Second Date

Ok, to get things straight. I did a fantasy about a girl named Amy. Then I did a story about a date with Amy to link fantasy to reality. Now, I don't want to confuse anyone, but Amy in reality is Lisa from the Bukkake stories. Now that everyone is confused, I want you to know that Lisa is my new girlfriend and this weekend was our second date.

I got home late Friday night so Lisa didn't come over to dee me but we made plans for Saturday. Saturday morning it was pretty smoky, the Great Dismal Swamp is on fire, but we decided to go for a motorcycle ride in the afternoon, maybe go north far enought to get out of it for a while. When she came over, I couldn't believe how excited I got, I couldn't wait to hug her and give her a kiss.

We stood in the doorway for a few minutes just hugging and saying how much we missed each other. We finally went in and I got us some iced tea so we could kind of catch up on what was happening. It was kind of strange because I'm not used to having a girlfriend yet but we held one hand across the table and I felt all funny inside, like on a first date sort of funny. I was also really horny all of a sudden, I wanted her.

After we finished our tea, before anything was said, I got up and reached a hand out to Lisa, she took my hand and we walked down the hall to my room. I was hoping she felt the same as me and I wasn't disappointed. Almost as soon as we got in the room she undressed and laid on the bed, I was right behind her. We held each other for a while just hugging and kissing. Her body felt hot and soft next to me and I loved the feeling. She also smelled really good, fresh and clean with a little bit of citrus, it had to be her shower gel.

As we kissed I forgot she was even a woman, I was just in lust with her. I reached down to one of her breasts as she reached for one of mine. Lisa's breasts are firm, slightly upturned and about a 36B, I love the feel of her breasts against me. Her nipples were hard. As I was rubbing one of her nipples she started to kiss me down my neck and to one of my breasts. She sucked on one breast while rubbinb the nipple of the other one, I just laid there with my eyes closed and enjoyed it.

Then I pulled her head up to mine again so I could return the favor and I kissed her neck and sucked at her breats while moving a hand to her pussy. Her pussy was hot and wet, I could feel that her labia and clit were hard from the excitement. I moved down to her pussy, she is totally shaved now, like I am. I kissed at her thighs and licked at the opening to her pussy tasting the juices that were flowing from her. I went to her labia and sucked one side into my mouth, then the other. After that I moved to her clit and started to lick it and suck on it. By now Lisa was moaning and softly and pushing her pelvis up to make her clit more accessible. All of a sudden she let out a loud sigh and her body shook and I could feel the contractions of her pussy as she climaxed. I kept going until she took my head and pulled it away from her pussy.

I went up the bed to hug Lisa and kiss her, she moved her tongue into my mouth and now we were playing with each other's tongues. I felt her hand on my pussy, first she was just rubbing the outside of it and I could tell by the coolness, I must have been really wet and that's what she was rubbing on my pussy. Lisa kissed and licked her way down to my pussy, pausing to suck my nipples for a while, the whole time fingering my clit.

When I felt her lips and mouth on my clit it sent a shiver up me, of excitement. She sucked gently on my clit while licking it and she had a couple of fingers in my pussy. I asked her to fist me but she just said "another time lover, not right now". Being called lover just sent me over the edge, I moaned really loudly and started to almost convulse I was climaxing so hard, it was beautiful. When I was done we just kind of hugged and kissed for a while, it was so nice.

We got dressed and she took me on a motorcycle ride to Chesapeake, VA where we stopped for dinner and then we went to a lesbian bar she knows in Norfolk, VA and had a drink together. After that we took the ride home, it was about 150 miles all together and the smoke was really getting bad. We decided we were going to stay inside the rest of the night and maybe tomorrow.

After we got to our house, we went out into our rec room, I fixed us some wine coolers and we got into the hot tub. Time seemed to get away from us, we were spending our time between talking sucking at each others breasts and kissing. I didn't even hear Jeff get home with the noise of the Jacuzzi and the music, but he came into the rec room to see how we were doing, he was still in his chef outfit but we invited him to join us, he said he'd be back after getting a shower.

While he was out getting a shower, Lisa and I got out, she had to potty and I fixed us each a new drink and one for Jeff as well. Just a little after we were back in the hot tub Jeff came in, naked as usual, I had already warned Lisa that he's pretty much naked the whole time he's home and she said it didn't bother her, she want around naked or partially naked all the time too. Jeff's cock wasn't very hard but it looked like it was trying to get there as he climbed in and sat across from us. I handed him his cooler and we all visited a bit about what we did and how his day was, etc.

During a lull in the conversation, Lisa leaned over and kissed me and slid her hand between my legs to get to my pussy. When we stopped kissing, Lisa and I were sitting side by side, she had a hand on my pussy gently rubbing it and I was doing the same to her, I don't think Jeff could see anything, but he knew something was going on with us. As I got really turned on again he knew for sure because my voice changed and got a little more husky.

Jeff said if we were messing around under the water, he was going to do something about it. I told him to go for it, Lisa said it was OK with her for him to do what he wanted to do to himself, she was already doing what she wanted to do. Now we weren't talking, it was just masturbation under the water. I don't know if it was having an audience that did it, but Lisa climaxed, not as hard as earlier in the day, but I could still feel it.

I got up on the edge of the hot tub and asked Lisa to use her tongue on me. I know Jeff would like to watch and I just love oral. Lisa had me pushed over the edge into a terrific climax in a very short time. The whole time she was working on my clit, I was looking at and smiling at Jeff, he slid up onto the edge of the hot tub so I could see his cock, that did it for me.

Jeff was still jerking off while sitting ont the edge when Lisa turned around and sat back into the tub. She said "you're not going to cum in here are you?" Jeff looked a bit startled, like he hadn't thought of it and I could tell he was close. I hadn't really told Lisa about Jeff and me but I figured, what the hell, no time like now. I went across to my b*****r and took his cock into my mouth as he came, I kept sucking until he was done. When I turned to look at Lisa and see if she was upset about it, she was smiling, I mean a big grin.

I kind of apologized for not telling her about us. She brushed it off and said that it was really special that we had such a bond that we could do stuff like that for each other. It made me blush a little. Then Lisa said she probably wouldn't do anything with Jeff, but it was fun to watch him and as long as he dind't mind her walking around nude, she would look forward to him being so too.

After that, we got dried off and went to the kitchen. Jeff had made a pot of coffee and he brought home some cheese cake from work. This was just the start of the weekend. I told Jeff that Lisa would be spending all day tomorrow with me.
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3 years ago
omg lisa is so hot & very lucky
3 years ago
Great story Wendy. Keep it up
3 years ago
Spending a day at your house is like being locked in a candy store.
3 years ago
Lucky redhead indeed!
3 years ago
Nice story. Made my cock drip.