Life With s*s: Pt 18

After the graduation party we kind of went back into the humdrum of day to day stuff. We were hearing lots of stories of college k**s going off to spring break, we never did get a real spring break or for that matter go where I wanted to go after high school. I wanted to go to Virginia Beach, VA and we wound up going to Minneapolis, MN, where we live now. Not fare, I did some talking to Jeff and convinced him we need to take a break. It's been over two years of working and going to school without any real break.

We decided Florida is too far and we can drive to Virginia Beach in two days without a problem. So, it was on for us, a road trip during spring break to Virginia. Not exactly FL, but so what. We made reservations at a pretty nice hotel on the beach, we were on. Only thing, we forgot to ask for time off from work. Good thing we hadn't had any time off, they gave it to us without a problem.

We stopped in LeRoy, IL for the night, it was late when we checked in. Pretty much we cleaned up and went to bed. It was pretty nice room, it only had one bed a queen sized one. Since we made the reservations for two, they assumed we were married because when we checked in, the clerk hoped that we would have a nice night and called us Mr and Mrs.

The next morning, breakfast was early and we started driving again. Late night check in and then hopefully party for three days. We didn't know what we were going to do, but we'd figure it out. Our room was on the first floor overlooking the beach with a patio almost on the beach, oh so cool. I loved it.

We did all the daytime stuff and were told we weren't far from some of the most popular clubs for the young people. I really didn't have any thing club like so we went shopping. I got a really cute red party dress, short, low cut front and back and matching shoes. Jeff got some dress pants and a really nice shirt, he looked really nice. We went for the clubs.

There were lots of k**s there about our age, it looked like mostly about 20 to 23 or 24. We got in with a bunch as we talked. Lots of hugging, kissing and grabbing feels, from both sexes, it was fun, but I wanted more. I thought about trying a BJ under a table, not enough room I thought, I was afraid to just do it in the open, might get arrested. One guy in particular was paying a lot of attention to me, he liked rubbing my thigh when we were sitting, he wouldn't go high enough, I was hoping he'd find out, no panties. Finally he asked if I wanted to go to his room, that gave me an idea. There were 8 or 10 of us at any given moment at the table we were at. I asked if they all wanted to move the party to our room. Jeff, got a look like panic, then he smiled. We told them what room and they could get to our patio from the boardwalk.

We got there before everyone and checked at the front desk if it was ok, they said no loud noise, we were responsible for damage, etc. They were used to this during spring break. It wasn't long before they were showing up. Actually it turned out to be more, I guess some just followed from the boardwalk. We had some music going for dancing, but the fun stuff was going on in the room. The guy I was with was one of the first ones there and he did not take his time inviting me to the bed to make out. We sat on the edge and hugged and kissed, I started to rub his cock through his pants and that's when he found out I don't wear underwear. His fingers felt so nice on my pussy, he was gentle and just rubbed a little inside to get his fingers wet and then on the clit, he'd done this before. I was trying to get his belt undone, he finally did it for me and took his pants off, I don't know if he pulled of his underwear at the same time or didn't have any on, but he was naked on the bottom.

He had a fantastic cock, it was hard and he had his pubes trimmed, I prefer shaved, but trimmed is good. He sat back down and I reached for his cock and started to stroke it as we kissed. He went back to fingering my pussy and clit. I heard someone gasp, I guess as they saw us, but it didn't matter. Before too long ther were at least four couples in various stages of undress in the room making out and other things.

I pushed him back onto the bed and went down to suck on his cock, I loved how hot and hard it was. While I was doing that, right across from me on the bed another couple was fucking, she was riding him cowgirl style and I could see the mans cock going in and out of her as she rode him, then I recognized him, it was Jeff, yes, way to go Jeff and I could see he had a condom on. We took care and put condoms in the nightstands by both beds, just in case. Now it was my turn. I told my man to get up on the bed with his head towards Jeff's feet while I got a condom, he said he didn't use them, I told him he did or he didn't fuck me. He asked if I'd put it on him, I did. Then I got in the same position the girl on Jeff was in, now I knew Jeff could watch a cock going in and out of me. This was so hot, we were watching each other fuck, I almost orgasmed at the thought.

I could tell Jeff had cum. They were moving around so he could eat her pussy out. When he took off the condom he handed it to me so I could eat the cum out of it, wow. My man started to jerk and push hard, I knew he was cumming too. When he was done, I got off, removed his condom and licked his cock clean, then I got the cum out of his condom, he couldn't believe I did that. While I was sitting on the bed a girl came up to me and asked if she could eat me out, I laid back and spread my legs, I was still wearing the party dress, what a party.

She went straight to my pussy. I could feel her working her tongue inside me and then licking my clit. I opened my eyes and there were people watching this, I didn't care, I was turned on and horny. One of the guys watching was stroking his cock, I motioned for him to come over to me, he smiled and moved over so I could stroke his cock for him. I pulled him by the cock onto the bed so I could suck his cock. He couldn't last long and it's a good thing, about as soon as he started to cum so did I, this girl really knew what she was doing to my pussy. When his cock was drained and I got her face out of my pussy, she came up to my face and kissed me, I could taste my pussy and it tasted good.

I told her to trade places, she grinned and said she hoped I would. I didn't notice it before, all she had on was a bikini top, no wonder we had an audience. I went down on her pussy, I don't remember ever being as wet as she was I got all I could. Then I went to her labia, it was engourged and hard, same as her clit, this girl was horny. I stopped, and licked her juices some more, then went back to her clit. She climaxed after about five minutes.

Needless to say, there was a lot of fucking, sucking, jerking etc. that night. While all of this was going on I heard a girl ask if anyone wanted to eat a creampie, she asked twice. I saw her being fucked doggy style on the bed next to the one I was on. I went to her and asked what she had in mind. She told me to get under her and when he came she'd put her pussy on my mouth, that's all it took, I got under her and started to lick her pussy and his cock. He must have cum a lot or she was really wet because there was a lot of stuff that fell into my mouth that tasted so good when she put her pussy on it. Then I licked her out. I was getting up to get his cock when I saw some other girl sucking on it.

When everyone started to clear out we were left with two extra girls that were naked and sl**ping or passed out and one extra guy. I claimed the guy for myself, Jeff didn't argue. He was half asl**p and I went for his cock, he didn't stop me as I jerked him until he was ready to cum, then I put it in my mouth and sucked him dry. This was a fantstic night for cum. While I was doind that, Jeff had aroused one of the girls and was eating her out, she was moaning and pushing her pussy into his face as she climaxed. I told Jeff it was time to go to bed, I was wore out. We got the left over guy and two girls into one bed and Jeff and I got into the other one.

I guess from the trip and everything, we were wore out. When we woke up, the sun was up and the room was empty. Surprisingly, except for a little trash it was very messed up at all, my little dress was though. We put my dress and his outfit in the cleaners and picked up the biggest part of the mess in our room and patio, didn't want the hotel to be mad at us. Then we went out for breakfst and decided we needed some mor clothes for tonight.
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sounds like the fun has just begun
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sexy stuff got a woody thinking of your sexy red hair licking that cum out of the strange pussy awsome
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woooowwwwww that was hot & very sexy
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goddamn!! as moray said...rwo in one day? fuckin brilliant!! pun intended!
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Love your stories!!!
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Damn 2 in one day I am great story
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