How I Fucked My Sister And Her Best Friend On A Co

My name is Roy this is my first story so please forgive me if i do any mistake any where

Our f****y moved to a new big house in the state it was big but not so big at least i and my s****r had separate rooms to ourselves i was the elders of the c***dren and at that time that this story happened, i was 20 while my s****r Kim was 18 years.

In our new neighborhood, i had no friends but my s****r had this friend called Kit who lived next to our house. Kit was the same age with my s****r she had a very sexy body which i always admired whenever Kit visited our house.

I always eyed my s****r’s friend Kit she had a big boobs and was very sexy too i always imaged me having sex with her but it was just a fantasy since my younger s****r Kim was always with her.

On this faithful Sunday, Kit visited our house and our parents were not around: mommy went to her younger s****r who had just given birth and will be back the next day and our father went on a business trip and will be back in a week’s time so we had the house up to ourselves. It was cold that time since the rain had just stopped. I was in my room when i heard Kit’s voice i hurried to the living room so as to see her we were both in the living room together starring at each other my s****r Kim came and called Kit into her room.

I heard them making some joyful noises then i didn’t hear their voice again i stood up and wanted to go in to my room when my eyes caught a glance of Kim’s computer since her door was not properly closed i saw them watching a porn video i stood there for two minutes watching them then i noticed that they were both turned on by the video it was a threesome video then the thought of me engaging in a threesome at that moment came into my head not even minding that my s****r was there. I went into the room and sat close to Kit they seemed not to notice my presence then i started rubbing Kit on her hand she looked at me and then i gave her a soft smile i took her hand and placed it on my trousers she gasped when she felt my rock hard cock she started rubbing it i noticed my s****r Kim was taking notice of what was happening and this turned her on the more i started kissing Kit on her shoulder then Kim stood up and moved to the door i thought she wanted to go out but, she closed her door and came back to the room and she asked me a question “big b*****r can you fuck Kit and i the same time?” i replied her “if u two promise to tell no one about it” they both looked at themselves and smile.

Then i lied on the bed while the two beauties stripped before me Kit had a bigger boobs than my s****r but Kim was more sexxy than her when nude and her pussy was very pinkish but one of the similarity was that the both shaved their pussy Kit and Kim kissed each other and then climbed to the bed i rushed for Kim’s lips and wanted to taste her lips inside my mouth because her ex told me that she had the sweetest lips in the world i kissed her for more than two minutes while pressing Kit’s tits they were so soft and here nipples became hard i went down Kit’s leg and i started kissing her stomach while rubbing Kim’s pussy then i went to her pussy and started kissing her clit cheeks while still rubbing Kim’s pussy i she moaned when my tongue touched her pussy i started licking her and sucking her clit while fingering my s****r for 5 minutes the whole room was full with moan then i stopped knelt down and asked them to bring out my 8 inch rock hard cock they both sucked my cock until i was tensed and i came into Kim’s mouth i made Kim lie on the bed while i eat up her pink pussy mean while Kit got under me cleaning up my cock with my mouth and making it rise again i sucked Kim hard and rough then she said am cumming i then increased my speed sucking and fingering her with my 2 fingers she came pouring her juices on my face i licked her pussy clean together with Kit then i laid on the bed with my cock facing upward i asked Kit to climb on me she moaned the moment my cock got into her i noticed that her pussy was hot and wet and tight but not a virgin i nailed for 5 minutes massively making her moan louder i felt it that i was going to cum so i increased my fucking speed she came first but i didn’t stop fucking i fucked her hard until i came inside her i withdraw my cock and my s****r cleaned it up she sucked it until it was hard again then she laid down on the bed waiting for my cock i got down the bed drew her to my side placing her right leg on my shoulder, i slipped into her wet virgin pussy it was very tight that i had trouble banging her but i f***ed my cock inside her she moaned every time i pushed in and pulled out my cock i started increase my speed her moaning increased then it all turned to crying my s****r started but she still begged me not to stop i increased my speed the more riding her like a wild stallion until she came i withdrew my cock and the both sucked me till i came

I fucking my s****r became a routing whenever we were alone in the house even now i want to. . . .

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