My Wife Blackmailed and Used in Front of Me

Yes, it is attractive, isn't it? The setting is 22 carat white gold with an uncut diamond centre. It's actually quite unusual and, although quite expensive, I'm sure the lady will like it - Hey! Excuse me - what the hell are you doing?"

I turned my head to follow the salesman as his attention was drawn to my wife. She had been caught red-handed slipping a gold engraved bracelet into the pocket of her jacket. My heart dropped and I looked heavenward in exasperation. Annette stood before the salesman, eyes down looking at the floor, there was very little she could say in her defense. I could hardly believe this could happen again, not after all the expensive and time consuming treatment that she had received from the psychologist. He had said it was a disease - she just couldn't stop herself from stealing - but he also said that he could help her. Well, it didn't seem like she had been helped at all as we were both frog-marched into the store's stock room where the salesman informed us that he was going to call the cops.

"Oh no! Not the police, please," I pleaded on behalf of my still silent wife, "She's ill, really. She just can't help herself!

"Damn right she can't help herself." shouted the salesman, the saccharin smile now vanished, "not to my stock, anyway!"

"I...I...I'm so sorry," said Annette on the verge of tears. "I just..just -" then the water works started. Annette's eyes welled up and her body started to tremble slightly as quiet sobs began to issue forth.

"I don't fucking care!" the salesman continued "I'm fed up with you people thinking you can just help yourself to my goods.

"Okay, okay. Look, she's really sorry" I fished around in my wife's pocket and found the offending item, offering it back to the salesman. "Please, just take it back, okay?" The tall, grey suited man snatched the bracelet from my fingers and placed it in his own pocket. His eyes stared fire at us both. I could hear Annette still sniffling behind me. I looked at the salesman. He was a good looking sort of gentleman, quite old - I guessed in his early or mid fifties - and impeccably dressed. His dark hair was combed neatly back and wisps of grey could be seen at the temples.

"Lets see what my business partner has to say about this, shall we? Mr. James? Could you spare a moment please? We have a situation."

Within a few seconds we heard Mr. James approach. "Yes, Mr. Graham, what's the problem here?" he said as he joined his partner before us in the small stock room.

There followed a brief conversation between the two partners in which Mr. Graham explained to Mr. James all about my wife's indiscretion. Annette had stopped crying now and was standing beside me, gripping my arm for support. When the conversation between the two men had finished, they both looked up at us. The expressions on their faces had changed; the look of anger had all but gone and had been replaced by looks of contempt combined with sneering smiles - not an attractive picture!

Mr James was about the same age as his partner, but a little shorter and wider. His hair was nearly all grey, but his professionally tailored suit looked just as smart and expensive.

"I understand that calling the police gives you grave concerns?" he said in our general direction.

"Yes, yes," I blurted out, "Please, anything but the cops. She's having treatment, it's an illness you know."

"Well, I suppose you would only get a fine anyway. Perhaps we could continue your aversion therapy here!"

I was uncertain of their meaning. Until now, Annette's therapy - for what it was worth - had consisted of long talks with a psychologist in the comfort of his office. I wondered how we could continue it here in the small stock room. Annette also looked bewildered, but the look that soon came over her face told me that she had picked up on their meaning well before I had.

"Jeez, you can't mean -" she started, looking directly at the two leering jewellers.

"That's exactly what we mean. It's your only way out!"

"What's going on here?" I said, still not really with this at all, "I don't understand!"

"They want to fuck me, of course! Wake up for Christ's sake!"

"Now wait just a minute -" I began. Then I stopped. I thought for a minute. The more I thought, the more the idea didn't seem so unreasonable; we had proved that the expensive psychological therapy wasn't working and nothing else we had tried - including me threatening to leave her - had helped either. Perhaps, just perhaps, this might be some sort of answer!

"Okay!" I suddenly said "Let's do it!"

"What? You can't be serious - let these old guys into my pants? No way!"

"It's either that or the cops" I said cooly "You'll almost certainly go to jail this time. Is that what you want?"

Annette lowered her eyes again. All the fight seemed to have gone out of her. She just seemed to accept her situation. The two men standing before us were listening to our conversation and smiling broadly. They realised that I had successfully managed to talk my wife into this and they were not disappointed.

"Good. You can start by taking her jacket and blouse off!" Mr James told me.

I complied with all their instructions and watched the bulge in their suit trousers grow larger every second. I had to admit to feeling very turned on by this situation as well. The thought of being able to watch while these two old guys took my young wife was almost a dream come true. I would never have mentioned it to Annette, but I had always longed to watch her with another man.

My fingers trembled slightly as I helped the silent Annette off with her jacket and began fumbling with the buttons on her white blouse.

"Quicker!" shouted Mr. Graham "Tear it off!" I closed my eyes and gripped the fabric in both hands. I pulled quickly, surprised at how easily the material split. Annette stood before us, eyes still looking at the floor. She has smallish boobs and rarely wears a bra. Today was no exception. In a second both men were on her. Gnarled hands and fingers groped at her tits and nipples. Thin lips closed over the cherry red buds pulling and teasing them to erection. Between them they lifted her up in their arms and placed her on the empty table that adorned the centre of the small room.

Until now, I had almost been enjoying what was happening, but now, as the two partners greedily feasted on my wife's breasts, I stood back feeling a little superfluous. They were grunting their appreciation for the opportunity to be with a young woman as they mauled her and Annette simply lay back with her eyes closed seemingly indifferent to the proceedings. Suddenly Mr. James bit down lightly on Annette's left nipple. It already looked engorged, but her squeal of pain quickly led to a low, throaty moan of pleasure - she had actually started to enjoy her brutal treatment.

"Right." said Mr. Graham as he stood up, "off with the rest, I think!"

"A pleasure, Mr. James" his partner replied. The two were like a double act and I decided to settle down into one of the hard wooden chairs and watch what happened. Annette had only worn a pair of shorts, and these, along with her pale lemon coloured panties were quickly shimmied down her slender legs by the two men. My erection was aching in my jeans as I watched my wife's body revealed in such an obscene manner. She lay naked apart from the yellow ankle socks and running shoes that I had watched her put on this morning. She looked incredibly sexy!

"Would you care to go first?" asked Mr James of his partner, politely. The whole thing was surreal.

"Why thank you, Mr. James. I'd be absolutely delighted!"

I was fascinated. I had expected Annette to complain, to scream and kick, but if anything her eyes seemed to beckon them, encourage them in their pleasant task.

The double act continued in almost comical form. James moved to the table and placed his hands gently on my wife's thighs. He eased them open exposing a vagina that looked already suspiciously damp. He looked up at Graham who was quietly removing his suit trousers and neatly folding them and smiled.

"I believe the bitch is ready for you, Mr. Graham!"

"Thank you, Mr. James," he replied looking at Annette's pussy and smiling, "I do believe you are correct."

I had never called my wife a bitch, but the effect was stunning. As soon as she heard the disparaging words she moaned loudly and opened her legs wider. We could now all see her juice glistening on the sparse, wispy hair of her mound.

As Graham removed his shorts, I was surprised to see a large, solid erection protrude from his groin. It looked strong and potent and belied his age. As he approached the table and stood between Annette's spread legs his partner moved politely aside and joined me to watch. Graham grasped his shaft and placed it against my wife's open slit, sliding it up and down the wet opening and coating it with her flowing juice. She moaned again as the large, purple glans made contact with her clitoris and then gasped as Graham thrust inside her without warning. Graham, too, groaned as he drove his length up into her body.

"The bitch is nice and tight down there!" he commented in short gasps.

Annette moaned out loud again as he insulted her, but this time she continued as he began to fuck her properly, crying out to him and encouraging him to fuck her deeper and faster. I could tell from the pitch of her voice and the way her body began to shudder and tremble that she was embarking on a powerful orgasm. Graham was grunting with each deep thrust of his large tool as he fucked her through her orgasm, smiling and grimacing alternately as she twisted and writhed under him.

"Tell me you won't steal again, bitch, or I won't cum for you" he snarled through gritted teeth as he ploughed into her.

" won't...I promise" Annette gasped as her orgasm continued to wrack her slender body, "please cum ...cum on me...cum in me...just CUM!"

I had not expected this particular form of aversion therapy, but it did seem to be working! My wife was so desperate for her lover to climax, that she would have promised virtually anything.

"Ahhhhh...oh it comes, bitch!"

Graham lunged deeply and then quickly withdrew from Annette's gaping snatch. He held his tool aiming it straight at her belly and let fly a virtual torrent of semen. Annette groaned deeply and twisted her body as the hot liquid scorched her pale skin. He seemed to cum and cum and the more of his seed that splashed on her, the more Annette seemed to like it.

Mr. James had been watching the scene (as had I) and was now following his partner's example of tidyness by removing his trousers and underwear and folding them neatly. His cock was not as long as his partners, but was very thick around. He stroked it a few times in his fist and then changed places with Graham who sat down beside me.

James was not as gentle as his partner and, as he approached the supine figure on the table, he reached under her and quickly flipped her over onto her stomach.

"Bitches are best taken from behind, don't you agree, Mr. Graham?"

"Absolutely, Mr. James" Graham commented with a smile as he began to replace his underwear. Annette was moaning almost constantly now and I made a mental note to use this sort of language with her the next time we had sex.

James was obviously in no mood for foreplay and, grasping her running shoes in each hand, he pulled Annette's legs roughly apart. He looked down at her briefly, lined up his thick tool with her open slit and lunged forward. Annette cried out as her cunt stretched wide to accept his girth, but he ignored her and continued to f***e his way inside until he was buried to the hilt. He fucked her fast and frantically, reaching round and pulling roughly on her breasts and pebble like nipples as he thrust into her eager pussy. There was no finesse to this - just a hard, rampant plundering of my wife's body. Annette was bing jerked back and forth across the table by the ferocity of the attack and was having trouble forming the words she wished to use.

"Yes...yes...fuck me...fuck your bitch hard...fuck your nasty little whore....cum on me...agh...agh..agh...yes...yes..."

We could see that James was nearly there but he wanted the same promise before he rewarded my wife with his emission.

"Oh yes..I..promise..I'll ..never...steal...again...please cum for"

Obviously content with her guarantee, James pulled out of Annette's cunt and, with cock in hand, quickly made his way towards the front of the table where her head lay rested on her arms. He grasped her hair and eased her head upwards forcing her to look at his twitching cock.

"Look at it bitch!" he cried as his other hand jerked the foreskin up and down his meaty shaft. "Open wide, here it comes!"

Annette obeyed and instantly parted her lips as the first jet of semen spurted from James' cock and landed on her face. Three, four, five more jets quickly followed and coated her lips, nose and eyes. James squeezed the last drops out of his spasming erection and then ceremoniously wiped his tool over my wife's lips, pushing the tip inside her mouth to ensure that she received every drop.

Even though I had done nothing, I felt completely exhausted. My erection was aching painfully in my underwear and I just wanted to get my little "bitch" home and empty the contents of my balls in her cunt or down her throat. Annette had never allowed anal sex before, but I was fairly sure that, with the use of the right language, her ass could be all mine later on!

As the two partners finished dressing themselves, I helped Annette back into her shorts and the remnants of her blouse. I picked up her panties from the floor and was about to stuff them into my pocket when James took them from me.

"I think these should stay with us, don't you?" he said looking at Annette "This is the deal. For every week that goes by when you don't steal anything, your husband may bring you back here where Mr Graham and I will repeat our performance. Today was just a little taster! We are both extremely experienced and will give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams. But only if you remain crime free! Do you understand? You will behave well and do exactly as your husband instructs. One word from him to the contrary and the police can be called back at any time."

"I don't think we'll have any trouble on that score," I said smiling. "I'm sure Annette will be a good little bitch from now on!"

We have returned to Mr James and Mr Graham's jewelry shop on many occasions and it just keeps getting better! Annette has not stolen anything for over a year and has the best used pussy and ass in town!

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10 months ago
great story. would like to hear about you getting her ass and maybe the other guys too.
10 months ago
Nice one, thanks for sharing.
10 months ago
Great story. I hope you do some follow up stories for us on this regarding her treatments.