Mother-In-Law – My Sex Slave

i going to share my sex experience with my sex bomb mother in law. Her name is surna reka. Her body stat is 38-36-40. You can imagine how big boobs ,she is not fat but her boobs are awesome and she is 5.5 feet tall fair complexion. Since from my marriage i had an eye on my mil. We used to stay very closer to mil home and their f****y consist of my mil, fil and my wife. On every weekly off myself and my wife used to go their home and spend time with them.

She used to wear only sari at home and the way she wear sari is in exposing stage. Always her deep navel with flat tummy will be visible, her blouse is deep neck and her cleavage is huge half of her mangoes are visible always. I started to enjoy the beauty of her huge boobs without her notice. I used to fuck my wife at her home by thinking that i fuck her mother. All of sudden my father in law died due to sugar. So my mil came to our home to stay with us.

Days are started to pass like that i used enjoy seeing her huge cleavage and brush her ass while walking.

One fine day i asked my wife to keep oil to my head, and my wife was busy in getting ready to office and asked her mother to keep oil on my head by doing massage. My mil hesitated to touch me and my wife said dont feel shy just do nice oil massage to him. Then with hesitation mil started massaging my head . I was sitting on floor and and mil sitting on sofa on top to me and started massaging my head. While massaging i felt something on my back and i realized her boobs are getting pressed while massage. My penis got erected and i was not wear inner wear it was clearly visible .

I started to feel some reaction from mother in law while massage. At that point of time my wife went to office and we both are alone at home and that was my day off. My mil asked me to get up so she can put oil through out my body. I said just head massage will be fine, i will take bath and come but she said i will put oil on full body so it will reduce heat. Go to bath room so oil will not spill on hall.I followed her instruction and went to bathroom with wearing only towel.

After sometime she came inside and said i will apply oil and even her dress will get spoil by saying she started to remove her sari and standing in her blouse and langa. My penis pooping out from towel by seeing her huge cleavage, then she removed her blouse and petticoat in front of me and cover only a towel exposing her half boobs and sexy thigh. By seeing that i could not able to control my sex urge.

She started to rub my body with oil and asked me to remove my towel i was shocked by hearing and said mom i not wearing inside for that she replied i am elder one and you are like my son don’t be shame in-front of me and removed my towel. My penis was standing in full erection facing her ready to attack. She came closer to me and started to rubbing my body and all of sudden hold by penis and rubbed well up and down, i started to moan without my knowledge.

And her towel fallen down and she stood naked in front of me . She started to shake my penis and asked me whether her daughter will take such big penis. She asked whether my wife give good pleasure on bed. I said she will die to have sex with me and without my penis in her pussy she will not sl**p. I put hot water on my body to remove oil then i asked my mil whether can i touch her, she said all my body is yours, fuck me as like you can. Over there i started to press her huge boobs and such her other boobs . She started to moan i did for 15 mins then i came down and i licked her pussy and drank the juice. She was screaming loudly with pleasure , i asked when was her last sex with uncle she said it being more than 5 years.

Then she begged me to fuck her as her cunt become wet and juice started to flow. I gave my huge penis in her mouth she sucked like lolly pop and did for 15 mins and i was at edge of cumming and i asked her she said give it on her mouth. I splashed on her mouth thick load of cum on her mouth and she drank without wasting single drop. Cleaned my penis with her mouth and sucked like slutty dog.

Then i started to finger her pussy she started to scream you mother fucker. Put your long dick on my pussy and screw it harder. I finger her pussy for a while in mean while my penis got erected and we cleaned each other went to bed room. Fucked her deeply shouting fuck me harder harder. She become hungry slut dying for cock. I had ramped her for 30 mins in different position and finally we reached climax and loaded my sperms into her wet pussy.

We slept for while by hugging each other and woke up by afternoon and hat another round of sex before my wife turn back from office. After my wife came we are like usual and my wife slept soon then i went to mil room and had quick ramping session and came back to my room, my mil become sex slave for me and whenever i get small time i will fuck her . In presence of my wife at home i had fucked mil in doggy position. She begged me to fuck her daily twice. Then i took night shift purpose fully . I fucked m mil whole day and we will roam naked inside our home. Always i need her boobs and she need my penis at her hole.At age of 43 she is very active in sex. Over a period of 1 year i am maintain our sex life without getting noticed by my wife.

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