Freaky Flavoured Threesome Sex At Office Guest Hou

Hi friends. This is Arun. I am 24 years old and I\’m here to share with you my real life sex experience with 2 hot babes, Kavita and Gayatri. I saw them for the first time when I visited our office factory in Andhra border along with my colleague Ashwin to look after the operations at the factory and report the same to HO. Both of them are deployed at the factory place. Kavita is an accounting staff and Gayatri works in the IT department. Me and Ashwin got introduced to them on the very first day we went there. Kavita is aged 25 years and is a bit dark, broad arms, visibly large boobs and she straight away made me feel horny as I saw her for the first time. Gayatri is a very sweet looking woman, also aged 25 years, fair complexion and had a perfect structure, that is, she was neither too fat nor too lean.

Me and Ashwin started our work there looking at how things are in the factory place. We were allotted a factory nearby the factory, where the staffs and the factory managers stay. It had a marriage hall like set up with independent rooms being built with basic facilities. It looked just like a hotel room. We were allotted room No.1 and Gayatri and Kavita stayed in room no. 5 & 6 respectively.

Both of them used to accompany us for lunch and dinner everyday. They repeatedly told us “Feel free to come to our room if you feel bored. We’ll have some nice time.” We also said “Sure we will.” There was no entertainment at that place as it was more of a village with full of farm lands surrounding the place.

2 days passed by. It was a Saturday night and all four of us went to the canteen for dinner. Me and Ashwin came back to our room and as we usually do, changed to T-shirt and tracks and went to the canteen. Kavita and Gayatri went to the canteen directly from office. By the time we entered the canteen the ladies had already ordered and had 4 plates ready. As we were having food, Gayatri asked us “What do you guys do for entertainment in the city?” Me and Ashwin replied the same old things, “Movie, music freaking out with friends,etc,.” Immediately, Kavita asked “Anything more than that? May be one or two steps ahead.” Both me and Ashwin looked at each other and I replied “I do not understand what you say.” She thought for a while and said “Aah may be flirting with girls or girl friends and having some private time with them?” Ashwin immediately said “I have a girlfriend and we are in good terms. You know what it means.” and all of us laughed. Gayatri then turned at me and asked “What about you, Arun?” I said “No, I still single but ready to mingle.”

Both the ladies smiled at each other and Kavita asked “What about some fun tonight in my room? The managers and most of the staffs go back home to spend the weekend with their f****y. Almost the entire guest house will be empty till Monday morning. So we need not be worried of getting caught.” I understood and was ecstatic but Ashwin immediately asked “Can you be specific?” Kavita gushed and replied “We are asking for a foursome sex encounter tonight. But we promise, there is no commitment in this. Its just sex for fun and excitement.”

I had almost finished my dinner but started feeling seriously hungry to fuck both the ladies, that too, I was excited to the peak due to the fact that one is dark and the other fair complexion, both on the same night. But Ashwin turned it down saying “Sorry, I’m committed and I cannot do this.” Kavita and Gayatri tried convincing him but he did not change his mind. I was worried if the plan will collapse but after trying hard and failing to convince him, Gayatri turned at me and asked “How about you?” I immediately accepted and said “I’m ready.” I could not control my emotions but still I managed to do so. Hearing my answer Ashwin turned and looked at me but I did not bother to look at him thinking he might change my mind.

After dinner, as Ashwin went in for hand wash, Kavita told me “After you get into your room once again try convincing him because foursome will be great. If he does not accept, you come. We’ll have a threesome.” I asked her “At what time shall I come?” She said “After midnight or at 12:30am.” I immediately saw my watch. It was just 9:30pm then. We then started walking towards our guest house which is at a distance of just 2 minutes walk from the canteen. After me and Ashwin got back to our room, I told myself not to ask him for a foursome because I preferred a threesome and said to myself “Its just me with those two sexy ladies.”

He also never spoke anything about this to me. He was listening songs for sometime and went to bed at 11:00pm. I kept wandering inside the room waiting for the clock to strike 12:00am. At about 11:15pm, Gayatri messaged me asking “What happened? Is he also coming?” I replied saying “I tried hard to convince him but he never listened to me. In fact he just blasted at me and went to bed.” She then replied “Oh.. Fine then you come in about an hour’s time. Come to room no. 6.” I replied saying “Sure I will.” I decided not to show any excitement on my face till I get out of the room or else he might also change his mind if he sees me waiting go to their room because I wanted only a threesome and did not want to put my dick inside a woman who just had another dick inside her. So I silently laid down besides him showing as if I’m also going to sl**p. But he was already fast asl**p and did not move.

I was looking at the time in my mobile and was very anxious about wats going to happen that night. I could not control my excitement and kept watching the time literally every minute. As it got to 12:15am, I lost patience and slowly got up and without creating any noise opened the door, went up the stairs, got to room no. 6 and gently knocked the door. Gayatri opened the door and asked me to step in silently. As I got in, I was thrilled to see both the beautiful ladies in their nighties. Kavita was in her light blue sleeveless nighty and Gayatri was wearing a dark green cut sleeve nighty with just the outer part of the sleeve leaving the inner side of her arms open.

My dick started growing big pushing my pant forward. I kept looking at both women and all of a sudden, Kavita just pulled her arms out of the nightie letting it slide down completely, and got nude. I was taken aback as I never expected her to make such a quick move. Gayatri was standing just a few steps away quietly smiling at me. I did not know how to react. Kavita then advanced close to me, slided her palm over my dick on my tracks and pulled it down. She did not waste any time and dragged my underwear down taking my hard and thick dick out. Gayatri then took a condom from underneath the pillow as Kavita grabbed my dick and shook it a bit.

I was excited to the peak looking at both the ladies wasting no time for sex. Gayatri then opened the condom, rubbed it a bit and held my dick in her left hand pulling the outer skin down, placed the mouth of the condom on the inner pink flesh and slowly rolled it down my dick. On the other hand, Kavita pulled my t-shirt and I just removed it and threw it on the ground. The condom was yellow and boy it smelt like real banana. I still asked Gayatri what flavour it was and she confirmed saying “Its banana”. My inner flesh was a bit sensitive and as she placed the condom on the flesh of my dick and rolled it down, boy, it was seriously electric. I immediately grabbed both women around their waist, dragged them close and kissed and sucked Kavita around her shoulders and arms.

Kavita then pushed me on the bed and I pulled her along with me and we fell on the bed rolling over each other, kissing each other randomly. She was really fleshy and her body was so soft that I could not control myself as I got really wild and grabbed her wrist, raised her arms over her head and sucked her cheeks, her neck and her arms. My eyes then caught up with her underarms. There was a broad strip of hair sprouts on her armpits. I did not care what I was doing with her and just sucked and chewed her armpits. It was rough and she moaned mmmm aaahhh as I sucked her fleshy armpit into my mouth.

The banana fragrance was overwhelming as I could smell nothing else but that. I then slowly got between her legs by just spreading her legs with mine. I then slowly lowered my buttocks and felt my dick hitting her pussy. I wanted a real hard sex with both the ladies and so I removed my hands from her wrist and by pressing her underarms with my thumb, raised my upper body and pressed my dick against her pussy. Her pussy was seriously tight and as I thumped my dick in with some f***e, it squeezed inside her pussy and close to half of my dick went inside her. She screamed happa aaahh mmm and I also felt it electric as I felt my dick jammed inside her cunt.

I then slowly tried to penetrate into her hot, wet and tight cunt and she whispered “Come down, lie over me, just get closer. It’ll be great.” I was overjoyed. As I turned, I saw Gayatri sitting at the corner of the bed and watching us have sex. I signalled her to come and sl**p besides Kavita but she replied “After Kavita, I’ll come” and smiled. I preferred both the ladies on bed at the same time but never felt bad as it was already electric inside Kavita and I immediately took my thumbs off Kavita’s underarms and by slowly wrapping my arms around her, went down and slept over her.

This position in fact made me feel more comfortable to penetrate deeper into her pussy as we hugged each other tightly and pushed my dick further into her pussy. I slowly pierced into her pussy and in seconds our waists got locked tightly with my dick fully inside her cunt. Her pussy was seriously tight and I slowly tried to move my dick up and down inside her cunt. As I tried to pull my dick back, though it came back a bit, it was gripping inside. I also felt her pussy to be very wet and sticky inside with the condom making the hichkich noise inside as I pulled it back, but I loved it.

I then chucked my dick back in once again as she snored mmmhh hhaaa and I started to fuck her by moving my dick up and down inside her cunt. It was seriously hot inside her cunt and we started sweating a bit heavily as we were tightly hooked up with each other. I slowly pulled my dick back a bit longer and chucked it in as she moaned aaah ssss and then started fucking her a bit smoothly as it became a bit loose inside. As I kept fucking her for sometime, I felt its time to really crush her pussy and so increased the speed and started fucking her hard by dipping my dick fast and deep into her pussy immersing my dick fully into her wet pussy by hitting her waist hard pat pat pat with my waist.

As I drilled her pussy hard and wild, she hugged me tightly and started screaming aaaah aaahhh sssss happpaaa hhhaaaa hhhhoo and I kept choking her pussy by brushing my lips randomly over her cheeks, her jaws, her lips, neck and shoulders licking and sucking the sweat on her body. We were drenched in sweat and there was some serious pearl like droplets of sweat all over our body. I really loved her wet and slippery body and we hugged each other so tightly.

As I kept digging into her pussy hard and wild, in a few moments, I felt a tickling sensation over my dick inside her pussy and suddenly my dick erupted as I felt my semen gushing out of my dick. I could not control my excitement. I was so thrilled that I shouted out the emotions of cumming aaaahhh ohhhhhhh hhhhoo mmmm and slowly put my head down on Kavita’s shoulder and engulfed the flesh underneath her shoulder. I felt my semen splashing inside the condom in multiple spells and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with her. As my ejaculation subsided, my dick became soft and smaller and slowly oozed out of Kavita’s pussy.

Kavita then slowly rolled me over on the bed. As I was taking my breath back, she slowly got up, smiled at me, turned to Gayatri and said “I loved it.” And the turned to me and said “Seriously, I enjoyed my sex with you thoroughly.” I was excited from inside but did not know how to react and just smiled and whispered “You were also awesome. I just loved your body.” She gave a broad smile and slowly pulled the condom down my dick. As she removed it completely from m dick, we saw the condom more than quarter filled with my white cream. I loved it as Kavita just saw it by having it right in front of her face and pressed the fluid filled bottom of the condom a few times and exclaimed “Wow”. She then got down from the bed and went inside the bathroom along with the fluid filled condom. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and said to myself “After the black beauty its time to fuck the fir and beautiful Gayatri.”

I did not want to waste time and turned at Gayatri as she was also smiling at me. I told her with some authority “You are next.” She smiled and raised her eyebrows and asked “So soon? Are you sure?” I slowly got up, crippled towards her wrapped my arms around her waist and gently kissed her. She also responded well by pushing her tongue into my mouth. As I dragged her down on the bed, she stopped me and said “First you lie down for a minute.”

I just sat on the bed with my legs flat by resting my back on the back-rest of the bed. She took a towel and wiped my dick dry. She also pulled the outer skin down and wiped the inner flesh and my dick opening. As she kept wiping , my dick once again started growing big and hard. She held my dick in her hand and said “Wow that was great. Holding your dick as it grew long and hard.” She then took another packet of condom from underneath the pillow and said this is my favorite flavor, Cola. She then sat on my lower thighs and pulled my outer skin down, placed the condom on mouth of my dick and and gently rolled it down.

As she placed it on the inner flesh of my dick it once again gave a heavy tickling sensation and I grabbed her shoulders moaning aahhh ssss and slowly slided my hands down on her boobs. Boy, I initially thought only Kavita’s boobs were large but as I grabbed it, I felt Gayatri’s boobs is also big like water filled balloons. I asked her “What is your boobs size?” She opened the front buttons in her nightie, took her arms out of the sleeve, exposing her boobs that literally looked like two big ripened mangoes with a biscuit like mammae and pointed nipples at the center and said “Its 34. How is it?” I was speechless. By then, Kavita came out from the bathroom and sat on the chair besides the bed saying “I’ll join you two in sometime. I just got excited that I could get both the babes on bed at the same time.

I then grabbed both her mangoes and as I squeezed them hard, she came a bit closer, pulled her nightie over her thighs, held my dick and sat over it, pressing her pussy on my dick. She grabbed my shoulders and slowly came down my dick. I felt my dick gently penetrating into her pussy. It was the second tight pussy in one night that my dick was penetrating but this time it was Gayatri’s effort to take my dick inside her as she slowly came down on my lap taking my dick fully inside her. The feeling of effortless penetration was unbelievable as she kept coming down with a little moaning mmmmh mmm mmmhhh. As she took my dick fully inside her, she started to rotate her waist sitting on my lap stirring my dick inside her and slowly rolled her arms around my neck. I loved the heat both inside her cunt and over her soft and lemony body as I wrapped my arms around her waist. I was excited with her approach to be on top and was enjoying it thoroughly the way she was gently riding over me.

As she rolled her waist over my lap, she kept hitting her boobs on my face. It tempted me to eat her big boobs and I grabbed her left boobs and with one hand behind her, opened my mouth wide and sucked her left boobs into my mouth. I then licked and chewed her pointed nipples and pressed her boobs really hard as she once again started moaning aaahhh mmmm hhaaaa ssss. I was so excited playing , kissing and sucking her boobs as I went up slowly kissing her body, her shoulder, her neck and slowly she held the back of my head and dipped her tongue into my mouth. I lost patience and in the hunger to fuck her hard and rough just like my sex with Kavita, I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth and by placing my hands on her buttocks, we rolled over on the bed and I got on top of her and made her lie down on the bed and I slept right over her soft and heated up body.

I did not wait and immediately started to fuck her by dragging my dick back and chucking it back deep inside her pussy. Gayatri’s pussy was smooth and wet inside and not so tight as Kavita’s was. Yet it was electric as my dick rubbed the inner walls of her pussy especially the inner flesh at the mouth of my dick. I released her tongue from my mouth, placed my arms underneath her shoulders and started to crush her pussy hard and wild. She raised her arms up, holding the top of the bed-rest tight and started to moan aaahhh ssssss ohhhhhh mmmm mmmmm and as I thumped my dick deep inside her pussy by hitting her waist hard with mine, Gayatri just screamed like anything that Kavita got afraid and she immediately got on the bed and said to me “Slowly. It might hurt her.” And she rubbed Gayatri’s sweaty forehead.

I also then slowly got down, slept over her tight, locked my waist against her waist and hugged her tightly. She also wrapped her arms around me, held her lips close to mine and said “This is better.” I rolled my tongue over her wet and juicy lips and as she opened her mouth, dipped my tongue inside and started to fuck her by moving my dick up and down inside her cunt. She sucked my tongue deep inside muttering mmmmm mmm mmmm mmm as I drilled her pussy.

I wanted to fuck her harder and so raised my upper body a bit with my tongue still inside her mouth and just like I did to Kavita, pressed my thumbs on her armpits and chucked my dick hard inside pussy. I also increased the speed and literally crushed her pussy as she opened her mouth releasing my tongue and started to shout hhhaaaa hhhhhaaa mmmm hhho and in a matter of seconds I felt the deep electric sensation from inside my dick and I fell over her once again holding her shoulders tight from underneath as my semen once again gushed out and I felt several spells of semen splashing inside the condom. As I ejaculated I started shouting in extreme pleasures hhhaa ssss hhhaaaa hhhho. After the ejaculation, I slowly got up from her breathing hard and saw her. She was also breathing a bit heavily and smiled at me, wiping my forehead and rubbing her palms on my cheeks. My dick also became soft and small and came out of her pussy. I was literally speechless after the back to back sex with two very beautiful ladies.

I kissed her cheeks and slowly rolled and slept besides her.Both of us were taking our breath back and I felt I was smiling without any intentions of doing so. Kavita then slowly rolled the condom down my dick and removed it. As she took the condom out, she exclaimed saying “Hey you have ejaculated much more this time. Its almost half filled. May be you liked her more” and laughed. I actually enjoyed my intercourse with both the babes thoroughly and was still speechless as it was quite unbelievable night for me. I just smiled at Kavita without giving any reactions. She then said “ You both take rest. I’ll dispose this and come. We’ll rest for about 2 hours and Arun, you need to get back to your room by 5:00am so that no one see us together. I searched for the time piece and finally found one by the bed side. It was already 2:40am. I got excited that there is another 2 hours of fun left and slept back again thinking how to spend those 2 hours with those two hot ladies.

Suddenly I got a naughty thought and went inside the bathroom to get close with Kavita again. As I got in I saw her emptying the condom inside the toilet seat. I went and stood behind her and grabbed her huge buttocks. She immediately got up, turned around and asked “What happened? What are you doing here?” I was desperate to fuck her asshole and also did not hesitate to ask her. I Said “I want a dip inside your asshole.” She gave a nervous smile and asked “But without a condom? We had only 2.” I said “I will not cum inside you. I promise.” She still hesitated saying “Its not just about ejaculating onside me but also about health issues.” I told her “You are the first woman I’m going to have intercourse without a condom. Nothing will happen. Please.” She thought for a while and then agreed saying “Aah ok I’m ready. But as you said you should not cum inside me.” I agreed.

We came out of the bathroom and I asked her kneel down on the bed and bend her upper body with her head rested on the bed. Gayatri had got up and was sitting on the bed looking at both of us coming out of the bathroom. As Kavita knee-led down on the bed, Gayatri immediately asked her “What are you doing?” Kavita replied “Arun wants anal sex.” Gayatri got a bit upset and asked Kavita “Are you mad? You know we do not have anymore condoms.” I replied saying “Just once yaar. Nothing would happen.” She looked at me and then at Kavita and said “Fine. Its up to you.”

I did not waste any time and immediately dipped my fingers inside Kavita’s buttocks I could touch her asshole but could not penetrate my middle finger inside her asshole. I then knee-led down behind her, spread her buttocks and saw her asshole. It was just a dot with a number of lines converging towards that dot. I was stunned looking at her tiny asshole. As I looked up, Gayatri was smiling at me and asked “What happened?” She came close, saw Kavita’s asshole and asked me “Can you penetrate this?” I said “Yes but just help me.” And told Kavita “I would first finger your asshole and only after which I could fuck your asshole.” She said “Yeah go ahead.” Gayatri asked me “What should I do?” I asked her to hold Kavita’s right buttocks and by spreading her left buttocks with my hand, I slowly pressed her asshole with my middle finger and dipped my finger inside it. I could only penetrate easily up to my nails and then slowly and steadily pushed it in.

As my finger was half inside her asshole, Kavita started to shout a bit “Aah aaahh ouch its paining a bit.” I wanted to make that hole a bit bigger to dip my thick dick inside. I then rolled my finger inside her ass and by pressing my middle finger on one side of her flesh inside, dipped my forefinger also inside her asshole. She once again started to shout “Aaaahh sss aaahhhh mmmmm.” And I saw Gayatri pressing her boobs and rubbing her pussy looking at Kavita’s asshole. I felt she liked what we are doing and with my two fingers deep inside Kavita’s asshole I got close to Gayatri as she took her hand from her pussy, held my back head and licked my lips and dipped her tongue briefly into my mouth as I sensually sucked her tongue before she removed it from my mouth.

With two fingers inside Kavita’s asshole, I decided to fuck her as I stood up, placed by feet around her legs and slowly lowered my buttocks with my dick right over her asshole. I slowly removed my fingers from her asshole and just as my fingers reached the mouth of her asshole, I immediately placed my dick on it so that it does not close once again. I noticed my dick was still a bit wet with some white semen particles still sticking on it but it was so tempting to fuck her asshole that I kept quiet and by placing the inner flesh of my dick on her asshole, pushed it in. I feel Gayatri also failed to notice it as she was still in a horny mood pressing her boobs and eagerly watching my dick on Kavita’s asshole. Just like Kavita’s pussy, her asshole was also seriously tight. As my inner flesh went inside her asshole, I took control by spreading her ass with my hands and asked Gayatri to step aside.

Gayatri then started to rub my testicles. I pushed my dick harder into Kavita’s asshole and managed to dip half my dick inside her ass. As my dick went in a bit further, Kavita lifted her head and screamed aaaah hamma. I decided to fuck her by moving my dick back and forth without trying to dip it fully inside her asshole. I slowly pulled my dick up and pushed it hard inside. It was seriously tight and I could see her asshole gripping my dick tightly as I moved my dick up and down inside her. I slowly locked her waist by taking my legs around her and placing my feet in front of her knees underneath her belly. By almost sitting on her ass, I chucked my dick fully into her asshole as she once again held the bed tight, lifted her head and screamed loud aaaaahhh aahhhhhh hammmma sssss. Here I literally sat on her buttocks with my dick fully inside her asshole.

With my dick fully dipped inside her asshole, I decided to crush her asshole as well just like I did with her pussy. I bent over her, slided my arms around her waist, held her belly tight and fucked her really hard by jamming my waist on her buttocks pat pat pat. She just kept screaming mmmmm mmmmmm mmm mmm and I saw her biting the mattress. It was so electric rubbing my dick against her flesh inside her asshole. I then increased the speed and literally drilled her asshole and in just seconds, I felt my semen gushing out. I felt I was in seventh heaven as it gushed out and forgot to remove my dick from Kavita’s asshole and splashed my semen inside her asshole, hugging her tight and kissing her upper back body. After ejaculation, my dick got smaller and softer and slowly oozed out her asshole.

Both me and Kavita were completely exhausted and she just slided her knees over the bed and slept as such with her head down and I slept just behind her and dozed off without my knowledge as I was taking deep breath. I never knew what happened after that. Suddenly Gayatri woke me up saying “Its almost 5:00am. Dress up and go back to your room before anyone sees you.” I was so tired to even open my eyes. As I turned, I saw Kavita fast asl**p. As I slowly got up, Gayatri caught my hands and took me inside the bathroom. She locked the door and asked me “Did you cum inside her?” I said “I do not know. I remember that I ejaculated. If I did not pull my dick out at the end, then may be yes I might have ejaculated inside her.” She was seriously worried and asked “But you promised you will not cum inside her?” I immediately replied “Don’t worry. Ejaculating during anal sex will not cause pregnancy.” She was still worried and asked “Are you serious?

I was too upset what to tell her after she wakes up. Is it true that she will not get pregnant?” I said “Absolutely. Trust me. Nothing would happen. If she does not ask, leave the issue. But if she recollects what happened and asks you about this, just convince her that anal sex do not cause pregnancy.” She thought for a while and said “Ok. I believe you now. But if something happens you should come to the front yourself or I will say the truth.” I readily accepted saying “Sure.” I was pretty sure that it is highly unlikely that anal sex leads to pregnancy but still a bit worried with what she finally said that may be what if Kavita gets pregnant.

She finally smiled a bit and I slowly got closer and sucked her upper lips into my mouth. She pushed me back gently and said “Its already late. Dress up and get back to your room as quickly as possible.” We then came out of the bathroom, I dressed myself up and Gayatri also put her nightie on. I hugged her and said “I enjoyed thoroughly with both of you. I can never forget this night.” She returned the complement saying “You also did very well. We thought if Ashwin had also come, all 4 of us could have had a busy and great time. But for one guy with two women, you were really good.” It felt really great hearing what she said and with a broad smile I said “Thanks a lot for this pleasure filled night. Bye” and left their room.

I slowly climbed down the stairs, opened my room door and without making any noise went and slept besides Ashwin. I was too tired that I dozed off immediately and got up only at 11am.” As I got up, I saw a text message from Gayatri saying “She actually knew that you ejaculated inside her and she herself said that its not at a problem if you ejaculate during anal sex.” I felt very much relieved and replied “That’s great and a very good morning to both you beautiful ladies.”

Well friends, this is my real life unforgettable sex experience with two hot babes, Kavita and Gayatri. Hope you enjoyed my story “Freaky Flavoured Threesome Sex At Office Guest House”. Your comments are most welcome.

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