Sex With Tuition Teacher’s Sexy Mom

[bMy name is kumar (name changed) and i was 16 years old i was studying diploma in B’lore. When i was failed in 5 subjects my mom send to tuition in my near tuition teacher name is pooja and she is studying in engg final year and her mom name is sridevi with a big whitish boobs big ass white navel.let me describe the story

One day when my grand father died my f****y has gone to my village due to my exams i was in tuition teacher’s home. By that her husband had gone to village and her daughter went to Mysore for some project work. I and aunty(i call her aunty).

We had dinner that night gone to sl**p ,I had gone to sl**p in bedroom on bed and aunt in hall on floor.After dinner I went to bedroom to change my clothes(i was sl**ping always in shorts without underwear) suddenly aunt came to my room and saw my huge penis erected(when she serving food in her nightie when she bent I saw her cleavage)so,it is erected.

After that I slept on bed but i can’t sl**p by seeing her cleavage and it was raining heavily outside & thunder sounds she scared came into bedroom slept next to me i think she was scared. after some time aunt placed her hand over my stomach as i was sl**ping turning this side and after some time she put her hands under my shorts and touching the erected penis and jerking up and down as I understood that and turn around touched her boobs over her nightie.

she opened her eyes gave me naughty smile and broke the silence asked her shall i kiss and she told that “don’t call me aunt call me sridevi and told that this body is yours do what ever you want, by hearing this i got erected and smooch her boobs and she screamed like Ahaaaaaaaaaa………….hmmmmmm………………………..

After kissing her juicy lips for couple of minutes and started kissing her head to toe and she removed my shorts(I not wear shirt and underwear) and I started to unzipped the nightie zip and removed it completely and throw it and she was in her black bar and red petticoat and I like black bra and she have only one black bra and I have touched her bra many times and masturbated thinking of her, coming to story after removing her nightie her 38D bounce boobs jumped over black bra and sucked her milky cleavage and at that time she is kissing my chests.

After switched the tube light and saw her cleavage in light and after some time of sucking her boobs, she stand and caught my penis and inserted it into her mouth and sucking it very nicely.

After nice blowjob we had that night full to have sex and now I touched her vagina on her petticoat and after that I removed her buttons of black bra and threw it and sucked her white milky boobs and drank milk from her melons and also she had a perfect size of 36-28-34 and her huge ass and ass cheeks.

After that i removed her knot of peeticot and removed it completely and also her black matching panties also. Now we both are completely nude and I started to suck her clean pussy and inserted my middle finger into her pussy and she started kiss my whole body.

Now I started to have fun with playing with her boobs and started kiss her ass cheeks and immediately started to fuck her without wasting time

I spread her legs and started to insert my erect penis into her wet vagina and fucked very hot and room full is filled with her loud scream like ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… mmmmmmm

After some time of fuck I removed my penis and she cleaned my penis by keeping in her mouth and jerking and after cleaning I lay on her back kissed her ass & waist and also suck her navel area and belly button and also inserted my penis into her asshole and fucked more 10 min longer .

And that night we enjoyed her 6 to 7 sessions of sex and slept nude @ 1:30 am and in the morning she get up at 8:30 am and wore her nightie without any undergarments and bring a cup of tea for me told to “get up kumar , get up kumar” as i get up I placed a kiss on her cheeks and drank tea and while taking bath I am I planed and asked her”darling please give me the towel ” and when she came give the towel I caught her hand drag inside under shower and she told that”what kumar my dress will became wet now what I want to do” I replied”don’t worry darling” and remove her nightie and we had bath together and applied soap on each body and we had one more sex session in bathroom and we came out and I am nude still evening and she wear that black bra and black pantie that I like very much and had breakfast and watch porn movie and and after that i slept on her lap like a small baby drank milk from her boobs

After lunch in afternoon and we started different types of position and and in also dog style and in 69 position also and in that 3 days we enjoyed a lot a I also satisfied her very much

When ever we have time we will have sex and blowjob………..

After within a few days I also fucked her daughter(tution teacher) called pooja and I will describe that story later and send feed back to this story are you licked are not liked

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