Husbands plan

My name is Mona Mohsin. I am a doctor but know i am a housewife. I have a 7 year old girl. My husband name is Mohsin. He is also a doctor and quite curious about his career. I maintained my figure quite well and was well satisfied with my husband. Our life was going quite good till this day. It was a planned incident with me. I will tell u in the end how i came to know about this plan. It all started like it was a usual evening and i was waiting for my husband to come. He came home and was looking quite depressed. I asked him watts the matter?? He said everything is fi9. We will have to go to a party tonite. I said ok. Then he said start getting ready and we will leave our daughter to my moms house. He said that its his boss party so do be wearing beautiful clothes and hurry up we r already late. I started getting ready. I wore my skin fitting white trouser which was just 3 inch below my knee. I wore a red skin fitted top which was just hidding my ass. I was done with my make up. I wore a 2 inch red heel. When i came out my husband was stunned. He came near me and said u r looking to beautiful today. I wish i could have sex with u rite at this moment. I said we will have it after party when we come back home. He said i don’t think so. I asked y. He said leave it lets go we r getting late. We lead towards my moms house. As we reached there i took my daughter inside. My mom was also stunned but in anger and shouted wat the hell r u wearing. I said y wat happened its fashion. She said u should wear proper dresses. I just ignored as i thought she is old minded. The whole way mohsin did not say a word. Eventually we reached the venue. Over there it was a huge party. We entered there and soon came my husbands boss. He was 40 years of age and was fat. My husband introduced me. Then we meet few people along with his boss. And with one of the guest the boss told my husband to please brief them about the hospital which is under ur supervision till then i will give ur wife company. I was abit frieghtend and looked at my husbands face. Then suddenly the boss said come on i will introduce my wife to u. Then i was relieved and my husband signaled me to go. But without any hesitation he hold my hand and moved me towards his wife. It was looking quite awkward to me. Then he introduced his wife to me. We sat and started chatting. Then after 5 mins drinks came and they where not pepsi. I just took a sip and i understood it was alcohol. I kept the glass. Then boss wife told the waiter to bring a glass of soft drink. Then i was sipping the drink and deadly waiting for my husband who was out of site and i don’t know y but i was getting a bit horny may be cuz of my husbands comments. Then my husbands boss came near me and started talking to me and i don’t know wat was making me to talk to him. Then i was feeling a bit uncomfortable. But i was quite engaged with my husbands boss. Then i say the boss looking at his penis. And at that same time i was also looking the bulge in his pant. While i was looking suddenly the boss faced towards me and saw me looking at his penis. Then he gave me a raw smile. Then i just viewed on my either side there was no lady on our table except me and 4 old men like between 40 – 50. I was quite engaged with them. And now my head my started moving a bit and i was just wanting my husband to come and take me home and give me a good hard fuck. Then after long chats i was laughing and they all where d***k and laughing too. Then my husband came and took my boss a side and started chatting. Then mohsin called me and said that i am taking some guest to show the hospital site. When ever u wont to go boss driver will leave u and u go to ur moms place as i will be late. Then i said mohsin i this is not fair plz lets go home. He said its important and i cant help and if u want u can leave now for ur moms place. I decided to stay for few more mins. Which was my biggest mistake.

Then i went back and sat with my husbands boss and his 3 more friends. Then boss said y don’t u drink. I said i don’t like the taste. He said come on there are many flavours but i refused. At that stage i was fully aroused but was in my senses. Then the boss wife came and we chatted a bit. Then she offered me a drink and said don’t worry it wont be hard. I just don’t know wat made me drink. It was orange and i just had two glasses. After that i was laughing and we all had started enjoying. Boss wife went to see off the guests and i was almost lie on the sofa. The boss came by my side and kept his hand on my thigh. I saw everyone but no one was really noticing and everyone was laughing. Then i saw that there was no one left except us. Then i said the boss plz leave me home. I was quite d***k and aroused and was dieing to go home. The boss said wait till my wife comes. I said ok. In the mean while the started music and they started dancing stupidly and i was laughing looking at them. They all where enjoying. Then the boss came took my hand and made me stand up. At that time i realised that i was barely able to walk. Then they all surrounded me and where thrusting me and laughing and i was also laughing. At that time i started feeling penis on my thighs through there pants. They where thrusting my boobs with there chests and my ass with there penis and laughing was just going on. Then i said that i want to go to the washroom. I decided to fresh my self as much as i could and leave for home. But while i was going inside his home i realised that boss hand was on my back and my hand was on his shoulder and i was barely able to walk. While going towards the room i heard the door lock and was feeling boss hand touch my boobs from my back. At this moment i really needed to go to the wash room. We entered the room i said i can go by my own. I went to washroom and was just able to clean myself and i was totally wasted. I could not see anything i could not walk properly. Then i came out and say boss sitting on the bed. He came and gave me assistance and took me to the bed. I was sitting holding my head and the boss took his hand on my shoulder. I asked him to plz leave me home. He said ok u relax tell me watz the matter. And then he starting pressing my thighs and said are u getting horny. And at that time i was real blank and could not even see his face properly and then he made me lie and gave me a french kiss.

I was already aroused but just wanted to have sex with my husband but things went wrong. With one hand he was cursing my boobs and we where having a great long kiss. Then he got up and made me sit. And was trying to take off my top. I was hesitating but it was off. Then i laid back in my bra and i felt that my trouser was going down but at that time he was licking my navel and it was really amazing. I resisted but could not succeed. Then i was been massaged on my pussy with my panties on and was feeling great. My boobs where cursed i was been kissed and was getting hell of a massage. Then i suddenly felt more than 2 hands. I opened my eyes and say that other 3 where standing naked in front on me. I looked the boss he was also undressing. I felt like dager so i tried to get up but my powers failed due to drinks and then in a d***k voice i asked that wat r they doing here. Boss said just have fun baby don’t ask questions. 2nd man came and started giving me kiss. The other 2 came towards my boobs. I struggled but my hands where weak. Boss opened my legs and was taking off my panties. They where off in seconds. It was already wet. Then he placed his cock and gave a thrust and i started moaning. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaammmmmmmmmmm.and now everyone was sitting and the boss was fucking me. He started with slow pace and started hard. They all had 6 7 inch penis. Actually i was dieing for a hard fuck tonight from the start of the party and here it was. And 10 mins he cummed outside. 2nd man came and wipped my pussy and inserted his tool. I was moaning. Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. The where old but quite good. Then the 2nd man also cummed. 3rd man came and made me lie on him. My both legs where opened and i was on his top. He gave his tool inside my pussy. When it went totally in i was like out of control and was justing moaning like hell. I was not able to move but the man was pumping me like hell and after that he was over too. The 4th man came and placed pillows on the bed and made me lie on my stomach on those pillows so that my ass will be lifted. I was not in a state to understand anything but could feel everything. My ass cheeks where parted and could feel his penis head on my ass. I tried to stop but the boss caught my hand. When he inserted the head i screamed like hell. At that moment boss gave his penis in my mouth. As it was m first time in both. I was feeling uncomfortable. After while they rested. 4th man took me to the washroom and lied me in the bath tub and started kissing me licking my boobs. He then took my legs on his shoulders and fucked me there in the bath tub. And then i was brought back and could see boss ready with his cock on the bed. All three took me and made me sit on his cock. He started pumping my pussy. At same time i felt my ass cheecks open. 2nd man caught my hands and 3th man inserted his penis. I was in deep pain and pleasure and i was fainted. Next moring i woke up sl**ping between three naked men and one almost over me. My clothes all over the roomi got up washed myself crying badly. Wore my clothes got out of the house took a taxi and went to my moms house. Then i came back to my house in evening. My husband came he was normal but was acting weird then he went inside the room. I heard some voice of my husband talking to someone on telephone. I smelt something bad. So i picked the phone of lounge. It was his boss. He was saying they had quite fuck last nite and thanks for everything. I was shocked to hear this. I was even shocked to hear this that his boss was saying that ur pills worked quite well. Then my husband asked how many pills did u give her. Boss said 4. He said 4 pills are too many. Boss said your wife was a tough job but was a delicious one. That was they reason i was feeling horny and i remember i had 4 soft drinks. Then my husband said wats my reward he said u get a promotion and extra bonus. I was totally shamed at that moment. Then boss said check out the cd. It is a complete entertainment package with mujra and everything. Then i kept the home. And felt shocked that they taped me. But i saw my husband keeping the cd in the draws. Next morning after everyone went i saw the cd. There where 3 cds and it was completely focused on me. After i fainted they all kept on fucking me. After knowing about my husband i was cool and felt the enjoyment of that sex.

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Great story.