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Dead Male Porn Stars

Male Pornstars That Committed Suicide

Jon Dough
Suicide 8/27/2006 He was 43.From intentional d**g overdose in 2006.

Jon Vincent
d**g overdose/suicide 5/3/2000 aka Jeffrey James Vickers Kyle McKenna
Suicide, OD'd on pills of some sort 3/14/2000 His parents refused to claim his body (they had long ago rejected their homosexual son), so Kyle's ex-boyfriend and friends had him cremated. His ashes s**ttered over the mountain where he loved to snowboard.

Steve Fox
Suicide 10/23/97 aka Rommel Eugene Hunt; Self-inflicted gunshot wound after years of mental illness

Andy Mantegna
Suicide, Hanging August 1996
Christian Fox
d**g overdose 10/96

Joel Curry
Suicide 10/2/95 "He took an overdose of his step-mother's "cramp" medicine, THEN, went to sl**p in the back seat of the car, with the car on, and the garage door closed. Left a note taped to the garage door for his little b*****r and step-s****r, saying "Don't come in the garage - go and call Dad". he was my best friend only a year or two after his mother's suicide."

Cal Jammer
self-inflicted gunshot wound 1/25/95
Rod Phillips
Suicide by d**g OD as he lay dying of AIDS 6/7/93 Caleb Carter
Suicide 02/20/2009 Twink star active between 2004-2007. Also appeared on several MTV shows in 2006. He had been struggling with manic depression, alcoholism.

Rex Cabo aka Lance Heywood
Jumped off a building 4/29/05 He performed under the name Lance Heywood. In the early 90s he was a talent scout who discovered, among others, Savannah. Kent North
Suicide 7/4/07

Jay Anthony
Suicide, reasons and method unknown April, 2003
Johnny Rahm
Hanged himself 11/7/2004 Rogers hung himself with a wire on the fence line of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

Spalding Gray
Suicide 01/10/2004 known to suffer bouts of depression in part as a result of these injuries, was declared missing. The night before his disappearance he had seen Tim Burton's film Big Fish, which ends with the line "A man tells a story over and over so many times he becomes the story. In that way, he is immortal." Gray's widow, Kathie Russo, has said “You know, Spalding cried after he saw that movie. I just think it gave him permission. I think it gave him permission to die.”

Tim Barnett
Suicide by hanging 7/13/05 A former gay porn actor and real estate agent suspected in seven ****s in Colorado and Texas died Wednesday after hanging himself in his jail cell.

Kyle Carrington
Suicide 1989 .He only made three gay films ;all classics;ALL AMERICAN BOY 1985,HOT MALE MECHANICS 1985,TOUGH COMPETITION 1984. ... Guess he could not live with himself, according to several websites, both gay and traditional; Kyle Carrington committed suicide in 1989 in Hawaii, a few months after moving there.He was either age 34 or age 37 at the time of death.
Kyle Carrington (1961 - 1997), born Steven A. Biship, was an American pornographic actor. Born in Springfield, Missouri, he moved in 1984 to Los Angeles, where he starred in two gay pornographic movies. He moved to Hawaii in 1986 and committed suicide there in 1997 after finding out that he was HIV positive.
Date of birth: 1961 .Date of death: 1997 (age 36 years) .Place of birth: Springfield, Missouri, United States of America .Also known as: Steven A. Biship

Alan Lambert
Suicide by gunshot 12/92 Chico Wang/Wanker Wang
Suspected OD 9/29/2007 Found dead in a motel in Morgan Hill, California.

Danny Dukes
OD 12/3/07 AVN: Performer and agent Danny Dukes was found dead in a San Fernando Valley home today in an apparent d**g overdose, according to his friend and fellow performer Will Powers.
Kirby Scott
Overdose 11/2/2006 A classic COLT Man as well as a popular fitness and physique model, Kirby Scott, 44, died November 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. The cause of death was a d**g overdose, per a newspaper obituary.
Scott Kirby (born as Joseph Myska) 1962-2006. An American actor/model and Colt Studio model who appeared in Playgirl and movies for Can-AM and Sharpshooter. Mainly working under the name Joseph Myska, he was a well known physique model who also worked with Tom Bianchi and Jeff Palmer. Joseph appeared in Male Pak clothing catalogues. He posed for some well-respected San Francisco art photographers such as Louis LaSalle and Kevin Caudill. The name Kirby Scott was only used during the period in which Myska worked for Colt Studio. Myska died on November 3, 2006 at 44 years of age. He is survived by his partner Tommy Varnadore of Atlanta, Georgia, and a s****r, Judy Colvin of West Virginia

Mike Henson
Overdose of heroin 9/21/2002 Was HIV+, death was not AIDS related; aka Kenneth Seymour
Leo Masters
Heart Failure due to d**g Overdose 6/22/2001

Christian Murphy
Overdose, Crystal Meth 1/23/2001 Retired gay porn star; he was 34.
OD 8/31/00
J.D. Ram
d**g overdose 9/30/98 heroin overdose

David Morris
d**gs 05/21/1999
Daniel Holt
Heart attack after accidental d**g OD 11/20/93 AIDS complications may have played a part
Fred Halsted
OD'd on sl**ping pills 1988. Date of birth: 194


John Leslie Nuzzo
January 25, 1945 – December 5, 2010
John Leslie died from a stroke, at his home in Mill Valley, California at the age of 65. Was a prolific porn actor who went on to have a long-running career as a producer and director of adult movies. Usually credited under the name John Leslie, he has also worked under a variety of pseudonyms, including John Leslie Dupre, Frederick Watson, and Lenny Lovely

Kevin James
Testicular Cancer 1987

Jamie Gillis
Cancer 2/19/10 Jamie Gillis was a pioneer in the adult film industry. He was 66 years old.

Buck Adams
Heart failure 10/28/2008 AVN Hall of Famer; actor/director. He passed away with s****r Amber Lynn, his daughter and a business associate by his side.

Frank Hollowell
heart attack? 01/12/1987 According to IMDB; died in Hollywood of an apparent heart attack

Gerard Damiano
Stroke 10/25/2008 The groundbreaking director of "Deep Throat" and "Devil in Miss Jones" passed away from complications from a stroke.

Sasha Gabor
Heart Failure 06/27/2008 Died while on vacation in Thailand.

Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Heart attack 04/28/2008 Heart attack at home in France. Influential director-photographer-activist, AVN Hall of Famer and one of only a few household name directors; considered perhaps the best all-around filmmaker gay adult ever produced.

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach
Pneumonia, complications from cystic fibrosis 04/24/2008 AP: "Kallenbach contracted pneumonia while in custody on a charge of attempted c***d a*****ion. He died Thursday at Riddle Memorial Hospital near Media, his mother, Fay Kallenbach, said. She said her son suffered from the chronic ailment cystic fibrosis and officials at the Delaware County jail near Philadelphia had failed to properly care for him. A county official said he had been cared for promptly."

Jack Deveau
Lung cancer Unknown Date of death: 1982 Gay Porn Director

Jim Mitchell
Heart attack 7/12/2007 Half of the legendary team, the Mitchell b*****rs. "He was sitting in his chair and doing something, I think watching TV, and he just, 'Ehhhh.' That was it. His heart quit him just like that," said f****y member Merle Lane. The Mitchell b*****rs (James "Jim" Lloyd Mitchell, November 30, 1943–July 12, 2007 and Artie Jay Mitchell, December 17, 1945–February 27, 1991) were pioneers in the pornography and striptease club business in San Francisco and other parts of California from 1969 until 1991, when Jim was convicted of killing Artie. They opened the O'Farrell Theatre in 1969 as an adult cinema and at one time operated 11 such businesses; they produced and directed many adult films, including Behind the Green Door in 1972. They were also successful as the defendants in many obscenity cases. The Mitchells' notoriety significantly increased with Jim's fratricide; they became the subject of three books, X-Rated by David McCumber, Bottom Feeders by John Hubner, 9 1/2 Years Behind the Mitchell b*****rs' Green Door by Simone Corday and one movie, Rated X. The Mitchells' father, Robert (known to all as Bob), an "Okie," was a professional gambler. He and his wife, Georgia Mae, settled in Antioch, near San... Less
Date of birth: 1945 .Date of death: 1991 (age 46 years)
Artie Shot by his b*****r Jim 1991/02/27 He was half of the legendary Mitchell b*****rs. (photo Jim on left and Artie on right = Mitchell b*****rs)

Brett Mycles
congestive heart failure 2/24/2007 Mycles was a contract star for Jet Set from 2000-01 before he retired from making adult movies in 2002.

Cancer/AIDS 12/7/2006 He was 26 years old. His agent David Forest notified the industry of his passing. Rocky was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2006 and was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood. When he died, he was undergoing chemotherapy as he battled the cancer and other AIDS-related illnesses.

Matt Sterling
Neuron disease 12/6/06 Gay Porn Director. the helmer died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood of "a motor neuron disease he was diagnosed with 18 years ago."

Andy Dill
Meningitis 12/6/06 He spent only a few days in the hospital, but deteriorated quickly, and was gone."

Michael Morrison
Natural Causes 12/22/2006 Sharon Mitchell in AVN: "Some say Milton grew tired of life; diabetes had left him blind. He ate too much, lived hard, fucked a lot, loved a lot, and laughed more. For a man like that to be inactive is like a death sentence, I think."

Robert McCallum
Cancer 10/16/2006 One of the most important directors of the Golden Age, Robert McCallum (real name: Gary Graver), succumbing to a battle with cancer. Graver unfortunately consistently denied ever being "McCallum", claiming he never used a pseudonym on his films, but every performer confirmed his identity as Gary Graver. McCallum suffered from the "Traci Lords syndrome", I think. Or in other words, because he worked with the u******e Traci Lords, that may have affected why he didn't admit to having done adult films. In any case, though he was ashamed of his porno past and apparently took his "secret" to the grave (even a couple weeks ago, as he was dying, he denied being McCallum), he should be remembered by adult film fans for his incredible work: 3AM, V THE HOT ONE, THE ECSTASY GIRLS, COED FEVER, AMANDA BY NIGHT, GARAGE GIRLS, CENTERSPREAD GIRLS, SOCIETY AFFAIRS, PRIVATE TEACHER, SUZIE SUPERSTAR, TRINITY BROWN, EROTIC CITY, TOWER OF POWER, CRAZY WITH THE HEAT, DOLL FACE, PEEPING TOM.

Alain Payet
Cancer 12/13/2007 He died in Paris of cancer

Haus Weston
Cardiac arrest 11/6/07 JC Adams: confirmed that COD was cardiac arrest. Mr. Weston suffered a heart attack while traveling abroad. .

Cody Foster
Liver Cancer 1/7/07 Passed away in Colorado.

Holly One
Heart failure 9/8/06 Spanish star and director, did some movies with/for Rocco.

Mark Weiss
Undisclosed medical reasons 1992 screenwriter of "Catwoman" and "Welcome to Dallas" among others. He directed "Black Taboo"

Joseph Tiffenbach
Heart attack 1/27/92

Aldo Rey
Cancer 3/27/91

Congenital Heart Failure 2/10/91 According to Frontiers, Buster (aka Jeffrey Wayne Cole) was HIV+ but not related to his cause of death.
Jeffrey Wayne Cole, better known as Buster (23 August 1956 -10 May 1991) was an American pornographic actor who appeared in gay adult films. Buster ran unsuccessfully for a city council seat in West Hollywood in 1988. He died on 10 May 1991 at home in Hollywood, California at the age of 34, of complications of AIDS.
Date of birth: Aug 23, 1956 .Date of death: May 10, 1991 (age 34 years) .Place of birth: South Hill, Virginia, United States of America .Also known as: Buster

Henri Pachard
Cancer 9/27/2008 Porn legend Ron Sullivan suffered a stroke and remained pretty much comatose. He had been under hospice care at home. Pachard, who had been treated in the past for squamous cell carcinoma in his jaw, was diagnosed in May with throat cancer."

Dick Masters
Spinal cancer, not AIDS-related 4/27/90
Dick Masters real name was Kelly Doyle Trammell. Born September 28, 1964 in Henderson County Texas, he graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Accounting. He worked as an accountant in Dallas for a couple of years before starting work with a local e****t service. In the late 1980s, Kelly headed to Los Angeles where he starred in numerous gay magazines and adult films. He was poised to become a major star in the industry before succumbing to spinal cancer April 27, 1990.
Date of birth: Sep 28, 1964 .Date of death: Apr 27, 1990 (age 25 years) .Place of birth: Henderson County, Texas, United States of America .Also known as: Kelly Doyle Trammel.

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2 months ago
joey Stefano... there is an amazing book about his life called Wonder Bread & Ecstasy
5 months ago
i didnt know Jamie Gillis was dead,i was actually a bit shocked.
5 months ago
This list is way too long considering it's a small population and stats weren't kept in the older days because no studio PR and the fact it was generally hidden.
10 months ago
It will be fun to read all through this.
1 year ago
Joe Tiffenbach; one of the best and few photographers in the business who took the effort to make his subjects look better in front of the camera for the enjoyment of us all. He was a professional...God Bless him. Thanks Joe.
1 year ago
Jon dough was my favorite.. Beautiful man
1 year ago
They all made life a bit more enjoyable...THANK YOU.
2 years ago
I just wanted to make a comment about the passing of Mike Hensen known to his friends as Kenny Seymour. He was npt just a porno star he was a loving human being.

Kenny, was an amazing friend. Never screwed anyone over and went out of his way to make friends and to take care of the friends he had. Yes, had a horrible craving for H. He and I went to rehab together and when we left together we kept in touch even though we were in different towns. He and I were the only two that clicked in rehab. His death was an accident, I know that. He did not want to die. He was just lost in the horrible craving for H. While that was not my craving of choice I understood his craving. We cried on the phone many a night as he stayed at his relatives house. He was lost and I tried so hard to help him. His death almost killed me. However, what it did was turn my life around and make me not want to die. I talk to you every night Kenny as you are on my night stand. I miss you my brother and I know you are hovering over me every night that i am asleep and alive. I love and miss you as do many of your friends and especially your family. Love Mikey
2 years ago
Ill miss Tim Barnett,he was so hot.Cant believe he raped 9 women.He could have had any woman with his good looks.So so strange.
2 years ago
My hat is off for them!!!
2 years ago
wow i watched a few of thoes guy in movies back in the day,brings back memories.thanks
2 years ago
wow... It made me shed a tear... So many suicides ): so sad... The emotional pain that followed them trough their lives... awww :(
These people made what porn is today and we thank you all.
2 years ago
Great job

John Holmes ?
2 years ago

2 years ago
¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿frank james????????????????????????????live?????
2 years ago
Wow O_O Excellent work and tributes! :)
2 years ago
Excellent write up I used to love anything that John Leslie did sad to see he has passed away and Jamie Gillis. Great tribute
3 years ago
excellent tribute

i didn't knew about buck adams
3 years ago
Greg Centuro January 10th 1977 died on March 11th 2011 in Budapest by overdose .
He was 34 years old ( French actor )

with her ex girlfriend .
3 years ago
Why Spalding Gray? Was he in porn??
3 years ago
Wow. Not so much 'Living the Dream' for a fair number of these guys, particularly the ones who OD'd. Do pornstars begin to revile themselves after a while as they may become shunned by friends and family and become destined to live only within the close knit porn community?
4 years ago
Great amount of work done here.
4 years ago
you know your porn. tanxs for this
4 years ago
informative, thanks
4 years ago
thank you for the information.
4 years ago
thank you and well done
4 years ago
Thank you for the pics that go with each performers info ,it took some time & effort I am sure !
4 years ago
thanks for the pictures and information.