Manu The Motherfucker Becomes Mom’s Husband

My name is Manu and I am 18 years old and live in Rajasthan. I am 6 feet tall and play football. My dad passed away last year in a road accident. Mother got a big amount as compensation and I live with my mother Sonia who is 35 years old. Mother is a small woman about 5 feet, slim but has a big set of boobs and nice ass. She looks like a doll and anyone seeing her would say she is no older than 24-25 years of age. Mother is very fair and keeps her hair cut very short.

I had never thought of my mother as a sexual object until my girlfriend once remarked “Manu, your mother is a hot sexy woman. What does she do to keep her horny cunt in peace? Has she any man fucking her? I bet she has some man to fuck her” I got angry with Ria and said “Listen, my mother is a decent lady and does not fool around with men. And don’t ever talk about her in this dirty manner”

“Manu, you are a fool. Even decent ladies need a cock to fill their pussies. If you have tasted the pleasure of fucking you can’t live without it. Cock is the food for cunt. Your mother has nice boobs and sexy ass. Any man will be dying to get into her legs”

I left my GF Ria in anger. But my mind kept thinking of what she had said about my mother. From that day onwards, I began to see my mother as a healthy sexy woman with a fiery cunt.

Then one day when I was passing her room I heard some moans. I looked into her room only to find my mother in bed, naked, her legs spread. Her eyes were shut and she was running her fingers in her cunt. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..God…….Fuck me………Fuck me……Give me your cock…….You motherfucker fuck me………fuck me you bastard………..Fill my pusssy with your meat……Gaaaaaad, give me cock………..”

I was stunned. My heat beat heavily in my chest. Sonia’s face was contorted in sexual pleasure.

The sexual heat in me compelled me to keep watching my mother masturbating. Suddenly her whole body stiffened. I knew she was cumming.

I began to turn away and I stumbled against a chair. The noise made my heart jump and mother opened her eyes. Of course I had moved away but she must have guessed that someone had been peeping on her and there was no one else in our house.

I ran to my room but from that moment, my mother began to look at me differently. She began to behave oddly. She would show me her cleavage at every possible chance. She would move about in the house in her flimsy T-shirts and thin pajamas. I can swear that many times she did not wear bra or panties.

The voluptuous mother of mine was giving me sl**pless nights. She would come into my dreams. I would dream of her naked body pressed to mine. My cock would be rock hard the whole nights and I was compelled to use my fist to release my tension.

Then she began to sit close to me while watching TV, her thighs pressed into mine. She would make excuses to let me feel her body. I was now certain that my mother was acting like a bitch in heat and was teasing me to the limit.

I told my GF Ria about it and she said “Thok dal. Chod dal sali ko. Teri maa lund ki bhookhi hai. Apne lund se shaant kar de usski garmi. Usski choot ki garmi tu hi thandi kar sakta hai, maderchod chod le apni raand maa ko. (Bang her, fuck the bitch. Your mother is hungry for cock. Satisfy her hunger for cock with your cock. Only you can cool her horny cunt with your cock) Verna vo raand akhbar wale se ya doodh wale se chudwa legi, fir mat kehna ki maa chud gayi (Otherwise that whore will get fucked by the newspaperman or by milkman. Then don’t blame me that she has been fucked)”

I kept thinking about what Ria had said to me about my mother. When I came home in the evening, mom was washing clothes. She was wearing a very low cut shirt which was wet and I could see her tits almost completely when she bent forward to wash the clothes. The bitch was teasing me with the sight of her naked tits.

I could bear it no more. I went close to her and took her in my arms and placed my hot lips on hers. Her small hot body seemed to melt in my arms and she even kissed me back. I cupped her tits and she seemed to like it. My hands went to her ass and I pulled her to my cock. My hard cock rubbed on her burning cunt.

Just when I was thinking that she will let me fuck, she stiffened and got herself free from my grip and then slapped me hard on my face. My cheeks burned with shame and pain. Like a fool I ran to my room. I did not have the face to show myself to my mother. I went out and went to a bar where I drank whiskey for the first time and smoked. I got pretty d***k when I returned home at 8 pm. She gave me food without even looking at me. She was wearing small knickers and a shirt which hid nothing. I ate my food and kept staring at my mother. Just as she was leaving for her room, I went after her.

I hugged her and began kissing her neck and shoulders and held her tight. She began to struggle, “Noooooooooooooooo, you bastard, leave me alone. I am your mother, you motherfucker, leave me alone.”

I ignored her and started kissing the back of her neck. My hands climbed the front of her and found the hot silky feeling of her boobs. I cupped mother’s breasts, feeling their fullness.

“No. I told you – We cannot do it………..It is sin………..” Her voice was cracking. She tried to squirm away but I held her firmly. My right hand entered the front of her nicker and touched her cunt which was swollen and wet.

“Mother you are a cock tease. You are behaving like a bitch, making your son hard and then going back on his cock. But I know deep inside you need a big hard cock in your horny mother pussy and I am going to give it to you. I am going to fill your bitch cunt with my cock. Your son is going to fuck you real hard and deep” I hissed into her ears. She could not believe I was capable of uttering such vulgarity.

“No. Son, I am not a whore. Keep your ….thing away from me…….. I can’t even think of this dirty thing” she protested, but I went on cupping her tits, pinching her nipples which were becoming hard under my touch. I was rubbing her pussy too. My mother’s cunt was dripping juices. I lifted her shirt over her head making her naked from waist up. Her average size tits stood proudly erect and her nipples became hard. I lifted mother’s breast and pulled at her nipple, gently at first but then harder.

“Oohh………maderchod noooooooooooooo.” she moaned. Her mouth was open and slack now.

“Yessssssssss…….make me maderchod….then call me motherfucker.” I said.

I pulled her nickers down and it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it. She was standing in her room near the bed where my father must have fucked her many times. She stood before me naked and I was so excited.

I studied the flesh of mother’s buttocks. I ran my palm lightly over her sexy ass.

“I can’t do it here….It is your dad’s bed……It cannot be the seat of sin” She pleaded, tears in her eyes.

Anger rose inside me. She cannot make a fool of me the way she had done in the evening by slapping me on the face. I lifted the hand that was caressing her ass and hit it down hard on mother’s bare ass.

“Noooooo you b**st…you dog….we cannot do it. You motherfucker, I am your mother.

I slapped her harder on that beautiful ass. Her bottom was quivering from the blow; and I could see the pink mark of my hand on her right buttock. She bit her lower lip but remained silent.

I felt guilty that I had slapped her so hard. My heart went soft. After all she was my mother and I was going to make love to her….no, fuck her. I kissed the back of her neck lightly. I reached around and felt at her crotch. She was sopping wet!

I played with her clitoris and she moaned and spread her legs to permit me better access. As I played with my mother’s pussy the head of my cock brushed against the warmth of her buttocks, sending electric shocks through my body. “Hold my cock….see it…….is it bigger than dad’s?” I asked.

I took her hand and made her hold my throbbing cock. “Move it up and down mom, feel its heat. It is going to open your pussy wide. You will love my cock in you cunt mom. ”

“Ohhhhh Manu don’t talk dirty…… I don’t like it………My God, don’t talk dirty, son…….”

“Mom you are a bitch…………You were talking dirty when you were enjoying with your finger in your bed. Now you will like whatever I say and do to you. You love cock and you love fucking, don’t you?”

Mom remained silent but still held my cock and played with it

“Say it, Mom.” I groped at her exposed breast, cupping it.

“Say it you cunt, say you love your son’s cock.” I insisted and pinched cruelly at her nipple.

“Ohhhh God, yes, I like ….love your cock, you bastard. Are you happy now?”

Now let me show my lust for you mom, let me show what a real man can do to you. I am going to show you heaven.” Saying this I laid her bed and she was spread wide for me naked and waiting.

I spread her legs wide and looked at her wonderful cunt and bent down to kiss that sacred motherland where I had come into the world from. It was bald pussy, its lips swollen. Placing my mouth on her cunt, I began to lick it.

I let my tongue go to her clit and began licking and sucking it. It was large to start with but now it was swollen and huge almost filling my mouth. She was thrashing around and thrusting her hips into my eager mouth. My tongue was frantically working her clit. Her juices were literally flowing. Her hands were gripping my head into her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……nooooooooooooooooooooooo……….yes suck me….. Eat my cunt……eat my cunt you bastard” She moaned.

Her body stiffened up and she was struggling to breath.

I kept eating her salty cream coming from her hot wet cunt and she writhed on the bed. I held her buttocks tightly as she pushed her pussy into my face. I had never dreamt it would be so hot eating my own mother. Then she stiffened and cried out, “GOD I’M YOU MOTHERFUCKER, YES KEEP DOING IT, EAT ME, and EAT ME YOU DOG. ONLY A DOG CAN EAT HIS MOTHER’S CUNT! I’M CUUUUUMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!”

She was squirting her juices all over my tongue. I was kicking and swallowing as fast as I could. Soon her body relaxed and she pushed my head away from her soaked pussy.

“Now are you happy, you bastard?” She asked

“Yes, you are so sweet. I loved the taste of your cunt, I liked it. It tasted good too.” I replied.

“Now it is your turn to suck my cock. I know you will love my cock in your mouth Mother”

“No son, some other time. Let me go now. Enough is enough”

“No way mom, have I had to taste your cunt with my cock too. Ok you may taste my cock with your mouth some other time but I am not going to leave you until you get my cock in your cunt. Get ready for my cock”

I positioned my body between her spread legs very close to her wet, warm and hot pussy. I slowly entered her and grunted as I had to push hard to enter. She groaned loudly.

“God your cock is sooooooooooo big, you bastard. I’ve never been fucked by a cock this large.” she moaned

“No so big? Was Dad’s cock not as big as mine? Mom. God I feel so good to be inside of my own mother. I love you, Mom. I love your pussy” I cried as I entered to the very depth of her cunt and she groaned out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..your cock is a monster…this bastard is sooooo big………..your cock is filling my cunt……….your cock is too deep in my cunt…….ram it into my cunt…….harder……deeper…..fuck give me your rod….give me your meat….you are stretching me too far”

I began to fuck her as her pussy lips squeezed my cock like a glove as I drove my cock all the way in and out of that sacred mother pussy. I bent forward and cupped her tits and kept fucking her as she moaned and groaned with lust.

We didn’t talk again for some time. I was busy fondling her tits and fucking her pussy and grunting and groaning. She was moaning and trying to catch her breath. We fucked like a****ls. Fuck music was echoing in the room as our naked bodies slapped against each other. My mom orgasm three times. I was fucking her faster and harder now. I felt my balls swelling as I neared cumming.



I felt her pussy go crazy with her orgasm on my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I cummed hard. Shot after shot of my cum was pumped into my whore Mother. She accepted it. I cummed for what seemed an eternity.

“I remained inside her after cumming in her cunt and we regained our breaths.

“What if you really get impregnated by me? What will we say to the world?” I asked her. My mind was all confused.

“In that case I have a plan. I am selling this house here. I am also looking for a decent house and business in Delhi. We shall move there. No one knows us there and who knows we may marry each other. What do you think of becoming from a bad son to a good lover and my husband?”

I will love to be your lover and your husband and father of your c***dren who will be my sons and daughters as well as my b*****rs and s****rs”.

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you are a men manu you very good motherfucker