Life With s*s: Pt 20

I was really feeling emotionally drained after everyone left. I had fun, sex was good, but there was kind of an empty feeling inside. I'm a big wussy, I started to cry, like for no reason. Jeff asked why and I told him, it's like being the biggest slut in town, I did what I wanted to feel good, but I felt really empty inside. He had me move over closer to him so he could hold my hand and told me that was crazy talk, the reason we are here is to have a fun time, cut loose, do the things we haven't. When we get back it's time to be serious again. He was right, I just get crazy some times.

We closed the d****s and got ready for bed, we went to the bathroom to shower and got in together. Before I could do anything, Jeff was peeing all over me and laughing, he got me laughing too, I aimed as best I could and started to pee on him. He got me out of my crappy mood. We showered, helping wash each other and went to bed. Tonight we slept together, I didn't want to be alone.

It was still dark when we woke up, but both of us were ready for the day. We went into the bathroom, I had Jeff sit on the tub floor so I could pee on his cock, he got up and I opened my pussy so he could pee on my clit, we were back to normal, yes. We had continental breakfast at the hotel, free, and then put in a day of sightseeing at Colonial Williamsburg and then to NASA at Langley AFB. We stopped to eat at a bargecue place that's supposed to be like the best in the universe, it was pretty good but too expensive.

When we got back to the hotel our laundry was back we did some initial packing, since we were heading out early in the morning tomorrow. We decided to go to a different club tonight, one that we heard was a lot more "fun" or "loose" or whatever you want to call a place that turns a blind eye to the goings on of the crowd. We hoped it wouldn't be a mistake. Part of the draw tonight was supposed to be 'amateur stripper' contest. That isn't for me, but I bet there will be a lot of horny guys there.

We had dinner and went to the club. It was pretty packed inside, the music was too loud, the lights were too dark and the men I could see were too hot, I was getting wet just looking at them. On stage was the contest, most of the girls were actually pretty, but most of them were also pretty d***k. They were being cheered on by the guys and Jeff got right into it. They weren't allowed to get totally naked, VA has some strange rules. They had to have something covering their nipples, most opted for a piece of cellophane tape and something covering the vagina, lots of g-strings were present.

I found that the darkness was nice. I got up by a couple of guys that were cheering on the girls and making lots of comments that couldn't be heard because of the noise. I got up close to one of them and reached my hand down to his cock, I could feel it hard through his pants, at first he looked like he was going to get mad, then he saw me and smiled, I returned the smile. He let me fondle his cock right there. So, I tried to undue his zipper, couldn't get it undone so he helped, this was good. It wasn't long I had his cock in my hand and was stroking him as he watched the dancers. I looked at his buddy who saw what I was doing, he mouthed the words, "me next" and smiled at me.

Before he got too far along, I told him to let me know when he was really close, I wanted it in my mouth. That seemed to make him very close, he said he was. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth as he came, right there in the middle of the club, only his buddy was watching to know what was going on. It was super, I love fresh cum. When I was done, I got up and he looked at me, I said thank you and turned to his buddy, who was unzipping his pants as I turned to him.

It was fun, I jerked him off until he was close and when he was, I got another mouth full of cum. This was too easy. I wonder how many others I can do. So I decided to find out. It was better than I thought, so much for feeling empty inside, I was getting full inside.

I pretty much jus worked my way around the edge of the crowd. The men were all horny and didn't seem to mind a hand getting off. I had gotten six men off when I caught up to Jeff, I couldn't resist, I pulled the same move on him. At first he jumped when he felt my hand on his crotch, then when he saw it was me he smiled at me and shook his head know, I shook mine yes and unzipped his pants, he looked a bit startled, but didn't stop me from pulling his hard cock out and start to jerk him off, I just love a hard cock. When he was close, I got down and took it in my mouth. When he finished cumming, I put his cock in his pants, stood up and kissed him. He got his second surprise, I hadn't swallowed. I passed him some of his cum before I finished kissing him.

I guess word had gotten to management about me. A large man approached me and pulled me aside. He said he knows what I've been doing, I got scared, he smiled and asked if I'd like to go to the VIP Room, there was less chance of "getting into trouble" there. I asked if my date could join me and pointed at Jeff, he nodded and led us to a locked door at the rear of the club. I wasn't sure if this was good or bad but we were committed.

In the VIP mostly it was the same music, but quieter, the lights were just as dim, but instead of tables and chairs, there were sofas and love seats and benches, it looked more like a large living room. The big difference, almost everyone was naked or close to it and doing whatever they felt like doing. A cute little blonde girl came up to Jeff and led him away towards a sofa, I was looking around when another girl came up to me and asked if I'd like some company, thinking she'd introduce me to a man, I said yes. She led me to a sofa where after I sat down, she sat down beside me and started to kiss me.

I wasn't sure about this at first, but I've done a lot of stuff with my two girlfriends, so, why not. I started to return the kiss, she was actually pretty hot. She had small firm breasts, bigger than mine, but not by much, she had shoulder length brunette hair and one blue eye and one green eye, really strange, I liked it. As we kissed she reached her hand up my dress towards my pussy, when she got to it, she just rubbed her fingers around the outside and rubbed her fingers on my thighs, driving me crazy.

While she was doing that, I moved my hand to one of her breasts, it was easy to get to, she was topless wearing just a very short, I mean very short, leather skirt. As I started to rub and squeeze her nipples, she moved a finger inside of me to wet it and then to my clit. I shuddered, it was exciting, so I wanted to return the favor and reached up her skirt, yes, no undies and she was shaved smooth. I love it, the kissing got more passionate as we fingered each other. It was feeling so good. She pushed me over so I was leaning into the corner of the sofa, she slowly went down to my legs and lifted my dress to expose my pussy, then she started to suck and lick at my clit, I looked around, there were two or three people watching and I couldn't take it, I started to climax, over and over.

When I was done, she moved up onto the sofa and without me doing or saying anything, she took off her skirt and leaned back. She spread her legs, she was so wet the inside of her thighs were glistening. I got on the floor and worked my way up her legs, first one then the other, kissing and licking up the juices. By the time I got to her pussy she was writhing with excitement and pushing her pussy towards me. I still went to her pussy and licked her out getting as much as I could, then went on to her labia, totally engourged and thick, I knew whe was getting close, I sucked her clit into my mouth and started to lick and suck on it as she almost screamed as she climaxed, I couldn't get enough of her, her juices were flowing and I loved the taste.

I looked around for Jeff. He was straddling a bench with his pants off. The brunette was sitting in front of him and they were fucking, right on the bench. She was naked and Jeff was fondling her breasts while she moved up and down on his cock, he didn't have to do anything but enjoy it. I walked over to them, bent down and started to kiss the girl, at first she wasn't sure, then she let me kiss her for a couple of minutes as Jeff came inside her, I hoped he had on a condome. When she slid off, he did, thank the gods he's not an idiot.

We left after that and went back to our room. Both of us had to pee pretty bad, we waited on purpose to get back. After we were naked, Jeff asked if I'd pee on his face, he'd never asked that before, so I did. I still had him pee on my clit, I love the feeling. It was going to be a very busy two days to get back to the grind. At least we took a break and cut loose for a while. Who knew that in a few years we'd be moving into this area.
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3 years ago
You were on a great roll with your storys where did you go?
3 years ago
nice story so hows the story going to continue ;)
3 years ago
You moved to the area?? so are you regulars at that club now?? lol
3 years ago
very sexy & hot
3 years ago
I only wish I was in that club thanks for another great story
3 years ago
Great addition to the saga! Wish "the grind" didn't have to intercede with the fun, ever!