Life With s*s: Pt 17

Well, the first 16 stories took up about four years. Once my friends went back to school, things went along pretty much the same for us day to day. While we had a lot of fun, it would be boring to keep repeating pretty much the exact same thing over and over. So here goes the end of a segment of our life, this is end of high school through end of vocational training.

It was time to graduate, I would have an AS and a certificate in Hotel, Motel, Restaurant Management and Jeff would have an AS and a certificate as a trained chef. Life is getting ready to go on, we have decided to stay here for a while and keep our jobs. The micro brewery is giving us both and advancement and pay raise based on our graduation.

A pretty large group of graduates had organized a graduation party and had rented a small tour boat to have it on. Part of the brochure said that they exercised discretion, when checking they said as long as it isn't i*****l, we can do what we want. No u******e drinking, no d**gs, and no weapons or fireworks. So it sounded good and we had to chip in quite a bit, but it included the food. Bad part for my b*****r, men outnumbered women in the school about four to one, good for me.

I did my best to put together something to wear that wasn't like totally business or absolute rags. I shortened a plaid skirt to about four inches above my knees, it was to my knees and I found a sheer top to match it but since I don't wear bras I bought a tank top to wear under it, all in all, I didn't look too bad. As for Jeff, clean jeans and a clean shirt, he said it was casual. We headed to the pier to catch the boat, we were some of the last to arrive, my fault of course because I wanted to shorten my skirt.

As we headed out we were told they would cruise up and down the river for four hours and give us a thirty minute notice when we were returning to the pier. Everyone, even Jeff and I headed to the bar. We each got a drink, wine for me, beer for Jeff. As we cruised we visited with a lot of the people who were very intent on drinking as much as they could and doing the same with eating as much as they could. As the drinking continued, I noticed everyone getting more and more loose. Jeff and I had switched to club soda with lemon or lime twist. I wanted to do something fun, but didn't know what or how to get it started.

There was some ass grabbing and titty brushing by the guys against us girls. Most of the girls were not minding at all, in fact a couple of them had undone their blouses and tied them up to bare their tummy, I was thinking about taking off my tank top, but didn't have enough guts. I was up on the top deck aft, when I knew what I'd do to get things started for me to have fun.

Three men were standing there, smoking cigarettes and drinking, they all were a little bit d***k and slurring their words. When I went up to them, one of them immediately grabbed for me to give me a kiss, I didn't want to, but what the heck I let him, and while he did it, I grabbed his crotch and gave it a little squeeze, he laughed and so did the other guys. We visited for a bit and I kept telling them I needed to go below to pee, but I'd keep talking. I was hoping someone would finally say it, and they did. About the fifth time I said I had to pee, one of the men said "hell, stop talking about it and go" and he pointed to the railing.

That was what I was waiting for. Since I rarely wear underpants, I was ready. I stepped to the rail, as they watched, lifted my skirt, assumed the position, used two fingers to open my pussy and lift my urethra up a little and started to pee, a very fine arc right off the stern of the boat. One of the guys asked if I had a cock, when I was done peeing, I turned to him with my skirt still up and asked if he saw one. I put my skirt down and headed down to the main deck, as I was going down the stairs, I was passed by one of the boats crew and I heard him as he got out on the top deck asking which of those men were peeing off the deck, that wasn't allowed. I didn't stay around to hear the response. I was ready to do something else.

I was looking for Jeff when I found him on the main deck, in the shadows, with a young lady from my class giving him a blow job. Jeff looked at me and winked, I knew not to bother him. As I turned I bumbed right into one of Jeff's classmates. I excused myself and he said he liked the bump and he leaned in to kiss me. What the heck, as we started to kiss, I started to reach for his cock, it was hard right through his pants. He broke the kiss and smiled at me and undid his belt and pants. I reached in for his cock as we started to kiss again. It was really hard and I think it had been hard for a while, it was wet from precum.

There was some moaning coming from right near us and I could see that another couple was fucking. She had her pants pulled down, was leaning on a rail while the guy had his pants down around his ankles. I couldn't see much, but I knew what they were doing. About that time the guy I was kissing asked if I wanted to do the same, I asked if he had a condom, he didn't so I said no, but I'd take care of him. I pulled his pants down and got on my knees to take his cock in my mouth. Evidently he was really not very long lasting, I was sucking on his cock and running my tongue on the opening of it and was reaching for his balls with one hand when he started to cum. It surprised me and I almost choked, but I didn't and I sucked him until I think I got every drop. He immediately pulled up his pants and left. Now I was horny.

The couple that was fucking was still going at it. I went over to them, they didn't seem to mind when I asked if I could join. The girl asked what I had in mind, I told her whatever she wanted, she told me to help him cum, she was getting tired. He was a bit d***k. As he was thrusting in and out of her pussy, I started playing with his balls and telling him what a fantastic cock he had, I leaned in and kissed him working my tongue into his mouth and that did it. He started cumming, I hoped for her sake he had on a condom, he didn't. I could see that as he pulled out. I bent down and licked his cock, the juices and cum tasted so good but I heard her say somehthing like "oh shit it's running out and I don't have anything to wipe with", something like that. I couldn't resist, I told her to stand still and I got down and licked up her thighs and her pussy. It really wasn't very messy, but I liked it.

Then I heard Jeff cumming, I know that sound, I looked over, good girl she was letting him cum in her mouth. As I walked by them I bent down and whispered in her ear, he'll eat it if you pass it to him. She took his cock out of her mouth and gave me a smile. As I walked off, they were kissing . . . my job there was done.

I did manage to find to more guys to give blow jobs to, but it wasn't very exciting for them, they were d***k and came in my mouth almost right away. At least I got their cum.

At the thirty minute announcement, most everyone tried to consume as much food and alcohol as possible. There were a few of us drinking soda, but not many. For some strange reason, even to this day, when I see a boat I start to get wet.

When we got home I told Jeff what I had done and he was getting horny all over again. I told him not until I climaxed, I hadn't all night and he had, and to his admission twice. Needless to say, it wasn't long before my b*****r had his head between my thighs doing what I like best to my clit. I did have a fantastic orgasm.
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3 years ago
Always happy to find new words from you here! New fuel for the happiest of daydreams!
3 years ago
excellent sweet & loving
3 years ago
As usual you have left me drained ..Fantastic