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PornStars that Commited Suicide

Hunter Bryce aka Kathryn Sue Johnston

died 13/4/2011.. Found dead in her bed with no foul plair involved.
He started her carrier in 2007 and made over 70 films. She adopted the her acting name from her favorite author Hunter.S.Thompson.
Hunters friend Rachel Roxxx said that she had been battling acoholism..
An avid reader, Bryce had a double major at the University of Pittsburgh in non-fiction writing and literature. In a 2008 interview she said she at one time thought she would someday become a college professor teaching literature.
Born of Italian and Scotch-Irish descent, she also formerly worked in real estate, retail and marketing before getting into porn. She said she idolized classic Vivid Girl Briana Banks.

Violet Adamson aka Violet Addawson
born on July 1, 1975 died in Ohio on December 19, 2010 35years old. Died by hanging.

Ami Jondan
(23 August 1990 - 11 June 2010) Pill overdose

Dana Plato

(Suicide) (7 November 1964 – 8 May 1999)
Plato went to lie down inside her recreational vehicle parked outside the house and subsequently died of an overdose of Vanadom (Soma) and Lortab. Her death at the age of 34 was eventually ruled a suicide under Oklahoma law although police stated they believed it was an accident. Her body was cremated.
After leaving Diff'rent Strokes in 1986, Plato attempted to establish herself as a serious actress, but found it difficult to step out of the long shadows cast by her sitcom career. After her c***d was born, she had breast implants and appeared in a June 1989 Playboy pictorial, but her career remained in the doldrums. She started taking roles in such B-movies as Bikini Beach Race and Lethal Cowboy.
In 1992, Plato was one of the first celebrities to star in a video game. The game, Night Trap, was not a great success, but is considered a pioneering title as it was the first game to use live actors, specifically a well known personality (Plato).It was one of the first video game titles to have mature content and attracted controversy due to its depiction of v******e.The controversy eventually led to the creation of the ESRB.
Toward the end of her career, Plato chose roles that could be considered erotic or even softcore pornography. She appeared partially nude in Prime Suspect (1988) and Compelling Evidence (1995), but her most infamous film is 1997's Different Strokes: The Story of Jack and Jill...and Jill. The movie's title was changed after shooting to tie it to Plato's famous past, but was not connected in any way to the sitcom other than through her involvement. Plato played a lesbian and the film was rated X due to sexual content, but it was not considered hardcore pornography. Plato subsequently would appear in only one more film.

Paula Yates
Heroin Overdose 24 April 1959 – 17 September 2000)
Yates, 41, was found dead at her home in London of an accidental heroin overdose. The coroner ruled that it was not a suicide, but a result of "foolish and incautious" behaviour.
Yates became a fan of The Boomtown Rats and their lead singer, Bob Geldof, with whom she became involved and who fathered her first three daughters. She posed naked for Penthouse in 1978, just before she became a music journalist, writing a column called "Natural Blonde" in the Record Mirror. She first came to prominence in the 1980s, as co-presenter (with Jools Holland) of the Channel 4 pop music programme The Tube. She also appeared alongside friend Jennifer Saunders in 1987 for a spoof 'mockumentary' on Bananarama.
In 1982, she released a version of the Nancy Sinatra hit song "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'".
After the birth of her daughters, Yates wrote two books on motherhood.
Yates continued with her rock journalism, in addition to being presenter of the cutting-edge music show The Tube. She became most notorious for her "on the bed" interviews on the show The Big Breakfast, produced by Geldof. On 27 October 1995 Yates appeared on the quiz programme Have I Got News For You and repeatedly clashed with Ian Hislop. Yates referred to Hislop as being "the sperm of the devil".
Yates first met Michael Hutchence in a 1985 interview on Channel 4's rock magazine programme The Tube. Recalling that meeting for The Best of the Tube, Yates said that she had essentially interviewed Hutchence's crotch and he had invited her back to his hotel room, adding that she'd replied, "Michael, I have a baby." In the same edition, she stated that she and Annie Lennox had "skated across" a lesbian relationship during the period when they lived together in "a hippy commune", shortly before her marriage to Geldof.
During this appearance on The Tube, Yates was reportedly asked to leave Hutchence alone by the Road Manager of INXS when Paula walked up to him and said, "I'm going to have that boy." "Paula was unmoved and began to show up at INXS gigs everywhere for the next few years...she even brought her daughter (Fifi Geldof)." Yates doggedly maintained an irregular contact during the intervening nine years and their affair had been underway long before the Big Breakfast interview.In 1995, Yates left Geldof.
Geldof and Yates divorced in May 1996. Two months later Yates's daughter with Hutchence, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence (known as 'Tiger') was born on 22 July 1996.
On 22 November 1997, Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney. Paula Yates wrote in her police statement that Michael Hutchence was "frightened and couldn't stand a minute more without his baby". During their phone conversations on the morning of his suicide he had said, "I don't know how I'll live without Tiger". Yates also wrote that Bob Geldof had threatened them? repeatedly with, "Don't forget, I am above the law".Yates became distraught, refusing to accept the Coroner's verdict of suicide.She eventually sought psychiatric treatment.
In June 1998, Bob Geldof won full custody of the couple's three daughters and Yates attempted suicide. Michael Hutchence's father, Kell Hutchence, "launched proceedings in Australia seeking sole custody of [Tiger Lily] after concerns over a new relationship Miss Yates began while being treated at a clinic for a nervous breakdown earlier this year." She met Kingsley O'Keke, 26, during her stay but the pair broke up after a six-week romance. O'Keke later sold his story to a tabloid newspaper

Pauline Chan
Suicide 23 May 1973 – 31 July 2002
Around PM 5:30 on July 31, 2002 Chan jumped out of her 24th-floor apartment window to her death.In her suicide note she cited her postpartum depression as a reason for suicide, and besides expressing her deepest sorrow and blessing to Huang Jen-chung, she also asked everybody to seek her son's father, a Chinese American disk jockey in Taipei. Her funeral was a high-profile Buddhist ceremony on August 3, 2002 and her body was cremated.
Born in Shanghai, Chan's parents divorced when she was very young and she immigrated to Hong Kong with her mother at the age of 12. She started to work as a part-time fashion model at the age of 15 and contested in the 1990 Miss Asia Pageant. Chan did not win any title in this contest but her buxom figure, 175-centimeter length and mature look drew the attention of local pornographic film industry. She entered this industry in 1991 at only 18-year-old, mainly for her mother's expectations to finance their f****y. Until 1997, Chan showed up in more than 25 Hong Kong Category III films and gained widespread attraction for her bold performance, becoming a prominent sex symbol in the Greater China Area at that time.

Viv Neves
20 November 1947 - 29 December 2002 unknown cause of death.

Susan Shah

Suicide (1968 - 10 October 2004)
TRANSGENDER porn actress plunged to her death from a luxury Chelsea apartment building, apparently a suicide, cops and a friend said.
The 36-year-old Mexican immigrant fell 20 floors from the 30 story Vanguard Chelsea on W. 24th.
She had suffered from AIDS for 10 years. Ms. Shah was born a man and underwent sexual reassignment surgery. She appeared in several porn films under the name Princess Shah. She recently directed the PG-13 short film "A Step Ahead," which dealt with her sex change.
Was taking film classes at NYU. An NYU spokesman could not confirm that Shah, was a student. Several NYU students have committed suicide.At one point, Shah worked as an e****t, according to the e****t Web site, which is filled with nude photographs.She lived with a boyfriend, who helped put her through school

Jennifer Lyn Jackson
d**g overdose (21 March 1969 - 22 January 2010)
was the Playboy magazine Playmate of the Month for April 1989. Jackson was also one of three finalists chosen for Playboy's 35th Anniversary Playmate.
She was found dead in bed by her husband, James Thompson, in their home in a trailer park in Westlake, Ohio, of a d**g overdose (of heroin).

Leila Lopes
Cardiac arrest due to OD Mar 12 2009 death was attributed to cardiac arrest, anti-depressants were found in the vicinty of the body and suicide notes were found as well. She was a minor celebrity in her native Brasil. She was an actrice, journalist and TV personality for channel Rede Globo.

Tami Lynn aka Tammy Lynn, Tammy Li

Suicide 11/28/2008 Not explicitly confirmed; but most memorials refer to her as "having to be happier now" and a history of mental illness and d**g abuse.

Anastasia Blue
Suicide, overdose of tylenol 07/19/2008 , she took her own life -- "She died from a overdose of Tylenol and a broken heart."

Tiffani DiGivanni aka Tiffani Digiuanni

Suicide Approx Oct 07 She turned her car on in the garage and fell asl**p...

Tolly Crystal aka Timmy, Black Tolly, Tolly Cristall, Tolly

died after jumping out of window in 2002.She originated from Mongolia.

Camilla deCastro aka Camilla DeCastro, Camilla

Suicide 7/26/2005 Camilla is alleged to have committed suicide when she leapt from her 8th-story apartment, although the details surrounding her death are unresolved, and d**gs were involved in the circumstances of her death. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, on April 20th, 1979, Camila de Castro has to be one of the prettiest shemale stars ever to make XXX movies. Her petite figure and cute looks made her a success beyond adult movies. She was a regular on the Brazilian television show, Superpop, and at the time of her untimely death in 2005 was in negotiations to become the host of a new Brazilian reality TV show. She has become an icon and her movies have become collector's items for TS fans.

Angela Devi
Committed suicide by asphyxiation in 2006.Angela Devi was born Angela Dhingra on July 30, 1975. She was an Internet model who had her own adult website. Despite how much the adult industry has grown, Indian women are still a rarity and Angela stood out with her shapely curves and alluring eyes.
On March 31, 2006, Angela was found on the floor of her home in Scottsdale, AZ with a piece of cloth wrapped around her neck and a toppled over chair next to her body. A hook that was screwed into the ceiling had come loose after the hanging and her body fell to the floor. Police also found empty Xanax packages on the scene.

Clarissa Doll

Commited Suicide in 2006
She was discovered dead at a home in Las Vegas. She was 26

Sophie Roche aka Brigitte, Chicca or Ramona Kiss, Peggy Payat

committed suicide in January 2002.
French pornstar, she is born on 18 September 1978. She died when she was 23 years old (1 January 2002)

Megan Leigh

self-inflicted gunshot wound due to d**g abuse in 1990.6/16/90
Megan Leigh (born Michelle Maira Schei on (March 2, 1964 – June 16, 1990) was an American exotic dancer and pornographic video star.Leigh was born in Oakland, California, USA. She ran away from home for the first time at age 14, and by 16 was working at a Guam massage parlor. At 18, she began dancing nude at the Mitchell b*****rs O’Farrell Theater in San Francisco. Although the O’Farrell’s management considered her little more than a passably pretty bleach blonde with little dancing talent, she became popular as stripper “Eve” and made a few thousand dollars per month in tips (which she reportedly spent mainly on d**gs). In late 1986 she quit working at the O’Farrell Theatre and underwent a “makeover” (i.e. detoxification and cosmetic surgery), reemerging as Megan Leigh. In the summer of 1987, she starred in Secrets Behind the Green Door (see Behind the Green Door with Marilyn Chambers). She became known for her ability to deep throat her partners, getting a starring role in 1989?s Deep Throat III.Her body was discovered on June 16, 1990 at her home in Solano, California. She had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. According to former porn performer and message board contributor Brandy Alexandre, an autopsy discovered a lethal dose of Valium in Leigh’s system. Porn historians, including Luke Ford, have said that Leigh had recently entered a lesbian relationship and had moved in with her girlfriend, when her f****y reportedly denounced her for her decision to enter into a same-sex relationship. Reports claim that she had become despondent by her f****y’s rejection, and had been abusing d**gs before her suicide. She left behind a note mentioning unresolvable personal problems, a body of work numbering 133 titles, and a $500,000 (USD) house that Leigh had purchased for her mother just one month before her suicide.

Naughtia C h i l d s

Suicide? Jumped/Fell off her balcony 01/07/2002 Seems like a suicide, though there's a homicide investigation pending.Naughtia C h i l d s overdosed on Acid and thew herself off a balcony in 2002.Porn Star Naughtia c***ds was one of the most exciting young women on the scene during her short stay in the business. A round-faced, extremely youthful looking lass, Naughtia c***ds exuded sexual enthusiasm in every role she took. Her piercing blue eyes were among the most alluring we’ve seen, and her scrumptious 5’2? frame was home to some mouthwatering natural 34B-28-33 curves.
Naughtia c***ds was born Megan Serbian in San Diego, California in 1980. After graduating from high school, she ended up working a variety of go-nowhere jobs before hitting on the idea of porn. In 1999, she drove the short hitch up the freeway to Porn Valley and proceeded to make her mark in the industry with a string of awesomely erotic outings.
Naughtia c***ds made her hardcore debut opposite Ed Powers in ‘More Dirty Debutantes 102.’ Her combination of youthfully innocent good looks and down-and-dirty performance skills were a heady brew, and Naughtia c***ds quickly got noticed by lots of mainstream hardcore producers. Her do-anything nature insured that she would be kept as busy as she wanted to be.
Naughtia c***ds left the scene in 2000, after sexing her sassy way through over forty fiery features. Along the way, she blossomed from a cheeky young cutie to a streamlined, sexual-charged vixen. Naughtia c***ds remains one of the favorites among fans of cute brunette bad girls.
In January of 2002 c***ds’ body was found at the bottom of a four-story apartment balcony. Her death was officially ruled a suicide but according to sources the LAPD have an ongoing homicide investigation. Apparently the fact that she landed feet first, and the distance from the ledge, are not consistent with a jump. Several sources have also stated that c***ds was allegedly tripping on LSD at the time of her death.

Talia James aka Talia Geneua

committed suicide.

Susanna Britton

Suicide Unknown AKA Barbara Peckinpaugh / was in Bad Girls 2…

Wendy O.Williams

self-inflicted gunshot wound 4/7/98 lead singer of The Plasmatics, appeared in
appeared in several pornos including Candy Goes to Hollywood, where she shoots eggs out of her vagina, and 800 Fantasy Lane. Both films were released in 1979. A few years later, Wendy appeared in Reform School Girls.
At age 48, on April 8, 1998, she shot herself in the head outside her home in Connecticut.

Mary Millington

British porn star Mary Millington committed suicide August 19, 1979. Was a UK Sex dynamo, only in Europe could you legally see her in hardcore action in the 1970's. Needless to say she became an underground sensation back in Britain! says DirtyBrit.

Alex Jordan
self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging 7/2/95 induced by d**g abuse in 1995. Alex Jordan broke into the adult business in 1992. In 1993 she won AVN’s Best New Starlet Award. Alex also was a pioneer of the gonzo genre. On July 2, 1995 Alex was found hanging in a closet in her home, she was 31 years old. The cause of death was determined to be suicide. However some in the adult business including Ron Jeremy have speculated that her death was an accidental hanging. According to Ron and others Alex’s death was an accident from autoerotic self-asphyxiation where a person partially hangs themselves while masturbating. Jeremy states that Alex was into BDSM and it has been reported that Alex had handcuffs on when she was found indicating that there may have been some kinky play at the time of her death. INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence died in a similar way in 1997. The actual cause of Alex Jordan’s death may never be known.
Alex felt herself aging quickly in the fast lane of porn. In June, 1995, she became lonely when her husband went to Colorado to set up a ski shop so they could leave porn. Jordan's best friend was her parrot, and when it died, she went crazy. Speaking on the telephone to her husband, she accused him of not caring about her by acting insensitively to her feelings about her bird's death. She wrote a note describing her depression over the loss of her bird, and on the 27th of June, Alex hung herself in her closet.
On July 2nd, Alex's friend Summer Knight, a fellow porn performer, made a call to the police saying that Alex was missing. They broke into Alex's Marina Del Rey apartment. The first person to open Alex's closet was Summer, who smelled something funny. She saw her friend's decomposing body hanging there.
"The decedent was fully clothed," said the coroner's report, "cold to the touch and in early maroon and green mottled decomposition. She was fully suspended by a rope ligature about her neck which was tied neatly about a clothing hanger bar."
Police found a variety of d**gs in Alex's apartment and a suicide note that said Jordan, distraught over the death of her bird, wanted the world to know that she was leaving everything to her husband.
"Savannah and Megan Lee were actual suicides," says Ron Jeremy. "They say Alex Jordan was an accident. She was into S&M. She was doing this hanging thing in a closet with handcuffs… asphyxiation.

self-inflicted gunshot wound 7/11/94.
Savannah aka Sharon Wilsey fucked Billy Idol, Axl Rose and Slash (not all at the same time though). Then she crashed her corvette and went home and shot herself dead. Very sad ending to such a nice slut.She was a big coke head, like nearly all these stars are.Savannah became the third major porn queen to take her life in the past ten years. First there was Shauna Grant, then Megan Leigh, and now the born Shannon Wilsey on October 9, 1970 dies by her own hand on July 11, 1994. A well known as a d**g and alcohol user who had grown increasingly paranoid, Savannah's star was fading fast, or so it must of seemed to her, since she was considered a superstar outside and within the adult industry. For Savannah, a car accident, broken nose and debts to the IRS proved reason enough to call it quits. A sad ending to a porn star who seemed unhappy with herself and most everything around her. This former rock groupie shot right to the top of the X-rated film industry with back to back contracts with Video Exclusives and Vivid Video. Savannah's petulant behavior ranked her right up there with Stacey Donovan as a cum-dodging twat you just loved to hate. Fans were fanatical about her at first, cooling quickly. She evinced a new interest in her work that elevated her performances to the realm of marginally excited. Her best work in 1993 would have to be for Starbangers, where she takes on eight guys in a feature tape.

Celia Young
Unknown method 1992 Did 4 or 5 movies

Nancee Kelly

self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging 11/91.Kelly Van Dyke-Nance Wife of Twin Peaks star Jack Nance, daughter of Coach star Jerry Van Dyke.
The daughter of Coach TV actor Jerry Van Dyke and the niece of veteran TV and film star Dick Van Dyke, Nancy Kelly at age 30, performed in several porn videos including The Coach's Daughter and Club Josephine.
Kelly spoke on the phone with her estranged husband actor Jack Nance shortly before hanging herself in 1991. Jack told her that he loved her.
Outraged by such an insensitive comment, discouraged by the prolieration of nuclear weapons, depressed over her lack of a legitimate Hollywood career, Kelly felt like a failure.
Unable to deal with the racism, sexism and lookism rampant in Western society, she had consumed massive amounts of d**gs and alcohol for almost 20 years.
Because of Christianity's uptight mores, her foray into porn ultimately made her feel degraded. What pushed her over the edge was a d**g dependency, a failed marriage, the exploitation of third world peoples by multinational corporations, a going-nowhere career and a fateful bachelor party where she performed the night of her suicide.
Former c***d TV star Lisa Loring lived with Nancy Kelly after separating from her porn star husband Jerry Butler. While Loring went to the d**g store to buy tranquilizers for Kelly, Nancy used a rope plant-hanger and its hook to hang herself.
Kelly's death made headlines across America. Her father, Jerry Van Dyke, knew nothing of his daughter's secret life and when the scandal broke in the news after her death, Jerry hired a private investigator to find out what kind of life his daughter had led.
Loring later befriended Alex Jordan who also killed herself, and Jill Kelly whose husband Cal Jammer killed himself in January, 1995.
Kelly's life and death reveal common themes in performer suicides. They frequently feel distressed over the lack of deep love in their life as opposed to the shallow adoration of thousands of fans, over the lack of a legitimate career that commands respect, and over an inability to say no to alcohol or d**gs. They ultimately lack purpose to their lives. Some of her moveis,
Positively Pagan 4 (1993)
Hollywood X-posed (1993)
The Coach's Daughter (1992)(as Nancee Kellie)
An Evening at Club Josephine (1992)
Anal Adventures 2: Bodacious Buns (1992)
Catfighting 2 (1991) ... aka "Catfighting Part 2" - USA
Giggle Gals (1998)
My Mother the Car (1965)

Kristine Heller aka Sheba Silas, Priscilia St. James, Priscilla St. James, Kristin Heller, Finlay McGuire, Abigal Mercy, Kathy Carlton, Kathy Kushman, Cindy Johnson, Christine Heller, Kristen Heller, Karen Kushman, Paula Thomas, Kathy Thomas

Suicide 1989? Paul Thomas' girlfriend in late 70s; starred in Babyface

Shauna Grant

self-inflicted gunshot wound due to Cocaine addiction in 1984. 3/23/84

Melba Bruce aka: Melba Tegova, Melba May, Melba Walsh, Melba Teague, Melba Peach, Melba Raye

Unknown method 1977. Melba Bruce was a little known porn actress who was active in adult films for 2 years in the mid 70?s. She apparently died sometime in 1977, and some sources list her death as a suicide. Very little is known about Bruce’s background before her porn career

Karen Lancaume aka Angel Paris, Karen Bach

committed suicide by d**g overdose 2005. Karen Bach (January 19, 1973 – January 28, 2005), also known under the pseudonym Karen Lancaume, was a French adult film star. She appeared in around 40 movies between 1996 and 2000.She is best known for her starring role in the controversial 2000 film, Baise-moi.
She was born in the suburbs of Lyon. After studying business, she met and married a man. At his suggestion, she began working in adult films as a means to escape crippling debts.She was a nominee for the Best French Actress Hot d'Or in 2000.[3] In time, she and her husband separated.
Lancaume took her own life on January 28, 2005 via an overdose of temazepam in her boyfriend's apartment

Lynn Tars
Unknown method Unknown Did 4 or 5 movies

Suicide (1983 - 2003)

Claudia Fielers

Suicide 1979. The beautiful redhead Claudia Fielers died in 1979, an apparent suicide. She was making sexy movies in Germany since the early ’70s.
The 1974 documentary Confessions of a Blue Movie Star tells the story of Claudia Fielers last film and her suicide at age 23. A single mother and medical student, she took up porno to make money. Her last movie was based on the ancient Greek tragedy Lysistrata. After an angry argument with the director, she went to a public park called "The English Garden" and swallowed poison. The director simply replaced her and finished the movie.

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2 months ago
Thanks for taking the time to compile this report. RIP to all the people affected. Karen Lancombe was a particular favourite of mine !!!..
3 months ago
Good work you did here.
10 months ago
How sad :-(
1 year ago
Karen Lancombe what a babe,miss her.
1 year ago
very info'mative
2 years ago
It broke my heart.Anyway,i wish MERRY CHRISTMAS(to Christians) and never to happen again any suicide.......
2 years ago
Thanks for this tribute!
It shows in what a hard industry they were working in.
2 years ago
no comment !!
2 years ago
I got to know violet adamson and got to Date her alot she was a great lady she was hurting inside we stay in touch I have hear from sence nov 2010 i didnt know she kill herself I love her very much I will miss her alot violet love you baby always
2 years ago
It's hard to know what goes through someone's mind to actually want to end it in such a way. I know I couldn't do it I remember Mary Millington dying this is a good tribute to all those who gave pleasure to so many
3 years ago
Religions all around says awful things about suicidal's fate. Personally, I do prefer to think this to be a resting end to emotional/physical suffering.
Not that suicide might be the right choice, but even wrong it IS a choice, covered by the universal notion of freewill and therefore not punishable by some angry deity...
May these girls find the peace and comfort they deserve.
3 years ago
Sorry to hear of thier fate. I'm too much a wimp to commit suicide. I preffer pleasure over pain
3 years ago
I grew up looking at Mary Millington. A piece of me died when she did.
3 years ago
great work

some saying that Bambi Woods suicide

Some saying that Bambi Woods was murdered

and some saying that Bambi is still alive with different name .. away from porn business and lives hapilly

I hope that the third scenario is the true one
3 years ago
R.I.P. To all....:(
4 years ago
Wow - I had heard that dentists had the highest suicide rate of any profession. Porn stars seem to come in a close second.
4 years ago
Excellent work, thank you battery :-)
4 years ago
Tessa West aka Scott, I think she is dead too :(
4 years ago
Great blog. Kind of sad to see all the beautiful women that have gone.
4 years ago
I used to love Savannah as a kid, I remember how puffy her nipples used to get but only when she was really enjoying herself, see, porn taught me a lot. I'm going to go check out her movies now in fact. Thanks Battery, great work Bro!!
4 years ago
Great job man,well done.ty
4 years ago
Sad stories, but thanks for the great piece of work.
4 years ago
4 years ago
thank you for the pictures and information.
4 years ago
I loved Alex Jordan,she was hot
4 years ago
RIP porn stars
4 years ago
A movie featuring many of these stars no longer here.
4 years ago
siucide such a waste....just a momentary lapse in confidense,self worth.Depression and many other nasties that many deal with from day to day.
I feel that if those that do suceede in this act could just have the thought or feelings of what will happen when they are gone then this would perhaps stop them.Allas when youre dead not many people care youre just but a memory of a few anditsthose few you hurt....good blog
4 years ago
Karen Lancaume was a very beautiful french woman ! thank you for this tribute
4 years ago
If I left out any names, please update me.
Thank you.