My Date With Amy

I hope you don't mind. I have a new girlfriend and I want to write about her but I want to carry on a thought. The first part of this story is going to be a bit of a fantasy. As soon as we get to our house, the real story begins. Please bear with me on this, I hope y'all (southern for all of you) like it.

I was at work when I got a phone call from Amy, remember her. Well anyway, before I left them on my business trip I gave Amy one of my cards and told her if she was ever in the area to give me a call. That was one thing I didn't excpect to get, but here she was. They were heading back to the UK and had a layover in Norfolk but the overseas flight was overbooked and they were offering a lot of incentives for someone to give up their seat. Amy's boyfriend, James, had to get back but Amy didn't so she volunteered. She was not looking forward to a couple of days by herself and wondered if I was close enough to visit. While she was on the phone I asked my boss for some time off and got it so I told her I'd pick her up at the airport.

It's about a one hour drive so it wasn't too long to get there. When I got there I spotted her right away, she looked so nice and so hot. She had on a very short skirt and tank top that really accentuated her breats, I love her breasts, they are so nice and firm, very suckable, if you know what I mean. She came right up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss, I didn't excpect the kiss, but it was nice. We got her bags and headed out to my truck, a Dodge Dakota. Needless to say there was a lot of talking and catching up since I'd seen her and James. I told her that I'd have to kind of fix up the guest room a little, hope she didn't mind. She gave me a little pouty luck and asked why we couldn't just stay together, she doesn't mind sharing a bed. Now it was my turn to smile.

Before I went to get Amy I called my b*****r and asked if he could put something together for supper for us before he went to work. He complained a little, but I knew he liked doing stuff like that for me. He said he'd have some cold plates ready, that way we didn't have to reheat and "ruin" anything.

When we got to our house I gave her the little tour, showed her my room and before I could take her to the guest room she said it looked like there was plenty of room for both of us. Then she gave me another hug and kiss and asked if that was alright with me. Of course it was, I was a little unsure how this was going to work, but I wanted to try.

I showed her our sunroom last. That is my favorite room in the house, it's pretty much why we bought it. It's like a giant play room for adults. Three walls are all patio doors, there is a hot tub big enough for eight people, a wet bar at one end, a pool table, a recreation of a Wurlitzer Juke Box that plays CDs, ceiling fans, etc. It is just a fun place to hang out and relax. Since it was close to supper time, I asked if she wanted to eat in the sunroom, we have a number of tables. Amy helped me bring out the food and we really had a nice meal, my b*****r the chef did a terrific job.

Before we had our dinner I put on some music and poured us a glass of wine to go with it. I cleared the dishes with Amy's help and went back over to the bar are and was pouring us wine when I heard the jets on the hot tub start up. I looked over to Amy and she had undressed and was climbing in, by the gods she looked so good, I forgot how great her body was, especially the little tattoo of a butterfly by her pussy, that just fascinates me. When I looked at her she looked at me and smiled and asked if she was going to have to sit in there all by herself. It really didn't take me long to decide to pour our wine into plastic glasses, got undressed and sat down beside her in the hottub.

We started by hugging and kissing a little bit but almost at the same time we reached for each other's breasts. We both rubbed each other's nipples with our fingers. It got me turned on pretty quick, like I needed much at this point to get me hot. At least my pussy was dripping down my thighs, I was in the water. Amy's breasts are so much biggerthan mine, but they are firm and the skin is so soft and smooth. I loved the way her nipples got hard. As this was going on, our kissing got a lot more adventurous with each of us probing the other's mouth with our tongue, I was really turned on and horny.

Then I told her, I should have asked not told, to get on my lap facing me, she just smiled and did it. This way I was able to kiss and suck on her nipples while fingering her pussy. She was really smooth, I think she shaved today. As I put a couple of fingers in her pussy I could tell she was really wet, besides that, her clit was hard now too. After about five minutes she told me to change places and she sucked and licked my nipples while fingering my pussy. I thought I would climax right then I was so turned on. I didn't think it was right for two girls to be doing this, but soon gave up on what was right, this was terrific.

I stood up and told her we needed to go to my room. We dried off and held hands on the way there. We got on the bed together and went right back to kissing and fingering each other's pussy and clit, she was really wet, so was I. Without a word, Amy worked her way down my neck to my breasts and kissed them both and kept going kissing my tummy until she was at my pussy, I spread my legs so she could get to it and she started by using her tongue inside my pussy and then sucking on my labia and then she got to my clit, it was like electricity I was so turned on. She licked on my clit first then started to suck it in and out of her mouth while licking it, I was rubbing my nipples and pulling on them with my fingers, when I climaxed my whole body shook and spasmed, I don't think I climaxedd like that since I was a teen. When I had calmed down it was my turn to do the same to Amy and I really wanted to taste the sweetness of her pussy and feel her body against me.

Afterwards we just hugged and somehow fell asl**p, it was pretty late. This morning when she got up she told me she liked me a lot and hoped this was going to work out between us, especially since she liked my b*****r's cooking. We're going to go on a picnic that my b*****r had prepared for us then go to dinner at the restaurant my b*****r is the chef at, he said we can sit at the chef's table. This is going to be a fun day and hopefully a really long night, a really, really long night, if you know what I mean. I haven't broached the subject of my pee play fetish with her, who knows, maybe I shouldn't.

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3 years ago
did your brother enjoy you 2 together
3 years ago
Stunning. wonderfully written....I feel really sorry for that 'James' guy(!) he missed out on a great show!
3 years ago
3 years ago
You go girl ( I know you already did) love the story as usual.
3 years ago
very good. Excellent in fact.