Soft 3some With A Friend And His Wife

have been a big fan of all the stories here and read them quite regularly. This real story is about 4-5 years old when I had a soft 3some with my friend & his wife. This story is completely real as well as all the characters described here in. You can send your comments on the email address below.

I am Rohan Sippy from Ahmedabad, married and 32 years old now. Am 5’9″ with an athletic build (32″ waist). The other 2 people in this story are Raja, same as my age, a little taller and a little chubbier; his wife Nisha, similar age (not good to disclose a girl’s age), slim and one of the hottest body you can imagine.

At the time of the incident, I’d recently created an alias on yahoo and few other sites to get in touch with single girls & hopefully other couples to have fun. After few months of initial bad luck I came across a couple called Raja Nisha and befriended them virtually. I had half or less hopes as no one wants to get intimate with single guys due to the abundant stock and bad image created by the worst few.

They gave me a messenger ID to chat which I found very strange and thought that it’s another single guy trying to take me for a ride. They chatted as a couple for few days and then we agreed to see each other on cam. To my good luck, they were a genuine couple with the female being very desirable for any guy. We just kept on chatting for few more days to become friends & tried to plan how, when & where we could execute the 3some.

We soon learnt that their home was very close to my office and they offered to just meet up casually once to see & meet each other physically. I told them that I use the office alone and very few visitors and no other colleagues.

My office (at that time) was a small shop kind of place on a higher floor of a shopping complex. It had a door with a wooden & glass partition towards the common foyer of the building. This led inside to a small room of approximately 100 sqft which was used as a reception with a small sofa and a desk. After this there was again a glass partition and a door leading to my chamber. The chamber consisted of a large desk, 3 chairs for visitors & 1 chair for me.

Coming back to the story: they entered my office on the said time & day. Honestly, I was shell shocked to see them for 2 reasons. 1st was that they were genuine and 2nd was that Nisha was truly hot like hell. They came in my chamber and both took chairs on the opposite side of my desk. I & Raja started talking about general stuff and Nisha was coyly just looking here and there while listening to our talks. She started getting a little shy when we started discussing about planning the 3some. Unfortunately for me, Raja’s phone rang and they had to leave for some work.

The next few days passed without much discussion and I felt that things couldn’t add up and that the idea seemed to be weak to be put in place. I started to give up hope on them and the idea as a whole.

One fine day, it was approximately 12:30 in the afternoon and I heard that there was someone outside the office and they knocked and came in. I was surprised to see Raja & Nisha there. They closed the door behind them and came straight to my chamber and sat again in the chairs opposite to me. I was shocked to see them and didn’t know why the hell they were here to meet me. Again like last time, me & Raja got talking about general things while Nisha was feeling shy and not giving eye contact. Raja told me that it was becoming impossible to plan the 3some as they also lived with parents and were not able to think of any place. He looked at Nisha few times to involve her in the conversation, but she was replying in mono syllables only and not feeling very comfortable. After some time, Raja asked Nisha if she was feeling thirsty and would like to drink some water. She replied that she preferred a soft drink to water. He replied to her saying that he’ll go down to some shop and get it while she can talk to me.

As he got up to leave, I gave Raja the keys of office and asked him to lock the door from outside till he gets the drink as it would be risky if someone came in and saw me talking to a girl. He was surprised initially, but then understood and did the same. For 2 minutes after he left, I & Nisha were sitting opposite to each other, looking at each other, checking each other out, but avoiding eye contact. Slowly we got talking normally and then about planning the 3some. It was just crap talk, but we were getting comfortable with each other.

After about 10 minutes Nisha suddenly got up from her chair & came and stood beside my chair. Naturally, I moved by chair back and turned it towards where she was standing while I was sitting. To my surprise, she just came and sat on my lap and we continued our chat. Slowly, as we got comfortable I started moving my one hand in her hair and 2nd one was touching her warm & soft hands and feeling her thighs. Again, someone came on the door. But to our luck the door opened quickly and closed back as it was Raja. He quickly locked it from inside and came and sat where he was sitting. He started grinning a little on his wife saying that he moved out for 15 minutes and she had started hitting on me. He very clearly said that they hadn’t planned anything and he just went out to get some air so that Nisha would feel comfortable with me.

She just nodded her head and we continued what we were doing with Raja just watching us and us ignoring him :)

Comfortable now, we started kissing each other. It was a wonderful embrace with her in my lap and her back towards me. She was a real good kisser and gave the same compliment to me (which is not too hard to believe). We continued kissing for a while and then I started pressing her boobs over her t-shirt. She signaled to remove her top for which Raja came around, removed the t-shirt and went back to sit & watch. All this while no words were said. I continued caressing her wonderful boobs while we were kissing and she was moaning a bit. I then asked her to stand up and unbuttoned her jeans and removed it. Now she was in her sexy red & black lingerie and sat back in my lap. She could feel my hard dick on her ass and was rubbing it gently while sitting. We continued kissing for some more time and then I asked her to move a bit ahead and then unhooked her bra from behind after which she instantly turned around and gave a view of her amazing round & large breasts. Her nipples were very large and tempting. As she was standing, she removed her panty and became stark naked. She had a very nice piercing on her belly button. Her pussy seemed like freshly cleaned of all hair and very inviting. While she was standing, I grabbed & pulled her facing me and started sucking on her large nipples one by one which made her start to moan.

I continued to suck & press her boobs alternatively which made her lose a lot of juice in her pussy. I gently lifted her, pushed my chair back and made her sit on the table. I think she understood my intention and just lied down & opened her legs. I was still sitting with a wonderful sight of her wet pussy in front of me. Her head was towards Raja and they started kissing each other. I got a kick and dug my lips into her pussy. She suddenly shuddered and started kissing Raja even more passionately. I kept digging into her pussy with my tongue & fingers while she kept moaning. Raja continued to kiss her resulting in her sounds not becoming loud enough to disturb the neighbors. Now I saw that Raja just unbuttoned his trousers and got his dick out to her. She just swallowed the entire shaft while I kept on working my tongue in her pussy. The more I dove in, more she sucked him. After few minutes of licking & fingering, she shuddered to an orgasm and left out his dick from her mouth to get some air. I slowed down my pace but continued to lick her to keep her horny. She just kept lying down on the table to get some energy.

Raja zipped up and helped her to sit on the table. I assumed all was over.

However, she got off the table, made me stand up (Raja is sitting & watching from the other side now), unbuttoned my jeans, brought it down, kneeled down & pulled down my undies. Then she took out my dick in her hands and started caressing it. She knelt in front of me while i was standing and watching her do it. Slowly she gulped the entire shaft in her mouth and kept on working on it with her tongue, lips and hands. She was a complete expert at it and I have never got such a nice blowjob from anyone yet. I doubt if there is anyone better than her. In between she would suck my balls slow & hard as well. Slowly I went into sort of trance & held her head & hair with my both hands and almost started face fucking her. After about 10-12 minutes, Raja got up, got his dick out and came next to me. It was my first time like this and I was unfamiliar with the situation. Nisha knew what she had to do, so she started alternatively sucking on his & mine while ‘handling’ the other one. After about 5 minutes of this, she pushed Raja away gently and started to again work on mine like before. All throughout she could sense whenever I was on the verge of climax, she would stop, give a break of few seconds and start back. I think we went on like this for a total of 15-16 minutes. Then I knew I could not hold on further and pulled out. She just said one word ‘Swallow’ and took it back deep inside her throat. After few seconds I kept gushing cum for like forever and she kept on swallowing every bit of it. I hadn’t had sex for 10 days before this and had a lot of stock of cum. I was surprised to see not a single drop outside her mouth when I was over. She understood what I was thinking, turned her head up and told me that she always swallows and has never spat even one drop.

I had a very relaxed feeling and a light head and was just standing while putting my pants on. She got up, put her panties & jeans on. Raja gave her the bra to wear. She took it in her hand and said ‘Rohan, you make me wear it’. She turned around cupping it in front and straps over her shoulders while I hooked from behind. She wore her T-Shirt and left to stand next to Raja.

We talked that we would plan the 3some. However, things could not work out and they had to move back out of country.

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