My Bi Fantasy

I was on a road trip, I went in early to make sure everything was ready at the hotel for everyone else to arrive tomorrow and make sure the conference room was the way we wanted it etc. I took a nice shower, spritzed on some warm vanilla sugar body spray and sat on my bed naked wondering if I was making a mistake.

I've told you all that I am a tomboy. The best way to understand the way I act and dress is watch Det. Hart in "Miss Congeniality" that's what it is like. I decided to break the trend. I bought a cute little sundress, light green with dark green embroidery around the waist hem and collar. It was way shorter than I usually wear it was more skin on my shoulders and back than I normally show, it was more girlie than I think I have ever worn. Besides that it was thin material that felt like I was naked with it on, and since I don't wear a bra and usually no panties, it was pretty close to naked. The store clerk said I looked really cute, she wanted to sell it.

Now to get it on and leave the room, I was scared but, I picked up my purse and headed down to the lobby, the lounge is right there. I figured I'd start there and see if there were any available, good looking, stud muffins hanging around. I stopped in the doorway, it was dark, I couldn't see. When I finally could all I saw were a half dozen middle aged, balding, pot bellied business travelers. I was turning to leave when I saw a girl waving from a table in the corner. I stopped and pointed at myself, she smiled and motioned for me to come over to her table. Why not?

As I got to the table, she stood up, she had on a sheer blouse with a lace bra underneath showing off two fantastic breasts and a skirt so short I'd be afraid to wear it. She said her name was Amy and she gave me a hug and asked if I'd join them. Since she was it I wasn't sure. She went on to say her boyfriend, James, was taking a shower and would be right down. I told her I didn't want to intrude and she asked me not to leave her in the meat locker and she laughed. It was fun listening to her she had a British accent and I'm a real soft touch for that accent, so sexy. Anyway I sat as the bartender came over and asked what I wanted, I said a Merlot, Amy got one too and we visited for a short time.

It wasn't long this tall, at least six foot tall man came up to the table, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said he was James and he hoped Amy hadn't been boring me. Another British accent, I'm in heaven, I said no and he sat down. He had told the bartender what he wanted on the way and it was delivered along with new drinks for Amy and me. It was fun visiting, they were on vacation. After about an hour of small talk they invited me to their suite, they said it would be more comfortable visiting there than in here, Amy and I were being stared at constantly with little comments that we could hear from the bar that were in one word "creepy". I agreed and we headed out, James wouldn't let me pay for mine. He stopped at the bar to settle up and we waited for him at the elevator.

We were in the room about five minutes when there was a knock on the door. It was room service, James had ordered drinks from the bartender to be sent up to their suite, I tried to tell them I didn't drink that much and I wound up diluting the wine with water. James asked Amy if she wanted anything to eat and she gave a little smirky smile, looked at me and said yes. When he asked her what she wanted, she said tht she was sitting right here. I didn't know if I should run or what, it was kind of exciting, I hadn't done anything like this, so I stayed. Besides they might have been joking.

It wasn't a joke, Amy moved over, James got up from the couch and Amy patted the couch next to her and asked me to come on over. I did, my heart was pounding but I was getting really excited, Amy knew it, she pointed out that it looked like my nipples were trying to poke out of the dress. I sat next to her and she moved towards me to kiss me, I wasn't sure if I should but it was too late, we were kissing. She tasted sweet, her lips felt nice and soft, her tongue poked into my mouth a little, I let my tongue go towards her and oh my god we were making out. I couldn't believe it.

Amy moved one hand over to my breasts and started to slowly rub the nipple through my dress. I reached over and unbuttoned her top so I could get to her breasts. Damn they were nice, firm warm, so much larger than my flat little chest. We stopped kissing, Amy looked at me and smiled and said she'd make it easier and she slid out of her top and bra, her breasts were amazing. All I could think of was sucking on them. So I did, I reached over for one breast with one hand and went down on the other with my mouth and licked and sucked her nipple, then I moved my mouth to her other breast. The whole time her head was back and her eyes were closed, I forgot about James. I looked up, he had his pants off and was slowly stroking a magnificent hard cock while he watched us. Now I was getting so turned on I could feel my juices getting my thighs wet, I didn't have on panties.

James asked us to move to the bed, we'd be more comfortable. Amy got up and asked me to join her as she unzipped her skirt and let it drop, she didn't have on panties either. I undid the straps on my dress and lifted it over my head, we were both naked as we laid on the bed next to each other, this time it was Amy that went down on my breasts, it felt so wrong but so good. She went down further until she was licking the juices off my thigh and out of my pussy, she sucked at my clit and licked it before moving back up the bed. As she moved up, I went down to her pussy and started to lick it and suck on her clit.

James knelt next to her face so Amy could suck on his cock and cradle his balls in her hand, I could look up and see this. My pussy was dripping wet as James got off the bed and came around behind me. I felt his rock hard cock slide into my pussy and it felt so good. I did tell him not to cum in me, he smiled and said he wouldn't think of it. James pulled out after a couple of minutes and Amy told me to change places with her. I moved onto the bed as she went down on my pussy again, now James was fucking Amy. This all felt almost unreal, but it was happening. I was getting close to orgasm when I told Amy to stop, there was something I wanted to try.

I told James to lie on the bed on his back, he did, his cock was aiming stright up. I straddled his cock and lowered my pussy onto it, cowgirl style. Amy got the idea and got up over his face. Now James was fucking me and eating Amy while Amy and I kissed each other and played with each other's tits, I just abslutely love her tits, wish they were mine so I could play with them all of the time. James tried to say something but his face was buried in Amy's pussy, she got up a little and he said that if I didn't stop he was going to cum. I got off him right away.

Amy told James to get up and she got in the doggy style positioin on the bed, then she told me to get under her, I wasn't sure what she was up to but then I figured it out. James entered her pussy from behind, my mouth was right under her pussy so I could lick her clit and James cock at the same time. Then I felt Amy's mouth on my pussy, oh my, I didn't know if I could hold on and I couldn't. I climaxed, my whole body shuddered, I moaned, it was unbelievable. Then I heard Amy moan as I started back on her clit and she started to climax that's all it took, the contracting of her pussy did it to James, he said he was cumming and her drove his cock into her over and over again. When he pulled out I told Amy to sit up on my face, I guess she already planned it because she was doing it as I started to say it. A big glob of cum mixed with pussy juice slid out of her pussy into my mouth, it was so sweet and good and I couldn't get enough as I moved my tongue in and out of Amy's pussy getting every drop I could. While I was doing that Amy was licking and sucking James cock clean.

I got out from under Amy and we both kind of collapsed into each others arms. We held each other and kissed each other. It was so nice, it was so right. I was ready to tell Amy I loved her when James said, "anyone hungry, I think I'll order a sandwich".

OK I hope this worked as my very first Bi encounter fantasy for me. Let me know what you think please. P.S. Thank you Amy and James
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Niiiice ...
3 years ago
such wonderful sexy friends
3 years ago
Sounds like fun!
3 years ago
Wonderfully written...

A favorite dream beautifully expressed!
3 years ago
like it a lot. hot story and great description.
I want one the same.
3 years ago
Wendy As usual Great story. You sure know how to get a middle aged pot bellied man hard....LOL
3 years ago
I thought it was incredible! Definitely going into my favourites list! Great work Wendy!
3 years ago
i enjoyed that got me so wet x

well done and please write more

3 years ago
3 years ago
beautiful and sexy - thank you
3 years ago
mmmm very sexy
3 years ago
I don't think it was work at all... that was all play. Not a drop of work anywhere! You told of a great erotic episode.

(OK, there was some work going on, but it was me working something as I read the story)