aunty and my mom

I am 20 years old. This story happened when I was 11. My mother was 36 years old then. She is a tall woman with a slightly bulky body and average looks. Her name is Mini. She is a loyal wife and a conservative lady. Her figure is 36-32-34. she always wears saree and that too above the navel covering her belly properly.

Once my moms s****r, Smitha paid us a visit. They decided to go for an English movie. We booked tickets for the 6. 30 pm show. Saying about Smitha aunty. She is a 29 year old spinster. She is slim, tall and is a beauty. But her tits are too small. She has a very good body shape that resembles Deepika Padukone.

It wasn’t a really crowded theatre. We got seats in a corner. There was no one else in our row. I fell asl**p after about 15 minutes as I felt it boring. But my aunt and mom were very interested. I woke up just in time to see the words intervals flashing on screen. I was so tired that I didn’t raise my head. I saw Smitha aunty going outside towards the toilet.

Within 5 minutes, the movie had resumed but there was no sign of Smitha aunty. Finally after 5 more minutes she came panting towards mom. Aunt Smitha whispered something in her ears then both went out towards the toilet. I was confused. I waited for some time. They did not return. I got a bit worried and decided to go in search of them.

As expected the corridor of the theatre was empty as everyone were there inside watching the movie. I advanced towards the toilet from where I could hear the voices of my aunt and mom. I couldn’t clearly make out what they were saying. They were not alone. There was someone else inside. I opened the door a crack to see what was happening.

“Here look at this clip,” a man dressed as a security guard in his late thirties said showing a video in his mobile.

“I should say that you have nice curves Miss Smitha,” the man said with a sinister smile on his face.

“Who the hell are you? Do you think there is nobody to help women in this country. Do you think you can blackmail a women by video taping her having a piss? We will go and report this to the police,” Mom threatened.

“Haha. The police. Hmm……!!!!!!!”

“By the time they catch us your gorgeous s****r’s would be ****d and killed.”

“Either you can have sex with us just once and go free without anybody knowing it or else you can go file a complaint in the police station and get ****d and killed. The choice is yours. We have nothing to loose,” he finished.

“You creep. I will call the police this moment,” Aunt Smitha stammered taking out her phone from her handbag.

But she couldn’t make the call. Before she could dial the number the man snatched her phone from her hands.

“Young lady think before you do. If you don’t cooperate with us, then we are going to **** you and may be kill you afterwards. We are so desperate for sex,” the man said taking out a knife from his pocket

“Probably your s****r can understand the situation much better,” he said turning towards mom.

Mother was confused. She couldn’t take a decision. If she shouts and alerts others then this man would kill them both. And moreover having a spinster involved in such an incident would affect her future. But they couldn’t have sex with him either. She was crying.

The man moved forward and held the knife against my aunt’s throat.

“Hey lady we don’t have all day,” he said fiercely.

“No no please don’t kill her. I will do what ever you say,” my mother cried out. She had no other option.

“But please don’t touch her. She is not married yet. You can do what ever you want with me,” My mom pleaded.

“So you are a virgin ehh honey?” he asked Aunt Smitha.

She did not say anything. Instead she started crying. My mother got on her knees and started begging him to leave her s****r. Finally he said.

“Ok. We wont fuck this young lady. But both of you should do what we say. Agreed??”

My mom nodded her head in agreement. He lead mom and aunt Smitha out of the toilet. I had just enough time to hide behind a pillar. I followed them out towards the back of the theatre where there was an out house in a secluded corner. Inside there were noises of other men. The man opened the door and asked my mom and aunt to step in.

“Guys here are our sluts for the day. Lets enjoy them,” he said to the two men.

Meanwhile I had found a small gap in between the curtains of the window through which I could see what was happening inside clearly.

All the three men started to admire the beauty of their sluts. Then each one went upto the two ladies and introduced himself with a spank on their ass. The security man who had threatened my Mom and Aunt introduced himself as Ramu. Then another man in his late fourties introduced himself as Razzaq. Then there was a boy in his late teens who introduced himself as Shameer.

My mom was in a blue coloured saree which properly covered her belly. While Aunt Smitha was in tight salwar kameez. Mom asked aunt to go outside. But Ramu held her hand.

“I said that we wont fuck her. But I didn’t mean that we don’t want to see her body,” he said with a smile on his face.

Before mom could say anything he grabbed Aunt Smitha and drew her closer towards him. He kissed her passionately squeezing her tits. She started to protest. Mom could do nothing as Ramu had his knife still with him. Meanwhile the other two started to smooch my mom. This went on for 10 more minutes.

Then Ramu started to strip Smitha aunty. She was crying. She tried to protest but Ramu placed a nice slap on her cheeks. Her cheeks were all red. Smitha aunty realized that she had no other option but to cooperate with him. Ramu removed her top first and then her pants. She was in bra and panties. Razzaq meanwhile was turned on by her beauty. He left mom and went towards Smitha aunty. Ramu decided to have a look at mom now.

Now Ramu and Shameer were sitting in the chair and mom was asked to rub her saree covered butt on their cocks. Ramu kissed mom while she sat on his lap. She was doing it quite well. Each time mom rubbed her ass on their dicks, the size was increasing phenomenally.

Soon the women were ordered to turn around and unzip them. Mom unzipped Ramu and Shameer. While Smitha aunty unzipped Razzaq. Razzaq’s cock was around 9 inches while Ramu’s was around 8 and Shameer’s was around 6 inches. Mom was shocked to see the cocks of these three men. I believe she had never seen such huge cocks before. She reluctantly put Ramu’s cock in her mouth while she rubbed Shameer’s cock with her hand.

Meanwhile Aunt Smitha was resisting Razzaq’s effort to put his cock in her mouth. But he gave her a slap on her face and f***ed his monster into her mouth. She was struggling to get the whole of it in her mouth. He was slapping his cock on her cheeks each time she pushed his cock out of her mouth. It took her some time to get used to the big cock of Razzaq. It was choking her and at times she was biting it as well. At the same time mom was in no difficulty even though she had two cocks to play with.

Meanwhile mom had raised her saree upto her thighs herself. She pulled Razzaq by his cock towards her. She wanted to save her s****r from getting fucked.

“Dekho is randi ko abb maza aa raha hai,” Razzaq said surprised at moms action.

Razzaq lifted mom in his arms and kissed her passionately just like in Bollywood movies. Meanwhile Shameer became interested in playing with Smitha aunty. He took her bra out and tossed her onto the bed. He wasted no time in taking out her panties. Smitha aunty pleaded Shameer not to fuck her.

“Ab tumhe dikhaunga asli maza kab aatha hai,” Shameer said putting his tongue into her shaved pussy.

Mom was relieved that her s****r was not being fucked. Razzaq had now put her down on the floor. Ramu started to remove her saree. Mom was now in blouse and petticoat. Razzaq removed both her blouse and bra in a flash.

Both Ramu and Razzaq stood open mouthed for some time on seing my moms huge boobs.

“Are ye tho kamal si aurat hai. Ramu bhai tumhare choice toh bahut badiya hai,” Razzaq exclaimed.

Mom got up herself and laid down besided Smitha aunty on the bed. Mom pulled Shameer towards her and whispered in his ear.

“Fuck me you pervert. Leave my s****r alone.”

Mom pulled her petticoat slowly up till her thighs and then till her waist. Now her panties could be seen. Shameer moved her panties to one side and started licking her cunt. It wasn’t shaved but at the same time it wasn’t a big bush either. Probably she had shaved it a few weeks ago only. It had a light pink colour. She wasn’t wet yet. Ramu put his cock in moms mouth. While Razzaq had got hold of aunt. He was spanking her ass.

After about five minutes Ramu and Shameer shifted their positions. Ramu had his cock in moms cunt while Shameer had his cock in mom’s mouth. Mom started crying and started saying sorry to my dad. Slowly Ramu began to insert his cock deep into mom. Mom was in some pain but soon was all right.

Ramu started off at a slow pace and then slowly started increasing his pace. Ramu was fucking mom in doggy style. Soon mom stopped crying and started moaning. She was turned on and moreover she was relieved that her s****r was safe.

After about 5 more minutes Razzaq pushed Ramu out his way. Razzaq immediately got his cock in her pussy and started fucking at a great pace. Ramu went towards Smitha aunty and put his cock in her cunt but aunt pushed it out in time. They went for a 69 position.

Meanwhile Razzaq was getting the hell out of mom. She was screaming like anything but her screams were silenced by Shameer’s dick. After a couple of minutes of fucking, Razzaq decided to change position. Mom was asked to ride him. It was clear that she wasn’t used with this position. But soon she recovered. Mom was moving her butt in a nice rhythmic manner while both her hands were holding her petticoats up till her waist. Her panties were already torn by Razzaq’s monster.

Smitha aunty at the other end now had two cocks. She was licked by Shameer, while she had Ramu’s cock in her mouth. Ramu was fucking her mouth. Suddenly Ramu pushed Smitha aunty’s head closer towards his cock and held her head firmly by her hair. With a loud roar he came in her mouth. She spat half of the cum onto her breasts. She did not like the taste of cum. She felt like vomiting but she did not vomit. Ramu used her hair to wipe the cum remaining on his dick.

Mom had an eye on her s****r as she saw Ramu cum. She was glad that he had not fucked her virgin cunt. Now mom was tired of fucking. It was Razzaq who was moving his butt now. He was fucking mom like an a****l. Mom was in pain in the beginning but now she seemed to enjoy it. Suddenly Razzaq made a sudden increase in pace. It was too much for mom. She started to scream. 10 strokes later Razzaq collapsed onto the bed. Mom was relieved but the relief was short lived as she realized that Razzaq had cum in her cunt. Now she could get pregnant.

She barely had time to think when a f***e lifted her off Razzaqs dick. It was Shameer. He tried to get the cum dripping from moms pussy onto Smitha aunty’s boobs. Mom was still clutching her petticoat without realizing that Shameer had lifted her.

Now it was Shameer’s turn. He placed his cock in moms cum filled cunt and started stroking. If anybody thought that Shameer being the youngest of the three wasn’t an experienced fucker then he was determined to prove that it wrong. Shameer could hold on for a longer period than the others. More over it was clear that even mom was enjoying being fucked by him. She no longer had the fear in her eye that she had a few minutes ago. She wasn’t crying either. She had only lust in her eyes.

Shameer tried various positions. First he tried doggy style, then he let mom ride him and then he continued with a few more positions. He fucked mom for atleast 20 minutes. Finally he too came in her pussy. He collapsed onto moms body. They lay there for a few minutes. Then Shameer got up.

Meanwhile Ramu had come back with his erect cock. He pulled Smitha aunty towards him and put his dick onto her cunt but mom was in time to prevent it from going further.

“You have got me. You can do whatever you want. You can have me as many times as you wish. Please let her go,” mom pleaded.

“Hmm then you will have to come everyday for the next one month. Exactly after one month we will delete this video clip. Agreed?” Ramu asked with an evil smile on his face.

Mom gave him a week nod. Both women cleaned up and quickly got dressed. I meanwhile got back into the theatre. The movie was long over. I acted as if I was sl**ping when mom and aunt came. I acted as if I hadn’t the faintest idea of what had happened.

They continued to fuck mom for the next two months till they had trapped another woman. Luckily she never got pregnant. Nine years after this incident I feel sad that I couldn’t have an erection at that time. Or else maybe I would have had the best orgasm watching mom and aunt getting fucked.

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