My Lovely Radha Pinni

Hi friends i m bhanu 23yr old from kurnool (andhra pradesh) ,i m a big fan of iss ,though some stories may be real some may not i m really fascinated by these stories i relentlessly enjoy i m posting my experience in my life . About me 23yr old guy with 6″cock ,the heroin of this story is radha pinni who is my mothers s****r .coming to her stats she is 34 24 36,i m most fond of her from my c***d hood days,

During my adolescence days, when i am learning to know all world things, we went to kadapa my mother home town for summer holidays,there my pinni radha is present,at that time she is 19yr and not married ,she and i enjoyed a lot in those days playing in water ,games ,i almost stayed and slept with her in same bed .she used to bath me some days when my mom is busy with her house hold works ,i used to hug her while bathing ,throwing splashes of water on her,sometimes i used to dance during bathing and she used to join me . At that time i dont know anything about sex and i purely enjoyed my summer holidays with my pinni radha ,

We came back to kurnool after holidays, though i fought with my parents that i will stay with radha pinni only. I missed her company a lot . After that every summer holidays we are going to kadapa but my radha pinni is not there ,she is studying in hyderabad . Then after 3yr again when we went there ,this is time my radha pinni is there, i thought i can play with her like eat and dance with her .this time when i was playing with her hugging while playing i noticed something pricking in my pants my penis used to become erect ,i also saw that she is free with me all the time i am seeing her cleavage i was very fascinated about them,i dont know any thing about sex but my friends told that we are born from parents doing sex,and males has penis which he inserts in females vagina

I used to sl**p with my radha pinni at that i will keep my hands over her stomach and hug her .

Then she used to take my hands and placed on her boobs and pressed slept ,i dont understand anything but i can feel the softness of her boobs and my penis used to get erect .while playing hide and seek with my friends my pinni and me would hide under the bed ,my pinni asked me to hide over her under the bed ,at that time my pinni would hug me tightly by placing both her hands on my buttock and pressing over her perineum area i m also very much happy with that i dont know what she is doing at that time,atlast my holidays are almost completed and we are about to tomorrow for kurnool,that night as usual i slept with my radha pinni and hugged her from back ,this time she turned towards me and kissed me on my lips and placed her legs over my thigh.that kiss i cant forget in my life. Tomorrow morning i left her with with a heavy heart,

One year after that she is married to a guy and she lives in Hyderabad and i dint get any chance to be close with her . Few years later i completed inter and i got college seat in hyderabad where my pinni is living . My parents and i went there to her home after a long gap i m seeing my pinni i m very excited to meet her ,.when we went there i saw her she came towards me and hugged me i too passionately hugged her . Then after enquiring all things i joined the college . My pinni f***ed my parents that i will stay here and go to college,at last my parents agreed.

During my interdays i was introduced to the world of i****t and i am very much excited and used to fuck my pinni in my dreams and i am waiting for a chance to fuck her because she is also interested in me ,i thought this is the golden opportunity to utilize this time to be close with her . My parents went to kurnool after leaving me there and i m going to college from my pinni’s home , pls post your comments at my mail id. If anyone near kurnool interested in sex mail me at

After my parents left me ,me and my pinni danced played with each other like my c***dhood days and was recalling all of them ,i dint tell about my pinni na ,she is now 29 yr has her vital now are 36 28 36 and she is a mother of two c***d ,first c***d is of 3 yr and 2nd c***d is of 4 months and she is milking the 2nd baby ,coming to my babai, radha pinni husband working in infosys ,daily he will go by 8 am and returns home only after 9 pm .first few days of college life is normal routine with seniors ragging and freshers party . After about 1 month i got holidays but i decided to stay there in order enjoy with my pinni .

Babai went to office at morning 8,my pinni came to wake me up in guest room,she is in white colour transparent nighty coming upto her knee making her more sexy,her valley in between her boobs is with mangalsutra hanging over there making me crazy ,sat on the bed called me

Pinni:common bhanu wake up if u have college u will get up early but due to holidays u r becoming lazy fellow

Me:pinni pls ,wanna sl**p more, talking like this i kept my hand over her stomach(i m trying to get close with her and fuck her but i dunno she has the same feeling towards me )pinni:if u get up know we can go to site seeing and a movie

Me :with these words i sprang up from bed and gave her kiss on her cheek and said my chweet pinni always knows my inner heart ,she just smiled and dint make a comment

After getting ready about 11pinni fed the baby with her milk and we all went to central to see movie,later entering into theater wetalked about a lot of things about our games we played before marriage and how she bathe me ,during these conversation i asked her “will u bath me like before”she with a pause said “of course why not ” but she also added u have become older now but she dint mind,then we saw the movie (i dint remember the movie name because my concentration was entirely on my pinni)

After movie we ate in a restaurant and came back home by evening,during all these she is very close with me touching hugging ,then babai came ,as usual they slept in their room and i slept in guest room,

Next day morning after babai left pinni came to my room to wake me up this time she wore pink transparent nighty her nipple is poking over the nighty ,as she sat on bed called me then i wake up and again i slept keeping my head on her lap . Then she told how much time u sl**p ra how can i bath if u sl**p here . I am over exclaimed by her words but controlled and said i will come to bath in 5 min,then she left me and told me come quick i m keeping hot water . Then immediately i jumped from bed brushed my teeth and went to bathroom. Pinni is these wearing that pink nighty i m more amused with that . She asked to remove my t shirt ,short,i m in boxers know ,she asked me to remove that also but i denied then she told that she has seen me many times nude what is there . I told that i am shy .

She pour water on my body and rubbing chest ,back while rubbing she is bending and i m getting ample view of the boobs ,and my penis is getting erect ,then she sat down on a small stool and rubbed my foot ,legs,thigh slowly she is coming upwards and my penis is poking through the boxer ,she noticed that and she is smiling ,then i threw water on her why are u laughing? She said nothing ,again i poured a jug of water over her and asked ,she pointed over boxer and laughed .

Due to the water i have throw on her ,her nighty get stuck on her body and her brown nipple is visible and this is driving me and penis has become rock solid ,then slowly she moved towards thigh and removed the boxer and she is applying soap on my penis though my hands went there to stop that but my mind is in great heaven. Then she applied soap on my ass crack ,this time she pinched on buttock.i cried with pain but i also pinched her on her waist and hugged her,she immediately throw me forward and said i made her dress dirty . I m clearly seeing her nipple her night has went upto to thigh. Then she washed me off and sent me out by patting on my buttock and she did bath And came out .

During these time i dressed and i m waiting for her to come Out . She came out in a towel with water dripping over her neck ,legs,this is like water dripping over the smooth straw berry . She changed in front of me . I have seen her entire back and buttocks and sideways of her boobs because she turned towards the wall and changed. I am getting all my dreams fulfilled one by one ,this one of my dream that she will change in front of me but facing towards me ,i am happy with this . I got belief that i will fuck her in 2or 3 days.

After that when the baby cried she milked the baby in front of me ,i m seeing that slowly she opened the blouse brought out one boob and put the nipple in the mouth of the baby i m so excited because i m seeing first time a naked boob. After that pinni closed the blouse and we ate together while she fed the first baby too . Then we talked about various things and final topic came to hide and seek game while i played with her in the past and i asked why she pressed too much on my buttocks she told that i will know when i get married but i f***ed her to tell now then she told that she will tell tomorrow then i said ok.

In the evening we sat on sofas ,are watching tv together i had kept my head on her lap and she is watching serials but i am watching her boobs and feasting her valley . Slowly i kept my hands round her waist and said that she has become a little bit fat then she told it is common after we beget c***dren.She is concentrated on serial and i m slowly moving my hand over her buttock she dint mind ,while seeing serial she bent slightly forward so that her nipple fell in my mouth and i m literally sucking her boob over the blouse her sare fell aside . Though she knows what i m doing she kept silent . That evening ended like that when the door bell rang .

Next morning again pinni came to wake up me after sending off babai but i already wake up and i m ready for bath then she directly told go to bath and i will come in 2 minutes i went to bath she came in only bra and panty and i was astonished and kept my mouth open . Then she said that yesterday i spoiled her nighty .she asked me to remove my dress and i immediately removed and became nude . Due to seeing like that my cock is saluting her . Then she pour water after cleaning upper part came down lower and directly held my penis tightly and i shouted ahhh ! Then she applied soap on that and she is moving the skin on the penis to and fro and i am fully excited and i am getting the feeling that i dint experienced before then i am moaning ah ahhhh ohhhh,then i said urine is coming out” because at that time i dint know about semen.

Then she immediately take my penis in her mouth and vigorously moving it in her mouth . Then i urinated in her mouth. She drank all and said “buddhu it is called semen and every male will get it when climaxed and this is called mastrubation”i felt a feeling that i never felt in my life before and i dont have words to explain it . Then she completed my bath and asked me to bath her i readily accepted because in my heart i m feeling like that and so she knows that . Then i said to remove those bra and panty she told to remove it by myself .I first remove bra and i m seeing the naked boobies for the first time in my life and i immediately touched them ,she immediately left a moan ahhhh! . I then slowly removed panty and i m in cloud 9 .

I pour water on her soaped her all over the body i mainly concentrated on my boobs i pressed them like anything and i bite them. She then guided my hand towards vagina and rubbed with my finger and she was moaning like any thing.after about 5 min of fingering she dropped some juicer on my hand . She told that its females fluid when climaxed.Then she lied down on the floor and asked me to lie over her . She told that i will tell u today why i pressed my buttocks while playing hide and seek .

Then she slowly guided my penis into her vagina and told to give slow penetrations and then when i m about to climax give fast penetrations . I did like that and we both climaxed at a time . Then she asked how is it and i said i have never experienced this type of joy in my life . Then she said u can have this whenever u want and told this is what i was doing that day with your penis. I understood that day very much . In next part i will tell u how i enjoyed with my girlfriend with the help of my pinni

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