Friends and Neighbours

Friends and Neighbours

The two families have lived side by side for the past ten years. The k**s have grown up together, attended the same school and even gone on holiday together. At 17 years of age Karen, Bob and Izzy’s daughter, has grown up into beautiful young lady, the image of her mother. She knows how good she looks and uses this to mercilessly tease the two b*****rs from next door.

Les is 19 and David 16. They lust after Karen and put up with the teasing in order to stay close to her. They know that sooner or later they will wear down her resistance and then the fun will begin.

It is during the summer months and Bob has had a work accident which means he is immobilised in plaster. Gardening has become a difficulty however, he asks the lads to help out. All summer long they have worked when needed to keep his garden tidy and neat. Often stripped to the waist under the hot sun they work tirelessly while being closely watched by Karen.

Another more surreptitious watcher is her mother Izzy. She lounges on the patio sunning herself and hiding her eyes behind large dark glasses. She gazes at the two fine specimens of youth as they toil away in her yard. Often she sneaks a hand under the newspaper she keeps folded in her lap and parting her legs slightly, she strokes her mound through her cut off jeans.

Izzy dreams about the two lads, her pussy mushy and on fire as she imagines their hot mouths licking her and their hard cocks plunging in and out of her cunt.

She is a petite woman of 37 with shoulder length blonde hair, 34c breasts atop a dainty waist and flaring hips which fill her Levis perfectly, a real MILF. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the lads and they keep each other aware when they are being watched. They often talk about Karen and her mother wondering who would be the better in bed. David reckons Karen as she is fresh and untouched. Les counters that Izzy is experienced and knows what she wants.

The debate goes on for some time until the day arrives when Karen goes off on holiday with Izzy’s parents. Due to Bob’s injury both he and Izzy will remain at home. The boys are going to miss Karen for the next three weeks but they console themselves that the time will pass quickly. Next morning the lads are back in the garden digging over a patch reserved for vegetables.

Around mid morning a local farmer arrives and tips a load of manure in the driveway. David and Les are the only candidates for shovelling this lot to the newly dug ground. Bob being of no use whatsoever due to his leg. That and fact he has gone to hospital to have the cast removed and isn’t going to be back until late afternoon.

Finally all the shit has been shovelled and the lads stop for a break. Izzy offers them a cold drink. She is again wearing her cut offs and a loose sleeveless top with a plunging neckline. Bending from the waist down she slowly fills the boy’s glasses making sure they both get a good look down her top. As they rest Izzy asks if they would like to take a shower to clean up. The lads agree and Izzy tells David to use the bathroom and Les will use the en-suite in her bedroom.

Izzy goes off to lay out towels while the lads finish their drinks and go inside. David is undressing in the bathroom when Izzy slips through the door and sits on the side of the bath.

‘Do you think you two young men would be up for some extra work’ she purrs.
‘What do you have in mind Izzy’?
Izzy explains that since Bob’s leg got broken she has had to forgo any bedtime pleasures and it is getting to the point where her frustration is mounting. She asks if they are up to the task of giving her some sexual satisfaction.

‘Both of us at the same time?’ asks David.

‘Yes both of you. It is one of my fantasies to have two hard young men at the same time. This seems like the ideal chance to make it happen.’ Izzy is stroking David’s bare chest as she pouts and flutters her eyes.
David is hard already and she can see his prick straining at his boxers,
‘Looks like the answer is yes’ she says.
‘I’ll just go see Les, don’t be long’.

In the en-suite Les is already under the shower when the door opens and Izzy slides in beside him. Covering his rapidly stiffening cock with both hands Les splutters and asks Izzy what she is doing. Izzy explains about her lack of sex and asks if Les can help relive her frustration with David helping.

Taking his hands and moving them away from his groin she kneels and sucks his purple helmet into her warm mouth. Bobbing her head to and fro Les quickly comes and pours his sperm onto Izzy’s tongue, she quickly swallows.

Standing she soaps Les all over then swiftly rinses him off. Pulling him from the shower she hands him a towel and dries herself as he does likewise. David furiously towels himself then makes his way to the bedroom just as Les and Izzy exit the shower.

Izzy tells Les to lie on the bed while she straddles his head. Facing his feet she lowers her pussy to his mouth. Instructing him to lick her hot crevice she asks David to stand in front of her. David positions himself to allow Izzy to suck his cock while his b*****r tongues her cunt. It is not long before David squirts his jizz down Izzy’s throat, she swallows her second load of the day.

Les is licking furiously at Izzy’s snatch and she comes bucking her hips and grinding herself against Les’ face. Placing his hands beneath her armpits David lifts her and both he and Les lay either side of Izzy. Both boys caress her flanks and suck her nipples as Izzy moans and holds both their heads to her breasts. She tells them how much she enjoys being the plaything of two hot and horny men.

Taking an arm each the boys spread Izzy like a starfish. They lick, suck and nibble every inch of her flesh teasing her until she is a soggy, dripping, writhing mass. They fondle her lush body as she groans in ecstasy.

These two boys are keeping her constantly on the verge of coming. Her nipples are hard with their continuous suckling and tonguing. Between her legs her cunt is dripping. Her outer lips are puffy and swollen while the petal like inner lips are spread, waiting. Her heart is racing and her face and chest flushed with excitement. She so badly wants them to fuck her. Oohhhh they are sooo good!

As he strokes inside her pussy Les feels David slip a finger in alongside his. Izzy is in heaven with two b*****rs sucking and nibbling her nipples as they both fingerfuck her at the same time. Les pulls Izzy on top of him and straddling his hips she positions her cunt over his cock and pushes downward. Izzy gasps as Les’ plum shaped helmet parts her pussy and she sinks to the base mashing her pubes against his.

David in the meantime is behind Izzy and pulling her shoulders back he raises her up as she rides Les’ hard cock. David reaches forward and cups Izzy’s breasts grazing her nipples with his palms and making them jut out stiff and straining. Tracing one hand downward he slowly brushes through the golden curls of her bush to gently rub the hard marble of her clit.

Izzy moans and the speed of her riding increases as she nears a climax. Her hips make a wet slapping sound as they met Les’ thighs and with her breath coming in short gasps Izzy comes loudly throwing her head back as David continues to caress and squeeze her titties and clitty while kissing her neck. David allows Izzy to flop forward on to his b*****rs’ chest where she lays twitching and gasping as her orgasm subsides. ‘Wow!’ she tells the lads ‘that was fantastic but I still need more!’

Neither of the b*****rs has come this time and with Les still hard and buried deep in her pussy David helps Izzy turn round until she is ‘reverse cowgirl’ on Les. Les reaches up and pulls Izzy backward to lie on his chest. David kneeling in front of Izzy now rubs his stiff penis over her clitoris and pushes his helmet down to where his b*****r’s cock is snugly held between Izzy’s red pussy lips.

Laying his cock atop his b*****r’s David pushes forward slowly introducing his member in to Izzy’s mushy snatch. Izzy squeals like a cat in heat as the tip of David’s dick slowly spears her already cock filled clam. Pausing briefly to allow her cunt to stretch David f***es more and more of his hot rod into Izzy until his balls are at her splayed entrance.

Izzy thrashes around with her legs waving before being tightly held by Les. As David begins to slowly pump his cock in and out Izzy howls like a banshee. On and on the pace increases until both David and Les are flashing their straining boners into Izzy’s sopping wet quim. She is panting like a dog as these two youthful cocksmen plough her steamy furrow relentlessly bringing her to peak after peak after peak.

Izzy is coming constantly now and her crotch is soaking with her love juice. The room reeks of her sex scent as David and Les plunge on unceasingly. With Izzy sobbing and leaking come everywhere the boys reach their own climax. As they both grunt and growl they fire what seems like a bucket of hot semen into Izzy’s stretched well fucked pussy. ‘Oh God that was fucking incredible!’ she gasps. ‘I may never walk again.’

David withdraws his glistening prick and reaching down to her pussy he scoops out a handful of come which he holds to Izzy’s lips. She laps it up like a cat. ‘Meeoow’. David fills her slit with his cock once more. He slides balls deep in one thrust, easier than before due to the stretching she has received. They both start to ride her once more.

Les grins at David and says he was right. David smiles and admits defeat. Izzy is puzzled until Les explains his theory of the mother being a better ride than the daughter. Izzy gasps, the boys pick up the pace once more. Shocked she stammers ‘You, you haven’t ... not, not with my baby’. Les says her baby is still a virgin however now they know just how fabulously dirty her mother is in bed perhaps she should be next for the treatment. Perhaps she could be every bit as adventurous and accommodating as her mother.

Izzy pleads with the boys not to deflower her daughter in this way. Les and David buck furiously filling her cunt with every inch of cock they can muster. David tells Izzy not to worry as when they do take Karen they will make sure Mummy is there to hold her little girl’s hand and reassure her as she is plundered.

All this has Izzy wriggling and screaming between her two young lovers as she begins to reach her last multiple orgasm of the afternoon. Izzy is disgusted at herself for the way her body is reacting to the thought of her being present when these two studs fuck her daughter in the same way they have fucked her today.

Oohhh how they have fucked her! As she winds down from the creamiest of climaxes, Izzy realises with a sly grin that she is looking forward to it.

Oh how wrong this was, how delicious it will be!

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AWESOME story thanks for posting it for us
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awesome & yes more of it
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Great story!!!