How I Fucked My Virgin Maid And Made Her Pregnant

First let me tell you about myself. I am 20 years old and 5’10″ tall. I am a bit wheatish in complexion. My cock size is 7 inches.

The slut of this story is Krishna.

She is a very sexy girl about 2 years elder to me. She is very cute and fair and had a great curvy figure 34-28-38. Whenever she used to walk i always used to admire her ass swaying and i always fantasized about eating her ass and pussy and fucking her in doggy style but i had no courage to approach her fearing that she would complain my parents.

After my boards in march my f****y and me were about to shift in a new apartment. One day my mom told me to take krishna to our new house so that she could clean it and make it ready for pooja the next day. I was very excited as she was going to sit behind me on my bike.

I had decided that i had to do something. It was now or never.

When she sat behind me she kept her hand on my waist gripping it tightly. This gave me an instant hard on and it seemed as though my cock would tear my pants and come out. All the way to my new house i had an erection and this was enough to make me bold. I purposefully used to stop the bike with hard brakes so that she would crush her breasts on mine and i liked it very much.

When we reach the destination, she twisted her leg and fell. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even walk so i lifted her in my arms and went towards my apartment. While she was in my arms i pressed her boobs from sides and caressed them. Krishna gave a short moan and i could clearly hear it. I saw in her eyes and she gave me a wicked smile and i could see the lust in her eyes. Oh! Her eyes were so big. Glittering, shining and ready to see a cock.

I opened the door of my apartment and straightaway ran towards the bedroom. All the furnishing and moving was complete so we had a proper bed.

I threw her on the bed and attacked her like a hound. We started kissing like crazy. I bit her upper lip and she was bitting my lower lip. Meanwhile our tongues met and we were tasting each others saliva. This went on for about 5 minutes and i could sense her breathing heavily pumping her boobs outwards. I had gone mad seeing this and i tore her salwar and starting pressing her boobs in her white bra. She was hissing and moaning and said ” ohhh i have been waiting for this for so long. I was just waiting for you to make a move ahhh i love the way you do it ahh mmmm ahmmm” i was shocked to listen to these words and i cursed myself of not making a move earlier. I then replied ” no problem darling. Today is our first and last fuck. I will fuck your brains out today. You will be definitely wanting for more.”

I unhooked her bra while kissing her and removed her pajama so that she was only in her white panty.

I started licking her breast and sucking them hard. She was moaning in pain and pleasure and pushing my head deeper in her boobs. While kissing one breast i kneaded the other, pinched and pulled her nipple. This was bringing her on fire and she told me to finger her pussy. I started caressing her pussy over her panties and one or two times inserted a finger in her pussy but never removed her panty. I said ” its your turn now” she got on me and started unbuttoning my shirt and kissing me.

She removed my shirt and belt almost instantly and started going for my pants. She undid my underwear and was shocked to see the size of my cock. She was scared so just kissed it at first and then gain courage and started sucking it. She was like a pro who learnt how to suck a cock in her mothers womb and was making naughty sounds while sucking it. I was on cloud nine and she gave me a tour of heaven. And soon i was about to come. I grabbed her head and started thrusting deeper. She was pushing me away she was choking but i had decided to spurt directly in her throat and so i did. When i removed my cock she was gasping for air and i helped her in breathing by kissing her and caressing her pussy.

“Now” i said ” you are going to become a women”. Without any licking or sucking her cunt i placed my penis head on her pussy and gave a thrust but i couldn’t enter her. Then i gave another thrust but this time with more f***e and i was half inside her. She started bleeding and screaming in pain and two tears rolled down from her eyes. I licked them and consoled her and kissed her. But the pain was so much that she broke the kiss. I was only half inside so i gave another thrust and entered her fully. She was screaming even more and dug her nails in my back so i stopped in this position for some time.

Now she could bear the pain and asked me to fuck her. I started pumping slowly at first and then gained speed. She was going crazy moaning in pleasure and started kissing her neck and gave her love bites. She said something is happening and she started shivering. I could feel her pussy warm and tight becoming even tighter and she released all her juices with my cock buried in her pussy.

It was now time to fulfill my fantasies so i made her sit on all fours and inserted my cock in her pussy. This time i felt that her love hole had shrunk in size. I grabbed her waist spanked her ass and started thrusting hard.

After 25 mins of fuck i said i was about to come and she was ready for another orgasm too so i increased my speed and dug deeper in her and came in her pussy and she also came at the same time.

I also fucked her in the ass the same day which i will tell you in the next story.

Later we exchanged phone numbers and i got a message from her that she had missed her periods which were due three days later. And now she has gone to her native place and i dont know if she hot an abortion or not!

All girls who want to get satisfied please contact me.

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