First Time Pleasure Sex Experience With Bhabi

I’m Anil from Hyderabad 22 years. This story is about my cute bhabi. This incident happened 1month back in this year. I enjoyed the great sex with her daily she gives me a great pleasure in sex. I enjoyed with her every day and experienced different types of positions with her. Coming to my bhabhi she is a great body she is 27 and her boobs are perfect in size and her ass is awesome she is average in color but she is very attractive. Coming to the story i was completed my graduation and i was enjoying my holidays and i have a cousin b*****r he is working in software company living in Hyderabad with her wife after few days my b*****r going to out station because of office work and he said to me to stay with your bhabi she is alone at home i said ok to him and my b*****r gone to outstation i went to my b*****rs home my bhabi is alone with her 8months baby. The story started next day when i got up in the morning my bhabi was doing her work and I’m playing with the baby suddenly the baby was crying because she was hungry my bhabi came to me and i was giving the baby to her suddenly i touched her breast it was some different feeling first time i touched women breast on that time and my bhabi also get sensed to my touch i started feeling on her she was feeding milk to the baby in front of me. I was seeing her but she is silent after the baby was sl**ping she gave the baby to me to keep the baby on bed i was taking the baby and i slowly touched her best again she was silent after her work is completed she came to hall and we are taking casually she was very friendly with me i was thinking sexually about my bhabhi.

I tried to attract her i was telling her you are looking very young bhabhi and you have a perfect body she is laughing and said thank you ra but your b*****r never said this comments to me. I said to her he don’t know about you figure I’m telling you are very sexy; she said hey you naughty fellow. I said her you are look very attract if you wear jeans and t shits she said even i like that dress but your b*****r don’t like that type of dress. I said now b*****r is not there bhabhi now try it i will show you how beautiful you are she said hooo really ok but where is the dress i gave one of my jeans and t shirt she thanked me and went to bed room to wear it. She came from the room she was looking very sexy in that dress, I said you are very hot bhabi; looking like a college girl. She again thanked me i said let us do dance with me bhabi she said with pleasure she said ok and we does the salsa dance i touched her hips tightly she was attracting but not showing any sign i slowly touched her ass and lifted her she was laughing and i lifted her with my arms next i touched her thighs and danced for long time. After that we laid on sofa for some rest she was very happy and thanked me i also very happy i kissed her on cheeks she shocked and said hey you naughty boy don’t do again i said ok bhabi. In that night we had lunch i was watching horror movie in computer in bed room laid on bed my bhabi playing with baby and after the was sl**ping she came to bed room and sat next to me she was also watching the movie. Suddenly horror scene came my bhabi was afraid to see the scene and she hugged me tightly and closed her eyes and the movie having some sex scenes one of the scene came. I was attracted she also watching the scene i slowly put my hand on her hips and pressed she was feeling good and i planted a kiss on her chicks she was silent i thanked that this is the best time to fuck her. I took the chance i pressed her breast she was moaning in pleasure and said stop it ra don’t do this i avoided her speak and kissed on her lips she was closed it but i kissed her lips for long time she was responding slowly i pressed her breast hardly she was moaning she was out of control. She also kissed me back with pleasure.

I slowly lifted her t shirt and removed it she was in bra and jeans i biting her breast like a hungry man she was moaning i laid her on bed i was sl**ping on top of her i pressed her breast i slowly pressing her hips and put my hand into her jeans i touched her panty i got very excited and put my hand into her panty i touched her pussy she was suddenly excited i rubbed her pussy for some time she has a clean pussy with no hair first time i touched women pussy i got erected i removed her jeans now she was in bra and panty i was kissing her navel she said please don’t waste the time ra come fuck me now idiot she removed my dress i was in my underwear she was laid on top of me i was pressing her ass. She was kissing my lips. I removed her bra hmmmm she has a perfect boobs i was excited like a hungry man i was sucking her breast she has milk in her breast i was sucking all her milk she put her hand into my underwear removed my underwear and she hold my penis tightly and said you have a large one but I’m not listening her words i was busy in sucking her breast milk after that i removed her panty we both naked in bed i laid on her top and put my penis into her pussy she was moaning loudly and enjoying the pleasure. I fucked her for long time and pressing her boobs and sucked it we fucked all the night in early morning we are taking rest and slept in the morning i got up and again i was pressing her breast she also got up and said you fucked me all the night naughty boy he kissed me and i was asked her i want to drink your milk she said. It’s all your ra come drink she came close to me and put her breast into my mouth and pressing her breast. I was sucking her milk and slowly put my hand on her pussy and rubbed very softly she was enjoying and said come on to me and fuck me.

She said Anil now try some different position ra fuck me from back side i will give you the pleasure in sex fuck me in my ass hole you will definitely enjoyed it she turned in to back side and showing her ass i talked closer and put my penis into her ass hole and moving forward and backward i was fucking very speed she was in pleasure and moaning loudly i fucked in that position for long time and pressing her boobs after that we take rest and my bhabi went she was doing her work and feeding milk to her baby the baby was sl**ping now and i went to her and hugged from back and pressing her breast hardly and kissing her neck she was feeling happy she said wait ra I’m going to bath after that you can enjoyed with me i said we both bath now and enjoy the pleasure she said ok. I lifted her and went to bath room she removed her dress and i also removed she came close to me and hugged me tightly and i was pressing her back, lifted her and put my penis into her pussy and fucked in stand position after that i moved her to the wall edge and fucked her from back side we both are bathing i laid on bathing tub she came on to my top i put my penis into her ass hole she was moving up and down after that she take my penis into her mouth and sucked for long time and i also sucked her pussy she cummed in my mouth and again i fucked her from back side. I again sucked her breast milk and rubbing her pussy after that we went to bed room she asked me to fuck me in doggy style she bend in doggy style in bed i went to her and put my penis in her ass hole and fucking and pressing her breast hardly we enjoyed great sex for 1month after that we do sex in lonely time now also i fucked her when my b*****r is not at home daily i went to her home and i sucked all her breast milk and we both bathe some times when we get the chance.

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