing was her boobs got pressed by his shoulders but she didn’t resist it till we reached the ground floor.

I asked my mom to buy me a new book and we went to a book stall and got it from there. Srinivasan uncle took us to an ice-cream parlor and we had milk shakes by the way he told us about his f****y in US and he got divorced with his wife in US. He also had a 14 year old daughter staying with his divorced wife and bla… bla….We then reached our home.

I went straight to sl**p because I was very tired. At around 2 –o-clocks in the night I went to our bathroom to pee. When I was returning from the bathroom I saw some light was coming from my mom’s bedroom. I thought mom forgot to switch off the light before going to sl**p because she was tired also. I thought I will switch off the light. So I entered in to her bedroom.

Mom was sl**ping lightly in her bed. She was wearing a skimpy little teddy with no panties on. I had never seen that outfit before. She looked great in it. The light from the tube light showed across her legs and stomach. Her legs were spread open and I peered down at her pussy. Her cunt was gaping wide open and cum was all over her face, breasts, stomach, pussy and legs.

Her hairless cunt lips were engorged and glowing red. Her inner walls of pussy was pink and swollen. Her nipples thrust out like pencil top erasers. She looked like a slut with satisfied look on face. Even her clit was standing at attention. I was completely shocked. Some one had fucked her really hard.

I could easily understand from the amount of cum that was splattered all over her, that she was well fucked by some one for at least 3-4 times. I suspected that she was giving him oral sex too. Because I noticed drops of cum on her chin and cheeks also. I was totally confused and shocked so I quietly came back to my room. Eventually I fell asl**p on the bed trying to figure out about the incident.

When I woke up the next morning, Mom was in the shower. I went college then but all the time I was thinking about my mom’s secret love affair. I returned from the college early. I rang our door bell and was completely shocked to see that Srinivasan uncle opened our door. He told me to keep quiet. He closed my eyes and taken me inside then he opened my eyes and showed me my mom.

She was wearing tight jeans where she had an awesome shape. She was wearing a sleeveless T-Shirt also where her breasts looked big when compared to saree & blouse. Srinivasan Uncle was taking photos of her in different styles and dresses. So yesterday Srinivasan uncle did purchased those outfits for mom. Then he showed the photos he took with my mom in salwaar and jeans.

He took very awesome photos of my mom in his digital camera and my mom looked crazy and sexy in them, he also took photos of my mom’s ass in jeans. I got very surprised by seeing those photos. Later we went to mom’s bedroom and started chatting. After 20 minutes of chatting Srinivasan uncle whispered something to my mom’s ear.

Then my mom said “Leave my bedroom and watch tv.” She also told me to take some food from our kitchen. When I saw that she was going to shut her bedroom door, I asked, “Why are you shutting the door?” Mom blushed and said “You naughty boy you are in college now, you should understand why two mature man and woman closed their door.” I was a fool but now I could understand everything.

Mom closed the door but I was curious. I located a key hole on the door and began peeping. I thought it is wrong to spy on your mother but when mom was doing adultry I could also do it. I saw uncle was applying some cream on mom’s body. Very romantic guy. And applying the cream on belly by doing this really my cock got hard like a hot rod.

While Mom was moaning with pleasure and while doing this uncle asked her, “Why you wear this much tight jeans it will hurt your stomach can Imake it loose by opening your jeans.” Mom giggled like a teenager and agreed. Uncle slowly opened her jeans and inserted his hand in her jeans reaching upto her panty and she didnt restrict his move and was enjoying every miute of the things.

Slowly uncle removed her new jeans and panty from her body and I could see her shaved pussy, wow. Second time I was seeing her mature pussy and really looking so cute. Uncle kissed her pussy and she let out a mona not realising I was in the house as she was enjoying the things. I saw her juices coming out from pussy and uncle inserted his snake like tongue inside and started sucking mom’s cunt.

Wow what a sight for a son. Uncle was was enjoying the great taste and mom was moaning and making sounds like ahhhhhhh hm and haaaaa haaa. Uncle was sucking her pussy like a mad dog and she was enjoying. what would happen if dad comes to know of it. I was sweating even in normal temperature.

I wiped any sweat from my face and watched her as she inserted her finger in uncles hairs. Uncle removed her entire dress leaving her nude and began kissing her from toe to her pussy and going up sucking her pink nipples. Mom was experiencing heavy breaths and uncle also was into hot breathing and seeing this scene my heart was also beating very fast.

I gulped a lump down my throat. Mom took off uncles dress, now uncle was also nude. His cock was really big not less tha a foot maybe more. I was scared how would any woman take such a big cock in her small hole. Mom became happy to see the big tool and asked, “You got a big one dear. I hope your wife must have enjoyed it to the fullest.”

Uncle replied, “On the contarary she left me because she could not cope with my big ccok. She would faint due to pain whenever I fucked her.” Mom said, “I would never leave a guy with such an enormous tool.How big is it?” Uncle replied, “Its 14 inches.” My mom let out a loud sigh. Meanwhile uncle had taken her hand and placed on his dick and to my surprise she began pressing his cock.

And I was really feeling good and I removed my shorts and was shagging my cock watching her. Uncle hugged her as both were naked and uncle was kissing her whole body and she was also enjoying the same. Then they turned around in 69 position and uncle asked her, “Take my cock in your mouth.” she hesitated to suck such big cock but uncle told.”

It is good you will like it and nothing will happen.” Then she hesitantly took his cock in her mouth and began sucking his cock. And she was enjoying sucking the cock and then she increased the speed. Mom was bobbing her head fast and sucking his cock while uncle was sucking her pussy lips madly. He was biting her pussy lips making her jump off the surface and yell.

Mom was twisting and turning on bed like snake. Uncle was a smooth sucker. Then uncle enquired about her periods and she said, “The dates are over and I am now in safe period and would not be any problem like getting pregnant.” and she felt happy and asked uncle to do some thing he was dying to do. He obliged her with hot sensations and simply took position.

He put his cock on her pussy lips. Uncle inserted his dick in her pussy and she screamed with pain and told, “Stop its hurting.” and he removed his dick. And again after few minutes he placed his cock slowly in her pussy and this time he locked her lips with his lips. She grabbed him tightly as she was feeling some pain and some how his dick went inside the pussy.

He slowly began jerking and pushing his rod against her pussy and it went half inside and she was now feeling like a newly wed and later some pain subsided. Uncle was pressing his whole body weight sending his cock in with one jerk and she suddenly shouted, “Amaaa slowly please ahhhh hhhaaaaaa mm do it slowly do it slowly.”

And by doing this his full dick was inside her pussy. Then he began jumping and pumping his rod and she is enjoying the game and making noises. Seeing this I was also about to cum and dropped my load on the door. But uncle was going on in my mom’s cunt fucking her. They changed position. Uncle lay down and said to her, “Now you fuck me.”

Mom came up on him and she began pumping slowly and then increased the speed. She was doing a good fuck. They fucked for 15 minutes then uncle said, ” I am cumming, let me take out my cock.” But mom kept on fucking allowing him to shoot cum in her cunt. They both cummed together.

Uncle pulled out his donkey dick from her cunt and slept beside her hugging her tightly and after fifteen minutes he asked, “How was the fucking.” she thanked him and said, “I wanted to do this with you earlier only but scared to tell you and now that my dream have come true I will never let you go.” I got away from the door after duly cleaning it.

I heard some more yelling and some more loud groaning sound from the bedroom while I was taking my food. I was in my bedroom when after 30 minutes Srinivasan uncle left and my Mom went straight to bathroom. Suddenly I heard mom asking for some thing from the bathroom. I could not understand the thing she was asking for. So I went near the bathroom. The door was open.

As I entered the toilet to ask her what she was looking for. I was stunned to see her standing totally naked in front of the bathroom mirror. Her huge breasts were cupped in her both hands and she was trying to find something in her nipples. Well I figured out she was trying to find some love bite marks near her nipples. I turned back quickly and asked “What are you looking for.”

She asked “Bring the razor from the upper drawer from my dressing table.” When I returned to the bathroom to hand over the razor I was again surprised to see that she was still standing naked and she was not even bothered by my presence also. She was totally shameless like a hooker. Now she was checking her pussy lips minutely for something.

I wanted to tease her a little bit so I asked “Is there any problem in your pussy. I mean your pussy hole is looking quite big. It looks like a cave.” She answered “No no its ok. When anyone plunges a 14 inch cock 2-3 times within a few hours, any pussy hole will get stretched like this. It’s quite normal.”

After handing over the razor while I was coming out from the bathroom she told me “Sultan listen.” I turned to her. She came near me slowly bouncing her big breasts and kept her both hands to my shoulder. I was watching her cunt hairs intently and I got an instant hard on. She caught me staring and said, “What is this beta. You are lusting for your mother.”

I said “Anybody will lust for you mom after seeing you fucking uncle for so long.” Mom said, “Did you see?” I said, “Yes, I saw everything from the key hole.My sexy mom.” Saying this I caught her shoulder and kissed her. She kissed me with equal vigour. I was really excited and wanted to let the things continue. My cock was fully erected and was trying to insert in her thighs.

She bit on my tongue and removed her lips and bit on my neck and with shivering voice she said, ”If you so desire take me and make me your wife. What if your dad comes to know about this” while kissing on her cheeks I said “We will not let anybody know about this.Mom I really love you! What if he knows about uncle.”

With this I again started kissing and she started sucking my lips and hugged me tightly. After a long kiss she buried her face in my chest and said, “I love you too” “Why are you afraid of me?” I asked her. “I don’t know” She replied. I put my right hand on her boobs and said, “Let me tell you, you are afraid that I will fuck you” I waited for a while and said, I said, “Mom please let me do the same thing with you, what uncle did.”

“Am I right?” She took a sigh and nodded her head in yes. “Can I fuck you?” I said and squeezed her boob with f***e. She moaned and hugged me tightly and said, ”No you can’t” I squeezed her boob more tightly and said “Why?” She bit on my ear and said “Press it softly you are hurting me”. “Why can’t I fuck you?” I inquired again.

“Because you are not my husband, only a husband can fuck his wife, besides I am your mother.” she replied in a sexy voice. I moved my hand and squeezed her boob from under her arm. It was hard and her nipple was erected. “Uncle has already fucked and he is not your husband.Mom!, sons can fuck mothers” I said. “But it’s a sin.”

She replied. “I wanted to tell you something important” she said in a hasky voice.”Probably you are going to have a new father within a few months.” I said, “I could not understand what you are saying.” She said “I will discuss about its details with you later. Actually I am moving to Srinivasan’s apartment from the next month.” I said “But my dad……”

She said “Well….I think.. I will have to dump him………….. aaaaaa…..I mean I have decided to divorce him and marry your Srinivasan Uncle.” I pressed hard her erected nipple between my thumb and finger and said, “Since you have decided let me also fuck you.There is a great pleasure in this sin, mom, let me fuck you, let me” I kissed on her lips madly and squeezed her boobs tightly.

She replied in inserting her tongue in my mouth.I sucked it for few minutes and said “Mom hold my cock in your hand and see how is it mad for you and for your love hole”. Saying this I untied my shorts, Firstly she hesitated but after few seconds she gripped my cock.

As she held my cock she shivered and hugged me with her other hand and said “It’s very large and thick, Its so massive I love to get fucked by this massive 8″ tool but Srinivasan’s cock is bigger.” She pressed my cock hard and moved her hand on it and said “I am also mad for it, let me fuck immediately” with this she left my cock and unbuttoned my shirt and lifted it up. I helped her and removed it.

Now I was fully naked. She was full naked too. She again held my cock in her hand and pointed it towards her love hole (vagina). I moved my hand and gripped her cunt with my palm. I was eager to discover the hole from where I was born. She moaned and pressed my cock hard and said in my ears “Let my vagina fill with your cock, my son fuck me. fuck the hole which brought you in this world.”

I wrapped my hands under her hips and lifted her up and brought her on bed. I sat on her legs and started sucking her boobs. She held my head and pressed it down in her boobs. I sucked her boobs for about fifteen minutes and she begged for several times to fuck her. Then I licked her belly. After that she suked my cock and made it more hard.

My mom was sucking my cock. She was sucking my cock like a bitch. We remained in this position for next ten minutes after which I was about to cum.I told her that I was about to cum but she held my hips and started biting softly on my cock with her teeth. She siad, “Come in my mouth. I wanted to taste your seed since long.”

It made me more excited and when my cock was full inside her mouth I exploded and her mouth filled with my cum. She spit all my cum on my cock. I ejaculated again this time my cum fell on her face. Then I didn’t know what happened to her as she took my cock in her mouth and started drinking my cum.

She sucked and cleaned my cock so madly with her lips and tongue that after few minutes there was no sign of cum. She was smiling and looked like an angel. With such situation I was so excited that my cock was still hard. Then she asked me to get up and I did so. She held my cock and said “Now I can’t wait more, fuck me immediately. Fuck your mother.”

I lifted her legs and placed on my shoulders and put my dick in her pussy. It was very wet and hot. Keeping my cock on her vagina I laid on her and held her one boob and put my tongue in her mouth. She hugged me tightly and gave a jerk to her hips. I pushed my cock in her vegina and inserted it full in one jerk.

“Oh Sultan! I love it, your cock is very sexy, I have never never thought you could give me this much pleasure before, now fuck me faster” I obeyed her and I fucked her like a mad dog. During my fast strokes she was moving her hips up and down. After about ten minutes I stopped and told her that I would cum on her belly.

She wrapped her legs around my waist to stop me withdrawing my cock. “Cum deep inside my vagina I am on pills fill my love hole with your cum” Hearing this I increased my speed and exploded deep inside her pussy. She also came at the same time. She pressed my cock with her pussy to squeeze my cum in it. During this we kissed passionately each other.

I did not withdraw my cock from her pussy and kept on kissing her lying on her. After about ten minutes she again hugged me tightly and started biting on my ears. During this she said, “Sultan! I have never been satisfied like this before. I like your way of fucking and what I like the most is your filthy language. During fucking I like filthy talks but your dad never did this. Make me forget your dad or Srinivasan.”

I squeezed her boob and said, “You also talk filthy so good. I like it” She insert her tongue in my mouth. With this my cock again got erection and I started movements of my cock in her love hole. She said in a sexy voice “Do you want me to be more filthy” I squeezed her boobs more tightly and said, “Oh, sure”.

Then burying her face in my chest she said “Fuck me in my gand. I want your big cock in my virgin gand”. Hearing this my cock got its maximum erection in her pussy. I kissed on her lips and said “I also like ass fucking and your huge sexy ass will be the best for my cock”. She told me, “I was always willing for this earlier with your dad but he did not agree for it”.

She further said, “Many of my female friends liked ass fucking but even their husband didn’t fulfill their desires.” Then I withdrew my cock and she immediately took doggy position. She held my fully lubricated cock from my cum and her pussy juices with her hand and pulled me towards her.

Then she put some love love juice on my hand and spread her love juice on my cock with her hand.This action made me more excited and I took my position behind her. She buried her face in pillow and parted her ass with her hands to make her hole wide. I put some oil on her ass and rubbed with my cock on her asshole.

After about five minutes rubbing I tried to enter her but she tightened her ass and made my entry very difficult. I held my cock in right hand and put it on her asshole and with left hand I pinched on her one nipple. With pain she shout “Oooee” and meantime she relaxed her ass. I thrust my cock with a great f***e into her tight asshole. She tried to tighten her ass again but this time she was late.

The head of my cock made way in her hole and I gripped her boobs tightly and with a f***eful jerk I inserted my complete cock in to her tight ass. She again shouted with pain loud enough to be heard outside“Oooee ooee uff ! Sultan! main mer gayee. Please bahar nikal lo.” And she collapsed on the bed. I also fell on her with my full cock in her ass. I found her ass more tight.

As I tried to move my cock in her ass she requested to wait for some time. I obeyed her and we started filthy talks. I said “Mom! you have a very tight ass”. She brought her hands on my butts and pressed me closer to her and said “Sultan! meri jan! What is our relation” I press her boobs and said “You are my mother cunt and you are my fucker too.

I wished you were my wife also” She turned her face and while licking on my lips she said “Then call me by my name.I love your fucking being your wife.Please call me Fatima and fuck me”. Hearing this I squeezed her boobs with my full f***e and bit on her ears saying, “Fatima you are very sexy, you have a very hot and tight ass, my cock is boiling in it. I love you Fatima my wife”.

Suddenly she forgot about Srinivvasan and hearing this she raised her hips up and placed a pillow under her belly. This brought her ass in a more fuckable position.I held her boobs tightly and started moving my cock. Firstly it was difficult but after few strokes it was comfortable.

Firstly she cried to stop but after about twenty strokes she relaxed and raised her ass more up and started moving her hip with my strokes. With this I increased my speed and fucked her wildly. After about ten minutes of wild fucking I was about to cum and I told her. She raised her hips more up and became in proper doggy style and said “Oh Yes, cum deep inside my asshole, I will suck your cock with my ass”.

“Oh mother cunt, you are great, I love you, suck my cock with your ass”. I brought my hand down below her belly and gripped her vagina with my palm and started queezing it. She tightened her ass and squeezed my cock. With this I exploded deep inside her and at the same time she also got her orgasm and my palm became wet with her love juices.

We lay in this position for about ten minutes. Then we got up and went to bathroom and washed ourselves. That day she remained with me till 2’O clock and I fucked her two times more in her pussy. But when it came to comparison I lost to Srinivasan uncle. She left our house.

After my mom married Srinivasan uncle and moved with him in his apartment, my father quite his job and took a new job in Delhi. Presently I stay alone in my father’s apartment. Not alone actually my mom stays in Srinivasan Uncle’s apartment next to ours. She come to visit me when I need something. Mom got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. But now she is very busy with her new f****y.

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