Setting Up of Wifes

I married priya when she was 23. Now at the age of 37 with 14 years of marriage behind us and two k**s added to our f****y, I was getting bored with my sex life.

Most of the times, I now come home late after about 10 p.m, As soon as the office timings are over, I try to find some friend to talk to and we keep chatting or go over for beers and return home late. Most of the times I used to call vinod at 5 pm and fix up a meeting with him at some bar or hotel. We used to idle away time talking about may things usually official. As days went by our bond of friendship became tighter and we started discussing many f****y matters too. He used to tell me his f****y life and I shared my f****y life with him.

Occassionally, he would visit me at my home and would join me priya and the k**s for lunch or dinner. We too started going to his place and stay with his f****y and enjoyed their hospitality. One such evening, after office when I met vinod at a hotel and were having tea and talking about the latest development at his office a very cute lady with large ass walked by us to the next seat. We stopped our talk midway and stared at her large ass wobble past us.

Suddenly, vinod smiled and said "hey man that lady reminds me of your wife priya her ass too is of the same size", though I was shocked for a minute, I responded with no yaar Priyas ass size is the same as that of your wife sandhya. We both looked at each other, and then laughed.

Vinod said " I was not joking yaar, your wife does have a great ass" on which I responded by saying "thats true and Your wife too has a great shape, I wish I could see it". Hearing this he stared at me for a moment and said " If you see sandhyas figure would you show me priya's". I said " of course, yes" on which he said then its a deal. You come to my place on sunday early morning.

I said ok and we parted. I was tense till sunday arrived. On sunday morning, at about six I went to vinods place,before I could press the calling bell he came out beckoned me to be silent and took me inside. He asked me to wait in the living room and went to his bedroom to check. He came back and beckoned me to follow him and try not to make any noise.

I went to hism room and I was shocked to see sandhya sl**ping naked, with covers drawn off her , It was a marvellous sight, milky white breasts with large areola, white creamy thighs and black bush between her legs. I stood rooted to the spot. Vinod then went to the bed and lay next to her and embraced her and in the processs turned her back to me and I again was shocked to see her large ass white in colour staring me in the face. I slowly rubbed my cock over my pants.

Later vinod told me that being sunday sandhya would sl**p late in the morning till about 9 am. After the Incident of me seeing sandhya sl**ping naked. I met vinod the next day at a restaurant and we talked a lot about our wives. I took with me the nude photographs I had of priya and showed it to him. He rubbed his pants over the crotch area and said " hmm.. I wish I could fuck her". I responded saying, if we plan things right we can fuck our girls without them knowing who fucked them. He said " hmmm.. We should do it then". I said "you drop in late on saturday evening and say some excuse so that I can ask you to stay at my place for the night. He said ok and we parted.
Saturday, came soon, and I had planned meticulously. Even the gods were smiling as it was raining heavily outside. The phone rang, and Priya took it, from her talk I could make out that it was Vinod at the other end, and that his car had stalled near our area. I could hear priya asking him to keep his car there,and come to our house as it was raining heavily and it was late night too.I looked at the time, it was about 10 PM at night. She hung up the phone. I casually asked her who it was. She said it was vinod and his car had stalled and he was coming over. Within five minutes the doorbell rang and I opened it to greet vinod.He was all wet and priya rushed in with a towel. He towelled himself dry and I gave him my T shirt and Lungi to wear. Priya came with a cup of tea as I was handing him my Lungi, he jokingly said, I should be asking you for underwear too as mine is wet. I said " dont worry you wont need one," and we all laughed. As courtsey required, we asked him to stay overnight and he agreed, and called sandya to say he wont be coming home tonight as he was at our place. Priya was busy preparing dinner.

I outlined my plan to Vinod. I told him to feign sl**p and go to bed early after dinner. I told him I would be d**gging priya while having dinner so that I can set her up for him.We had dinner chappati and dalcurry, While I kept with me the powdered odourless and tasteless sl**ping pill of 25 mg. While we were eating Vinod asked for a little pickle and priya had to go to the kitchen to fetch it, during that time gap, I slipped the powdered pill into the dal curry in her plate and stirred it with my finger and sat back eating my food.Priya returned with the pickle, and resumed her eating, I knew that the pill would take effect within 30 minutes. SO as soon as we finished eating, I rushed to help her clean the dishes and finish off the final chores of the night, while vinod settled to watch a litte Tv….After 15 minutes vinod said " priya I feel sl**py where should I sl**p hope my being here is not a problem to you". Priya responded saying "not at all vinod, why are you saying like this, Here is your room. I have put all you require there including water to drink at night". He said thank you and wishing us good night he slipped into his room and locked the door.

Priya and myself went into our room and settled down to sl**p and I could see she was slowly getting drowsy, So I quickly got her into the bed, and acting as if horny I removed her nighty and bra , she then was falling asl**p and I managed to remove her panty too. Now she lay there naked in all glory.I sent an Sms to vinod next room asking him to get naked and walk into my room without making any noise. In a couple of minutes I could see vinod walk into my room, but he had is lungi on. I understood that he was shy to be naked before me. I went to him and removed his lungi and mine in the same instant, and whispered him not to worry.We moved to the bed where priya was lying naked, He then proceeded to touch and fondle her. I watched my cock get erect when he sucked on her nipple. His cock too was erect. I went near him and held his cock and shook it a little. He smiled, and took my cock and pulled the foreskin back and forth for a couple of minutes.

I then proceeded to take a condom and rolled it over his cock. I gestured him to slip under the bed. He understood what I wanted and then ducked under the bed, so that priya would not see him if she woke while I moved priyas legs wide open, I proceeded to lick her pussy for a minute to see if she would wake, and also to get it lubricated I spat in it. Then I beckoned Vinod.Vinod came from his hiding place, and taking care not to put his body weight on priya hovered over her. I took his cock and guided it into priyas vagina, and with a light thrust he was inside her, We waited for a couple of seconds to see if priya woke, She dint and he then pulled out a little and thrust inside very lightly and slowly again. I went and got my camera and recorded his slow and light fucking strokes for a couple of minutes. Then he removed his dick from priya and stood over her , I took a lot of pics of them together he standing naked near priya, his cock head touching her lips etc. Then he removed his condom and started masturbating. I went near and he took hold of my cock and started masturbating me too. I too took his cock and we masturbated each other.After this we went to sl**p in our respective rooms. Next morning after he left. I went to my office. In the evening we viewed the camera recordings of the earlier night, we planned to do the same to sandhya.

After the incident where vinod got to see, lick, touch and smell my wife while she was dead asl**p. We had met at the restaurant the next evening. We discussed the whole episode once again. Vinod went on narrating how much he enjoyed the whole thing and he said to me "we are one even though we are two". I understood the intensity with which it was said. Because, its not often one shares ones precious things with others.

Vinod then placed his hand on my thighs under the table and gave a squeeze on my crotch over the pants and said " Iam planning to get your cock into sandhya soon". Saying this he gave my cock one more squeeze over my pants. I was already hard with all the talk and watching the pics we took the time when vinod had his way with sl**ping priya.

I smiled and said I have no doubts you will do it for me vinod. He said to excpect a call soon and left. After about four days on a saturday evening I got a call, which priya took. It was from Vinod he asked for me , and she chatted with him on the phone which made the memories of him and her naked forms come to my mind and I got hard.

She called me, saying it was vinod on the phone . Vinod said to come over on saturday to reformat and install software on his computer. I said Iam busy so that priya would hear, and she did, on hearing she responded saying saturday we can drop the movie , go and help vinod he is a nice guy. I said " vinod I shall come after taking priya to the theatre". Vinod said "ok".

I took priya for a movie and on returning saw that the time was about 6 pm. We had advanced the movie show time to noon show so that I could go to vinods place. I deliberately idled away about an hour at home as if searching for my installation CD's and other matter and left for vinods house at about 7pm and reached there at 7.15 PM.

Sandhya greeted me at the door, I walked in and vinod came to recieve me. The three of us chatted for about 30 minutes after which Vinod took me to his computer room. I asked him what was wrong with his computer. He winked and said "nothing". It was just that he had switched off the CPU behind and sandhya thought the system was dead.

He then asked me to spend time as if reparing the system and asked to do it so slowly that time would fly by. I did it accordingly and after about 2 hours, I could hear sandhya calling me to join them for dinner.

As I was about to step out of the room, I could see the kitchen doorway and to my surprise I saw sandhya who was wearing a nighty bent over the sink washing a bowl and vinod standing near her seeing me step out beckoned me to go back to the room and watch through the crack of the door. I saw him go behind her and embrace. She turned and tried to push him and was rapidly looking at my door as if expecting me to walk out any minute.

Meanwhile,I was watching through the door crack. Vinod then hastily raised her nighty till her panty clad ass and pleaded with her for something , which she reluctantly agreed. I then saw him lower her panty just below her ass and as if to kiss it he bent down and I could see her full round glorious ass. He quickly kissed it and then raised her panty and dropped her gown. All this time she was watching the door of the room I was in.

Then I could hear her scolding him asking to behave normally, and he just laughed. I gave them 10 minutes to settle down before I walked out to join them for dinner. The dinner was good, and we chatted away about many things. The time was almost and as expected I was asked to stay overnight by both of them and I agreed on which I called priya and told her I would be back home next day.

Later vinod told me that he had slipped powdered sl**ping pills in sandhyas food, and I could expect her to fall asl**p in about 30 minutes. I bid them goodnight and went to the room allotted to me. Exactly after 35 minutes there was a knock at my rooms door. I switched on the light and opened it. I was surprised to see Vinod standing fully naked before my door. He asked me to get naked too so that we could go to his room. Clothes made rustling noise is what he said why he removed his clothes. I looked at his cock and it was half tumescent.

My cock too was twitching with anticipation. Vinod placed his hand on my cock and gripped it and pulled saying "come snake there is food for you today". We quitely walked to his room. Two full grown males in early fourty's naked with half tumscent cocks dangling before them stood in his bedroom and there in all her naked glory lay sandhya.

I went near her, and vinod fetched his handycam. I first kissed slightly on her toes. Then took one toe into my mouth and sucked lightly checking whether she would wake. I then moved to her face and lightly let my lips touch sandhya's lips. Vinod was filming all of what I was doing. I then moved to her breasts and slowly licked on her nipples and then sucked lightly without putting much pressure.

My cock was hard now, then I went and stood near her waist and bent to slowly inhale the pungent smell, a mixture of urine and her sweat on her pussy. While I was sniffing I felt a hand on my cock and looked back to see vinod holding my cock with one hand and filming it with his handy cam then he asked me to hold the handy cam and before I knew what was doing, I saw that he kneeled down and had taken my cock into his mouth and was sucking it. I loved the feeling he raised his head looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. He then sucked my cock vigoursly. Then after a couple of minutes he got up and whispered "your cock is now fully lubricated to fuck my wife" go ahead. I slowly got on the bed and was positioned on top of sandhya and vinod had slowly moved her legs apart. The rose between her legs had blossomed and now remained open. I slowly inserted my cock into her cunt and then gave a couple of very light strokes. She seemed dead to the world and dint move. Then I gave her about 10 light strokes and pulled out of her.

Vinod stopped his camera and came to me, his cock too was hard, I looked at it an urge came to me. I bent down and reciprocated what he had done to me. I sucked his cock lovingly. he then gestured me to lie down and we sixtynined sucking each others cock.

I patted on his head to let him know I was about to come. He immediately let go of my cock and gestured me to shoot my wad on sandhyas hairy pussy. I aimed my cock at her pussy which was quite hairy and I shot on it. It was a great sight my white semen lying on her black hair as if paint sprayed on it.

Vinod too came soon and he too shot adding to my already added sperms.
I went back to my room exhaused and I fell asl**p....

Vinod and I almost chatted regulary on how to get our wives to participate in what we wanted to do with them. After a long discussion we finally came to the conclusion that our wives being orthodox and quite reserved, as is usual of the malayali ladies, they would never let happen our dreams come true.

So now we started planning on how to fuck them without their knowledge. Days passed by with us planning or finding out things on how to achieve it.

During these days, I left to a tourist destination with my wife and k**s. We stayed at a hotel at munnar, and visited all the tourist attractions during the day. At night while We were having supper, I started imagining how nice it would be if vinod and f****y too were here. Unfortunately he was tied up with work and I knew he would not have been able to come with us.

So after supper my mind still filled with these devious thoughts of exposing my beautiful plump wife. we went to our room. My k**s fell asl**p soon and I was watching TV along with priya. While watching TV I started caressing her shoulders, the atmosphere was cold as it was winter and priya snuggled closer to me, the time was almost 8.30 pm and being winter it was already dark outside. I slowly started caressing her boobs and pinched on her nipples lightly. She moaned and said k**s would wake. I said they are fast asl**p and raised her nighty and removed her panties, she asked that the nighty remain on her so that if the k**s wake she would be decently dressed. I got her to remove her bra and now she had only her nighty on and I was in my lungi. she raised her nighty and stood near the bed and I liesurly kept licking her pussy and fondling her breasts. After some time she kneeled down near the bed and started sucking my cock as if there was no tomorrow, then She mounted me and humped a little and then rolled over with me on the top and we fucked noiselessly and she came. I then rolled off her and she said " dont you want to come, I said its ok , and fiegned sl**p"

Priya then closed her eyes to sl**p and I embraced her and raised her nighty till her neck, and started slowly caressing her pussy. She knew I had not come so she accepted it as a fact that I wanted to get off and let me caress her, after about three minutes I stopped caressing and in the process I knew she had slept.

Now the scene was great, k**s lying under the bedsheet fully covered at the end of the bed, and priya lying naked with her nighty bunched up near her neck with legs spread. I looked at the scene and saw how erotic it would look to someone. The thoughts of having vinod with me now were intense, but I knew that was not possible today.

I slowly got up and walked out to the corridor of our hotel room. There at the far end I saw a room boy sitting. my mind went to work . I went to him and asked him Why he din't come when I pressed the buzzer. He said he had not heard and may be I pressed the wrong switch. He asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted some hot water, and a match box for my cigarette. I told him I was in room 768. He said he would be back shortly and went to get what I had ordered.

I went to my room and slightly opened the door and I could see that if a person was to stand opposite my door he could see Priya fully lying naked with her legs spread and dark haired pussy fully visible.

I decided to give the young room boy who was about 20 a full treat. I had given a false address while registering at the hotel and as this was the last night of our stay, I calculated that I could take the risk.

I watched through the crack of my door for the room boy to appear , after about 10 minutes I could see him walking towards my room from the corridor, I knew if he pressed the bell priya would wake, so timing the event was to be perfect, just as he was nearing the room, I opened the door wide as if to look for him and stepped out, he saw me and stopped just outside the door and with me opposite to him I could not see into the room and he had a clear view of what lay on the bed.

He handed me the water jug and the matches, and judging by his face, he was wonderstuck and was looking beyond me even while he was handing me the water jug. I asked him without turning around what his name was he said it was Raju, I said "wait Raju let me get your tip" saying that I turned around and as if shocked I turned back and said "oh god, you have seen", He said "Iam sorry sir". I beckoned him to be silent and slightly closed the door seeing to it that he could still see priya throught he partly closed door now. I said "raju please dont tell anyone you have seen my wife naked". He said " ok sir". I said wait here Raju let me get you a tip.

I went inside got a Rs.100 from my purse, came out and handed him the note, He looked surprised, I said it is for you to keep your mouth shut about seeing my wife naked. Then to his surprise I said as you have seen from far would you like to see from near, He just nodded his head, we both went in without making any noise and he watched priya lying in her naked glory from near the bed, I put my hand over his pants and squeezed his cock a couple of times, It was rock hard.

I pulled his zipper down and took out his cock and fondled it while he kept watching priya, I took off my lungi too. He saw that my cock was erect and smilingly he took hold of my cock and started jerking me off.

It was about 10 minutes while we were inside the room, I could not risk it more, if priya woke it would be disaster, I beckoned him to move outside and we moved out meanwhile I had worn my lungi and he had zipped his pants we went out and standing in the cornor of the corridor in the storage room we jerked each other off.

I returned to my room and slept and in the morning we left. I looked around and the boy was not to be seen, It seemed he was only for the night shift.

This experience which I had recently really excited me very much.The adrenalin was literally pumping through my viens when I did this.

We were invited to a wedding of Priya's relative at kannur. Since the marriage was at kannur and it was about three hours ride from our place, we decided to leave a couple of days early and stay at Priya's home in kannur.

We reached kannur three days before the wedding. The first day passed off by visiting the nearby relatives of hers and some shopping with her parents. That night while we all were discussing about the wedding which was to take place after two days. Her parents suggested that if we wanted we could stay at her Aunt's place which was quite near to the auditorium. Her aunt had been inviting us quite often to stay at their place and we decided that this would be a good opportunity and would serve both the purposes of stay and wedding. Our k**s stayed back with priyas parents saying that they would come with their grandparents.

Accordingly, we informed her uncle and aunt and we left for their place the next day morning. Her aunt, who is her mothers youngest s****r, had quite a big house and lived there with her husband and daughter. Her daughter is about twenty and husband is approximately fourty seven years old. His name is Bhaskaran and priya's aunt Preetha (names changed for anonymity)was about six years younger to him.

We all mingled joyfully, about afternoon their daughter was called by the mother of the bride to come and help in dressing of the bride for the marriage. She took our permission and left for their house with her dress etc. while leaving she said she would meet us at the wedding, of course for us the auditorium was just three minutes walk from the house.

That evening we were chatting away as usual and while glancing to priyas aunt, I noticed that a button on her nighty front was open,and I could see the white cup of her bra as she laughed or bent or raised her hand while chatting. I now started occassionaly glancing at that opening. Once she noticed me watching and she quickly buttoned up and resumed talking. I felt ashamed thinking what she would have thought. Her uncle on the other hand, Later I understood had noted me watching, and had pointed to her about the button. That was how she knew the button was open.

The talks continued, and uncle asked me if I would like a peg or two before lunch as appetiser. I agreed and we went upstairs to have the appetiser drinks. We started with a peg of whisky and meanwhile aunty brought some fish fry and chicken fry to eat with the drinks and said that she and priya were going to have lunch and we should come soon.

We continued with our drinks and uncle bhaskaran switched on the TV. The channel that came on was FTV showing lingerie show. I immediately on seeing skimply cladded models on the TV jokingly said to uncle, hey so this is the channel that you watch. He laughed and jokingly said well at least you get to see some shapely women.

I laughed and said "aunty too is shapely bhaskaran uncle".

He responded "do you think so?".

I said "at least she is as shapely as priya and at her age I think priya would not be able to retain her shape".

He said "Priya has a good shape, and ask her to exercise to maintain it"

I laughed aloud and said " Iam giving her all the exercise required"

He too laughed and said " SO now you know how Priyas aunty retains her shape"

We laughed together and that broke the ice, and already the pegs had loosened our tounges.

We were watching a model strutting on the ramp in the FTV show with a panties whose major part was inside her ass crack.

I said "bhaskaran uncle, a old man watching this FTV had commented that earlier you needed to move the panties to see a womens ass, nowadays you need to move the ass to see the panties"

Hearing this he started laughing and said," Well it would require immense strength if your aunty wore those types and you wanted to see the panties, I knew he was referring to the huge ass priyas aunty had.

I laughed knowingly, and nodded my head, at the right instant by accident aunty walked in and asked ask if it was time for us to eat. We said we required some more time, you keep the food on the table, we shall have it. she said ok and walked away. Both mine and uncles eyes followed her ass. As soon as she left I said now I know why you need immense strength and we both laughed.

Then I asked him why he dint have a second c***d. He said, she had a miscarriage and at this age we dint want to risk again and moreover his daughter had grown up and the age difference if a c***d was to be born would be quite huge. So they decided not to have. Almost Three hours had elapsed since aunty last came to the room and it was almost becoming evening.

we almost had three and a half Pegs of whisky and we decided to have lunch. On going to the dining room we could see no sign of the women there. Uncle said maybe they have slept. I said ok let me go and check and I walked to the bedroom, Both the bedrooms were near to each other, I walked to the first one and saw that aunty was sl**ping and her back was turned to the door, the nighty had risen till her calves and the milky white calves were visible , the nighty was pulled tight around her ass section so the round shape of her large ass was quite visible and lines of the panties which held that ass, I stood there for a minute watching, and hearing a breath near me turned to see my uncle standing near me.

He jokingly said "nalla scene aa ale" (which means is it not a nice scene). I nodded and went to look into the next bedroom and saw priya too in an almost similar Posture and looking at uncle muttered under the breath "ivideyum nalla scenea" means here too it is a good scene,

uncle came and peeped in and nodded hmmm and smilingly said her "kundi" (ass) is not as big as her aunty may be she got it from her fathers side. I said must as mother in law does have a large ass and so does her s****r, your wife.

We went back to the dining table and had our lunch. We then went to the room where our wives were lying, My naughty perverted mind had started working. I was now thinking of exposing priya to her uncle. The thoughts started getting me excited.

Evening everyone woke priyas aunt went to prepare tea and snacks priya joined in. Myself and uncle walked out, he wanted to show me the way to auditorium. My mind was still working on how to expose priya to her uncle without her knowledge. But I never in my wildest dreams had an inkling that her uncle too had similar thoughts.

We went to auditorium, saw a couple of priyas relatives there doing marriage arrangements, we too joined in helping and then returned home to have tea, and left again to help in the arrangements at the auditorium. By the time it was about eight PM , uncle said lets go the women might be wanting to purchase some flowers to wear the next day. We went home took my car and went to the market to get some flowers, While returning as we were passing a textile shop, I saw mannequins dressed in the window and panties hanging for display, I immediately turned to uncle and said, there that one will be suitable for aunty and pointed to a panty hanging in the display window.

He laughed and said that wont even come halfway, I replied that sure would fit priya fully and we both laughed. Reaching home, the ladies had all prepared their dress for the next day. I asked aunty were priya was she said priya had gone to the bathroom to wash her hair and dry it so that tomorrow she wont have to wash. When priya came out aunty went to her room to wash her hair.

Uncle asked me what shall we do, I replied lets have our second round of appetisers. Hearing this priya said, tomorrow we have a function to attend dont be late to go to sl**p and dont drink much. I said ok and she patted her uncle on the back and said you are making my husband a d***kard. Uncle replied I cant change the way a man already is and we all laughed and aunty too came into the room wiping her hair and joined in the laughter.

We went to the TV room to have our drinks and aunty came with some pakoras and pappads and said chicken etc are kept on the table as in the afternoon, will you guys serve yourself. We unitedly said yes and aunty left.

We started our drinks the time was about 9pm at about 10.30 I said uncle I want to pee and went to the bedroom set for priya and me and while passing uncles room I could see aunty asl**p on the bed through the slightly open bedroom door. I could see priya was falling asl**p in our room. I entered the bathroom noisily and peed. Priya must have thought I was coming to sl**p and she move slightly to the side making space for me. Quickly as I dint have much time, because uncle might think why it is taking so long to pee. I quickly climbed into bed embraced priya and lifted her nighty over her ass and snuggled closely, I knew she would not be wearing panties to bed, and gave her two minutes, then rolled to the side as if to sl**p. Now the scene was priya asl**p turned the other way with nighty up above till her waist, Her milky white thighs , her large ass all visible to anyone who came to the room. I then slowly without making noise got up and went to join uncle in the tv room and while going I noiselessly opened the door of the room fully.

After about some time I asked uncle what are you giving as present to the bride, He said aunty had brought a small gold chain. I asked can I see it, He said ok and got up to bring it, I said dont wake aunty if she is asl**p . He said ok and when was about to leave the room, I said I too shall come and we walked to the bedroom.

Uncle stopped dead in tracks as he neard my bedroom, The sight was great priya has naked fully from her waist below, snoring away soundly on the bed. Her round large buttocks fully visible, her milky white thighs and legs fully exposed to uncles eyes. I immediately said to uncle "nalla scene alle ftv Pole"(wow is it not a nice scene, like FTV). My uncle simply nodded. The pegs had loosened our inhibitions I whispered to him "kanda sthithik venamenkil aduth poyi kandolu."(as you have seen if you want go near and see). He then slowly tiptoed inside the room and stood near priya and watched her ass and thighs up close, suddenly startling us priya moved and splayed her legs as she was sl**ping with her face down on the bed, The splayed legs displayed a beautiful picture of her hairy pussy to our full view.

Uncle just stood there and watched for about five minutes. I was standing near him and brushed my hand across his lungi and felt a erect cock. He looked at me and I smiled. We walked back out of the room and closed the door without making any noise.

We went silently back to the TV room and without talking to each other had one more drink. Then all of a sudden I said, Uncle as you have seen priya, it would only be fair if I could see aunty.

He looked at me and said. I too was thinking that, saying this he got up and said you stay here, I have to pee. He must have gone to his room and did something to aunty, cause he came after about fifteen minutes. He smiled at me and said, ok come let us see aunty.

We tiptoed to uncles room and man that was a beautiful sight, priyas aunty was lying with her face up, her nightly fully bunched up at her waist, Her clean shaven pussy visible, I stood there and watched for about some time, then I kneeled near her and sniffed at her pussy. Seeing this, uncle got horny, he beckond me to step outside the room. Then he turned aunty as if trying to make space for him to lie down. Man, I was hard now, aunty,s super large ass white and round was fully visible , He beckoned me in, I went in and stood there and watched. I then suddenly went back to my room fetched my cellphone and silently shook my head as if asking uncle for permission, he nodded and I took a picture of auntys naked ass, I still have that picture with me. Uncle also took his cell phone came to my room and shot priyas semi naked pics. I had my cock out and was masturbating, seeing that uncle too took out his cock and msturbated. We stepped out of the bedroom into the dining room and ejaculated on a paper which I spread on the dining table.

We went back to the tv room finished our drinks had supper and went to sl**p. Next day morning we both acted as if nothing had happened. But at the wedding while I was sitting next to him I said, show me priyas pic, and he showed it to me in his cell phone, I asked shall we delete it, he said that would be safe, and we both deleted the pictures we took after watching, both pics for some time.

Uncle said "I never thought Priya had such shapely ass and thighs, you are a lucky man."

I said "so are you, I wish priya had super ass like aunty"

He smiled and said "I wish I could see u fuck priya"

I replied "we shall work it out, and I want to see you plow aunty too"

He nodded.

I said "visit our place someday with aunty,we shall see what we can do"

He said "OK"

We shook hands.

We left to our place after the wedding, But a bond between me and priyas uncle had been created. Iam now eagerly waiting for them to visit us.

As if things were going as I was thinking, Priya,s uncle gave me a call on last thursday to tell me that his daughter has a PSC exam on saturday at our place as center. I asked him if Uncle and aunty were accompanying her for the exam. He said "no". He also mentioned that Priya's cousins close friend was staying in our city and that she would be staying at her friends place for the night and that he just called to inform me of his daughters presence in our city.

The as we were chatting of some other things on the phone, I asked him why dont you and aunty accompany her, you could stay at our place and then return back with your daughter after the exams and I added maybe you could see priyas ass again.

He laughed and said, I was hoping you would ask,I said then its fixed you two come and we can plan and workout something, I really want to see aunty again. He said he too was impatient to see priya.

After hanging up the phone I was really ecstatic, my dirty mind was imagining uncle fucking priya scenes, I was hard and I went to the bathroom and jerked off.

Since saturday was only three days away, I started researching on the topic of sl**ping pills, and finally after a lot of research on the web, I found a d**g. I talked to a medical representative friend of my and asked him about a sl**ping pill to give to my senile old grandmother and as if not knowing anything i asked him about the d**g I found on the net. He said the d**g was good but was not that strong but would put a person to sl**p in about half an hour and the sl**p would be deep for about four hours, and there were no side effects.

I then purchased over the counter the d**g from a known medical shop, and when the chemist asked me for whom I was purchasing I replied that it was for my senile grandmother, since he knew about my grandmother he did not ask any more questions.

Friday evening Bhaskaran uncle, aunty and their daughter came , they stayed at our place and in the morning Priyas cousin went to write her exams.

I took leave from office on saturday. Bhaskaran uncle and Myself went to the market to purchase fish for the afternoon meals. On the way I told him of the d**g I had brought and how Iam going to fulfill his fantasy which was of seeing me fuck priya, I said uncle its not seeing me fuck priya which is going to happen but you will be fucking priya. He smiled and squeezed my thighs. I said uncle the gear is down here that is my thigh. He laughed and patted my cock over my pants. I was hard and I could sense he too was. That evening after exams their daughter left for her friends house, and she took our k**s along too.

That night as we were about to have supper , Priya beckoned me and said are you not giving any appetiser to uncle. I said , If you say so then I shall but I have only Vodka here and there is no lime in the
House so I will have to go out and purcahse a bottle of seven up. She said then buy two cause I and aunty too want to have a little of the soft drink. I said ok and as I dressed to go out Bhaskaran uncle said I too shall come.

We both went and purchased two bottles of seven up and returned. I had already kept two sl**ping pills powdered and packed in paper seperately. I deliberatly kept the two bottles in the drawing room and as we started on round one of the drinks, priya came and asked where is their bottle, I said you go ahead and have supper and we shall give you after that. She said ok and went to have supper, on her way out I called out to her and said, you keep uncle and my food on the table covered we shall have it after some time.

I then took two glasses and poured a glass each of the soft drink opened the papers in which I had kept the powdered sl**ping pills and mixed them in each glass. I then took the glass and went to the dining table and kept it there and said I have only kept two glassess for you too, as me and uncle need the rest.

They said ok and aunty said dont give too much drinks to uncle, I said ok and returned to the drawing room. We finished our drinks timing it as the ladies finished their supper. We went to the table and had our supper while they were washing the dishes and then we took our dishes to the sink and washed them too.

The ladies had already taken the soft drinks and I knew the pill would start taking effect from half an hour from now. So I bid goodnight to uncle and aunty and we retired to our respective rooms.

I acted horny and somehow got Priya to get naked and I too got naked, I could see the pill was starting to take effect, priya was yawning and she said she was feeling sl**py, I said ok you sl**p let me keep fondling and we shall fuck in the morning if you are tired, she said ok and ten minutes later she was fast asl**p.

I waited for another twenty minutes, then I took my cell and made a call to uncles mobile , our phones were in the silent mode, he took the phone, I went to the bathroom and said here priya has fallen asl**p what about aunty, HE said aunty too has fallen asl**p, I said ok come out of the room and I mentioned that I was naked, he said he too was.

I stepped out naked from my room and he too came out of his. I switched on the light in the dining room which was adjacent to our bedrooms. I saw uncle fully naked for the first time, he too was judging my nudity, I was holding my cock and pulling on it, Seeing it he whispered dont shoot now save some for aunty, I said I dont shoot very soon it takes time for me to shoot. He smiled and then patted on my cock and gave it a few pulls. I took hold of his cock and said, uncle let me worship the cock thats going to go into priyas pussy, and i kneeled before him and kissed on his cock and took the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked. He held my head and I sucked strongly for a minute. Then I got up and I asked him if aunty was naked.

He said yes and as we reached his room, he said let me bless your cock and he kneeled before me and sucked on my cock and catching me by my ass he took my full cock into his mouth. He deep throated it and I was rock hard. Then we walked into his room and there in all her naked glory was lying aunty. He went near her and shook her slowly to check if she would wake. She dint, so I went near her and first kissed lightly on her lips. It felt really erotic. Uncle had taken out his cellphone and was filming me doing it. Then i slowly took the left nipple of auntys breast into my mouth and sucked slowly and lightly on it. We had decided not to use f***e as it might wake the ladies up. So I was sucking lightly.

I then put my mouth near auntys pussy and sniffed her pussy, Uncle came near me and gestured me to duck under the bed. I slipped under the cot. Uncle then proceeded to spread auntys legs apart pulling them up as if to fuck. Aunty did not wake. He then motioned me to come up, I came from under the cot and i could see aunty lying with her legs spread open, The flower like opening between her legs all spread out with hair covering the surroundings, it was a great sight.

I put my face near her pussy and slowly licked her cunt. Uncle was standing near me with his cell shooting what I was doing , I raised my hand and took his cock in one hand as I licked auntys pussy. Then uncle stopped shooting as I got up and took my cock in his mouth and lubricated my cock with his saliva, I got on to the bed and slowly inserted my cock into auntys pussy which was already lubricated with my spit.

My cock easily slid in and I started a very slow motion of fucking. I resumed it for about five minutes and then I took my cock out. I dint want to cum inside aunty as she would think she was fucked while she was asl**p. I then stepped out and uncle gave me a wonderful blow job and he sucked my semen as it came into his mouth and drank it. I then asked uncle to turn aunty over so that I could see her super great ass. He did it and I caressed auntys great ass, kissed, spread the cheeks a little and sniffed her asshole and touched the asshold with my finger tips. I rubbed my cock on her white large ass, it was a great sight, my black cock rubbing on a white large mountain of flesh which was her ass. Uncle came and placed his hard cock near mine on her large ass. IT was an erotic sight two cocks on auntys super white round large ass.

After washing his mouth we went to my room. Priya was lying naked , her shaved pussy shining in the bedroom light. I spread her legs for uncle to see, He then proceeded to kiss priya on her lips, He placed his cock on her shut lips and I shot the scenes with my cell phone. I motioned for uncle to fuck her and I sucked on his cock and spread my saliva liberally on his cock for lubrication, he too had spat into priyas pussy to lubricate it. Then he got on the bed and fucked her for about ten minutes, he did it with slow and light strokes so as not the wake her up. Then he motioned that he was about to cum. I said you shoot in priyas pussy. He then gave a last thrust and it was a bit f***eful priya jerked a bit and I got scared shit. But she dint wake. Uncle was shooting his semen into my wifes pussy.

The ecsstasy on his face was simply great to watch. After shooting the last drop of semen into priyas pussy, Uncle pulled his cock out. I then took a cloth and kept it on priyas pussy to wipe out the overflowing semen. I then slowly rolled the cloth into a tube like structure and wiped the semen as much as I could from her cunt. Uncle was watching all this and whispered to me if priya would get pregnanat from his semen. I said no, she has done her sterilisation so its not a problem.

My cock was hard again and seeing it uncle lay on the floor and as I was wiping priyas cunt he started sucking on my cock and for the second time I came strongly in his mouth and he swallowed my cum and licked me dry.

We then returned to our bedrooms and fell asl**p. The next day morning priya asked me why I masturbated over her, I could have used the bathroom and now the bedsheet was stained. I said I could not control as I was horny that night.She smiled and pinched my cheek saying naughty fellow.

Uncle and aunty bid us goodbye and left with their daughter to their place. I had my pics and videos on the cell phone transferrred to my laptop in a hidden folder. I got the ones uncle had taken too and now a days I watch those and it really gets me horny and I masturbate myself to deep orgasms twice a day.

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