Wife as a Bet

I have been married to Kanchan for gone 10 years, 3 years after she started working as my secretary. It would be impossible to rule out that I hired her for her willingness to please and her fine athletic figure, therefore it didn't take long before I began to find out exactly how willing she really was.

I manage a law firm in Mumbai, quite a large place with my own office and Kanchan's desk just outside. She always wears sexy sarees for me to spice up our ‘private meetings', not to mention her wardrobe full of sexy sarees and blouses, she can’t resist but show off her fine cleavage. 32 years old and stunning if I may say so.

We regularly go to the gym and Kanchan does - a tense aerobics class - so as you can imagine, her toned body keeps her tits nice and pert and her bum just begging to be filled with hot semen. Office hours start at 9.00am for me, and obviously Kanchan comes too, giving us half an hour before the rest of the staff arrive at 9.30. I can never resist calling Kanchan in for a quick session
while we have the building to ourselves; capturing the picture in my mind of her bent over my desk with her saree hiked up, in the midst of orgasm helps me keep going throughout the day.

The workplace is very social and we have regular nights out. I'm not too much of a dancer so I generally stand by the bar, watching Kanchan dancing seductively with other men from the office, letting their hands roam over her body, teasing their cocks as she rubs against them. They glance at me occasionally, knowing they are touching my wife, but I pretend not to notice. The desperate men from the office ogle her as she bumps and grinds them; some dare to run their hands over the outline of her bra and the bottom of her saree, trying to accidentally rub her breasts or panties over her blouse and saree. What goes on doesn't bother me. Kanchan doesn't let them go too far but says she always makes sure she gets the man's penis hard before moving on to dance with his workmate.

One night we were all out, just sat around a pub table, quite d***k. I was keeping out of the conversation as the men were forever making passes at Kanchan - something that doesn't bother me too much therefore I'd rather keep friends with my staff than start disrupting the mood. Then they started on me, joking I wasn't good enough for her and couldn't even run the company.

"You need someone younger, Kanchan," they would say, "someone who can actually do their job." I roll my eyes as they prod me, being right ‘jack the lads'.

"You're no good are ya, Pawan? The firm is goin under, haha", they were joking, but realistically just looking like right guys. I continued pretending not to listen.

"Bet old Pawan can't even secure this Ravi Patil case!"

That was it! Fuckin losers! Ravi vs Suleman was the biggest case we were looking into, something my mind was set on, something I was going to succeed in pulling off.

"Yeah?! Bet you my wife I do", I blasted.

The table went quiet, everyone looking round to me.

"What?" said Sharad

"I'm not joking," I said, "I bet you my wife for a day that we confirm the Ravi Patil and it's the biggest success in our company's history"

Ramesh, Sharad and Deepak who I was talking to were desperately trying to hide their grins, wanting to pursue the bet further, Kanchan looked me in the eye but after seeing I was serious, looked at the floor and rubbed her fingers gently on my hand. She knew I was confident about this case so did not question my statement.

There was still silence as the men deliberated the moment, and glancing up and down Kanchan's body, probably stripping her clothes off in their minds and thinking of the many ways they could take her.

Sharad continued, "So we actually get your wife's services for a whole day if this case falls through?"

There was a brief pause.

"A whole day", I replied.

"I get to take her home," said Ramesh "seeing as though I'm team leader"


The group continued to discuss the matter, suggesting how she could file their papers, answer their phones, and cook dinner for Ramesh after work. They seemed to miss points of Kanchan's real value, that she has a stunning body, that she could compete nationally for cock sucking, and that most of all, she was the best lay of my life, taking it in any hole.

We left shortly after and I talked to Kanchan on the way home, telling her how confident I was that we were going to get this case. She said she didn't mind, filing papers for someone else might be quite fun, and laughing at the fact that Ramesh was so old and chubby he probably only cooked beans on toast anyway so she would have it easy. I took her hand and led her to our bedroom, our mouths met as we stood fully clothed. She opened my shirt, and kissed her way to the buckle on my trousers. Slowly opening it and tugging down my trousers and pants, she took my hard cock into her mouth. As soon as my cock filled her mouth I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled out, picked her up and we fell onto the bed, ripping each other’s clothes off. I pressed down on top of her as I pistoned my cock into her soaked pussy. In no more than 30 seconds of wild love making I erupted inside her and fell on the bed. Wrapped in each other’s arms, we fell asl**p.

Weeks past at work and the thought of my workmates having Kanchan's services was turning me on constantly. She would have to submit to whatever they please, although by the sound of the conversation in the pub that would only include manual work! I would regularly call her into my office, ordering her beneath my desk where she would suck me while I worked. Most days this resulted in bending her over my desk and shooting my load deep in her ass or pussy. Sex at work was regular and we both enjoyed every minute of it, especially excited when people would knock at the door, causing us to quickly tidy ourselves up and look unsuspicious before the person entered. One day Deepak came in and handed me some papers, placing them directly next to the cum that had recently leaked from Kanchan's pussy onto the desk, he glanced at her knowingly before leaving, looking through the open button on her blouse as she sat innocently in the clients chair.

Being in a law firm, Tim brought me a contract to sign, ensuring I would not be backing out of this deal. I signed immediately knowing I would win but not bothered too much by losing anyway. Not much was said about the bet, but my signature ensured that things were going ahead regardless. He left with a smug look on his face and I continued my work.

I was working overtime getting the background on this case, forming arguments that could not possibly be lost, when Deepak came into my office.

"Ravi has backed out of the case", he grinned.

There was an air of disbelief, and it struck my mind that the bet must be off. Then why was he grinning? I questioned him further.

"What? They just pulled out?"

"Yeah, said he had pressure from a third party to drop the case"

"Right." He left me in my office to get over the news. Within minutes, he came running back in with Deepak.

"So when do we get her?!", blurted Deepak.


"Kanchan - we won the bet!"

"There was no bet. No one won the case, no one lost"

"Yeah but you signed the contract." He handed me the contract and continued, "Line 21, ‘outcome other than that of Ravi winning the case in Ravi vs Suleman, the team (Ramesh Sharad and Deepak) win the bet', and line 3, ‘prize, as stated in this contract, consists of full use of Kanchan's services for a period of no more and no less than 24 hours'."

Fuck. It hadn't crossed my mind that the case wouldn't go ahead, therefore classed as ‘other outcome'. I couldn't believe it. I was more bothered about losing the case than the judgment it brought on my wife - that for 24 hours from the minute Ramesh's team walked into the office the following day, she was theirs. We'd just lost the potential for so much publicity standing in such a big case but now I'd have to file my own papers, send my own faxes, take my own calls and worst of all - see to my own erections!

They left the room in merry and shortly Kanchan entered.

"So you actually went ahead with it?"

I leaned back in my chair, knowing I was in the shit but there was nothing I could do about it.

"Yeah, I'd signed the contract and because Ravi pulled out, we lost."

"Why did you sign the contract in the first place?!"

"You didn't seemed to have any qualms about it in the pub that night, not to mention you saying you wouldn't mind doing the faxes and cooking beans on toast for someone else!" I took my frustration out no her slightly more than she deserved as she sat on the chair opposite my desk, staring out the window.

"So do you think they'll want to fuck me?"

"What Ramesh? Fat chance of that! Mind it would be a change to him jacking himself off every night over computer porn. Plus, the other guys aren't exactly going to do anything in the office so I wouldn't worry about it."

We sat in silence, both debating in our minds the idea of Kanchan pleasuring the other men in the office until eventually we cut the day short and went home.

We discussed what Kanchan should wear, and after I made it clear I wouldn't hold it against her if she had to fuck my workmates in this instance, we arrived at the office the following day with Kanchan in her sexiest saree that too red color chiffon saree which is worn just below her navel and tight on her big hips accompanied by a tight fitting blouse, leaving 3 buttons open to give a clear view of the lace bra coating her fine breasts. She wore high heels. The clothing was just perfect, keeping a look of sophistication and elegance about her but showing off just enough of her curves and flesh to provoke even the least sexually orientated man. We stood by her desk, locked in a passionate kiss, my hands roaming her body, beginning to roll over her saree up as she groped my cock filled trousers, preparing to take her over her desk when suddenly the lift doors began to open. We broke off immediately and tried to look innocent.

"Ah, Kanchan! Just the person I want to see" Ramesh called out, knowing fine well what he had interrupted, he had came in almost 20 minutes early! "I've got a buy day and need your assistance so if you don't mind, Pawan, we've got things to be getting on with."

I walked into my office, noticing Ramesh lingering his fingers on her waistline as he directed her,

"Yesterday I took the liberty of setting you up a desk just next to mine," he went on, "you should be able to operate fully from there when I need you" As his hand trailed off he made sure to run it over her curved bum. I knew he couldn't resist, no man could, and to know she was going home with him after work, he must be hard already!

After showing Kanchan her desk for the day, and knowing I was tucked away in my office, he led her to the photocopying suite and ordered her to copy certain pages from select law books for reference that day. Even though she had her back to him, she could feel his eyes looking her over, stripping her in his mind and probably taking her body as he wished. As she replaced the book in the copier she felt his hands on her waist,

"So what exactly can you offer me other than photocopying? "

He was going to have his way with her and she knew it, he wanted her body and she had to comply. She felt like a slut, not particularly wanting to have this old, heavily built man touch her up, but there was little she could do about it. She would try to evade anything directing towards sex but knew eventually she would just have to relax and hope it passed quickly.

"I don't know exactly, faxing? Answering calls? Arranging meetings?" she replied.

"I think you know that's not what I mean," he said, his hands pulling her closer until she felt him pressing against her back. She was trapped between him and the photocopier as he pressed against her, his hands playing with the waistline of her saree.

"You don't think you can come into work looking like this and not expect me to want more than just faxing," he whispered, "I want your body."

She had her hands on the photocopier trying to steady herself as he pressed her against it, his fingers now began to move round to her front, tracing up to her breasts as she felt his hardness pushing into her clothed bum. He cupped her breasts over her pallu in his hands before sliding one hand inside her blouse. She gasped as he made contact with her flesh.

"‘I've dreamt of this," he said, "but never knew you could feel this good. Touch me. Feel my hardness in my trousers."

He moved back slightly as she reluctantly allowed one hands to touch the tent in pants.

"Turn around, he wants to come out to play, you can't just leave him inside."

It seemed even sicker that he was trying to turn this into a game but she slid around, her back now to the photocopier, knowing she was his. Her eyes were on his chubby belly as she fumbled at the button on his trousers, guessing he must be around 120 Kgs trying to take her mind from the duty she was bound to. She slid down his zip and pulled his pants aside, revealing his erection. Her hands stopped still, holding either side of the zip on his trousers, not wanting to take this any further.

"Touch it," he said, "run your fingers over it and play with my balls." He took the liberty of lowering his trousers further as she put her hands on his cock, not being able to bring herself to pleasure this man who was at least 15 years older than her. He began to grind his cock into her hands,

"Get down on your knees," he ordered sternly as she didn't seem to be putting much effort in, "I want you to taste me. Taste my Lowda and lick my balls, I want to shoot my load inside of your mouth."
Kanchan looked down in silence before slowly lowering herself to her knees. Tears welled up in her eyes, knowing she had no choice other than to perform oral sex by order of the ugliest man in the office. He grabbed her hair to steady her head and guided it towards the tip of his hard penis. She backed as the tip touched her tongue. Deciding that the only way out was to finish him off as soon as possible, she began to lick his pisshole and tickled his balls with her fingers. Licking the whole length of his hard cock she cupped his balls in her hand and took him deep inside her mouth. He was now controlling her head, gripping her hair, now overwhelmed by the sensations he slammed his cock into her mouth.

"Oh baby, I'm gonna cum so hard and I want you to swallow every drop like the cum hungry bitch that you are!"

She was sucking hard, wanting this to end. Her prayers were answered with streams of hot salty cum bursting into her waiting mouth. She swallowed quickly, almost choking on the river of cum running down her throat, trying to get the salty mixture out of her mouth as he kept pounding into her.

His rhythms began to slow down before eventually his limping cock slopped out of her mouth as she gasped for air. He grinned down at her as he tucked himself in and left the room. Kanchan was left kneeling on the floor with her head bowed in disgust, she knew this was the first time of many she would have to pleasure him today. Finding it hard to get to her feet she got a cup of water from the dispenser at the side of the room, washing away the last of his cum from her mouth. The time was now almost 9:00am and no doubt there would be another 2 cocks arriving for her services. She left the room and headed past Ramesh towards the toilet where she could claim sanctuary for at least a few minutes, he winked at her and grinned at her as she walked by, eyes to the floor.

Kanchan was stood in front of the sinks straightening her hair in the mirror for no more than 30 seconds when Sharad burst in,

"Hey! If it isn't the promised princess! And don't you look stunning."

"I believe this is the ladies," she answered, continuing to fix her hair.

"I believe that your mine," he said, "and from what Ramesh's just said, this is going to be a very interesting day!"

Sharad was attractive, more than your average ‘tall, dark and handsome'.

"You're married," replied Kanchan.

"That makes 2 of us," he said as he turned her around swiftly from the mirror. They stared into each other’s eyes as his hands gripped her shoulders before pulling her towards him. He kissed but with no response.

"Come on, put some effort in. I want you, I can have you and I know you like me too after the way you dance!"

He was right, she did find him attractive, so what was she waiting for? She grabbed him, her tongue immediately probing his mouth, tangling with his. Sharad pulled her pallu of the saree of her shoulders then opened her blouse and pushed it back off her, then quickly stripping her bra he encased her big 36 C size g****fruit tits in his hands, occasionally tugging at her solid nipples. Their breathing was becoming erratic, barely parting from each other’s lips as she leaned back on the sink, allowing him access to take off her saree then he put his hands in her saree pulled it off her petticout, his fingers running over the moist entrance. Flashes of her recent incident with Ramesh flashed through her mind as she unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers down, but Sharad was hot, and his cock was so big she thought it would tear her in two. Much much bigger then her husband Pawan

Needing no further prompting he sank his cock into her soaked opening, filling her insides. He gripped her round, muscular bum and pulled her further onto him. Kanchan wrapped her legs around his waist, taking as much of this cock into her pussy as she could, lifting her bum off the sinks and arching back on her hands for balance. Her insides began to convulse on his hard meat as an orgasm shook through her and bursts of emotion escaped her mouth. Sharad was now stood upright with Kanchan completely wrapped onto him as he bounced her up and down on top of him. He licked his finger, coating it with saliva and reaching down her back, beginning to tease her arsehole. Kanchan was in ecstasy, another orgasm fast approaching. On each down bounce his finger would dip further into her rear entrance before he suddenly plunged all the way inside and kept it there.

"Oh..oh, I'm..ah..c...," was all she could muster as the she began to climax for the second time. The pressure on Sharad's cock was too much and the thought that this kinky bitch had actually let him put his finger all the way in her gand was too much, he bucked violently as he erupted inside her sending his load of cum right into her womb. Their simultaneous climax lasted at least 30 seconds until he finally slid out of the soaked pussy and put Kanchan back down on the sink.

"Got to get back to work," was his only comment as his zipped up and pecked her on the lips.

She was now alone again, dressing herself back up and wiping away the juices that leaked from her pussy. After replacing her panty then the petticout tying her dismantled saree the blouse the bra and making sure she looked as presentable as a lady could after drinking cum, and having her pussy filled and her arse probed; she left the toilet to find her new seat next to Ramesh.

The office was sectioned off by screens so each member of staff had their own privacy and Ramesh seemed not to notice as she quietly pulled up a seat.

"What can I do to help?" She broke the silence.

"Hmm.." he said suggestively, obviously finding himself hilarious as a c***dish giggle left his lips.

After savoring the moment for far too long he told her to file some papers and search for clients details on the computer system.

She had almost finished when Deepak appeared,

"Can I have a lend of our little assistant?" he asked Ramesh.

"Yes, but make sure you don't drain her too much, I'll be needing her again later."

Amy was told to follow Deepak, Ramesh squeezing her bum as she stood up, "don’t be too long poppets."

‘He's sick', she thought, ‘what a sick, sad, old man.' Her mind lingered on his comment, ‘I'll be needing her again later.' She revolted the thought of having to be with him again, but hoped that at least he wouldn't cum in her mouth this time, anything but that.

She followed Deepak into a side office where he told her to begin faxing letters through to some clients. He left the room asking politely if she would ring a Miss Sheela to confirm an appointment when she was finished. ‘Maybe he doesn't know anything about what the other 2 have done?' she thought, ‘Deepak's only about 19, maybe he just wants me to do office jobs for him?'Kanchan got to the end of the faxing and rang Miss Sheela. She was quite a chatty lady, sounding about early 20's, and confirmed that she was on her way in for her appointment.
Kanchan just sat, pretending to be busy with the fax machine, knowing this kept her out of sight and hopefully out of mind. After about ten minutes Deepak returned with an attractive young lady, closing the door he said,

"Kanchan, this is Sheela!. Sheela she is Kanchan."

The two exchanged greetings. Sheela looked about 18 and gorgeous, her big tits bursting through a thin vest top with large pointed nipples clearly poking through. She wore a knee-length skirt that flared out beneath her rather cute ass, showing her tanned legs. Sheela took a seat next to Kanchan as Deepak closed the blinds so the rest of the office could not see into our room.

"So Sheela, how are things with you?"

"Good," she replied. The small talk continued for a while, not involving Kanchan into the conversation.

The conversation suddenly turned.

"What do you think of our Kanchan?"

Kanchan looked at Deepak in disbelief, whilst being looked over herself by this girl young enough to be her daughter.

"Yeah, she's beautiful."

"She's older too, exactly how old are you Kanchan?"

"Er, 33," Kanchan startled, coming out of the initial disbelief at how the conversation was developing.

"I've never had much experience with an older woman," sighed Sheela.

"Me neither," replied Deepak, "always dreamt of it though.."

There was a brief pause, allowing Kanchan to contemplate what exactly Sheela meant by experience, then Deepak quickly cleared the few papers from his desk any ordered,

"Kanchan, get up on the desk."

She sat in disbelief.

"Come on, we haven't got all day, lie down on your back on the desk."

Kanchan slowly got up and sat on the edge of the desk, Deepak holding her shoulders and firmly guiding her down onto the table.

"Put your feet up on the edge of the desk."

Kanchan felt like she was on the doctors table waiting for a gyno inspection.

"Wow," said Sheela as she began to stand and look over Kanchan, "can I touch her."

"Feel free," said Deepak, "she's ours; she won't move or talk unless asked."

Kanchan took this as an indirect order not to resist as the 18 years old girls’s hands began to caress her body, starting at the waist and slowly running her fingers over Kanchan's tits, giving them a gentle squeeze over the saree. Kanchan lie there looking at the roof, she had only ever had contact with another girl as a joke in a pub, just a short kiss or squeeze of tits to make the men go wild. Now she was ordered to lie down and accept whatever this young girl wanted to do to her mature body.

Sheela began do undo Kanchan's saree slowly then the blouse, pulling the sides down as she traced the outline of the bra beneath, Kanchan gasping at the sensation as the cold, feminine hands touched her breasts. Deepak was now standing above her head, running his hands around her neck. He ordered her to sit up to remove her blouse and bra, then returning to her submissive position. Her now free tits were bare as he groped them. Sheela, at this point, was rolling up Kanchan's saree and rubbing her hands over the panty covered mound beneath. Kanchan could feel her juices beginning to run as these 2 teens m*****ed her helpless body. Still looking at the roof, she could feel Sheela's tongue running up the inside of her thigh as she anticipated how it might feel to have her pussy licked by another woman, then raising her ass slightly off the desk to enable Sheela to remove her petticout.

Deepak had now removed his hard cock from his pants and was wanking it right next to her face.

"Want a taste?" he asked. She didn't, especially if it tasted anything like the cock she had earlier that morning belonging to someone who was clearly over the hill.

"Lick it," she was ordered.

This was different, this was young cock, not as well developed as Ramesh's, but did she want to suck off someone who was young enough to be her son?! She had little choice as Deepak nudged it through her lips. The sensations from her pussy were turning her on as she took his meat into her mouth and began expertly sucking the length, feeling fingers probing her insides. Her head was hanging off the edge of the desk as Deepak tried to push the whole length into her mouth, nudging the entrance to her throat.

Now Sheela had Kanchan's pussy nice and wet she began to move down to her asshole. Kanchan shivered with pleasure as this new sensation of being rimmed overcame her, Sheela's fingers still massaging her swollen clit. Kanchan took the cock out of her mouth and wanked it as she began to scream with ecstasy, high pitched moans escaping from her lips as an orgasm shook through her. Deepak took this opportunity to slam his hard meat back into her wet mouth, stifling her moans, when Ramesh entered.

"Ah, thought something was going on in here," he said, grinning like a mad cat.

"Excuse me love," he said, moving Sheela out of the way, then quickly dropping his pants and replacing her tongue with this penis. He had no problems driving it into Kanchan's soaked pussy as he watched her mouth being ravaged by young Deepak's cock. He was nudging into her throat,

"I've seen this on movies," he blurted between gasps, "take it into your throat"

Kanchan had never tried this but had no choice as she gagged on the man tool that was pushing into her throat, feeling his balls rubbing her nose as he drove in and out. She was being bounced by Ramesh at the other end involuntarily taking Deepak's meat in and out at the pace Ramesh was pumping. Deepak grabbed her tits as he moaned loudly, shortly followed by a feeling of hot semen gushing down her neck. As she was on the verge of choking he luckily pulled out a bit, depositing the rest of his load into her mouth, a taste that she swallowed quickly. She was now looking at Ramesh as he held onto her legs, widening them to push his fat belly towards her, ramming his cock deep in her pussy.

"Sheela did you quite a favor it seems," Deepak stated, "it wouldn't be very ladylike not to return it."

Ladylike? What could be ladylike about submitting to three men who wanted to fuck your mouth, throat, and pussy, one of which was only just old enough to drink, and the other who was nearly 15 years older.! Not to mention Sheela, who had now removed her skirt and thong and was standing above Kanchan. After Deepak's order, Ramesh pulled Kanchan further down the desk so that her head could rest on it, leaving a space either side, soon taken up by Sheela. She knelt on the table, her pussy right in front of Kanchan's face, leaving no room for escape.

"Your turn now you horny Chinal," said Sheela, "Lick me. Cover your face with my hot pussy juice!"

Sheela began to grind her pussy on Kanchan's lips, whose head could not move away because of the desk. She was already moist as her slit left a wet scent over Kanchan's chin, mouth and nose. Kanchan had never been this way with a woman before and the thought flashed though her mind, ‘what the hell', she let out her tongue and ran it up and down the wet slit, catching the juices that trickled out. At this point, she felt Ramesh sliding the tip of his cock up and down her slit, coating her arse, pussy and thighs with her own juices. She felt him slowly nudging his dick into her arse. Pulling her legs so far apart had already helped in entering the non virgin hole, so he slid fairly easily into her bowels.

Sheela reached behind her as she rocked on Kanchan's face, and began to insert a finger into her own arsehole. Deepak had rolled up her vest top and was moving his hands between her tits, rock hard nipples and her pussy, which was now dripping over Kanchan's face. Sheela was bouncing frantically as Kanchan's tongue probed her slit, and her own finger ploughed her tight ass, not to mention Deepak's hands groping her. It was too much, her moans increased rapidly as she came to orgasm. Sheela was the type of female who could ejaculate fully, and to the unsuspecting Kanchan, a river of female cum came gushing out all over her face, running down her cheeks and into her mouth.

Ramesh was still bouncing in and out of her ass hole, the spectacle he was partaking in was bringing him to climax, pulling Kanchan's legs together, squeezing her ass around his cock as bursts of semen flooded her insides, plunging his cock in and out of her as the waves of orgasm subsided. His limping cock made a plopping sound as he withdrew it from her ass and a leak of cum dribbled out onto the bottom of her saree and the desk. He zipped up as Sheela dismounted Kanchan's face and dressed. Kanchan couldn't move from the ravaging she had just been put through so just lie there a mess with cum slowly dribbling from her ass hole and her face sticky with Sheela's cum. As she looked up from the desk she saw Pawan and Sharad at the door and looked away. How much had they watched? Did Pawan disapprove? He must know there was nothing she could do and had to just go through with what they had wanted. Pawan left and Sharad entered the room.
Get yourself cleaned up," he said, "you're accompanying me out to dinner."

She peeled herself from the desk and walked to the toilets, feeling slightly shameful of her experience. In the toilet she cleaned the remains of Ramesh's cum from her ass and washed her face, having to reapply her makeup, suddenly noticing she wasn't wearing any knickers. Quickly running back to the room to check, they were nowhere to be found. The cool office air on her pussy made her feel naked.

Soon after she was in a dinner with Sharad, sat in a booth talking briefly about what had happened in the office, learning that he and Pawan had came to the door to see why Ramesh had made such a noise. This meant they both witnessed her deepthroating Deepak, swallowing his cum, taking Ramesh in her pussy, then shooting his load in her ass, while Sheela squirted all over her face after she licked her young, bare love hole.

As their dinner arrived the waitress tried not to notice Sharad's hand up Kanchan's saree as he played with her used pussy lips.

"I wanted to join in," he said, "but I didn't want to go anywhere near that fat fucker," talking about Ramesh. "I need some."

There was a pause. Kanchan didn't want to bring on advances, she couldn't refuse them, but she was worn out and didn't want any for the time being.

He grabbed her hand and pulled it to his zipper, rubbing it over the tent in his pants,

"See what you do to me," he said, "I'd fuck you every minute of the day, you're gorgeous, you're body is so fine and your tits are perfect."

"Thank you, "Kanchan replied, not quite knowing what to say.

Surprisingly the conversation stopped there and their dinner was eaten in silence. As they returned to the office he went to the toilets. She had to find Pawan, to at least see if he was still talking to her. Entering his office she stood in front of his desk, waiting for him to finish on the phone when Sharad entered.

"Here you are," he said, walking over to Kanchan. He began to touch her up, right in front of Pawan.

"No, no.." she gasped, looking to Pawan for help.

Pawan simply replied with, "Shh!" as he pretended to focus on his phone call, even though his eyes were watching one of his staff removing her saree and unbuttoning his wife's blouse. It fell to the floor as he pushed her onto Pawan's desk and removed her bra. Her tits fell free into Sharad's hands as he told her to help him out of his pants. Kanchan felt humiliated as she dropped another man's pants right in front of her own husband.

Sharad placed her back on the desk and began trace his tongue on the outer lips of her pussy, licking a finger as he pushed it inside, he wanted her nice and wet before he fucked her in front of her other half. She tried to hold in the gasps as he moistened her slit once again. He moved up to suck on her nipples and told her to put his lund inside her; he wanted her to submit to him. Kanchan reluctantly reached down and held his hard penis, guiding it to her pussy as he nibbled her hardening nipples.

Pawan was still on the phone in deep discussion as he watched the event unfolding before him. Sharad pushed his dick deep inside Kanchan's panty-less, wet hole and began to move in and out, groping her tits and forcing her lips to his as he drove his tongue into her mouth. It was getting too much, but he wanted her to see her husband (who at the moment was behind her) as she was being fucked by another man before he came inside her so he pulled out and turned her over.

Kanchan was now bent over her husband's desk, constantly catching his eye as she was being pumped from behind by Sharad. Sharad brought his hand round and started massaging her clit; he wanted her to cum on his cock in front of Pawan. Thrusting in and out, driving his hard penis deep into her wet hole, which itself was now beginning to contract around his cock, he rolled her clit between his fingers.

Remembering what had brought her to orgasm last time, licked a finger on his other hand before plunging it fully into her ass. Kanchan began to pant helplessly as orgasm struck, she couldn't help herself bouncing on his hard cock and finger, filling both of her holes while her clit was being rubbed. Sharad had succeeded and it felt so good. He continued to pound her gasping body until eventually let out,

"Oh baby, I'm cumming, deep inside your pussy, I'm cumming, squeeze your tight pussy round my cock!"

Pawan was transfixed as her big white tits bounced in front of him and her body shook as she sucked all the cum from Sharad's cock until he pulled out, causing a small gush of cum dribble down her thighs.

"Turn around," Sharad ordered. She was looking into Pawan's eyes helplessly then turned away to Sharad.

"Clean my cock like the cum loving randhi that you are."

Sharad turned sideways on so Pawan got a full view as he pushed his cock into Kanchan's face. She stuck out her tongue as Sharad wiped himself on it.

"Put some effort in!" He yelled.

Pawan watched his wife, having no control over the situation and seeing no objection from Pawan himself, take the cock into her mouth, licking its length and peeling back the foreskin to suck away the cum hiding beneath. She held up his limp dick as she cleaned his balls with her lips and tongue, being careful not to give him another erection.

Once she had finished, Sharad zipped up and left Kanchan and Pawan in the room. Pawan went around to the other side of his desk and embraced his wife, kissing her lovingly, regardless of the wads of cum that had previously been deposited in her pretty mouth. She opened his trousers and lowered herself to his waist where she began to lick the length of his small cock. Pawan quickly pulled her back up and kissed her, she had been away from him all day and most of all, with other men, and Pawan needed to be close to his wife again. He picked her up and put her on the sofa at the side of his office. Kanchan opened her legs, her pussy wet, waiting to be taken by the man she loved so much. The tip of his cock pushing gently into her wet slit, slowly, inch by inch, lost in a kiss as they came closer.

Suddenly Ramesh entered the room.

"Excuse me," he exclaimed, "I require Kanchan's assistance."

"Five..Minutes, " Kanchan replied, lost in the sensation.

"Now!" he shouted, "You're mine for these 24 hours and will do as I say."

The lovers were lost in disbelief, looking into each other’s eyes as John withdrew from her, they both wanted to be close so much, to reinstate their love for each other, but it had been interrupted and they were helpless to it.

"Follow me," ordered Ramesh.

Kanchan pulled down her sareeand the petticoat and followed Pawan, her blouse still unfastened apart from 2 buttons, clearly showing her bra - ‘if I am to be the office randi for the day there's no point treating myself up' she thought, ‘the blouse wouldn't be staying on for long anyway, going by today's events'. She left Pawan alone and frustrated, closing his office door as she left.

As she followed Ramesh outside, Sharad and Deepak were stood by waiting with a smug look on their faces.

"Right," Ramesh began, "we've had a discussion and decided as a finale for the day, before I get to take you home, you should be taken three-way."

There was a pause as what he had just said sank in.

"And to make it more personal we want you to choose who you want in each hole, and also, we're gonna fuck you on your desk, just to make sure you remember it when you have to work there next. So...Whose it gonna be and where?"

Kanchan stood looking over the three candidates, not wanting this to go ahead but having no choice. At least after this she would only have Ramesh to pleasure - not that that was a good thing but the rest between sessions would certainly increase.

She continued to dispute in her mind, ‘Deepak can't go in the mouth, from experience of him trying to deep throat me earlier.. first thing this morning, Ramesh's cock tasted disgusting, so that's a no..Ramesh was too hard in the ass earlier, I don't think I can take another brutal ass fucking like that..plus Deepak's prick wasn't as big as Ramesh's so would be better for my ass'

"Come on! Else we'll all just have a turn in each and swap round, that way you can taste cock after it has been in your pussy and your ass."

She felt like a slut saying where she wanted each of them but from past experience she would rather choose than have the decision made for her.

"Ok, ok!", she started, "I want Sharad in my mouth," she sounded like a right slag but couldn't think how else to phrase it, "and Deepak in my gand."

"And where do you want me?" asked Ramesh, wanting to hear her say it.

"And I want Ramesh in my pussy," she finished.

"Hehe," chuckled Ramesh, "you're a right horny Chinal under all them posh clothes. Take ‘em off so we can get a proper look at you."
The three men stood gazing at Kanchan, the boss's wife, peeling off her clothes in front of them. They stood taking in the sight of her fit, naked body, tits nice and pert and a pussy shaved in a line that got thinner towards her glory hole.

"Right..now before we can go inside you, you're gonna have to get us nice and hard. Seeing as though you want my dick to go in your pussy, I'll get into position and you can start me up."

Ramesh leaned across Kanchan's desk on his back.

"Once you've sucked me hard, sit on the desk and put my cock in your pussy. Then Deepak, stand on the desk where she can suck you and once hard enough, stick it in her Gaand. Then Sharad stand where Deepak was. Now suck my dick you little Bosdi."

Kanchan took a deep breath before committing herself to the task ahead. Ramesh's lund had already slightly hardened from the orders that he gave out, so he didn't take long. The hard part was balancing on the desk while lowering herself on his cock.

"Oh baby, that feels good..Deepak, you're up next.."

Deepak got on the desk above Ramesh and displayed his dick to Kanchan. ‘The best method would be to just keep on sucking 'til he's hard' she thought. She was rocking gently on Ramesh to keep him hard, not wanting to have to put him back in her mouth if he lost his hard on.

Once hard, Deepak jumped off the desk enthusiastically and began to rub lube on her butt hole.

"Feels better with this, don't want no dry fucking giving me a sore dick," he shouted.

He slid a finger in to spread the lube into her insides before quickly replacing it with his hard cock. It slid in no problem and Sharad mounted the desk. His dick was already half hard from what he had just witnessed and had a full blown erection within seconds of her tongue making contact.

Deepak began to pump from the rear, causing her to bounce on Ramesh's cock and in turn bob up and down on Sharad's rock hard lund, wrapping her hand around it to help. Ramesh reached up and grabbed her breasts, pulling, pushing and groping them. Her arse felt tight around Deepak's dick due to the length that filled her pussy, but the lube helped it slide in and out easily. This new feeling was building her orgasm fast and her tight pussy was contracting around Ramesh's dick. Her bouncing became more aggressive as she came closer, aiming for a climax, causing her to take more of Sharad's lowda in her mouth, nudging her throat, when her body began to spasm. Pleasure shooting through her nerves as her orgasm took over. Her contracting pussy was too much for Ramesh as his cock began erupting inside her, coating her insides with his seed.

Deepak was getting closer and was now pounding into her arse, causing her to involuntarily take Sharad's cock all the way into her throat, something she was trying to avoid. She wanted to get him back for the situation that morning so discretely moved her hand round and plunged it into his arse, milking his prostate gland. A steam train orgasm smashed right through Sharad as her gagging sucked his cum up his dick and he began to spurt violently in her mouth. Kanchan managed to pull his dick free but her hand movements sent blasts of more cum onto her face and into her hair as Deepak began shooting deep inside her ass.

The fuck frenzy slowed right down as all members recovered from the huge typhoon of pleasure. As Deepak stood down, Kanchan climbed off and Ramesh stood up. "Looks like you've left me and Deepak with a messy prick each here, hun. Can't be havin' that." He pushed Kanchan down to her knees, knowing what to do and wanting this to end, she reluctantly but quickly sucked him clean. Suddenly he was replaced by Deepak, whose dick smelt a bit funny. She gagged, remembering that it had been in her arse, but was f***ed to finish the job and remove all of the cum from his member.
They all tucked themselves back in and savored the moment watching Kanchan get dressed again. Ramesh called home time and the other 2 reluctantly left, knowing that was probably the last time they could fuck Kanchan. Ramesh led Kanchan outside to his car, not allowing her to say bye to Pawan, and began to drive home.

What can you cook?" he asked, stroking the inside of her thigh as he drove.

"Anything," she replied, "What would you like?"

"Tell you what, how do you fancy parotha? I've got any idea."

"Yeah..ok," she replied, her mind pondering on what his ‘idea' could be.

As they went inside his house Kanchan looked around. Fairly well maintained and lacking the tons of dirt she'd noticed at most single men's homes in the past, she sat on his leather sofa.

"Go upstairs," he ordered, "the bathroom is at the top and there's a clean towel in there for you. Scrub yourself up in the shower. When you come back down, I don't want to see clothes, panty only."

Kanchan took a shower, allowing the hot water to wash away the cum from her hair and body, pushing her fingers in her pussy and ass to try and cleanse herself a bit from the day’s events. She took her time, realizing that in here was out of the way of orders.

After around half an hour she returned downstairs in her underwear with a towel wrapped round over the top.

"Panty only!" he barked, "Actually, keep the towel on."

She was startled at the last comment, until he explained..

"I've ordered us a pizza, large meat feast, thought it was appropriate after your performance today, hehe.. Now, it's getting delivered. When the boy gets here, I want you to answer the door. Lead him in, close the front door behind him and sit him in the front room. Let him know you're home alone, I'll be watching from the kitchen. Then I want you to seduce him. First, ask him some personal questions, get his lowda turning, then bring on the hot stuff, remove your towel and suck his dick. Don't make him cum, I want him to cum in your pussy. Tell him he's big, tell him you've always wanted a boy like him, don't worry - he's 21 so it's far past legal. Tell him you're a dirty bitch and what you're going to do to him. I want to see you be a slut, else I'll ask my mates to come round and you'll be fucked all night long!"

Shock horror struck Kanchan. She sat dumbfounded on his sofa. Suddenly the silence was broken by the ring of the doorbell..

"That's him!" said Ramesh excited, "Remember, be a good girl or you'll have so many men cum inside you, your pussy will go numb!"

He ran into the kitchen and Kanchan went to the door. The pizza boy was stunned when he saw the sight before him, the short towel showing off nearly all of her legs and plenty of cleavage,


"Yes, come in," Kanchan replied, directing him to sit down as she closed the door. Quick thinking, she picked up her purse and sat down on the chair opposite, looking in her purse would bide her some time to think, she definitely didn't want Ramesh to invite his mates round for an orgy so had to act fast. Either that or seduce this spotty young k** who looks like he's never had pussy in his life.

"How much?" she quizzed.

"450 Rs please ma'am," he replied.

"Oh, such a polite young man," she started, "and good looking too, I guess you're taken by some lucky girl?"

He was slightly stunned by Kanchan's attempt to turn on the tension, but kept his responses simple and polite.

"I don't have a girlfriend ma'am."

Kanchan's legs parted in the chair opposite, leaving him to try and avoid looking up the clear view of her pantys.

"Please, call me Salma." Kanchan thought it would be best to use a false name.

"No girlfriend? So many ladies, but none good enough?"

"No ma'am, err, Salma, just none that have approached me yet."

"Have you ever been approached?" Her purse was now on the seat beside her, she was concentrating on the seduction. Ramesh peered in from a gap in the kitchen door, his cock hard as he stroked it, loving how he'd f***ed this respectable woman to be his little slut and knowing what was about to unfold in the confines of his front room.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, how old are you?"


"19 years and no woman have ever tried to get into your pants?"

"Not really ma'am"

"So you've never had a girl suck your lund before"

"Err, ma'am," he stood up, "I think I should go.."

Kanchan stood up too, her towel still covering her body.

"No, no, don't. My other half won't be back for ages. Please stay."

As she approached him she let her towel fall to the floor, the boy not being able to resist staring at her fine body. Despite the days events, her laced bra and satin laced pantys were still fairly clean and showed off her assets perfectly.

"Why don't you stay a while.." she suggested, pushing him back onto the sofa and straddling him.

"I've always wanted a boy like you. I'm quite a bit older you see, but I miss young lund."

"How old are you ma'am?" he asked, still tense about the whole situation but not resisting as she began to pull his T shirt over his head.

"32, but it's not nice to ask a lady her age," she said, "I want you, touch my boobs, feel them bulging out just for you." She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts as she rocked her hips gently on his groin. The dirty talk had started; she had to satisfy what Ramesh had in mind to save her body from a night of random men ravaging her.

"Oh.." she let out, removing her bra, "feel my breasts, touch my nipples, my pussy is getting so wet from you!"
The boy's hands were now massaging freely and tweaking her nipples. His shirt now off she commanded him to stand, where she began to undo the button on his jeans, unzipping them and pulling them down, followed by his boxers until his meat sprung free.

"Oh baby, you look so big, I want to taste your big cock" She licked from the base to the tip, cupping his balls in her hand and massaging them.

"Mmm..you taste so good, I can't wait to have you inside my pussy..do you want to be in my pussy?"

"Oh..mmm...yes ma'am,"

Ramesh was shagging frantically in the kitchen; she was such a good performer, what a show.

Kanchan decided to try her new trick of the day and pushed his cock into her mouth until her nose touched his stomach, his penis pushing into her throat. Her gagging throat was too much, he hadn't experienced anything like this before and his penis began to swell. Kanchan noticed and quickly pulled him out.

"No no no," she purred, "I want you to cum in my wet pussy."

She stood up straight.

"Pull down my panties," she ordered, after today's events it felt good to be in control again, "feel my pussy, slip your finger inside, feel how wet I am for you!"

His fingers were eagerly probing her pussy when she told him to lie on the floor. Kanchan squatted over him and sat down on his cock, guiding it with her hand towards her waiting pussy.


"That's it," push your big cock into mama's pussy..oh....you're so big"

She was now bobbing up and down on this young man’s cock, her big white tits swaying freely.

"Oh..ma'am...I'm guna cum!"

"That's it baby, cum for mama, cum in her tight pussy"

She was now rocking frantically on top of her, his penis erupted, causing her to go into orgasm. She grabbed his chest, nails scratching his skin as they rode out their climax together, bucking frantically on this young meat.

Kanchan slowed and collapsed on top of him.

"You better go," she ordered, "don't want my other half coming back"

She had now come to her senses and got out of the dirty bitch role as the pizza boy dressed and left quickly, forgetting to take his money.

As soon as the door shut, Ramesh came running out of the kitchen and grabbed Kanchan,

"That was amazing! You dirty little Chinal, randhi!"

Kanchan frowned and looked at the floor in disgust, she had been overcome by sexual desire so much she forgot all about the situation or that Ramesh was watching from the kitchen. Ramesh thought the show was amazing but realized he'd promised not to invite anyone round.

"Right, now..what do you want to do you little whore?"

Kanchan tried to get ready but he stopped her and ordered her to remain naked and sit on the sofa.

"I know," he said pulling out a men's magazine, "I'm gonna ring one of these horny bitches in the back of this mag and you're gonna talk."


"Yes! Or my mates..," he snapped, "The bitch is gonna talk to you dirty, and you're gonna talk back and touch your sweet pussy. Talk dirty, just like you practiced with the pizza stud, and gets yourself off; I wanna see you cum with your fingers before you end the call. Be quick, the call isn’t cheap."

Ramesh dialed a number advertised as ‘Friends on phone" it was an ISD call made to USA and held the phone to Kanchan's ear.

"Hello, you're through to hot bitch in latex," a feminine voice spoke, "what's your name?"

"Er..," Ramesh prodded her and gave her an eager look, "Err..Kanchan"

"Ok Kanchan, felt like a bit of hot talk with another female tonight?"


"Right..why don't you tell me what are you wearing?"


Ramesh grabbed Kanchan's hands and motioned them on her tits to prompt her to start playing with herself.

"Nothing? Oh you horny little slut, I'm wearing a latex thong over my tight pussy and a latex bra over my bulging hot tits, I want you to squeeze them, do you want to squeeze my hot bitch tits?"

There was a pause until Ramesh mouthed the word "mates" to her and as if a spell had been cast on her, she quickly began to respond. Her hands were now rubbing her own tits as she replied,

"Oh..I'd love to squeeze your tits, I'm touching mine right now. I want to suck your nipples"

"Mmm..that' s it baby, tell me what you want this hot mistress to do for you." Kanchan pulled and tweaked her own nipples,

"Kiss me, rub my hot breasts, I'm squeezing my nipples, I want to feel your hot mouth over them"

"I've taken off my bra, how do you want me to take off my tight thong?"

"Oh...slide it off, I'm rubbing my hot pussy and want it to touch yours, feel me, feel my wet slit,"

Kanchan began to move her hand down to her pussy remembering she must get herself off quickly and continued,

"Oh..my pussy's so wet for you, slide your thong off, feel your pussy, is it wet?"

"Oh its wet for you dear, so wet I can feel your hot fingers plunging in and out right now"

Kanchan's own pussy was wet as she began massaging her own clit and rocked her hips gently. Ramesh stopped groping her tits and slid a hand underneath hers into her wet pussy, causing a loud moan to escape from her lips,

"Oh you sound like your really getting close, are you? Are you getting all hot and horny for me? Are you rubbing your clit?"

"Yes..," Kanchan replied, "Oh...mmm...I'm so wet, talk dirty, get me off,"

Ramesh had moved his 2 fingers from her slopping pussy and began to wet her asshole. Kanchan knew what was coming next but who was she to refuse him putting his fingers in her ass, she was his slut, she would let him do as he wished.

"Rub your clit, make it nice and hard, baby my pussy is so wet for you, you've got this hot bitch so hot I'm dripping, finger yourself, push 2 fingers deep inside, I want you to cum so hard for me"

That was good," he said, "You really know how to talk dirty. Now, I've got another task for you, I'm gonna ring some random numbers and I want you to talk dirty to the one on the other end, tell them big Ramesh is fucking you and you want them to come round and screw you too, that you want their hot cum to fill any one of your hot holes. The dirtier you are, the easier I will make tonight for you. Now look at my cock"

Ramesh had his cock hanging out of his pants,

"Take it in your mouth, give it a good sucking."

He stood up and Kanchan knelt in front of the sofa, and began to reluctantly lick his hard length. She hated his cock, she'd rather he fucked her 3 times than have to taste his cock just once, and she definitely didn't want this dirty old man cumming in her mouth again. She took the head into her mouth and began to suck as much as she could, hoping he would want to change position and fuck her pussy instead.

Ramesh held her head as he fucked her mouth before pulling out and wiping the length on her face, guiding his balls into her mouth. Kanchan thought she wanted him to suck his balls so began to lick them, but Ramesh pushed her back so she was bent backwards over the sofa, not being able to move. His balls were now touching her nose,

"Lick my ass," he said, "I've never had someone tongue my back hole, lick it clean"

Kanchan had no choice, he had already pushed his bum hole over her mouth so she let out her tongue and began to flick the outside of his sphincter, causing Ramesh to flinch as he stood wanking his hard dick,

"That's it baby, put your tongue inside of me, taste my ass, finger me and lick it"

Kanchan's tongue was probing the tight hole as her finger pushed its way inside, she felt around for his sensitive areas and continued expertly licking and poking.

"Oh baby, I'm so hot, sit on the sofa, I wanna slide my big prick inside of you"

Kanchan gladly moved up from his hairy arsehole and sat with her legs wide, waiting for him to enter her. As he slid his meat in he rang a number on his phone,

"Talk. Exactly what I told you to say,"
A male voice answered on the other end, Kanchan was gasping slightly as the cock pushed further into her pussy. She might as well do as he says, perhaps it would take her mind off the fact that a modestly unattractive old man with quite a beer belly, was shoving his prick into her love-hole.

"Oh..mmm.. I'm being fucked by Ramesh," she whispered in a husky voice to the man on the other end.

"Big Ramesh," Ramesh whispered coarsely.

"Big Ramesh," she corrected, "he's sliding his hard cock in my wet pussy. I want your hard cock to come round and satisfy me, take my holes and fill them with cum."

Suddenly Ramesh cut off the phone and dialed another number. Kanchan began to the new male voice,

"I'm Kanchan. I've got Big Ramesh pounding my hot pussy, come round; I need you to fill my mouth with cock,"

Ramesh put the phone down and dialed more, seemingly not allowing the conversations to be too lengthy. After around 5 or 6 calls he put the handset on the floor and continued pumping.

"You're a hot little bitch, you know that?"

"Mmphh.." was all that left her mouth as her breathing increased. The angle his cock was going in and out was rubbing on her clit. She began to feel her hot pussy drip and contract around his old meat.

"Pawan's a lucky man to get your hot pussy every single day, not to mention your cute ass and mouth."

He pushed his dick in her pussy as far as it would go, the friction on her clit bringing her to orgasm, her breathing quickly becoming erratic as she bucked back on his dick, groping her own tits as her pussy sucked his dick further inside.

Suddenly the door opened and 2 men entered, but Kanchan was too far into her orgasm to react.

"Oh Ramesh, she is one hot bitch!"

"And she's asked us to fuck her! What are we waiting for?"

Immediately the first man, a middle aged guy with a fit body compared to Ramesh, took out his dick and waived it in front of her face.

"Here you go bitch, you asked for it,"

In between gasps as her orgasm continued Kanchan blurted,

"No! Ramesh?" Looking for answers.

"These are my mates,"

"You said you wouldn't ask them round if I did what you said?!"

"I didn't ask them," he replied, "you did"

Kanchan realized that he must have rang their numbers on the phone.

"Open up baby," said the man with his cock out, "I've got something for ya"

As the man climbed over the back of the sofa and pulled her head to his cock Ramesh began pumping furiously,

"Oh yeah, I'm cumming, suck my cum out you hot little bitch,"

Kanchan couldn't help her pussy spasms as more and more of Ramesh's thick cum wads filled her insides. Her mouth had been f***ed onto this new man's cock and her head held in place, causing her to gag slightly as bursts of cum continued to gush out into her bum hole.

"That's it baby, take my lund, suck it with your hot mouth"

Ramesh pulled out of her pussy, creating a stream of cum to run down her leg. The other new man ran round and fingered her pussy for a while before replacing his fingers with his dick. As he did so, three more men entered the room, each voicing their approval at the whore, fucking and sucking on the sofa. One ran over and grabbed her right hand, placing it on his groin,

"Feel me bitch, make me hard and take down my pants. I want you to wank my big prick." She massaged his groin whilst feeling around for his button and zip. Trying to balance as her face and pussy were being fucked was quite difficult but soon she had a huge prick in her hand to steady herself on. His cock was huge, she could wrap 2 hands round and still not cover it.

The man fucking her picked up his pace and reached round to rub her big tits and he slammed his meat home.

"Oh fuck, you hot slut, I'm gonna cum deep in your pussy, oh fuck, oh.."

She felt streams of liquid spurting inside her, wetting her hole even more. All the men that weren't inside her were now watching with their dicks out, wanking themselves at the unbelievable sight before them, waiting for their turn. Kanchan began to suck hard, realizing the quicker she finished these men off the better, she knew her new trick would help so she pushed her head onto the cock in her mouth and f***ed it into her throat.

"Oh man, this bitch deep throats!" He yelled.

Whoops and hollers came from the spectators. Another man ran round and slipped his dick into her pussy. Her eyes were watering as she gagged, but the pain was worth it. Suddenly spews of cum filled her mouth. There was so much it dribbled out down her chin.

"I bet she takes it in the ass too," he gasped.

"Only one way to find out," said the man behind her and instantly removed his dick and plunged it deep into her ass, "Oh..it's so tight. Fuck, yeah.."

Another man replaced the limp cock in her mouth with a hard one, she began sucking fast, trying to draw his cum out.

During this time, someone crawled in the space between her and the sofa and awkwardly guided her pussy onto his cock, while another wrapped Kanchan' left hand around his waiting erection. She was a right Randi now, five cocks at once, she looked like something out of a porn movie.

The man in her ass was bucking the fastest, the tightness of her butt seemingly too much for him,

"Oh fuck yeah, take my cum in your tight Ganddd!" He yelled.

Bursts of cum reamed her arse as she continued to plough the other four cocks around her.

The man in her right hand, who felt like he had the biggest dick shouted,

"My turn, this bitch is so hot, let me in her tight ass"

Kanchan tried to respond in between a cock ramming in and out of her mouth,

"No, please..your too big, no"

But it was pointless, he plunged his cock into her ass hole, already lubed up with cum. She tried gasping for air as it tore into her ass hole, her pussy being crushed onto the cock beneath until, without warning, it began to pour hot cum into her pussy. The sensations were too much, her body betraying her and climaxing right in front of these men. Her mouth, hands, pussy and ass squeezed their contents as she rode through the amazing orgasm. The cock in her mouth suddenly began erupting, shooting hot jizz over her swirling tongue.
The man in her left hand quickly jumped in beneath her and sank straight into her wet, covered slit,

"Oh fuck, you're making me close, squeeze my cum out into your wet hole, oh baby..mmm..."

Within seconds of entering her pussy, this young cock was pouring out inside her. She shook as she was being flooded, putting pressure on her ass cock,

"Oh baby, I'm gonna cum in your hot ass," was all the warning she got as her ass was filled with long spurts of hot cum, "Oh fuck, mmm.."

She stopped sucking the cock as she drove down on the dick in her ass. The men were soon stood watching as she was f***ed to continue to suck the dick in her mouth to orgasm.

"How about this bitch cleans our cocks with her mouth?" Ramesh suggested.

The room agreed and Kanchan was positioned on her knees in the middle of their standing circle.

"Take our cocks in your mouth and clean them."

Kanchan's head was pushed and pulled between the cocks, sucking each slightly to remove the salty coating. The man whose blowjob they had interrupted quickly regained his position in her mouth.

"Make me cum you hot little chinal, suck my cum out of my hard prick!"

She was shagging and sucking at the same time, trying to make his orgasm come as quickly as possible. He soon burst in her mouth, the wads of cum far to much for her mouth to contain. It dribbled down her chin as she pulled out to prevent herself choking. Her wanking caused even more jizz to fly out, but this time landing on her nose and around her eye as the other men, Ramesh included, jacked themselves off.

"Open your mouth wide, drink our cum!"

A man who was beating his meat closest shot another load of cum flying onto he forehead and cheeks.

"Rub your tits!" One exclaimed. She began to grope her breasts and tweak her nipples, ‘might as well give them a good finale', she thought. The facials were continued around the group, aiming at her mouth until her whole face and hair were covered in hot, sticky cum, dripping down onto her breasts and nipples, being mashed about by her hands as she writhed on the floor. She now knelt, covered in cum, trying to swallow the gobs that had landed in her mouth and looking blankly around the room as the men buttoned up and gave Ramesh flying kisses before leaving.

"Go shower again, get totally cleaned up," he ordered, "then join me in bed."

Ramesh marched up the stairs as Kanchan wiped the thick of the cum off her tits and face with a tissue, before collecting her underwear and towel, then head for a shower.

She finished in the shower and put her panty back on. Ramesh was tucked up in bed, commanding her to remove her panty before getting in. After undressing she got under the covers where Ramesh wrapped her in his arms, pretending to be as he thought Pawan would be - the loving husband.

"I want you one last time," he said, "but I don't want you to just fuck me. I want you to make love to me, as you would to your husband."

She lay there silent.

"But I need you to make me hard first so take me in your mouth and get me up and ready."

Kanchan couldn't disobey and didn't say a word as she trailed her long hair down his chest, slowly opening her lips around his limp dick. Not much of a response caused her to worry slightly, so she moved a finger to tease his arsehole in a final attempt, not wanting to actually have to finger fuck this old guys ass to get him hard.

His dick started to respond from this hot treatment and he ordered her to mount him. She slowly moved back up his body, trailing her tits on his chest as she positioned her pussy above his cock.

"Tell me you want me; tell me you're going to make love to me,"

"Oh Ramesh, I want you so so bad," she tried to act convincing, "make love to me baby, put yourself inside of me, I want to feel you."

"Mmm..grind my cock," he groaned back.

She took his hands and placed them on her tits, where he immediately began to caress them, while her hips rocked on his cock, her eyes slightly closed and her head moving from side to side. She was pretending to enjoy it, but was increasingly realizing she did not need to, she actually was enjoying it and yet another orgasm was imminent. Her breathing became increasingly more rapid as his cock swelled inside her pussy, sending her over the top.

"Oh Ramesh..oh fuck...fuck me...oh baby"

She was really into it now, and Ramesh couldn't hold back the excitement,

"Oh yeah baby, I can feel you tightening around my cock, I want to cum with you!"

Kanchan woke alone the next day with a dressing gown d****d over the bed with a note on it for her to wear it. Having no other clothes other than her work uniform, she put the robe on over her naked body.

She went downstairs to find the kitchen table covered in a selection of fresh fruit, bread butter omlet and milk for breakfast. Ramesh came up behind her, stopping her as she was about to pour milk onto her cereal. He too was wearing a similar gown. It fell open at the front as she turned around, displaying his naked body to her. He untied the knot in hers, leaving her also exposed. Their naked flesh connected as he f***efully kissed her and slid his hands around her waist, as his hardening dick pressed into her stomach.

He quickly turned her and bent her over the table top, lifted her gown, plunged his hard member deep inside her pussy without warning and began pumping ravenously into her hole. She tried to keep her balance as she was being pumped from behind amidst the food and drinks, closing her eyes, trying to mentally run away from the situation.

Suddenly he pulled out and moved to her bowl of cereal, shgging his dick until his cum spewed out into the bowl. Kanchan was still lying over the table as he took a spoon and began feeding her the cum covered flakes. She gagged with the first spoonful but quickly swallowed until the bowl was empty.

Ramesh quietly left the room and went upstairs to get dressed for work. Kanchan took a glass of fresh orange to flush down the taste of cum and followed him.

They arrived at work at 8:45 and Kanchan found herself photocopying some more sheets for Ramesh as he sat gleefully at his desk. She was wearing the same laced panty, saree and blouse as she had the day before, having no clean clothes to change in to. Deepak came in and began questioning,

"So how was your night at the Ramesh residence?"

"Fine," she answered, continuing to photocopy.

"How many times did you get fucked?"

She didn't answer.

"Did he make you wet? Did he get his mates round and gang fuck you?"

He walked up behind her and began caressing her tits from behind. She tried to shrug him off.

"Stop it! Today's back to normal!"

"Oh no," he replied as he mauled her tits, "It's not 9:00am yet, so be a good little girl and raise your leg onto the table."

He pulled down her panty pushed her sare up and f***ed one leg up, leaving her straddling the photocopier as she heard him unbuckling his trousers. A hand began to caress her pussy, opening the lips, trying to draw out the moisture as the other hand roamed over her breasts and unbuttoned her blouse.

His dick was now pushing into her half moist hole as he pressed the copy button, causing a blurry picture of her laced bra covered tits to be photocopied. Deepak was grunting as he f***ed his dick inside her hole, ramming her over the photocopier before suddenly squirting his cum inside her.

He quickly pulled out and left and before she had the chance to move, Sharad was forcing her back down,

"Once more," he whispered, "for old times’ sake."

She looked at the clock; it was 3 minutes to 9:00am, 3 minutes to normality. He was humping her gently, and rubbing her clit with his free hand, moisturizing her hole as her body involuntarily approached orgasm. She groped her own breasts as he sank his hard member in and out, she was so close,

"Oh...Mmm...oh Sharad..mmm...I'm guna.."

Suddenly he pulled out, leaving her on the verge of orgasm.

"Turn around, I want you to suck me off and wank my cum out over your face."

He pulled her head, forcing her to her knees as her lips opened for him. She was bobbing up and down on his dick, knowing this was the very last time and wanting it to pass quickly. She furiously shagged and sucked his hard cock, slurping each time it entered her mouth.

"Mmm..I'm close. When you feel that cum pouring into your mouth, take my dick out and shag me over your face, I want to cover you in my hot cum."

His cock was building as she sucked harder and faster, a burst of semen touched her tongue and he quickly pulled out. With her hand still pumping his hard length, bursts of cum spurted out, splashing onto her face and into her hair as his balls unloaded on her.

"You're good," he said, tucking himself back in, "I'll have to have a few more bets like this."

With that he walked out. Kanchan was left in the same position as the day before, cum on her face, slumped on the copy room floor. This time Pawan entered and walked over to the photocopier. Kanchan thought he would be disgusted with her as he picked up the distorted image of her tits, but instead, he crumpled it up and threw it into the bin, walked over to her and took her into his arms. The cum was drying on her face as he kissed her longingly, holding her tight.

"Are you ok?" was the only words he could muster.

"Yes, just glad you're here."

He embraced her tighter for what seemed like hours before they went back to work. As a sign of appreciation Ramesh, Deepak and Sharad made a promise to keep this event a secret and never to mention it again but now every time they looked at Kanchan and tried to mentally undress her, they had no problem imagining the beauty beneath the clothes.

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