hostel friend fucked mom and made her a slut

Hi my name is ravi age27. im frm rajahmundry. I have been reading desi stories from my 14th year.
About my f****y – my father died 15 years ago. f****y consists of my mother (laxmi), my eldest s****r (devi),my elder s****r (renu) and me ravi. We r Brahmins.
About my mom – she looks like a typical lady age 49. She is fair coloured n wears sarees. ( never seen her wear panty). I have seen her a number of times (nude that is).she looks great . her bra size is 38/42. she shaves her pussy (puku) and has a good ass. I have seen her from 1994-2006approx. she is a conservative and has some sort of eversion to sex(like she wants to preserve her chastity) . I fantasize about her most of the times and like to share my fantasies about her with guys and shag off (I met a guy in hyd we chatted dirty on our moms and shagged off –like to do it again with andra guys only who speak telugu) .(don’t ask to introduce to mom or s*s’s .i ll show them if I trust u) I LIKE TO CHAT ON PHONE who like chat can give numbers.
About eldest s****r – she is also fair and age 30 . she is married n has a c***d now she also is fuckable and suckable like my mom.
About my elder s*s- she is very thin and don’t even think of her she’s a disappointment.
Well now about the story – I MADE MY MOM A SLUT, AUTO RIDE WITH MOM are two great stories wher moms gets ****d while son watches(almost a ). Reading thes I imagined my mom like that and not yet satisfied decided to write one myself.
I study in a hostle in my intermediate. I feel home sick so mom comes to see me every 15 days. According to college rules parents r not allowed to stay after visiting hours.parents were allowed to meet c***dren on Friday sat and Sunday. But she used to stay in my room on Friday nights sometimes without management people notice. There were 10 in our room totally, I got the room with bathroom and shared with 3 others .one of them was a Bengali ramesh by name the other two r book worms and were missing out most of the time. one day he brought his cam cell to hostel and it had bluefilms in it we used to watch together and chatted on ladies we saw during day .a couple of times mom forgot to cover her boobs and when she bent to take her soap from bag exposed her milky white cleavage . ramesh observed her . on one Sunday every body went out except ramesh and I and we started watching adult stuff. We started talking on our cook(lady) and the watchman’s wife. He asked me what kind of lady do u like . I said any body who is fair or look attractive despite their colour. I asked him the same and he told “ I like ladies who r elderly and fair “. Me-“like the madam for chemistry is it(she was fat but fair aged 55) and teased him . I kept this going for a few mins when he shouted back” no not that old fatso itz like ur mom . I told him don’t talk like that on mom. From that day I notised him and felt happy for him having feelings but did not want to get her involved. My mom felt all of us like her own n she used bath in our room .i used to bring water from the common bathroom and she bathed at 11 pm at night.
One day everything changed, due to depression the climate was cold and she wanted hot water. We kept water for heating in the room with electric heater. She bent down to take water bucket when accidentally her pallu(paita) fell into the water and we(ramesh and me) saw her cleavage. I got an erction the saree got wet with the hot water and she put it on her shoulder . as it was burning hot she immediately took off her saree and i kept staring at her boobs and waist. In a couple of minutes she went in but the scene remained on my mind and I could not stop thinking of it ,this made mine erect . suddenly I felt a hand on my penis . I turned to see ramesh held it for a second and gave me smile.
Ramesh-“so u have an erection when u see ur mom exposing “. U blamed me for talking on her?
Me-“ ok so shutup now and we wll talk later .
He listened to me and kept quite. The next morning she left and that night ramesh grabbed me by my hand and took me to the terrace. “Speak now” ramesh said.
Ok man s I have feelings for her too ok but don’t think she ll have sex . I explained how she grew and the traditions and reservations she believes.
Ramesh nodded his head and said “do u think showing my cock to her ll unleash her lust?
Me-“So u want to have sex with her?” ramesh said s.
Ok then u do as I tell . ramesh nodded in acceptance.i hatched a plan to get ramesh his dream and me my fantasy of seeing mom having sex.
I told ramesh to go early to the room when mom comes and place the camera in the bathroom. After 3weeks she came and everything was going on as planned . I told him to hand me the memory card and he obliged. I told him a few more things and he said he ll carry out my orders.
On my moms next visit I went 1/2hour late to the room . when I reached everything was normal . next day mom left and we started watching what happened the previous night. Mom had her bath and came out . the conversation goes like this
Mom-“ramesh where is ravi”
Ramesh-“hez still studying he said he ll come in another 1/2hour.”
Mom-ok and what about u
Ramesh- yeah I too have to study but ….(he hesitated)
Mom-but what?
Ramesh-I had something important
Mom-what is it?
Ramesh-u should promise u ll not tell any body about what I say
Mom-I promise
Ramesh- aunt (he held her arms gently) I don’t believe im saying this to u but I love u I really love u and I want to be with u forever like ur husband did
Mom- son u r like my own c***d .i m like ur mother plz don’t let these thoughts come in mind . concentrate on ur study .
Ramesh- aunt plz don’t say so see I lust for u and only,I love u, I never had any feeling towards the opposite sex till the day I saw u. saying so he hugged her and kissed her lips
She struggled to get free and succeded in pushing him away.dont she shouted.
Ramesh immediately pulled his erect dick out see never did I have such a thing till I saw u and ur cleavage. If u like me tell me by tomorrow morning .we can have some good memorable time. If not I ll shift my room n leave my best friend and my first love.
She left without saying a word but wrote a letter to him “ ur age needs something u r not mature enough to differentiate love and attraction and sex.plz concentrate on ur studies son”
I told him that was impossible to get her so now to the next stage of the plan. Our plan was to try to seduce her first or get her by f***e later.
The next time she came we planned a party (fake birthday) from ramesh and mixed some sedatives in the cool drinks for mom and the remaining two room mates. I gave it to her so she could not reject and I made sure she drank it (at 12:10 am). At 1:15 am I tried to wake her up but as planned she out in sound sl**p . ramesh and I cleared the bed we used to keep our luggage then we got her into a sitting position . ramesh said let her lie down we shall lift her saree up and fuck. I told him “don’t get excited not now . let her in sitting or standing position only then we can see her full fucking today”
I removed her saree and asked ramesh to hold her standing . I stared her waist region and then fondled it for 2mins then licked her birth hole (place umbilical cord attaches to body) and then let ramesh do the same we both were excited and I started squeezing her boobs hard . ramesh came and asked for his turn. We both squeezed one boob each they were soft and made me crazy . I removed her jacket quickly and let her bra covered boobs out. Each exposing part of the great milky whit boobs made us mad. We started licking the exposed part and in no tome I removed her bra. Ramesh was stunned to see her boobs he came front and started fondling one and sucked on the other he did that for five minutes . I was getting excited to see my innocent mom get her boobs sucked by a boy of her sons’s age that too without her knowledge. I joined the act and ramesh commented suck those brown nipples u son of a bitch . she doesn’t deserve to be stripped here ,she should be stripped in the bathroom and all our roommates should suck those soft boobs for a whole day in the bathroom.
I let her lie down on the bed and turned her around , lifted her saree up to expose her back ramesh started kissing it and pated thenm and licked her ass . I turned her to see her front . her pussy was still covered I started fondling her thighs they were great I was like intoxicated ramesh was quick to join me he too felt like he was in heaven. As he was busy fondling the milky white thighs I pulled her dress further up to see her pussy I was shocked to see a shaved pale brown coloured pussy in front of me. Iwanted ramesh to take the lead so I pulled him out of his trance and showed him the entrance to heaven he pulled his cock out . I had hard time controlling him and atlast he did not penetrate instead he pushed his fingure and said hey it real tight yaar and I joined him in the fingure fuck . I was not satisfied so started licking the pussy I was like in my peak after five minutes of loicking ramesh saind it was his turn. I said wait and held her in a standing position he crawled like a cub and raised to reach the pussy he licked it likw mad . after 2 mins I was shaking , ramesh was pushing his face into her thighs. I said ok lets masturbate he ejaculated in no time . ias ked him to hold her for me as he held her I did what he did it was really warm and asked him to bend her I reached her tits like a g**** and licked her tits and boobs that were hanging like a ripe mango.i wanted to release so I asked him to keep her on her kneels he did so . I sucked and pressed her boobs till I got ready to burst and I targeted her abdomen for a splatter I pasted her abdomen with my cum I kept rubbung the cum all around her waist. Ramesh was stunned and said I missed it yaar . I assured him u will do that and more I promise.

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