Best Fuck With Hotel Housekeeping Lady

my name is Achu, Telling you how I had great sex with a hotel housekeeping lady. From my wee days of sex I have been very horny and always looking out for sex. Once I had to meet my friends in Cochin, so I took the evening train from Bangalore and reached Cochin at 8.00 in the morning. I called my friends both guys and girls as I reached. All guys said will reach to meet by lunch.

So I took a hotel near the Ernakulam railway station itself. I went in got fresh and went to the restaurant for breakfast. Had a sumptuous breakfast and was returning to my room for some rest. As I took the stairs to my third floor room, I saw a couple of housekeeping women there, not so good looking. I went to my room I kept my door open and was watching television, and then I observed the house keeping staff walking on the opposite corridor of my room. And one lady about 35+ years was standing there for some time
and looking towards my corridor. I did not give much attention to her. After some tome as I went to close the room door I noticed a guy standing in my corridor showing actions to the lady. I closed my door and watched through my window, the lady was also gesturing to the guy and I understood he is calling her for some activity. I started to feel my excitement in me as well as in my penis. From that moment I started to keep watching her, as I went to lunch in the hotel restaurant I saw the guy who was showing actions to her coming out of a hotel store room or something fully in sweat and some dirt on his pants, I realized that he had finished his work on her.
I had a quick lunch without my friends and went back to my and made up my mind to have that lady for me also. I started to make my plans to lay her, I kept a watch on her movements and as she was cleaning other rooms with others I kept my door open and waited, as I saw her a little away a from other women I gestured to her to my room, she asked in Malayalam for what, I told her some water had come off from the bath room to the bedroom and I want it cleaned, as she was coming I changed my clothes and wore only a lungi without anything inside, as she was mopping the floor, I asked her name she said her name was Sarita while I was talking to her I got a big erection and was thinking how to ask her for a fuck. As she was finishing cleaning I wanted to think of something to make her come back to my room. I was in a bit tension as I did not want her to go.

As she saw my restlessness she asked what happened, I told her nothing but she kept insisting on what happened, this time I took courage and told her I need a girl for sex, she was a bit shocked but she told all men need a girl when alone in a hotel and as she got comfortable I almost closed the door and asked whether she can get one. She said she will try, and was about to leave, I then asked her whether she is ready she was a bit surprised and said will come a little later. My erection was bad as she left and I started to masturbate and relieve myself. It was about 3.30pm in the afternoon, if finished masturbating and was lying on my bed, I glanced thru the window and saw her walk by, immediately I jumped and opened the door and just stood outside she understood and said will come when nobody is there with her. Around 4.00pm I saw her again in the opposite corridor, I stood outside and kept looking at her, she gestured to me to go inside the room and keep the door open; I was too excited and did what she said. After a few minute she walked into my room and locked the door immediately. My excitement was in the peak as she walked in I hugged her and started to kiss her she told me she is here for this only and don’t hurry. I told her I am very horny and I need to fuck her. As I was speaking to her I kept rubbing my hands on her butt and also held her hip which was exposed in from the saree. I could not control myself. I removed my lungi off to show my erection. She was wearing a pink saree and matching blouse which was her uniform, I kissed her on her cheek and she also kissed me, by then I removed her pallu and kissed her on top of her boobs She put her hand held my penis and said what thickness and so hot I told her kiss it, She immediately kissed my penis and I told her to suck it, she said she does not like it, then kissed the tip of my penis and as she was kissing it I slowly pushed it inside her mouth, by then she slowly started to suck mine, I lifted her top and slowly removed her saree and left her in her petticoat, she was wearing a matching petticoat and I saw she was not very fat and had no stomach at all, I kissed her navel and with my teeth I pulled her nada of the petticoat it slowly fell of her hip and I cud see she was wearing an old cotton panties. I kissed on top of her panty, I cud smell her cunt thru it slowly I put her on the bed moved her panty aside and kissed her hairy pussy, She had lots of hair and it was not trimmed at all. She pushed my head on to her pussy and told me to suck it.

I told her I want to suck her boob she had nice looking big boob, I sucked her boobs both fully, she had started moaning and wriggling her body. I was also too horny by then. She told to go down and suck her pussy, I went down she spread her legs wide sucked her a lot all her juices were flowing and she was moaning loudly. I told her to suck my cock as she was sucking I told her to turn around and did a 69 on her she was wriggling and sucking my cock harder and harder her pussy juices were flowing and I was in heaven, A good cock sucking woman I thought. She stood and let me insert my penis into her wet cunt I was so wet I did not have any resistance to get in. I was fucking her , she was making noises and was telling me to keep fucking her, she locked her legs behind my back and held me tight, I kept fucking her hard and my penis was matching her body rhythm, I was too horny and I fucked and fucked and came very hard inside her, she held me tight in her and told do it do it, as she was also nearing orgasm, I took my penis out , went down opened her legs wide and started to suck her wet cunt, she was moaning and when I started to suck her pussy lips she came with all her might and I saw her body shivering and her pussy pouring out all the juice she lay exhausted. Later she told me that this was one of her best fucks she had had, then i asked her this must be hers second today, she was surprised and asked why, I told her I saw her in the morning and some guy was asking her for a fuck. she told he was a helper and was asking her for a fuck always, and she took him to the staff low and gave him a standing fuck, by the time that guys was inside he had already come of outside and she was unsatisfied. Then she said she has to go as her duty got over at 6.00pm. I told her to stay back with me in the night, she said she cud not as her husband will come asking for her at the hotel. She said she will come back next day and she will give me another fuck.
Her husband never used to suck her cunt. She loved getting sucked. I gave her 300 rupees and told her to come again. She said ok. That evening I met my friends and had a nice time, loafed the city, had a nice drink and dinner and came back to my room. I told then I am going to Trichur in the afternoon, they said will meet for lunch, I told don't want cause it will take a long time and will become late by the time I reach Trichur. I went to the room and thinking of Sarita I masturbated twice that night in anticipation of her coming the next day morning. I woke up at 7.30am, I peeped thru the window to see if she was coming, then i got fresh and had breakfast. I came back to my room and waited for her, she came in casually and said she had asked for my room to be cleaned herself and got it, I closed the door immediately and started to suck her lips and kissed her and she responded and she also was thinking of the fuck she has with me last evening, I did not waste any time, I put her in bed and lifted her saree and petticoat only to find that she was not wearing any panty that day. I felt very horny and started to suck her cunt immediately, she was already wet and waiting to go.

I sucked her cunt so badly she came on my face and she said enough. I did not give up and I again started to suck her again she again got horny, this time i put my cock inside her and started to fuck her very slowly and slowly, she said please do it fast as others will start looking for her. Then I did in full pace, then I told her to come on top of me and fuck me, she came on top and started to fuck me, She was not experienced in this but she learned. I was about to come so I put her down and told her to suck my cock, she took it immediately and I cam in her mouth, she said she liked the way I fuck and that’s why she drank sperm. She cleaned herself and went put, I held her hand and told her I need one more fuck before I leave in the evening train to Bangalore. She said she will come after lunch, I masturbated and waited we did it again once again and I paid her 500 Rs, she said thanks, I told her again when I come to Cochin I will stay in this hotel, she said ok and left happily. This was one of my best fucks and hers too.

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