Second Date: Day Two

Needless to say, we slept in pretty late on Sunday since we had been up so late the night before. At first as I woke up I was a bit startled to find something in bed with me that wasn't my cat Bob, then I came back to reality and remembered Lisa. I had to pee really bad, but hadn't really introduced Lisa to my pee play fetish, I thought better of it and just got up to pee.

While I was standing in front of the toilet, yes I really do stand when I pee, I've been doing since I was a little girl and just don't ever do it any other way unless I'm wearing pants, they get in the way since I have to staddle the bowl a little. Anyway, Lisa came in, she was a bit surprised to see me standing, but then got interested and wanted to see how I did it, I was almost done but she looked anyway. Then she gave me a kiss, told me not to flush, she had to go, I stepped aside and put the seat down for her, I really wanted to ask her to me on me, but I'm chicken right now. It was enough to introduce her to Jeff.

I asked if she wante to take a quick shower and she answered that we should. So, we got into the shower and spent a little time getting wet, some more time hugging and kissing and then we both helped each other get clean. I believe that the two of us had the cleanest tits and pussies in the entire state when we were done, it was fun. As we were coming out of the bathroom we heard Jeff ask if it was OK to come in and we gave him the yes, he was a bit surprised to see the two of us naked but he asked if we wanted him to fix us some breakfast. We thought it would be nice and we'd be right out.

When we got to the kitchen, Jeff had on a pair of shorts, he doen't cook naked, and an apron, Lisa was wearing a pair of panties and I had on tee shirt, a strange mix of undress. Jeff set out our breakfast as I poured juice and coffee, it was kind of fun to visit among the three of us. Lisa used to sell real estate until the crash, now she's been trying insurance and it isn't going well. Jeff asked if she'd consider an apprentice program to work in a restaurant kitchen, she wasn't sure. He mentioned it because a fellow chef is looking to train a sous chef at his restaurant.

After we finished eating and put the dishes in the dishwasher I said I needed to get my morniing exercise and headed for the rec room being followed by Lisa. We have some exercise equipment that we bought second hand, and since I try to stay in shape I put in about 20 minutes a day. I got on the treadclimber and Lisa asked if she could use the stationary bicycle. While we were doing our thing, Jeff came in, naked now and went to his Bowflex machine. We didn't do much talking just sweating for the next bit of time. There are showers off the rec area that we rinsed off in afterwards. Jeff said he had to get ready for work and we headed for my room I thought to get dressed.

When we got to the bedroom I started to dig out some clothes and Lisa asked what I was doing. She said it's so smoky outside why don't we just stay in today? I just staired at her, then she said we don't need to get dressed if we are staying in. Some times I'm a bit stupid, no make that silly. Then she took off her panties and motioned me over to the bed, I didn't need a second invite. We sat on the edge of the bed kissing and she had her hand up my tee shirt for my breasts, I finally took it off.

We laid back on the bed and were making out, both of us rubbing each other's pussy when Jeff asked if it was OK to come in, Lisa said "sure" but didn't move her hadn away from my pussy. Jeff came in wearing his chef outfit and said he was leaving for work, it was like he didn't see two naked chicks playing with each other. He walked over to the bed, bent down and gave me a kiss goodby and as he stood up Lisa said "what about me?" can't kiss a lesbian. Jeff gave her a kiss too, That was so nice of her, I'm totally in lust. After he left, we decided to put the making out on hold for a little while

There were some cleaning chores and stuff I needed to catch up on since I'd been away for so many days. Lisa helped me out the whole time, I wanted to put a tee shirt on and she insisted I stay naked, she is trying to convince me that she absolutely loves my little titties. So it was probably quite a site, two naked women doing the housecleaning. OK, we did do a bunch of grabbing at each other just about every time we passed, that made it fun. It was pretty late in the afternoon when we finished, since we had late breakfast we hadn't really gotten hungry until now.

I went to the refrigerator to get us something to eat and Jeff had left a note on the door that he had made us some chicken salad sandwiches on pita bread and a small fruit salad to go with it. He is a sweetie, nothing like living with a chef that loves his work. I made us some iced tea to go with it and we went out to the rec room to eat. There are a number of tables and chairs and stuff. The room is huge, the original builders of it, we were told, had very large parties in it. It was our all purpose room, we used it more than any other room. Three walls of solid patio doors, made it seem like you were outside but it was heated and air conditioned. We could see the smoke outside as thick as fog.

After we ate, I fixed us some wine coolers and we got into the hot tub. A fun way to start playing with each other, and we did. It wasn't long before we were playing with each other's tits and pussy and doing a lot of kissing. As we kept going, we knew we were making the other one very horny, finally, Lisa asked if I had any lubricant, I said yes but I was pretty sure I was wet enough for what we were doing. She gave me an impish smile and said "you wanted me to fist you and now I want you to fist me, let's do it."

Thank the gods, I did fisting as a teen with my girlfriends but really not for over ten years. I just remember that I totally loved it when we did it then. We got out of the hot tub and dried off, then headed for my room. I had lubricant both plain and flavored, she wanted to use the flavored, strawberry. I asked if I could do her first, she grinned really big and said she hoped I would and admitted that she loves it but so many of her past girl friends really didn't want to do it. They didn't try it just knew they wouldn't like it.

We started by doing my favorite thing with Lisa, we hugged and kissed and carressed each other's breasts. I worked my way down her neck to her magnificent breasts and spent a few minutes giving each one attention, especially the nipples, then I went to her pussy. She was very wet and turned on, I licked her pussy and sucked her clit a little bit and then I just started to rub her clit while using one finger on each hand to push into her pussy and gently spread it open on the way out, I did this over and over untils I could fell like she was opening up and then I used two fingers from each hand, pushing them in and spreading as I pulled them out. Now Lisa was slowly masturbating her clit, I put lubricant on the fingrs of one hand and moved four fingers into her pussy while I leaned forward to suck on her clit. I worked the four fingers in and out while sucking the strawberry lube off her clit, her pussy was hot and tight.

I curled my thumb under and pushed my fist into Lisa's waiting pussy, she moaned really loud and started to pump her pelvis into my fist. While she was doing that she was rubbing her clit and moaning even more. Then it happened, I felt the spasms as her pussy contracted and opened on my fist, she was almost screaming he moaning was so loud, and then it was over. I slowly removed my fist from her pussy and used my tongue to clean up around her pussy, it was so wet, and I licked off my hand, it was interesting mix of pussy and strawberries. I was so wet I thought I'd be dripping.

When it was my turn, Lisa started to kiss me and I told her to please just get to my pussy, I was going to go crazy I was so turned on. She laughed and went straight to my pussy and did her best to lick up all that had been making me wet. She started to do what I had done and I told her she could probably go right to four fingers, so she lubed my pussy, instead of her hand and inserted two from each hand, it felt so good, I love the feeling of my pussy being stretched but full. She went to four fingers on one hand and rubbed my clit with her other hand, then I felt the whole fist going in, I couldn't wait for her to get it all in and a jammed my pussy down on her fist. I thought I'd scream it felt so good and tightened me up.

Lisa started to twist her fist inside me as she sucked on my clit. It was like electricity was going through my body. By now I was pushing my pussy onto her hand as she would move it in and twist it. I couldn't stop myself, I started to climax really hard, my whole body was shaking and I think I screamed, or at least moaned very loudly. When I stopped shaking, I looked down at Lisa, she was smiling at me as she slowly moved her hand and fist out of my pussy. Wow, what a time. It was just as good, if not better, than what I remembered.

After that it was getting kind of late, I called Jeff at work and they weren't very busy so we went there for dinner. Lisa dropped me at home and then she went home. I still don't think I'm a lesbian, but I do know for sure, I really like Lisa a lot and she is really getting along with my b*****r. She acutally said he is really nice for a man, then she laughed, I don't think she's as tough as she likes to let on.
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3 years ago
Added into my favorite's. Great job!!
3 years ago
Nice job Wendy you are a very sexual young lady thats for sure.
3 years ago
I think you an best be described as an ultra-sexual; nothing less seems to fit.
3 years ago
You know me Wendy, always a great fan of your work!!And nice to see that its Lisa.. someone we 'know' in the sense that you've mentioned her before!
3 years ago
So much fun...

Love your stories!
3 years ago
great story....thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
wo both myself and my wife loved this story