Horny Mother Fucked By Dicky Son

Coming back to the real incident, let me explain you the scene what had happened when i was at 26. Let me introduce my dear mom, her name is Sudha and size is 34, 32 and 34. She looks gorgeous and sex appeals like old heroines. Literally many of uncles was looking at my mom with their horny hunger. Those who come to my home to meet my father tried to touch my mother with their hand when my mom was serving tea.

Coming to me, i never had feeling of looking at my mom at that angle. It was started when i was at 15 and completed my 10th class and got 565/600 marks and got 1st in class. My mom hugged me very tightly and congratulated me with overwhelming feelings. I shocked her hugging and my head was between her boobs and tried to come out of the feelings. First time in my life a lady hugged me tightly between boobs and was able to feel the body of my dear mom.
I can say that i was not comfortable when my mother first time hugged me because not expected that kind of behavior out of my mother and didn’t have any feelings
on her. But i can say that this incident caused me to make me horny about my own mother.

My friends and other people came to my home to congratulate me for the success in my exams. It’s became very frequent that my mother hugs me frequently, then i started feeling a lady hugging me rather hugging my own mother.

Days have been passed and i was doing my bachelor of engineering final year. I got news that my mother fell down from steps and got injured of both her knees and her low waist back. I went to my hometown to see my mother and suddenly eyes become full of tears because of her situation. My s****r was helping her to take to washroom and bed etc.

Mother told to dad that she wanted to see daughter’s marriage before she get worse situation as she worried about my s****r a lot than anything else. So my dad spoke to my paternal aunt and settled the marriage of my s****r with my Jija (b*****r in law) who stays in Australia and PR (Permanent Resident) holder. So soon the marriage got over and my s****r went to Australia. My father and I were helping my mother helping her for her needs except washroom things. My father used to take care of them. My father has been absent to office from last one year without attending his job on time and complete the responsibilities. He got promoted and need to relocate to another place but the situation of my mother could not move and need help of others. So my father arranged a lady attendant to her to manage all her needs.

Two years have been passed and i completed my engineering. I was aspirant to get MS in US and attended GRE exam and got 80%. I got admission in US in Chicago for my higher education. I had to travel then my mother gave me lot of confidence to go for higher studies in US rather studying normal M.Tech in India.

I went to Chicago, completed my 1st semester exams and got 90% in my studies.

One fine day i got to know that there is a treatment for Knee joints and back by the doctor near to my home in Chicago. I jumped at joy and called my father with lot of anxiety. I explained him about the treatment to my father and mother. My father was quiet happy and started enquiring about the treatment and started applying Passport and Visa for them. One fine day my parents got VISA to travel to US.

The day has come to travel and my parents started to Airport by taxi. I was very happy to see my parents in Chicago and get treated my mother.

I was middle of the night and got call from India, by hearing the news I fell down; for 15 mins without talking anything and my roommates came to me and made me to travel to India. I reached hometown with full of tears, shocking to see my Dad’s final appearance. My father and driver were passed away by met the accident middle of journey to Airport. Mother got Injuries on her hand and legs.

All the formalities have been completed and doctors told me that get surgery of my mother both knees operated asap otherwise she would go permanent handicapped.

All my relatives f***ed me to go for the surgery, so i took my mother to US for surgery. Doctors in US did operation and provide one assistant at home for a week. Doctors told me that to apply ae cream thrice daily to her back and knees for a month. After a week assistant left as she had to report in hospital.

Next day when i got up from my bed my mother was applying cream to her knees and it was 10 am in the morning. I came out of realized that the assistant left to hospital. My mother was trying to apply cream at her back and could not reach with her hand. I felt very bad and went there to apply at her back but my mother resistant to give it me. My eyes flooded with tears. I realized that she could not do her own. I took that cream and asked my mother to sl**p on bed and applied the cream.

It’s afternoon, my mother again started applying cream to her knees, i reached to her and asked for the cream for applying then she said you are mot not responsible to take care of mother. It was like slap on my face.

I applied cream on knees of my mother and back at her. It’s been two weeks from applying the same cream to her back and knees with very carefully. Time came to meet doctor again. I took my mother to doctor, doctor shouted at me said that if you are not capable enough leave her in old age home, people can take care of her. I asked doctor, what happened? She told me that you need to apply the cream from back to toe. I asked my mother why’d, dint you tell me that what nurse was doing for her. She told, my son you can’t do that as you are my son.

Next day morning i wakeup early and waiting mother to get up and helped her to go to washroom. She came back from bath and asked me to apply cream on back and knees. I asked my mother why you don’t treat me as your assistant as it needs to be applied as it required.

She was calm and said OK you can do it if you care your mother. I said i can do whatever for you.

Helped mom to reach to reach bed lied on bed reversely to apply cream. I asked her to sl**p while apply cream and feel like doing by assistant. I started folding up her Nightie till back. She wore panty in black color. I started applying cream at her back; she was feeling like nurse doing that. I started massaging her back with gel applying back and need to apply till butts of her. I slowly moved my hands down till butts of my mother and also applied cream at her knees as well. Two days have been passed, mother got wake up late and went to washroom and came after bath and i went there to apply cream, she was with towel and asked me to apply cream. I started folding up her towel up and surprised to see without panty. My mother asked me to please apply cream as she doesn’t have patience to go for dress up.

I started applying cream at her lower back, while applying cream my junior was getting erected by looking at her, buttocks were round. I was applying cream and slowly moving my hands on her buttocks to touch. My mother went in sl**p as usual when applying cream. She was completely in sl**p. I dick was arousing and tented in my shorts. I started touching her tits here and there was guessing she may have aware what’s going on.

Now the time came to apply cream to the thighs and knees, i asked her to turn around but she was not as she was in sl**p. So I made her to turn front, I felt like nervous because her vagina was cleanly shaved without any bushes. It was very clear to see her vagina and some white liquid coming out of it. I didn’t dare to touch. I applied cream asap and went to bathroom for masturbating by imagining her vagina.

Next day I went to her room again to apply the cream; she was again dressed in only towel. I folded her towel up and started applying cream and this time intentionally touched her buttocks and pinched gently. There was no response from her. I thought she was in sl**p. I made her turn to front and same scene appears again what a glimpse at her vagina. I started applying cream at her knees first rather applying on thighs and applied on thighs and moved my hand towards her vagina. I made myself courageous and touch her vagina and there was no response. So, i wanted to use this opportunity to touch her vagina. I did touch her vagina and slowly used both hands to open two lips of her vagina. I saw some liquid like gum leaking out of those lips. I felt like gum. I got little courageous to insert my finger between those two lips. My Penis tented and made me mad. I inserted my right hand middle finger into her vagina felt like put finger in gum bottle. I used middle finger back and forth sometime and went to washroom for masturbating.

Mom was waked up for lunch; didn’t feel like something happened to her and applied cream in the afternoon but that time she was speaking to me. So I could not dare to do such things did in the morning.

Evening around 9 PM we had dinner. Sudha asked me to apply cream and also said that she was feeling sl**py. I felt like some difference in room that smelled like sweet and sexy. I went to her bedroom to apply cream then she was in nighty. I started folding up her nighty to above the waist. I saw her wearing white panty, I felt like whether she knows about the afternoon matter my mind was full of thoughts of whether she had hint that what i did in the afternoon. I started applying cream at back first but i could not control myself as my dick tented in my shots. I observed that she was in sl**p then i started slowly removing her panty from her buttocks. I didn’t see any response from her. I did dare and slowly removing her panty till thighs then she was started moaning. I stopped for few minutes and made her to turn towards front. I saw her vagina again with neatly shaved as of today with some romantic smell coming out from there. I applied cream at her thigh as it was disturbing so removed panty very fast in fraction of seconds without any obstacles.

I could not control as my Penis was dropping some drops at my shot. I started widened her legs and started licking at her vagina juices and enjoying the gum. No way to control dick as it is horny and got length enough for 8 cms. I removed my T-Shirt and short in 2 mins.

Till today never touch boobs of Sudha, i did dare to remove her bra hooks which are there in front. Removed 1st hook, 2nd hook started little moaning.. Again went back to sl**p. I removed the final hook then opened big hills in front which invited me to sucking very hard. I almost sucked boobs and enjoyed for 5 mins.

I felt like she was in deep sl**p so widened her legs. I prepared myself to insert my dick into her bottom rosy lips. I tried to put my dick into her cunt then got slide 3 times. So i did widen her legs widened more than before. I slowly put my dick into her cunt and pushed a bit little hard to get inside.

Surprisingly Sudha opened her eyes and started shouting at me what i was doing with her; my dick was still there in her cunt completely. I didn’t open my mouth and played my dick back and forth with very hardly. She was about to say something but suddenly started shouting at me again.

You stupid, how many years I have been trying to get fucked by you, don’t you know raskel… and moaning….. come on put it very hard and push me hard in deep.

By hearing at these words, i went mad, OH MY GOD!!! Darling, i waanna fuck you from 10 years, you have been saying 2 years….

You Randi…. why didn’t tell me to fuck you, wasted 2 years by applying only cream rather i would have pour cream in your cunt.


I jerked twice at one attempt and continued to fuck her till her hole full of my sperm

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