CFNM With Trinity

If you remember Trinity from the beach stories, she and I have been sort of email friends. She said she wanted to keep in touch and maybe do something again some day. Well, it's mostly been just chit chat emails, how are you, what you been doing, that sort of stuff. She knows I'm off on Mondays and Tuesdays and I got an email from her over the weekend. She wanted to know if I could help her and two friends move into an apartment they are going to share when they start school this fall. It didn't sound like fun, but she is so darn cute, I just couldn't say no.

The move was on Monday, I showed up at her parents house, like she wanted me to and we went together to rent a truck for the move, the plan, pick up everything from the three girls parents houses, move it all in to their new apartment. Everthing went pretty well loading, I carried most of the heavier stuff and we managed to get everthing onto one load. We stopped for some lunch and then did the move in. In the middle of all of this, the furniture rental company was to deliver the extra furniture that they needed at the same time. It all went off pretty much without a problem.

Trinity itroduced me to her new room mates, their names were Krystal (with a K) and Sarah. They were both really nice but Trinity is hands down, the cutest of them. Sarah has braces on her teeth, long, like to her waist, brown hair and nice sized breasts. Krystal on the other hand is very athletic looking, slim body and short blonde hair.

The girls were busy putting stuff away when Trinity asked if I'd help bring the truck back. Of course I would, I really like being with her. I drove the truck and she drove my car. On the way back she started to blush so I asked what was wrong. She told me that she had told the girls about me liking to be naked around girls, they thought that was funny but wanted to see me naked, especially after they met me. Then Trinity asked if I'd do that for them. I mean I got an instant hardon, of course I would, that's better than anything I could have hoped for.

When we got back the girls had the living room area set up and had the bathroom ready for use. Trinity asked me if I wanted to take a shower, since I'd gotten so sweaty doing the heavy stuff. I could tell by the way she was smiling she wanted me to come out naked, and so did I. I accepted the shower idea and went into the bathroom to do so.

While I was getting dry, Krystal asked if I'd like to have a beer with them and I accepted. When I came out of the bathroom Krystal and Sarah were seated at opposite ends of the couch and Trinity was in the chair, they all were smiling as I came out naked and Sarah said "I didn't believe it when you told us" and then she giggled a little bit and pointed to the space between them and told me to have a seat. All three girls watched me come across the living room, my cock growing as I walked. I sat where they indicated, wow, this was such a treat for me.

There were some of the usual questions I get, like; why do you like to do this, do you really like doing this, can I touch it? They all seemed to like the answers and they pretty much kept looking at my cock. I looked down and there was some precum forming on the tip of my cock. I got it off with a finger and asked if they wanted to taste it. There was some shuffling about and finally Krystal said she wanted to try. When she licked my finger it sent shivers down my spine. She said it tasted a lot like her boyfriend's cock, then she giggled. She also reached down and grabbed my cock near the base, squeezed in and pulled up getting out more precum. She has done this before, I could tell. She told Sarah to taste it. She used her finger to get it and agreed, it tasted like her boyfriend too.

Trinity said she wanted to taste too, so Krystal did the honors, not as much this time. Trinity came over to me, knelt down by my feet and took the tip of my cock into her mouth and licked it. The others said that they didn't believe she did that right in front of them. Trinity told them it wasn't the first time, we're friends. This time she licked my cock, starting at my balls and then all the way up the shaft and then went back to her chair.

Sarah reached over to my cock and started to stroke it. She asked if it was OK, that was the way her boyfriend liked it to be done. I moaned a little and smiled, she knew it was alright. Krystal reached over and cupped my balls in her hand and gently squeezed them. After a little bit she told Sarah she wanted to hold my cock and they kind of traded positions, this felt so good. I looked over at Trinity and was surprised, she had pulled her shorts and panties off and was fingering her pussy while watching us. Her pussy is so nice looking, she has it shaved almost completely with just a little triangle of hair. When I looked at her she smiled and blushed a little bit, but kept on working her pussy, I could see she was wet.

About that time Sarah noticed what Trinity was doing and told Krystal to look. Then she said that they should give her something to watch. Sarah leaned down and took my cock into her mouth while stroking the shaft with her hand, Krystal was still playing with my balls. I had my eyes closed when I felt the mouth come off my balls and Sarah stood up. I opened my eyes to see Trinity sit down and reach for my cock with her hand. While she began to stroke it, Sarah sat in the chair after taking her jeans and panties off. Her pussy wasn't very shaved, she had the bikini area shaved and the rest was just cut very short. She put one leg over the arm of the chair and started to masturbate while watching us. She started to moan softly almost as soon as she touched her clit with her fingers.

Trinity asked if I would stand in front of them and jerk off my cock. I told them of course I would. As I stood up so did Krystal, she took of her shorts and panties and sat back down with Krystal. Sarah got up and moved between the girls so I could stand in front of them. I started to stroke my cock kind of slowly while I watched the girls masturbate. Krystal has her pussy shaved completely and I could see her fingers were really wet. During this masturbations session, Krystal asked me if I was going to tell anyone what happened here, I reassured her I didn't know any of her friends and I would tell my s****r. She smiled and said she just thought of it, that's all.

While I was masturbating, I kept looking at Trinity, she is just so cute I can't believe I get to do this in front of her. While I was looking at her pussy I could see she was getting close and I was right, she let out a loud moan and her body tensed and shook as she climaxed. When she was done she looked at me and smiled really sweetly. The other two girls were smiling at her.

Trinity got up and told me to turn sideways to the others. I did it and she got on her knees in front of me. She started to stroke my cock and told me not to hold back and go ahead and cum in her mouth when I was ready. Almost as soon as she started to suck on my cock I was ready, I unloaded right in her pretty mouth. When I was done the other two girls were telling her they wanted to see. Trinity faced them and opened her mouth to show them the cum. About that time Sarah got that look and she climaxed. Trinity stood up and showed me the cum in her mouth then she smiled at me and kissed me. She must have swallowed, I didn't get any cum, but I was kissing the cutest girl I know. I forgot all about Krystal until I heard her climax.

The girls all said that this was fun and wanted to know if I'd come over again some time, maybe have dinner with them. I told them I was a chef and I'd cook for them if they wanted me to. I was told I could, as long as I did it naked. Trinity kissed me again and whispered that I was her best friend ever and hoped that I knew it. I told her I think about her a lot and I'd love to see her more.

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3 years ago
Very nice and bot that leads into another story about the dinner.. nice
3 years ago
very good story and hope you got to do it again.