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Porn Stars that from d r u g Overdose

Missy AKA Misti, Missie, Natasha Marie
Accidental(?) overdose of prescription pills 08/18/2008 AVN: "Missy, the soft-spoken five-foot-high blonde who took the adult industry by storm shortly after her first appearance in 1994, was reportedly found dead in her apartment in Valencia, Calif. from an accidental overdose of her prescription medication. She was 41 years old." Her b*****r posted a eulogy on his myspace page which seems to insinuate it may have been voluntary. ("But most of all I will just miss you. As much as I want to be selfish and have you back here with me. I know you are finally at peace and where you want to be.")

Megan Leigh

self-inflicted gunshot wound due to d**g abuse in 1990.6/16/90

Bambi Woods

died of apparent d**g overdose in 1986.
Bambi Woods made a name for herself in the 1970s as a porn actress when she took on the role of fictional character, 'Debbie Benton' who was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, the role she would be best remembered for. Woods first appeared as the character in, "Debbie Does Dallas" in 1978, and then again in "Debbie Does Dallas II: She's Scoring Again" in 1979, and "Debbie Does Dallas III: The Final Chapter" in 1985, the last film of the series. Woods also had a role in the film, "Swedish Erotica 12" in 1981. Before entering the adult film business she used the name of Debbie De Santo and actually tried out for the real Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, but never made the squad. Her death is actually in question at this time

Shauna Grant

self-inflicted gunshot wound due to Cocaine addiction in 1984. 3/23/84

Eva Lux

Heroin Overdose 9/20/2005 aka Leticia Blake. She was taken off life-support after a heroin overdose landed her in the hospital. Adult film actress, fetish model and noted blogger Eva Lux died at age 32. It was reported that Ms. Lux, real name Leticia Lynn Blake died of a heroin overdose. Alsana Sin, a fellow actress, model and blogger stated on her blog site that her friend Eva Lux died just hours after they had filmed a scene together. One of the people who posted a response on Ms. Sin?s website summed up my feelings exactly: “I?m tired of beautiful girls (or anybody) dying of d**gs.” I was fascinated by reading Ms. Lux?s own blog. It stopped four days before her death. She did?n’t talk much about the world of porn, instead, she talked about the world, the daily grind, friends, religion and philosophy

Juliette Jett AKA Johnie Jewel, Johnie, Johnnie Jewels, Juliette, Justin Jet, Justine Jett
Heroin OD 11/5/2005 . Juliet Jett died of Heroin overdose 2005

Rebecca Steele
OD'd on Carisoprodol; suffering from AIDS 1/18/2004

Teri Diver
died from prescription d**g overdose in 2001.Teri Diver was one of the most prolific pornstars of the 1990s, appearing in over 200 movies. She was popular throughout her hardcore career, and one of the most recognizable women in porn through sheer hard work and persistence. Well known for her curvaceous body, she later had cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her breasts.
Although she always preferred not to discuss details of her early life, it is known that Diver became an `emancipated youth` at the age of 13. She graduated from high school ahead of her class and entered college at a young age. There, she claimed to have majored in "behavior modification." Teri was a vegetarian.
After turning 18, Diver paid her way through school by stripping on the side. Upon graduation, Teri Diver married Tom Elliott, who she met while he was playing drums in a bar band.
Diver worked as a school teacher, and supplemented this income by holding down a part-time job at weight-loss clinic Nutri-System. Eventually Diver and Elliot moved to California, where they faced a variety of financial problems. Somehow, the school teacher and musician found their way onto the set of Taboo IV, where they met director Henri Pachard, who convinced Diver to try her hand at porn.
Diver broke into the business in 1991, heating up a series of scorching sex scenes. Among her early flicks are Bikini City, in which she has sex with Elliott. In one steamy scene with Elliot she deep throats him, then joins Peter North and Brandy Alexandre for a threesome. One of Diver`s most memorable scenes can be found in the second Seymore Butts feature, Seymore Butts Rides Again, where she takes part in a threeway with Melanie Moore and Ted Wilson in the opening of the movie.
Diver and Elliott soon moved into directing and producing their own flicks, with the help of AVN publisher Paul Fishbein. They worked well as a team, with Diver writing, directing and performing, while Elliot produced, wrote and did all the music. Together, they made a string of features, forty of which were directed by Diver.
Diver was a migraine headache sufferer for years, which led to her death on January 2, 2001. She apparently took an overdose of her migraine medication, which caused her to go into cardiac arrest. Diver left behind a plethora of adult films behind as her legacy, but she was always most proud of the work she did behind the camera.
She was survived by her spouse, porn actor Ren Savant, and one c***d.

Lisa de Leeuw

AIDS complications 11/11/93 Lisa de Leeuw died of AIDS complications in 1993. She was known as an IV d**g user and reportedly contracted the disease from contamination.

Alex Jordan
self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging 7/2/95 induced by d**g abuse in 1995.
Alex Jordan broke into the adult business in 1992. In 1993 she won AVN’s Best New Starlet Award. Alex also was a pioneer of the gonzo genre. On July 2, 1995 Alex was found hanging in a closet in her home, she was 31 years old. The cause of death was determined to be suicide. However some in the adult business including Ron Jeremy have speculated that her death was an accidental hanging. According to Ron and others Alex’s death was an accident from autoerotic self-asphyxiation where a person partially hangs themselves while masturbating. Jeremy states that Alex was into BDSM and it has been reported that Alex had handcuffs on when she was found indicating that there may have been some kinky play at the time of her death. INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence died in a similar way in 1997. The actual cause of Alex Jordan’s death may never be known.
Alex felt herself aging quickly in the fast lane of porn. In June, 1995, she became lonely when her husband went to Colorado to set up a ski shop so they could leave porn. Jordan's best friend was her parrot, and when it died, she went crazy. Speaking on the telephone to her husband, she accused him of not caring about her by acting insensitively to her feelings about her bird's death. She wrote a note describing her depression over the loss of her bird, and on the 27th of June, Alex hung herself in her closet.
On July 2nd, Alex's friend Summer Knight, a fellow porn performer, made a call to the police saying that Alex was missing. They broke into Alex's Marina Del Rey apartment. The first person to open Alex's closet was Summer, who smelled something funny. She saw her friend's decomposing body hanging there.
"The decedent was fully clothed," said the coroner's report, "cold to the touch and in early maroon and green mottled decomposition. She was fully suspended by a rope ligature about her neck which was tied neatly about a clothing hanger bar."
Police found a variety of d**gs in Alex's apartment and a suicide note that said Jordan, distraught over the death of her bird, wanted the world to know that she was leaving everything to her husband.
"Savannah and Megan Lee were actual suicides," says Ron Jeremy. "They say Alex Jordan was an accident. She was into S&M. She was doing this hanging thing in a closet with handcuffs… asphyxiation.

Tina Russell

Natural Causes 5/18/1981 Acute alcoholism; Tina Russell was born in Williamsport PA. She died on Monday May 18, 1981 at Tri-City Hospital in Vista CA, while visiting her b*****r. She was married to Jason Russell and is buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Montoursville, PA.

Chloe Jones

Passed away unexpectedly of liver failure 6/4/2005 Former Penthouse Pet passesd away in her hometown of Houston, Texas.Chloe Jones died from liver failure due to alcohol and d**g abuse. Club Jenna Inc. indicated it would be setting up a fund for Jones' c***dren that it would contribute to on a monthly basis.

Amber Sexxxum
Heroin Overdose 7/26/2002 According to Mike South, the Pinellas County Corner listed her cause of death as heroin overdose after autopsy was done.

Trinity Loren aka Roxanne McPherson

d**g overdose 10/28/98. Trinity suffered from overwhelming depression, and died of a d**g overdose in 1998.After years of d**g problems, Trinity Loren aka Roxanne McPherson died of an overdose of pills. (either prescription painkillers or sl**ping pills she had been taking for years and possibly combined with an i*****l d**g like heroin).Trinity Loren (born Joyce Evelyn McPherson August 21, 1964 in La Jolla, California, USA and died October 25, 1998) was a porn star, model, and stripper.
Loren began her adult career as a model in various men’s magazines, gaining attention due to her natural 38E breasts. Loren began her porn career on screen in late-1985, and quickly achieved renown as one of the first starlets of the straight-to-video era of adult films. She retired from pornographic films in the early-1990s, fearing the threat of the AIDS virus.
Loren specialized in oral and anal sex, as well as lesbian scenes. She was also one of the first mainstream adult stars to appear in videos noticeably pregnant and (later) lactating. Before this, many adult films with the pregnancy/milking theme were available only as underground 8mm loops or fringe fetish short films.
Loren shared a short marriage to Barry Woods (who also appeared in adult films under the pseudonym of Shane Hunter), with whom she had a daughter, Tess, born 1990. After the couple’s divorce, Loren moved to Texas, seeking to build a life with her daughter. Unfortunately, Woods and McPherson were fighting over the custody rights of their c***d; Woods won custody.
Loren moved back to California to be closer to her daughter. She continued to do photo layouts for men’s magazines including Hustler, Gent and D-Cup. During this time, she sought help for clinical depression and d**g addiction. As a part of her rehabilitation treatment Loren was working on an autobiography, which was never finished.
In 1998, Loren’s boyfriend, pornographic director Joe Gallant claims that the pair were about to start doing some sex scenes together as a start of Loren’s comeback into the adult industry.
Trinity Loren died on October 25, 1998 due to either an overdose of prescription painkillers, or a brain aneurysm. She is interred in the Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery in Chatsworth, California under her legal name, “Roxanne McPherson”. Gallant started his company, Black Mirror Productions, in part to raise money to support Loren’s daughter

Chanel Price
d**g overdose 12/20/1992

Arcadia Lake

Accidental overdose 1990. Born Michelle Carpenter, she took the stage name of "Arcadia Lake" from the resort area of the same name in Oklahoma. She was a petite woman with a lithe body, 5 foot 3 inches tall with dark raven-colored hair, and because of her young appearance, would often play roles of young high school girls or college coeds. Her first film was "Bella" (1974), and after a three-year layoff, she entered the adult film business full time with "Summertime Blue" (1978), in which she played a young high school girl who is introduced to the older and more experienced Eric Edwards. Over the next six years, her fresh-faced innocent beauty and schoolgirl figure helped her become one of the top actresses playing innocent young girls. Most audiences are familiar with her in the role of Tammy, from the cult film, "Debbie Does Dallas" (1978), one of her earlier films. The peak of her career came in the 1980 to 1981 time period. After a number of supporting type roles, she took the lead in "Honey Throat" (1980) and "Secrets of a Willing Wife" (1980), the latter film being considered one of her best acting roles. She and adult film star Eric Edwards were married for a brief time in 1980 to 1981, and they appear together in a number of adult films. She left the film industry in 1984, after making more than 40 films, although outtakes and clips from her earlier films were added to later films. She died six years later from a d**g overdose that some believe was a suicide.

Lolo Ferrari

died of prescription overdose at age 38 in 2000.

Linda Wong

Overdose 12/7/87 Linda Wong died from Xanax, Chloral hydrate, and alcohol overdose in 1987.

Jill Munro AKA Jill Munro, Jill Monroe
Heroin OD 1982 Sex change star companion of Mr. "10 1/2" Marc Stevens. Adult Cinema Review, December 1982. Inside an entire two page memorial to Jill. Two articles were penned about the transsexual(pg's 4-5). One written by Ron Jeremy and the other by a guy named Boz Crawford. To make a long story short the article says that Jill Munro was found dead in her apartment, the apparent victim of a heroin overdose. The time of death was August, 1982."

Karen Lancaume

committed suicide by d**g overdose 2005. Karen Bach (January 19, 1973 – January 28, 2005), also known under the pseudonym Karen Lancaume, was a French adult film star. She appeared in around 40 movies between 1996 and 2000.She is best known for her starring role in the controversial 2000 film, Baise-moi.
She was born in the suburbs of Lyon. After studying business, she met and married a man. At his suggestion, she began working in adult films as a means to escape crippling debts.She was a nominee for the Best French Actress Hot d'Or in 2000.[3] In time, she and her husband separated.
Lancaume took her own life on January 28, 2005 via an overdose of temazepam in her boyfriend's apartment

Roberta Pedon

Alcoholism 07/30/1982 Roberta Pedon died at the Alameda Hospital in Alameda County, California on July 30, 1982 at the age of 28. On Pedon's death certificate, the examining physician recorded her death as a result of "shock" due to lactic acidosis caused by "alcoholic liver disease". Pedon's remains were cremated at the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland.

Anastasia Blue aka Elena Behm

Suicide, overdose of tylenol 07/19/2008 , she took her own life -- "She died from a overdose of Tylenol and a broken heart."
d**g overdose

Haley Paige

died Aug. 22, 2007 from possible murder and had methadone in her system.

Chantilly Lace

13 June 1967 - 13 July 2008 d**g Overdose

Yumika Hayashi
28 June 2005 After a night of drinking celebrating her birthday was found by her mother a few days later in her apartment dead due to choking on her own vomit.

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9 months ago
nice post.its reinforces the sad conection between porn industry and drug addiction.i wander how many are addictted today..
2 years ago
Yep I heard Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon talking about Lisa De Leeuw today on You Porn radio. They don't even know anything about her...
3 years ago
Hi Battery it's a fascinating read this blog it's sad that so many appear to have taken OD's but I suppose that's the nature of their characters within a very fragile industry. Lisa De Leeuw is interesting though wonder if she is dead or alive?
3 years ago
I've read the same thing about De Leeuw. If she is alive, I wish she would embrace her hardcore past, she should be proud of it. The same could be said of CJ Laing.
3 years ago
Yes was reading that same rumor else where on the net that Lisa De Leeuw just wanted a clean break from the porn buisness and thus faked her own death..
3 years ago
Fascinating blog. There is still a considerable amount of controversy, however, regarding the death of Lisa De Leeuw. Most credible sources that I am familiar with claim that she is still alive today.