Life With s*s: Pt 19

Breakfast was over and we had decided to do some sighseeing since we were here. It was decided to go to NC to the Outer Banks, particularly to Kitty Hawk, where the Wright b*****rs Museum is. We went to the museum and did some driving around. There was a nice micro brewery in Manteo and we ate there and had a beer. After that we stopped at a Wal Mart to buy some new clothes for tonight.

When we got back to the Tidewater area we did some sightseeing around the Navy bases that we could get close to. We went to the motel afterwards to get ready for going out that night. We also had a little supper, didn't want to start out on an empty stomach.

I bought a skirt and matching top, a little bit shorter than I like my skirts, but it was cute. Jeff and I headed out to the same club we went to last night. It was close, fun, and the people there were around our age. In fac when we got in the door, before our eyes had adjusted to the dark, a couple came up to us that recognized us from last night and invited us to join them at their table. It was a table for 10, but there was only one other couple there at the time. We ordered a couple of wine coolers and started visiting. They said some more people were supposed to join them and hoped it was ok with us. The others that joined in were three girls and a guy.

As best we could, we visited, got acquainted, did some dancing, etc. The guy I was with the most last night showed up and we danced a bit. He squeezed in at our table, no one seemed to mind. Jeff was up and down dancing with the girls that showed up without a date. He looked like he was really enjoying himself, he likes young girls and these looked barely of age to be in the club.

Around 10PM the place was crowded, I'd had two wine coolers and really didn't want to stay there and just be a flirt, or be flirted with. Thank the gods Jeff said something before I did, he did the same as last night. Anyone that wanted to come to our room from the beach we would have the gate to the patio open, not too much noise, no damage, etc and we headed towards the door. Two of the girls that Jeff had been dancing with followed as well as my friend from last night. We got to our room, leaving the lights out like last night, except for the bathroom and opened the patio doors and the gate to the beach are. Word must have spread there were 15 or 20 people that showed up, many stayed out on the beach, thank the gods, we didn't have room.

As soon as we got into the room my "date" wasted no time, he already knew what I'd do so he just quietly put his arms around me and started to kiss me. His hands went from on my back to one of them moving down to my butt, I liked it, he was gentle, then I felt his hand on my bare butt as he moved my skirt up, I returned the favor and undid his pants so I could reach down the front to his cock. His cock was already for me it was hard and I could feel it was wet on the end, he was turned on.

I kind of moved him over towards the bed so I could get down and suck on his cock. He must have thought it would help. I told him last night I prefer shaved, he was shaved, it was so nice. I sucked his balls into my mouth, first one then the other and back and forth while I stroked his cock. Then I licked up the length of his shaft and cleaned the precum off his cock. I could really tell he was getting horny.

He gently pushed me off his cock and onto the bed, slideing me up the bed. He lifted my skirt up over my hips and started to kiss the inside of my thighs, that shot lightning bolts through me. He worked his way up to my pussy, pausing to lick the inside of my pussy, then to suck on my labia, first one side then the other and then to my clit. He licked it and sucked it. I couldn't hold back, I climaxed all over his face, just grinding my pussy into him. When I was done I told him to get a condom from the drawer, he smiled and held up a condom that was in his pants and put it on.

The next thing I new I was being fucked by the hardest cock I'd felt in a very long time. It felt so good as he went in and out, I tried to expand and contract my muscles to squeeze on his cock as he pushed in and out. He didn't last long but is climax was terrific. I know it isn't the same, but when he was done he let me take the condom off his cock so I could lick his cock clean, and I did my best to get the cum out of the condom. This was one terrific way to start out the evening of play.

Jeff was having a pretty good time himself. I could see him every now and then as I could look over towards the other bed. He was naked and so were his two girlfriends. I don't know if they were d***k, stupid or what but they just kept giggling and smiling, not my type.

One of them was kissing Jeff while he was fingering her pussy. The other one was sucking his cock. Every once in a while they would change places, pausing to kiss each other for a little bit. It wasn't long before the one that was kissing him was straddling his face with her pussy so he could eat her out. Again, they would trade places pausing to kiss and grab each other's breasts. It wasn't long before one of the bimbos was having an orgasm on Jeff's face, then they finally did something I didn't expect.

Jeff got a condom on as the girl that rode his face got into the doggy style position. He started to work his cock in and out of her as the other girl, the one that was sucking his cock, got on the bed in front of the girl he was fucking. She started to eat her out, I don't know who came first, it was like Jeff was grunting and the girl was moaning almost at the same time. When Jeff pulled out, the two girls went at it kissing and playing with each other's tits.

I had to pee and couldn't resist it. I walked out to the patio/beach area. There were probably 20 people gathered around now, dancing, drinking and making out. I walked right over to three guys that were talking together over a beer. I stopped in front of them, lifted my skirt and peed, they stopped talking and just kind of stood there staring. My job was done, time to go back to the room.

A party got raided in the motel next door to us. Everyone was a bit nervous and we suggested that maybe we should end it for the night. As everyone drifted out, Jeff and I sat at the table in our room and made plans for the next day, after that it was time to go home and start back into the routine.
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a wonderful night
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Great job Wendy I love it
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My tongue is dripping breath is short...oh the things you write!