Life With s*s: Pt 16

My girlfriends had to get back to school but they didn't wake me to take them to the airport until they were ready to go, it was really early and Jeff didn't even wake up. I dropped them off at the airport and cried almost all the way home, I was going to miss them so much.

When I got home Jeff was up and making coffee, he could see that I'd been crying and came over to hug me and hold me, it gives me a lot of comfort to be in his arms. As he held me I could feel his cock start to push up against me, he was getting hard. I reached down to his cock with my hand and could feel it swelling in my hand, I think it is so much fun to be holding his cock as it gets hard. I started stroking it very slowly and squeezing, there was a knock at the door.

Jeff hurried to the bedroom to get out of sight and since I was dressed, I answered it. It was our nosy neighbor wondering if everything was alright since she heard me leaving so early. The whole while we were talking, she was looking around to see if she could see Jeff naked. Not to disappoint her, Jeff walked from the bedroom to the bathroom so she got a shot of him, but not for long. That seemed to satisfy her, the explanation of the airport, that is and she left.

I followed Jeff to the bathroom, he was just standing there smiling, said he couldn't pass up the chance to show off a little. We both laughed and he asked if I needed to pee, he had to and was already soft again. I went to the bedroom and undressed and joined him in the bathroom. We stepped into the shower and got into his favorite position with me holding his cock between my legs right under my pussy. I guess I had to go a lot more than I thought, I had a stream of pee hitting his cock for quite a while, in fact I could feel him getting hard. When I was done we backed away just a little so he could aim his pee at my clit, this is the most fun to feel that hot wet stream hitting me like that. After our little fun we rinsed off and went back out to the living room.

When we got there, I sat down and told Jeff to stand in front of me. I really wanted to watch and play with his cock for a while. He stood there while I reached up to his cock and started to stroke it with one hand and play with his balls with the other. It wasn't long before his cock was rising to full attention, I love it like that. I kept going until there was quite a bit of precum forming on his cock,then I licked it off.

Jeff said he wanted to watch me too. I slid to the corner of the love seat and turned sideways so he could sit across from me and do the same. We both masturbated this way so we could watch each other. I started to move a couple of fingers into my pussy to get my own juices to lube my clit, I was already pretty wet from playing with Jeff's cock. Jeff was slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft, I put two fingers in my pussy and when I pulled them out I leaned towards Jeff and rubbed my juices on his cock. My juices made his cock look so wet and I could tell he liked the feeling of it. I put in the same two fingers again, this time I licked them clean.

As we sat there watching each other I could tell we were both getting close to climaxing. Jeff said he couldn't wait if he kept going, so he got up and moved over to get his face between my thighs, he was going to bring me to orgasm first, he does that a lot and I love it. I could feel his lips kissing my thighs as they made their way up towards my pussy. Next I felt Jeff's tongue move in and out of my pussy getting up as much of juices as he could, this was followed by him gently nibbling on and pulling on my labia moving towards my clit. He knows exactly what I like on my clit, he sucked it into his mouth and slowly sucked it in and out while licking on it, I almost screamed with pleasure. It took just a few minutes and my body was shaking as my pussy contracted and opened climaxing over and over until I had to push his face off my clit. It took a couple of minutes to get my breath back.

By then Jeff was standing in front of me again, only he wasn't touching his cock but it was slowly moving up and down as his bl**d pulsed through it. I reached over with my tongue and got up a huge glob of precum. Then I put the head of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked it while moving it in and out of my mouth, the whole time moving my tongue around the opening at the tip of his cock. I could tell by his breathing and how he was starting to stiffen that he was close and then he shot his load of cum into my mouth, it was hot and thick, I could taste a musky saltiness, I loved it when it first shot into my mouth. I kept on his cock until he took my head in his hands and moved it away.

I stood up, I always like to give him some of his cum back. We held each other and started to kiss, playing our tongues inside each other's mouth. While doing this we were passing his cum back and forth between us. After a couple of minutes, I left about half in his mouth and I swallowed and stepped back. Even though I'm going to miss my girlfriends, it's nice to be alone with my b*****r too.

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3 years ago
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3 years ago
I hope Jeff knows how lucky he is
3 years ago
Another great one. The details are so amazing.