An Unwanted Gift




I am Jayanthi and I live with my husband and son. I am 40 years old, with 38d-36-38 sizes figured sensuous and sexy body. My husband Kamalakar is 52 years old and is working as a president of Marketing Department for a reputed company. He is an average middle class man with average height with a small pout of belly which suggests his age. My son Ajay is 20 years old. Unlike his father he has an athletic body. His passion for regular workouts from an early age has given him nice physique.

As of now we live in a posh locality in the city with my husband and son. This is my story and it all started two years ago.

I used to with my hubby and 18 years old son. My husband used to be mostly on tours as part of his job visiting different places. We were happy couple. My son has just finished his 10+2 and is staying at home on a long vacation before joining the graduation. He wanted to do MBA from a reputed institute and start his own business. He had the finest clarity on what he wanted be in his life. He was obedient and lovable. At least that’s what I thought till then. When his vacations started, his father had to leave on a month long tour. And the next day it happened and changed my life forever. Things were never the same again in life.

My son was back from gym when I woke up in the morning. I came out in a two piece nightie.
‘Good Morning Mom.’
‘Good Morning’
‘And happy birth day mom’
‘Thanks Beta’

That day was my birth day and I was very happy that he remembered my birth day and wished me. Last night my husband called me at midnight stroke of the clock and wished me. We talked for some time and then I went to sl**p. I was happy to receive wishes from both my husband and son.

After bath when I went to his room to give the coffee, he was busy on his system. While taking the coffee, he looked at me and said –

‘Oh! Mom, what is this? I think today is your birth day and you are wearing your old regular sari.’
‘It’s okay. Your dad is not here.’
‘Mom, what happened if dad is not there? Come on now go and change into some good sari and we will go to temple. I will take you.’
‘Oh you want to come to the temple. I think you will never come to temple.’
‘Mom it’s your birth day. Since dad is not there I will not let go such a wonderful day wasted in lackluster.’
‘Oh you became so thoughtful and responsible. Good, you are growing up.’
‘Yes mom, I am. And today you will enjoy the day like when you were with dad. I will do everything he does on this day. Now mom, please go and get ready. I will be there in 15 minutes. We have a log day ahead.’

I laughed and walked out of the room. At that point I didn’t even have the smallest of the idea of what he meant by – ‘I will do everything he does on this day’. When he is in the city, he used take me to the temple in the morning on this day. Then I cook some specials and in the evening we go out and after a sumptuous meal in the night we used to reach home for a nice night long fuck. But those were our good old days. Now we don’t have a night long fuck.

When I came out of my room, Ajay was waiting for me in the hall. I wore a plain yellow cotton sari with stitch of designs. Ajay wore jeans and a shirt. He took me to the temple on his bike. He usually gives me a ride to the shopping and other places sometimes but this was the first time he took me to the temple after a long time since he was k**.

After coming from the temple, he surprised by saying that he will cook the food. Despite my warnings and fear he cooked a tasty food. After the afternoon nap, when I woke up he asked me to get ready for an outing. I was surprised but I wanted to spend some time outside today. While I was leaving to change and get ready Ajay said –

‘Mom, please don’t wear that old ladies stuff like the one in the morning. Wear something nice.’

I was surprised but said ‘Okay’ because he never gave attention to what I wear. At least that is what I thought.

I walked into my room and when I opened the wardrobe to take a sari I heard a voice –

‘Mom wear that meron colored sari’.

I turned back and I saw my son standing behind me. I was surprised because he rarely comes to our bedroom. He spends most of his time in his room. He pulled the sari and I could see that it a slight gold colored sari with black line and a large meron colored border.

‘No, that is silky and too slippery. I can’t handle it. I wore it only once since your dad bought it on my last birthday.’
But he insisted on wearing it and I had to give in.

When I came back, my son was still not ready. It was after 5 minutes he came out. He was looking smart and beautiful in his blue jeans and a nice T-shirt.

‘So, where are you taking me?’
‘The list is long and we have to do a lot of things. I will bet that you will have a very tiring night. Be ready mom.’
‘Seems to be a lot of surprises?’
‘Yes and a surprising and wonderful gift at the end which you will cherish and enjoy all your life if you accept it.’
‘It seems that you have a lot of plans today. Let’s see what is in the box for me.’

First he took me to a boating in the lake then we went to musical show by my favorite singer and then to a movie. I was delighted by the whole program. After movie we went to nice restaurant and had a sumptuous meal. It was a wonderful day.

We were silent on our way back home when the silence was broken by the ringing of the cell phone. He listened to someone speaking on the phone and ended the call saying – ‘fabulous’. He was talking to someone on the phone since we have started I didn’t enquired him about it as I felt it intruding his privacy and he is a grown up boy. Then suddenly I remember it and asked him –

‘Ajay where is my gift?’
‘Yeah mom, you will soon get it.’

I smiled and we reached home by ten in the night. I was a bit tired and when we reached the door Ajay turned to me and gave naughty smile.

‘Come on Ajay. I am feeling a bit tired and I want to go sl**p. Open the door.’
‘Hmmm…. Mom you forgot everything. Don’t you want to take your gift?’
‘Okay… can’t I take it tomorrow?’
‘No mom, you have to take it now. You birthday is today and not tomorrow. And I know it is hard to take more surprises and taking such a big gift at this time will be tiring but you have to. I want to give it now. All day I was waiting for this moment to surprise you by the gift.’
‘Okay, please open the door.’
‘Okay, now close your eyes and you will not open it till I say it.’

Saying he opened the door as I closed my eyes. Then he came to my back and placing his hands on my closed eyes he walked me through the door and locked the door behind. I was feeling surprised as my son has bought me a gift for the first time. He walked me through the hall and I know that we are taking stairs. Then he walked to my bedroom door. Then he held his hand tightly on my eyes and said – ‘Mom don’t open your eyes.’

‘Come on Ajay, where is it?’

‘It’s hidden mom somewhere in your bedroom mom. And it’s not hard to find it because you will be able to see it when you open your eyes in your bedroom. Okay?’

He removed his hands from me and took a minute before he placed his hand back on my eyes. Then he opened our bedroom door when I could feel a pleasant fragrance. I could not tell what it was? But it was pleasant and intoxicating. He walked me a few steps in my bedroom towards my bed and I knew every nook and corner of the room in which I was living with my husband for 18 years. I felt the smell too much intoxicating. Then I asked him – ‘Can I open my eyes now?’

‘No mom, wait.’
Then the next minute he was tying clothe on my eyes. I felt weird and a bit tired.
‘What are you doing now? Come on Ajay.’
‘Mom give me 5 minutes. You will be thrilled.’
‘Okay fine.’

Then he made me stood there and after a minute he came behind and I felt him tying something on my neck as he moved my hair. When I was about to touch it – ‘no mom you are not touching anything. Okay?’

I kept quiet and then after a minute he came to me and taking my hand into his, he placed a glass and asked me to drink. I was feeling weird and not aware of anything going on. I did and it was sweet milk. Even before me finishing them, he took the glass and after a minute he came behind me and tried arranging flowers on my hair. Now I was feeling weirder.

‘What’s going on Ajay? I am not playing this. I will remove clothe and open my eyes. I am feeling weirder. What are you doing?’

‘No mom no. please one moment. I will do it. It’s almost done.’

Then after a moment, he was untying cloth around my eyes. When he has done it, I opened my eyes and I didn’t realize what was going on there?

The bed was covered with a new white blanket and was filled with flowers of jasmine and red roses in love shape. The whole room was decorated with flowers hanging on the walls and surrounding bed. I looked at the mirror beside the bed and I was more shocked. I had a yellow thread with a turmeric piece tied and hanging on my big boobs tied around my neck. That is the thread tied only in marriage by husband. I stood speechless. Now it made sense to me. He tied the thread to me at first and made me drink half glass of milk like a wife and then it strike me what Ajay is up to. When I wanted to see Ajay and shout at him, he appeared beside me and my shout stopped in my throat. My eyes widened at the sight. Ajay was stark naked without a piece of thread on his athletic body. Then he smiled wickedly for the first time and held hid grown up dick what he said further shocked me.

‘Mom here is your gift. I told you that you will be tired taking it. How do you like it mom? I will give it even if you don’t like it but I bet you will love it. And I would even bet that you will leave your lousy, idiot husband whose leaves such a beautiful wife on birthday and settle with my dick happily. Come on mom try it.’

I was awestruck and without waiting he took my hand and placed it on his 1200 dick which stood up. It came voluntarily and I shouted loudly – ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’
And removed my hand from the dick but he was still holding my hand tightly.

‘What do you think you are doing Ajay?’ I said with an angry tone. My voice seemed low and strange to me.

‘Come on mom. I know you want it. You want a dick to satisfy you. You must be dying for sex and your pig husband has left you without caring.’

‘How dare you say that? How did you even get such an idea?’

‘Come on mom. You don’t have to say it. Dad stays 20-25 days in a month on tour. You are beautiful and you need sex mom for such sexy body of yours. It needs to be taken care of.’

‘How dare bastard. Did I tell you that I need it? You lousy bastard.’

‘Come on mom. You don’t to say it. You need a sexual companion, someone who fucks better than dad. I don’t think that lousy bastard don’t even know how to fuck such a sexy wife.’

‘Watch your language Ajay.’

‘Oh come on mom. He is a lousy bastard. Do you think he is loyal to you? He spends months outside. How do you think he can manage his sexual desires? He definitely cheats on you.’

‘May be but I know my husband. Even if he cheats on me how can you think that I will cheat on him with you?’

‘Mom that proves two things –

1. If he cheats then you will also cheat him. 2. You are not sexually satisfied.

If that is the case, why sl**p with some stranger? Your muscular and energetic son with a big better dick to push into your silky pussy is ready to fuck you all day and night. Mom, tell me does dad can fuck you that many times? Had he ever fucked all day and night? I don’t think so mom. Come on mom, tell me.

‘It’s none of your business Ajay. That’s my personal and private life.’

‘No mom that’s not your private life especially for me because I was the byproduct of your fucking private life.’

‘Stop it Ajay. I can’t see you like this and hear talking nonsense. Put on your clothes back and clean the mess. I have respect and faith in the marriage and my husband. I love him. He is my owner.’

‘Mom if that is the case then I am also your husband now as I tied the knot with you a few minutes back. Then I am also the rightful and equal owner of you like dad.’

‘Stop talking nonsense Ajay. I don’t want to argue. Just clean up the mess and we will forget it here. You are in dire need of psychiatrist and tomorrow we are going to see him. If you don’t clean the mess, you have to talk to your father directly.’

‘Sure mom, but before I clean the mess let’s make it real mess till morning. And as far as the psychiatrist is concerned, you will rethink about it after a night long fuck with me. So now stop the drama, get on to the bed and guide your son into heaven.’

‘Stop it. You will rot in hell. I think you should talk to your dad. He will take care of you.’

‘Fine mom but you take care of me first. And there we are not leaving this room without messing this beautiful room till morning. And today my dick should taste your pussy. Bitch now removes your sari and get ready or I will tear it.’

For the first time I was feeling disgusting. When I was about to leave the room he said –

‘Mom, stop you are not going anywhere, the door is locked. You have to fuck your son.’

Saying this he threw the key outside the window. I was shocked and immediately he started walking naked towards me. He cornered me and took me in a tight embrace and tried to kiss me as I struggled to get free. But he was strong and holding tightly in his embrace, he walked me to the bed. He pushed me onto the bed and before I could roll he fell over me and started to kiss me all over face and the boobs over my blouse as the loose end of the sari which covered them moved away.

I could sense his big dick pressed in between the stomach and the pussy area over my sari area. As he kissed he was getting really wild. I was trying hard to get away from his kissing and avoiding a lip lock. I felt weak minute by minute but my will that I don’t want a fuck from my son is stronger. Even he was trying with un-daunting effort. He showed no signs of respite. He took my two big boobs which were as soft and as cream and as stiff as rubber.

He was sucking them from over the blouse. Without even my knowledge they were getting a bit stiffer. He was circling his fingers from over the tight blouse round the nipples while sucking them. I am trying to push him out but he was too strong. I wanted to shout but there was a lump in my throat. I don’t know when tears started to roll from eyes. He moved forward on body taking more control over it and came over to my face. I was moving my head side to side. Then he took his tongue out of his mouth and licked my cheek sucking the tears.

‘Don’t worry mom, soon you will cry out of pain.’

I ignored his words and was at my attempt to move away from under him but he completely pinned me onto the bed. Now he was getting rough. There were marks of wetness on the blouse which held my boobs made by the saliva while he sucked my boobs. His hands were now roaming all over my body doing some magic coupled by the big and thick dick which was pressing. I know my body is starting to lose control and if I don’t take some action to get rid of his act I will completely lose control. I took all my strength and tried to push him away but he also increased his strength on me for which I was no match. Taking this opportunity he placed his lips on mine and pushed his tongue into mine. I tried to close but he was already inside. I could close the teeth but he started tasting my gums.

Now his hands were mauling my boobs. They were out of his hands size but he was rolling his hands on the boobs. The tongue was moving on the gums while I tried to close the lips in vain. Slowly my body was going into his control. He raised hip and pushed the tip of his dick down towards my pussy and it touched the upper end of the pussy from above my sari. He moved his hands down and pulled out the frill from my petticoat.

As the sari was silky and slippery it came out immediately. He was getting more and more vigorous and impatient too. Then he suddenly moved his hands to my shoulders and pushed his fingers under the tips of the blouse holding my shoulder blades and pulled it. That was it. It came down. In the second attempt he succeeded in tearing one side of the blouse. When I was trying to protect my blouse from tearing, he took the opportunity and pushed his tongue further into my mouth and our tongues came into contact. He started to tongue fuck me in my mouth. I started to lose control. Slowly the woman inside me started to wake up and the mother in me started losing her control. Then it happened he moved his hand down and before I realized he took my pussy mound by his hand and squeezed it. That was enough for me to gasp and open my mouth widely and for him to explore my mouth.

After 20 minutes I was on the verge of losing control completely and his squeezing of my pussy helped to completely lose control. Now he loosened his grip. He pulled the sari and threw it in the air which disappeared below the bed onto the floor. Then my blouse got into the air leaving me half naked. He got on my naked hard boobs and started sucking and mauling boobs alternatively. He twisted and pinched the nipples constantly.
I was babbling incoherently.

Then he got down freeing my area between the legs and pulled the petticoat string and pulled out the petticoat. I was stark naked like him now. He was biting kissing and sucking my lips and boobs. He was kissing and biting my shoulders and neck. Then he suddenly stopped and got up. He moved and widened my legs. Then came between me and said – ‘Come on mom, time for real action. Get a nice fuck from your son. Allow your pussy to eat my long dick. Take your big gift mom.’

‘No please. We can’t do this. This isn’t right son. Ajay please, I beg you. No sex please. Enough now please Ajay…..’ I was talking incessantly for one final time.

But he didn’t seem to heed to my requests and pleading. He positioned it at the opening of the slit. Without waiting for anything further he shoved it into my pussy hardly that the size of his monstrous dick just tore my pussy lips widening them. And suddenly my shouts and pleading stopped as if the time has stopped for a minute. Tears stopped rolling. After a minute I could feel the pain and it seemed to me like a tight elastic ring holding something which is more than his size. My pussy shamelessly ate my own son’s dick and gave it a tight grip. He waited for a moment and didn’t seem to move. His body is stick to mine and I didn’t know when my hands went on to his back. He also gasped may be out of pleasure and held his breathe after about half a minute later he spoke – ‘WOW….mom you are wonderful. I am feeling as if I am in heaven. I don’t have words to describe this experience. Your pussy is heaven mom.’

And he was about to move when the words rolled out of my mouth – ‘Son…. Please slowly and gently. I am dying.’

I was shocked by my own words. Indirectly I suggested my son to fuck and gave him my consent to fuck. For a moment I felt proud for his manliness that made me say those words but that was for a moment. My heart was not completely accepting the situation but my mind liked it. He started moving slowly giving strokes. It took a few minutes before my pussy allowed the in and out moment of his dick. Although I am fucking for 20 years, I never took another man’s dick besides my husband. This was first time I took another man’s dick and that too my own sons. He was shouting and moving his tool in and out of my pussy. I silently laid there on the bed as he fucked harder and was talking incoherently.

‘Mom…Jaaayaaanthi….oh..fuck….bitch mom you are hot….ummm..offf…ah aha ah..fuck you..ffuuuccckkk yyooouuuu….ummm raaaanddii….ummmm son fucker….off….i aam inn heaven… um um…like it…uhuh…liked it tell me bitch…jaya…of jaya come fuck your son…um,mmm…’

I had to relax otherwise I will not be able to bear his dick strokes. Now my mind was listening and comprehending the surroundings. I could feel the flowers under my back and his skinny body on my top. There was only the sound made by pussy when he fucked and his moans and talk. I was silent and kept myself from screaming. It was hard to refrain myself from saying anything with such a big thing in me but I controlled. In order to avoid my moans from coming out of my throat, I was moving hands all over the bed.

He kept on fucking me for 20 minutes and never seemed to exhaust. However hard I may be trying, an orgasm was building up in me and my body could feel it. I trying hard to resist but his strokes and big sized dick is hard to resist. My head was moving sideways in pleasure. My mind was going blank of all the morals and thoughts. Every stroke of his dick was emptying my morals which I learned and built all my life. His dick broke my world. And in the next few minutes all my thoughts emptied and only the strokes and feel of his dicks skin was the only thing my mind could feel. Next minute I was cumming loudly and I pushed my pelvis up holding him tightly sucking whole of his monstrous cock holding it tight with my pussy lips. He stopped and waited stand still.

As I finished I could feel his dick still hard inside me. When my grip around me loosened, he started his strokes again. Then he continued his fucking for another twenty minutes before we came together and fell silently in each other’s arms. I shamelessly came two times before my son could come and enjoyed the fuck. But I was too tired to think. He rolled of me. I was completely tired and didn’t move. He was gasping after a long fuck. It was a **** come fuck. He looked at me and after 15 minutes he spoke.

‘It seems my mom wife has liked the gift her son and new husband has given’ he said.

But I was too tired to talk. I don’t know when I slept but I woke when I felt something was moving on lips. As I opened my eyes I can sense Ajay sucking my lips. By the time I became fully aware that he was sucking my boobs. I was completely tired to even push him. So I kept quiet and let him go on with his will. To my surprise even after such a long tired fucking I was aroused again with the foreplay. This time he didn’t delayed. He positioned himself between my legs and I remembered his first attack. A kind of fear came over me and all I could say was ‘slowly’.

He shoved again with the same strength. My mind went blank but my pussy was already slippery. It gave way to his dick. Again he was ramming my cunt. This time he fucked for over an hour and we came loudly. I was completely drained by two orgasms. I never had four orgasms in one night. Cumming two times was a record of my marriage life.

After sometime he was getting on top of me and I could see his hard dick. I was shocked and surprised by his stamina. Now I can’t take it and I said –

‘No Ajay. I can’t take of you anymore. If you want to do it you can but I am sure I will die in the middle of fuck. You are too much for me to handle. Please I beg you, I am drained.’

‘Okay I won’t do it but tell me – Do you like my fuck?’


‘Do I fuck better than you father?’

‘Do I fuck better than your father?’ he shouted.

‘Yes, terrible’

‘Will you allow me to fuck me daily?’

‘Yes I will. Please get off me. I can’t bear your weight.’

‘Will you be wife and bitch? Tell me?


‘Not in yes or no. say it in words bitch.’

‘yes..yes.. I will be your wife and bitch.’

‘Okay do I need a psychiatrist?’

‘NOOO…Please get down off my body.’

‘Will you sl**p with me naked?’

‘I am already naked. But yes, I will.’

He then got of me and rolled to the side. I went to sl**p immediately.When I opened my eyes in my bed, I was still feeling weak but because of the hard fuck and long fuck. But I was feeling fresh both in body and mind except for some body pains. I got up and I realized I am still naked. I looked around the room and I remembered my sons words ‘let’s make a mess before cleaning the mess.’ The whole room was a mess. I can see my clothes s**ttered around the room. My son was already up and gone. Suddenly all the things that transpired yesterday rolled before my eyes. 24 hours before we were mother and son and now…… I looked down to see two threads, symbols of two marriages, one with my husband 18 years ago and one with my son last night.

Suddenly the door opened breaking all my thoughts and my son entered. It seems he was back from his workout. I immediately tried to pull the blanket over me but he said – ‘Do you think is that really necessary between us mom? I don’t think there is nothing to hide between us now.’

I kept silent. I got up silently and got down the bed. My legs were shivering a bit but I became stable. I felt sore in my pussy. I can feel a kind of small pain. I was going for my sari but he again said – ‘Mom I think the sari is useless. I tore your blouse last night. Why don’t you come to bath room and we will have bath together.’

I silently looked around when he said – ‘okay I will clean the mess. You can bath alone.’

I walked into the bathroom and did a painful piss before taking a bath. As the cold water flow on body, all the last night things which my son did to me rolled before my eyes again making my pussy became wet and my nipples were stiff. I wondered how can I imagine my son fucking me and get wet. The woman inside me woke up and I reviewed my life while bathing.

I was married to my husband since last 18 years and I felt I was most lucky and contented woman on the earth. Now as my womanhood woke up I felt that I am not contented but was feeling it. My husband stopped having sex with me continuously some years back. First it became thrice a week then twice, then once and finally rare and short – A quick fuck. After a long time I felt like a woman yesterday when I was in my sons arms. I liked it but my conscience is not accepting it.

When I came out of the room, he was gone. The room was clean as if nothing had happened there. I wore a regular sari and went down. There was no sign of him. I was at the stove looking at the yellow colored thread which my son tied last night.

‘Thinking of weather to keep it or not mom?’
I heard my son’s voice from my behind. I turned around and he has already bathed.

‘I will give you coffee’ that’s all I could manage and started put milk on the stove. My waist could feel the heat of the stove.

He sat at the table and said – ‘you will not remove it Jaya. I know you know the value of that thread even if it was tied by your son. Today or tomorrow you will accept me, so accept me now as your lover.’ That was the first time he addressed me with my name.

I kept silent. I wanted to pull it out but the mere sacredness of the thread is stopping me from breaking it. I don’t know why I can’t do it even though it holds no meaning for me. He came from behind and pushing his hands from below my armpits he moved his hands straight on my waist which rubbed it and moved to my boobs. I didn’t move because I know I can’t get away. So I kept quiet. Taking this as an encouragement and my acceptance, he was rubbing his dick on my big ass. I could sense his dick grow in size. He was mauling my body and his hands went to the pussy region over the sari. He turned my head and kissed deeply. He removed the loose end of the sari from my boobs.

Then he turned me around and made me hold the kitchens railing and made me bend. Then he pushed his pants down as his monstrous dick sprang out. Then he moved my sari up and his hands groped for my pussy. When his fingers touched the slit of the opening, he held dick and started to move gently inside me. Instantaneously and involuntarily my legs moved away widening my pussy slit making his moment easy. When he shoved his thing completely into mine, then he started to move with a slow strokes and pushes. He within no time gained rhythm and was ramming my cunt. We both were silent and heaving heavily. He finished after 20 minutes and we came together.

After that day he fucked me for the whole month while my husband is away on his tour. I never tried to stop him. I don’t know why? When he returned my son was an obedient son again. He used to fuck me all day when his father is away for work. In the nights I used to sl**p with my hubby. But after a month of day and night fuck with my son, I started feeling the necessity of the dick in the nights. But my husband as usual used to be in deep sl**p and snore letting out his day long tiredness. I wanted my husband’s thing direly in my cunt.

For three months I was fucked in day for 3-4 times in day by my son. In the nights I would sl**p lonely hugging the pillow. Soon my son’s graduation classes started and he became busy in his work. But every day in the morning he used to fuck me in my bed when my husband left for work early. It came to daily once and my husband no tours for the three months. Then after three months he had a 20 day tour and my son got an opportunity to fuck me in the night. He used to come to our bedroom after 11 in the night when he is finished with his studies. He opens the door and silently slips into my room in the darkness and gets into my bed to fuck me.

I love the way he fucked me. I got sexual gratification with him but I was not able to enjoy the sex with him. I wanted to tell my husband many times about my son’s sexual escapades and stop him further but I could not muster courage to tell him. My husband was too busy to notice changes in me. He didn’t even noticed the yellow thread my son has tied around my neck. He sometimes used to fuck me in the night and leave me frustrated with his quick fuck. As my womanhood woke up, I used to get aroused easily with him but he used to leave me dissatisfied. This used to frustrate a lot.

A year passed by and Ajay is busy with his exams. He never came to me for sex from the last 15 days. I was happy about it but I was also undergoing severe mental and physical agony. I want to make a decision because otherwise I felt I will go mad soon. I gave a thought for 20 days and finally came to a decision.

My husband has gone for another month long tour and I was in the kitchen when Ajay came after finishing his last exam. He came directly to kitchen and took hold my waist. I was making coffee. I removed his hands from my waist and said –

‘Ajay we need to talk. Go and wait in the hall, I will come with the coffee.’

He didn’t resist. He left me and went to the hall.

He was sitting silently in the sofa in the hall. When we finished the coffee, I waited for a moment to search words on how to start the conversation.

‘Ajay, look I don’t know how to start a conversation. But listen to me first. First let me tell you that you are right I am in dire need of sex. Even I was not aware about it until the night you took me on my birthday. I also want to tell you that I had my life’s ever sexual gratification from you. But that’s the end. I never enjoyed our sex. Many a times I want to tell your father about you and make you to stop. But I don’t know why, I could never muster my courage to tell your father about or even stopping you. I am through a severe mental agony from the last one year. And I want to put an end to that mental agony once and for all. I gave a thought about us for the last twenty days. I want to get out my agony and make a final decision. Here is my decision.’

He moved forward interestingly to listen carefully on what I was about to say.

‘200km from here in a small town, I have started f****y with your father after my marriage 19 years back. It was before he got a job in the city. We used to live in a single bedroom house. I had many happiest memories in that house, so I suggested your father to buy it. It’s been long since I have gone to that house. I don’t know how things are there. So what you will do is, you will go there. Restore everything. Clean the house and paint it beautifully before my next Friday on my birthday. On that day morning I will come there and we will do some rituals with the priest whom you will be arranging and I will tell you what do on that day after the rituals.’

He sat looking at me for a moment as if he didn’t understood what I was saying.

‘Okay?’ I enquired.

‘Okay mom’.

‘Then be on your way to the town.’

‘What? You want me to go now?’

‘Yes until unless you want to wait till next year for my birth to listen to my decision.’

‘No… no I am going now.’

‘Okay, get ready and come with a bag of clothes and I tell you how to go there.’

He came out in 20 minutes and I gave him all the necessary details to go to that place. It was after five day he called and said that the total house is in a complete mess but he managed to get everything fixed. He concluded saying that the house is ready and both the house he was waiting for my arrival. I promised him that I will be there by six in the morning on Friday. On Thursday I went for some shopping to buy some important things. Then that night it was my son to call me first to wish me on my birthday. I thanked him for the wished and cut the call immediately as my hubby will be calling. As I was placing the receiver, the phone rang and it was my husband. He talked me for a few minutes and then I went to sl**p.

The next day at exactly 5 I got the cab which I booked and started from my house at 5:30 and at exactly 8:30 the cab stood before a newly painted beautiful house. I remembered every street there and when I got down my son came happily and as I stood there looking at how beautiful my son had made it, he sent the cab and came to me. We exchanged smiles.

‘Mom, everything is ready as you said. We need to start.’

We performed the rituals and after finishing them the priest left taking his money. He was waiting for my decision but I gave him sweet and we ate it. I went around the house and it was as beautiful as I have ever seen. After I finished some more rituals I came and sat with my son. He was expecting me to talk. I started to speak.

‘Ajay, I really liked it. You kept your end of the deal and now it’s my turn to keep mine. This is my decision. I want to accept you as my lover and husband and enjoy the sexual gratification with you. So to start with I have bought you a pair of new clothes. So go and get ready and I will also get ready first.’

He went inside and I went to another room. We were ready and I came out in the silk sari and he in the marriage dress.

‘As you married me last year but I didn’t accept you as my lover then. So today I agree to be your wife and lover. So I have bought a black pearl necklace for you to put on. This one is worn by married woman. I am in the same sari in which your father married me 18 years ago and now you put the necklace and remove this yellow thread.’

‘Wow mom….’ He said and came near me. Taking the black pearl necklace from the plate which I was holding he tied it around my neck. Then he removed the yellow thread he tied a year ago. Once finished I kept plate on the table. And he immediately took me by my waist. I resisted him and pushing away I said –

‘Wait, till night. I met a priest in the city and according to both of our stars; the right moment for us to start is 9:25 in the night. So till then wait and control yourself. Also decorate the bedroom, as you decorated it last year at our home.’

Saying this I went to other room and locked myself up. Till evening there was pin drop silence. In the evening he was sitting in the chair in the hall.

‘Don’t you want to get ready? It will be late.’ I said. We went to our rooms. When I came out after getting ready the house was pin drop silence. There was no sign of Ajay outside. I went to kitchen and made the milk ready. Then I arranged a bunch of jasmine flowers in my hair before moving to the bedroom with the glass of milk. When I entered the bedroom, I was thrilled. It was most beautifully decorated. I went near him and gave him the milk. He drank half and gave me the other half which I drank. Then after a moment I said –
‘This is the same sari in which your father took my cherry in the same room 19 years ago. Today you are going to take me in the sari. This is your gift Ajay. Isn’t that thrilling to fuck in the same sari which your father fucked for the first time?’

‘Mom I will double the thrill which you gave. I have a gift for you too. You see this cot and bed. This is the same cot on which you were fucked for the first time and it is the same bed. How is it to get fucked by your son after 19 years in the same bed where your husband fucked you for the first time? How is it?’

‘No words to say but the only doubt is that I doubt weather this cot will resist to your stroked of dick. I don’t think so. It is the most powerful dick.’

‘Why doubt mom? Let’s get into action and check it out.’

He took me by my waist and started to kiss me. I allowed his tongue for the first time my mouth and sucked it tasting it. Then I pushed his tongue back and he sucked my tongue. We were busy fucking when he removed the loose end of the sari exposing my boobs in a tight blouse. He moved his hands gently on my boobs which were held tightly in my silk blouse. Then he stopped kissing me and asked –

‘Mom is this same blouse you wore for dad 19 years back?’


‘Wow mom…how you were able manage the size of your boobs so long? I envy dad that he sucked these big virgin tits.’

‘Cool down son, they were 36 then. I gave the blouse for alteration before coming here. It is tight but I know this will give the pleasure which your dad even doesn’t have sucking my big virgin boobs.’

‘You bet?’

‘Come on son your mom is waiting for some hardcore action from you. It’s been long she got fuck from the last month since your exams.’

Then he pushed on the bed removing sari in tight blouse and petticoat. He was busy sucking and biting my boobs. We kissed, cuddled, rolled over each other for half an hour when I said – ‘enough of role play. Let’s get into some action.’

‘Okay mom, but let me take your cherry today which you didn’t even gave to dad’

‘What’s that?’

‘It’s your virgin ass mom. I want to fuck it first before fucking your sexy pussy.’

‘No, that’s dirty. You can’t do that.’

‘Yes I will mom. I am your owner and I own everything in your body now.’

‘But I have never done it before. I don’t know……’

‘That is why I want to take the cherry of that beautiful ass today by your new husband.’

He then continued with his foreplay. He removed my blouse and then bra and sucked my boobs for some time. I was already wet to the core and want his rod ram inside my wet and silky pussy as he would say. But he was slow. After removing my sari, he made me on fours like an a****l. I obeyed his instructions. He roamed his hands on my big white ass and slapped it hardly for a few times. Then he took the oil from the table and took some oil on his index finger. Then he opened my ass crack and rubbed it at the opening.

Then he pushed his finger and I gasped. My pussy was oozing the juices which were now flowing. He continued in and out for some time and then when the moment became free, he inserted another finger and then his third finger. The he positioned the dick at the opening and slapping on my ass he pushed knob of his dick into the ass hole. I felt twirls in my body. He stopped as we enjoyed the pleasure and gave a gently push. It was stuck. Only 15 percent of his dick in my ass and I was feeling pleasure from my ass to pussy as if they are connected.


Saying this he increased the pressure and my ass hole became tight. He started pushing and it was now paining in the ass. I asked him to stop. But he using all his strength pushed the whole cock into my ass and I let a cry. Held me from removing his dick tightly for a minute and the pain subsided. He then slowly pulled it out and again shoved it back and let a cry again. He ignored my cries.

‘Mom you will see heaven when the pain subsides’ he said and he was right.

After pulling out and shoving back for a few times into my ass, my ass got used to his dick. I started enjoying my ass fuck. I was moaning shamelessly –


He was fucking my ass shouting. The room was filled with our cries, moans and shouts.

While fucking my ass he groped for mu pussy with his one hand and inserted it in the slippery oozing pussy and was figure fucking me. With the other hand he took my boobs and started to maul it alternatively. He fucked my ass for an hour in that manner and loaded it with his cum. I was tired with the fuck and was satisfied to fuck both in ass and pussy at the same time. We fell naked on the bed and laughed for the first time like lovers. We kissed then and cuddled for some time. But he was ready for action for the second time.

My first night with my son was splendid, blissful and wonderful. There were no words to describe the feeling and added to it is the feeling of taboo. I was thrilled. I enjoyed sex after a long time and felt like a woman. We enjoyed for a week in the house remembering my old memories with my husband while I fill it with my son’s new experience.

After a week we returned to the house in the city as my husband was returning. After coming we enjoyed sex whenever we got chance. When he is in tours, we enjoy sex in our bed room or my son’s bed room as it is also my bed room now. My son insisted to keep some saris and personal stuff like bras, blouses, panties and whisper in his room. I kept them gladly to get him a feeling that I am his wife too. Sometime I spend like his wife in his room. Sometimes he comes to my room and enjoy. We fucked in every nook and corner of the house. But his favorite place was his parent’s bedroom where he used to fuck me as his father’s wife and mother. He likes calling me mom while fucking. My sexual life was lighted up again.

I enjoyed sex with my son. He taught me a lot of things in sex. He loves me passionately. Even after fucking me for last 10 years, he still fucks me with the same passion. my husband was around 60 and he stopped fucking me. Now my son official fucks me and I am his wife. I take care of my husband but he never knew what we are up to. I was loyal wife to both my husbands. I insisted my son to get married as he is now 30 but he never listens to me. He says he is more than satisfied with me. Our passionate nights still continue. On every birthday we go to our home in the town and fuck each other for a week and come back and the saga is continuing.

I know that I am getting old and my son needs a companion for sex. However my son was able to keep my sexual passions alive in the fifties too. I never say no to his long tiring fucks and my pussy and ass got used to his dick.

I still remember my son’s words that I will cherish the gift which he gave with f***e on that birth day night. An unwanted gift which I enjoyed cherished all my life.

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