Life With s*s: Pt 21

When we got back to Minneapolis a few things changed. We stayed in the little apartment but I got promoted to Assistant Front of House Manager (means I work the night shift) and Jeff got a promotion to Sous Chef. A little more pay for both of us and more responsibility. Our lives, however got to be very routine.

After our wild time in Virginia Beach, getting back was almost boring. Yes we still did pee play regularly, watched each other masturbate, etc. But it was always just us. We worked Tuesday through Saturday night. We were never really off when "dating" people would be going out. I dated a guy at work kind of on and off again and Jeff dated a girl from work, pretty much the same thing.

Then we thought of an idea. There had to be somewhere that we could go and do sexy things, with like minded people, but how to find those places. I suggested we start at a porn store, so we did. We went in and asked the guy behind the counter if there were any sex clubs or clubs that had VIP rooms in the area, he looked at me and smiled and told Jeff, most of them require couples and he asked if we were. He said yes and sold us an underground newspaper. He said just about everthing in the Twin Cities that might interest us would be in it. I couldn't believe how many places there were, but a lot of the ads were for prostitutes. Jeff started to make some calls when we had the time. There were a couple of places that interested us. One of them claimed to "satisfy most fetishes" and offered a free visit. Ta dah, we had a place to try and they were open seven nights a week, hours were from 1800 to 0200.

When we got to the club on our first Monday off, it was in an older building, looked like it used to be a warehouse. At the door we had to ring a doorbell from a waiting room. When someone came out they got our first names told us the fee to join, offered this night as complimentary, made sure we were old enough by checking our ID's, and we were explained to how the different rooms worked and what to expect. They also locked our valuables up since they said we would mostly be undressed and issued us a bar coded arm band that all charges would be charged from and we would pay on the way out. Only additional charges were for food and beverages.

When we got in there were people in diapers, leathers, naked, partly naked, being led around on leashes, etc. We weren't sure if this is what we were looking for, but we were here. We both went to an area where we were told was where most of the "water sports" were conducted. There was a smell of urine in the air, there was a place to get out of our clothes so they wouldn't get messed up and we went in. We got undressed, I was a litle shy, Jeff, well he didn't care. We went in to what could have been a night club if it wasn't for the fact that everyone was naked. There were tables and chairs set up and what looked like a large wading pool in the center. That is where people were doing lots of different things with pee. Quite a few men peeing on women, some people drinking pee right from the source, etc. Jeff and I sat down at a table and a waiter brought us a pitcher of water and glasses and said if we wanted anything else he would be around, Jeff had his wrist band scanned for a tip.

I already had to pee but Jeff suggested we drink something first, get good and ready. When we finally headed for the "pool", we saw it had a drain and water running through, it was like being constantly flushed. We figured out that anyone that wanted to enter could and others, that wanted to be submissive could as well. Nor formal rules. As I got into the pool, a youngish man and woman came up to me and asked if I was giving or receiving, I said peeing, they both smiled and the man asked if he could drink my pee. As soon as I said yes, he knelt in front of me and asked if I stood or squatted, I just reached down to my pussy, opened it up and started to pee on his face, he opened his mouth and let my pee run out of it, evidently "drinking me pee" meant letting it run out of his mouth. Meanwhile I saw the woman doing the same thing with Jeff.

We left this room and went out walking around to see what else was going on. As we walked by one room, a couple of girls were standing outside the door and asked if Jeff wanted to join them. We followed them in but they told me I'd have to find my own "date". Once inside I noticed that almost all the women were completely or at least partially clothed, I was the only one naked. All of the men were totally nude or at least pantless. It wasn't long before a number of ladies were giving Jeff attention. They were feeling his body, kissing him and paying special attention to his cock. I left as two women were sucking his cock and balls and a third was kissing and licking his nipples.

As I was walking along,feeling a little self conscious being naked, when a nice looking young man asked if I was looking for some fun. I said yes and he led me into a room that was mostly naked women and men, they were doing lots of different things. I guess I looked nervous because the man I followed in said not to worry, nothing is f***ed, it's what I want that counts in this room, most of the women are doms and the men subs. He asked if there was anything he could do to please me and I told him I'd like to watch him jerk his cock. He smiled big, pulled his pants down, his cock was already hard and he started to stoke it, I guess that was the signal, pretty soon I had three men standing in front of me jerking off. I loved it, my pussy was getting wet just watching them. I told them I wanted the cum in my mouth when they were ready. Soon, one by one they came in my mouth, it tasted so good, it had been a long time since I had cum from someone other than Jeff. After that, I headed back down towards where I left Jeff, we met in the hallway, he was looking for me

We agreed, this wasn't exactly what we were looking for, but it was kind of fun. When we got home we got undressed, we both had to pee again only this time it was nice. Jeff let me hold his cock between my legs as I peed on it and then I stepped back so he could pee on my clit. We took a nice shower and helped each other wash up.

When we were done we got a glass of wine and discussed what went on and thought it was too organized, too fake, we wanted something more spontaneous, like the club in VA. Jeff started to stroke his cock as we talked, I like it when he does that, as he got hard I moved into a position where I could rub my pussy and clit and he could watch. It is such a turn on to watch each other like this. I leaned across the sofa so I could take his cock into my mouth, I love the way it feels and tastes, it wasn't long before he was cumming in my mouth. I sat up and got close to him and kissed him, we started to play with each others tongues and I let some of his cum go into his mouth before I swallowed the rest.

Jeff started to rub my clit while we kissed, after he swallowed the cum I passed to him he got down on the flooer and I got into a position so he could get to my pussy. As he sucked my clit into his mouth I started to climax. I guess the club got us both really horny, but being with each other made us climax. Maybe we'll find something better later.

After we both climaxed, we finished our wine and went to bed. Sometimes I guess it's just nice to go to bed happy and satisfied.
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3 years ago
Thanks for another great story.
3 years ago
I love that no matter how kinky, I always end your stories with a hard cock wanting to be fucked!!
3 years ago
I'd never waste a drop...

Thank you for the joy so many find here!
3 years ago
You are a very special lady...keep it up
3 years ago
Love this story. I want to go to that club with you. Or maybe just play with you