Fucking My Hot Bhabhi While Bro Was Out For Work

To begin with, i am 22 years old Gujju boy from Ahmedabad. Well-built athlete body and well to do looks. Any unsatisfied s****rs/aunties/bhabhis from all over the Gujarat can contact me at youtubemate@gmail.Com. You’ll definitely have the best sex of your life, that is guaranteed, that too free of cost. Coz i believe in making women happy..!!

It all began last month when my b*****r went abroad due to business. Bhabhi was okay 1-2 days, but then she started feeling lonely and she used to whatsapp me “whats up..? Em getting bored, em missing your b*o & stuff”..!! It went normal for 1-2 days but the whole scenario changed 1 day. I wanted b*o’s lappy so i went in his room to get it.!! Maybe bhabhi forgot to lock the room and i entered the room without knocking. What was i seeing..? Bhabhi was masturbating. She was fingering her pussy badly and moaning..! I said sorry and left the room in shame..!! She uncovered herself and went to the bathroom straight..!! I directly went to my room then.

After a few mins she came to my room and felt sorry..! As me and bhabhi were comfy with each other i assured her that it was completely okay..!! She then said she was missing my b*o and so she had to do the fingering thing..!! I was completely okay with It.!! But then she asked me to sit with her.! She told me how much she missed b*o and all. I hugged her just to relief her sadness..!! We hugged almost for 4-5 minutes and then don’t know why but i kissed her pink lips..!! She was shocked first but then she too responded! I didn’t believe my luck..! I was about to fuck my hot bhabhi..!!

Then we started rolling our tongue. We kissed passionately for almost 15 minutes..!! She was wearing a nighty then. I asked her to remove her nighty and she agreed to it..! She was wearing pink bra and panty then. I started pressing her boobs and fondling them. I then removed her bra and started biting her nipples..!! Then she removed my t-shirt and started licking my chest..!! We kept licking each other for a while. Then i removed her panty and started licking her pussy..!! She started moaning “oh love, you even more good at this than your b*****r.. Fuck me tonight, fuck me harder”. This aroused me badly..!! Then i removed my shorts and gave my 8″ dick in her mouth..! Fuck she was so good at sucking cock..!! My b*o was one lucky bastard..!! She kept licking my cock for almost 15-20 minutes and that too deep throats..!! She then placed my cock between her massive 36dd boobs and started rubbing it..!! Fuck, it was the best feeling in the world..!! I kept pressing her tits for long then..!! I pressed them so hard. Then we both lied on each other in 69 position..!!

I started licking her pussy and she started licking my dick..!! We did the same for a while..!! Then i raised her in my arms and took her near the tv rack..!! I made her sit there and started licking her pussy..!! She pressed her boobs and moaned meanwhile..!! Then finally i asked her “bhabhi, wanna do with condom or straight..?” she replied “aise hi chod le, i want it without protection.” i inserted my thick dick in her pussy and started stocking it..!! We were in a missionary position..!! With every stroke our heart beat increased and we were completely drenched in sweat..!! She kept moaning “love, zor se chod mujhe, aaaah mazza aa raha, chod teri bhabhi ko, roz chudvana hai ab tujhse” this made my dick go even more mad and i started fucking her more harder..! Her boobs went up and down..!! Then i made her lay on bed and again started fucking her vigorously..!! Then she said she wanted to ride on top..! So i lay down and she ride on top..!! I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy and she started going up and down..!! Fuck it was so awesome..!! I was on the 9 cloud then..!! We fucked almost for an hour..!! At last she took my dick and started licking it badly…! I cummed in her mouth and she drank all cum..!! Then she took me to the bathroom and we both had bath..!!

I rubbed all her body with soap and she did the same to me..!! I started applying soap to her boobs first and kept pressing them. She moaned “oh love, mazza aa gaya aaj toh, aisa toh tere bhai ne bhi kabhi nae choda hoga mujhe jaisa tune choda mujhe, apni bhabhi ko roz aise hi chodna ab”. Then she rubbed my whole body and there too she sucked my whole cock so badly..!! We both then lied in the bathtub and u fucked her sexy ass over there..!! We both fucked each other in the tub..!! And we fucked even in bathroom..!! And that night we had 2 more sessions..!! We tried so many positions that night.. We both slept naked that night as no one was there in the house..!! I slept on her huge tits..!! We fucked in morning 5 am..!! My dick got raised all of a sudden, she said “so jao na love, bahut ho gaya aaj ke liye, kal ke liye bhi kuch rakho na, mei yahi pe hu. Ab tum roz chodna mujhe” but i couldn’t control the feelings and i started licking her boobs and she got aroused..!! We again fucked in the morning and slept..!!

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8 months ago
I think your poor ratings are due to your very poor English. Why does your story revert to Hindi in places? It detracts from the story as most readers do no understand Hindi. I do not either. I gave a thumbs up for content only. You need also to improve your sentence structure.