Experience With My Fiance And Her Sister

I am Karan, 28 years, tall, fair, good looking Punjabi boy. I am living in Kurla (Mumbai) with my f****y and works for IT Company. I got engaged with Preeti before 3 months with consent of both families. Preeti was living with her f****y in Vashi and works in IT company. She is 26 yrs, tall, fair, long hairs with figure 36 28 34. When i saw her first time, i was feeling like hottest girl ever seen.

After our engagement we started chatting on phone, internet and whats app. After long chatting we became so close even on few occasions while chatting we have discussed about sex. We became so close and free to discuss anything. Later on we decided to meet. One of my best friend Vicky who was on site during my engagement, wants to meet her. So I went with Vicky and Preeti came with Rashi. Rashi is younger s****r of Preeti who is 24yrs, 34 26 32, fair with seducing eyes. She is doing MBA and seriously she looks like bomb. Rashi was also so friendly with me on phone.

We all 4 met and went to Phoenix mall near dadar for shopping. Rashi was more excited than Preeti. We purchased cloths for everyone and when Rashi was choosing cloths and was wearing for trial, that time I was aroused for her. However I am bind to Preeti so cannot keep eyes on Rashi, but there is saying “Sali adhi gharwali”. So I was unable to hide this feeling.

After shopping we went to Nariman point and spend good time there. Suddenly rain started and we all stuck into rain and got wet. In rain Preeti and Rashi’s nipple were clearly visible but they didn’t get that. I found Vicky was starring their nipples but I avoid that as he is also boy and it’s natural. I was unable to control my eyes for watching Rashi’s nipple and cleavage which was clearly visible due to rain. We found a place where I and Preeti can hide ourselves from rain. There i got many chances to come close to Preeti. As we both are getting married nobody has objection for my behaviour with Preeti. I got one place where me and Preeti can seat together there i had lot of fun with Preeti. We kissed and also i pressed her badly, suddenly i realize Rashi was watching us from behind but I avoid her and keep on doing my act as I was desperate for that.

We all were wet and uncomfortable to be roam around then Vicky suggested to come his flat where we can change the cloths. We all were agreed as there was no other option and Vicky’s flat was on the way to home. It was 1 BHk flat, so we were changing cloths one by one. First Vicky changed himself and he went out to bring some food for all of us. Then Rashi went into bedroom and Preeti went to washroom. While changing Rashi forgot to take her cloths hence Rashi called Preeti for cloths. As Preeti was in washroom, I went inside the bedroom with shopping bag containing cloths. But i was not aware that Rashi will be in half naked situation and she never thought that I will bring cloths for her. We both were ashamed and I was coming back from bedroom. That scene made me crazy and Rashi also took that casually and smiled. As she smiled I thought this is green signal for me and I got some courage. I went closer to her and said you are looking gorgeous in towel and she smiled again and said you also looking hot in wet cloths. This sentence made me crazier and I hugged her and kissed her badly. She was also cooperating for the same. I forgot everything and removed her towel and my cloths too. Without towel she was looking hottest girl of the earth. I kissed her on every part of the body. Her nipples were pink and had tattoo above her ass. She was making me hornier and i was completely uncontrollable and forget about Preeti. I started pressing her boobs, it was very soft like jelly. I sucked her nipples one by one which was straight and hard. She hold my hand and touched to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy. Then we were in 69 position. I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my dick.

Rashi was completely in my flow and said Jiju please fuck me hard, I am dying to have your hard iron rod into mine. I fucked her harshly and she was also cooperating and enjoying my hot iron rod. Suddenly Preeti came inside the room surprisingly and saw us necked on each other. I saw her angry face and before she reacts I grabbed her in my arms, kissed her and throw her on bed and started pressing her melons badly. I don’t have any other solution to protect myself and I thought it would be better to make her a part of it. While kissing I pressed her boobs and asked Rashi to rub her pussy so that she will be involved easily. As per my planning, I succeeded and Preeti also started enjoying with both of us. Door was opened and we all 3 were enjoying. Preeti was out of control and begged me to fuck. Rashi said didi you will get fucked by Jiju throughout the life, let me get fuck again. But Preeti was in her full anger and she abuse to Rashi. I fucked both of them one by one. First I fucked Preeti to the end and let my juice go inside her pussy. Then I ask Rashi, if she wants to get fuck she will have to clean my dick by sucking it. Rashi took my dick to her deep throat and cleaning with her tongue. Suddenly Vicky come home and saw us in such position. We all were ashamed and didn’t understand how to react. He saw both Preeti and Rashi completely nude. Vicky then smiled and said what a great fun you are having that also on my bed. I said don’t worry dear you can also enjoy with us. Preeti was trying to hide herself and Rashi didn’t stop as she was still sucking my dick. I said Preeti to go and remove Vicky’s cloth but she was not listening and hiding herself. Vicky then laughed and removed his cloths by himself and came on bed. Vicky said if bhabhi is not ready till then let me have Rashis melon. Vicky sucks Rashis melons and then hold her hair and asked her to suck his dick which she did and hold my dick in one hand. After this Preeti also got courage and she came closer to me and started sucking my dick in front of Vicky.

We all 4 now started enjoying with each other. Now all were free with each other and shameless. Without caring who is my fiancées s****r and to whom I am getting married. Vicky said he wants to fuck Preeti first but Preeti was denying for that. As Preeti was not listening, I got angry on Preeti and bind her both hands to bed, slapped her and asked her to get fuck by Vicky silently. This act of mine made Vicky horny and got courage to be harsh with Preeti. Vicky hold Preeti’s both boobs in his hands and was fucking her badly. At the same time I took Rashi’s both legs on my shoulder and fucked her again with deep inside. Later on Preeti also started enjoying with Vicky asking him to do it more harshly. With this we both had one session. I was enjoying by seeing Preeti with her hands bonded to bed and getting fucked by vicky. Vicky then removed Preetis hands and asked her to suck his dick to make it clean. Preeti did it with enjoyment. Then again he started fucking Preeti and I also joined them and inserted my rod into her ass, which was making her lot of pain. She was crying in pain and Rashi was holding her to make her comfortable. This was how we both fucked Preeti at the same time, one in her pussy and one in her ass. I knew this was the most painful experience for her but we were enjoying a lot.

Rashi was dying for the same experience from both of us together. Once we done with Preti, jumped on Rashi for the same. Preeti was so tired and loosen her body on the bed. Rashi was the more cooperative in this session but she was also unable to handle both the dick together easily. Once we entered our dick inside her she was crying like anything. However we didn’t care for her and fucked her hard till the end.
This is how we fucked together each other and freshen our self and had food there. Then Preeti kissed me and Vicky and went to their home with Rashi.

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