Life With s*s: Pt 15

This was turning out to be one heck of a day for all of us. Lexie and Terece said that we should keep it going all day, why not just have a fun day. I liked the idea and we didn't even need to ask Jeff, he was just sitting there grinning.

It was pretty fun, we fixed something to eat and drink. We had a couple of things to do on the computer. Then there was clean up after eating. What made it fun, we stayed naked. I'm usually not too fond of being naked, but with my friends, it just didn't seem to matter, I wasn't uncomfortable at all. The only complaint we had was we were going to have to stay in the apartment if we weren't going to get dressed, so we decided to stay in the apartment.

Lexie was kind of squirming a little bit and then said she needed to pee and wanted to know if Jeff wanted to watch. He not only stood up right away, so did his cock. We decided we could all give Jeff a little show and have some fun too, so we headed for the bathroom. I didn't realize how much I had to go until I stood up.

I pretty much knew what Jeff wanted and it wasn't to watch us pee, not like stand by the toilet and watch, he wanted to see where it came from. When we got into the bathroom Jeff went right into the shower and I told the girls, it was going to be like we did it before, only one by one. Lexie went first, she had to go the most. She stood over Jeff, he was sitting on the floor, Lexie got her pussy close to his face and spread it open with her fingers, when she started to pee she adjusted where she was standing so it was hitting Jeff right on his cock and balls, by the way, his cock was kind of bouncing it was so hard. I gave her a hand towel to dry her feet off.

Then it was my turn, I got in the same position Lexie did except I pushed my pelvis forward a little and pulled up on my pussy a little and when I started to pee, it hit Jeff right in the chest and ran down to his cock. He just ketp smiling, I think he was liking this more than we were. It's fun to pee on him.

Last was Terece and she did the same as Lexie. She straddled him, pulled her pussy open with her fingers and stared to pee. By luck, it started to hit him right on the balls, she didn't have to move at all. When she got out we left Jeff to shower off and get the pee out of the shower too. I was surprised Jeff didn't have to pee, but maybe with his cock hard he couldn't anyway.

While we were sitting around talking I told them what a terrific turn on it was to have both of them on me to make me climax. They admitted that they've done that a couple of times with girls at college where they are going. As we kept talkinga about sexual stuff I started to get horny and started to rub my clit just a little. Lexie nudged Terece and told her to look what I was doing. It kind of caught me off guard, I didn't realize I was doing it, but I didn't stop. Jeff came in and sat next too me.

Terece reached her hand across to Lexie and started to play around with her pussy, just kind of rubbing around and goint to her clit teasingly. Then Lexie was doing the same to Terece. That's when Jeff asked if we were going to do this all over again, he didn't think he could cum again, not yet. That was almost funny to hear. I knew what I wanted to do but wasn't sure if I should ask so I just thought about it for a little and decided what the heck, they said we'd have fun and stay naked, I'll ask later.

Jeff asked if any of us would like a glass of Merlot, he was going to fix one for himself with some lemon lime soda in it. It sounded good to me and the girls thought so too. Jeff got up, cock pretty limp, and went to the kitchen to fix our drinks. We sat around for a while talking and drinking and kind of fingering ourselves a little when I decided to ask. I asked the girls if one of them would please fist me, I remember when they did it after high school and I wanted that feeling again. They just looked at each other, smiled and said they do it quite a bit now and of course they would if I help them too. Jeff's cock kind of twitched as it got a little bit harder, I sure do like watching his cock do all of these moves, hard, soft, in between, bouncing, etc. I told Jeff to get us the lube out of my night stand and he did.

I put a towel on the love seat so we wouldn't make a big mess and scooted down so I could open my legs. Both girls got up and came over to me, they both started kissing me, one was on my lips and moved to my earlobes, the other moved from one breast to the other, sucking on the nipples and licking them too. Terece was on my breasts, Lexie finished kissing me on the mouth one more time and went down to my pussy. She leaned in and slowly worked her tongue in and out of my pussy, then I felt her tongue on my clit and then the best part, she started to suck on my clit, I was getting really turned on.

She stopped sucking my clit and sat down so she could rub my clit with one hand and start to finger my pussy with the other. Now Terece was kissing me on the mouth, this was so unbeliebably good, I had my eyes closed and was just loving it. Then I felt my pussy being pulled open by two fingers, Lexie only has two hands, how was she doing this? I opened my eyes and looked down. Terece was now sucking on one of my breasts and using her hand to rub my clit while Lexie was working her fingers in and out. I just leaned back and closed my eyes.

I felt more pressure on my pussy as Lexie started to use four fingers in and out and pulling it apart. Terece slowed down the rubbing on my clit. The four fingers stopped stretching my pussy open for a couple of seconds, I looked down and Lexie was putting more lube on one hand, she looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back and closed my eyes again, it was such a terrific feeling as my pussy filled as she put four fingers from one hand in and twisted it around and moved it in and out, my breathing was changing and I heard myself moaning as I started to push my pelvis and pussy onto Lexies fingers.

Then it happened, I felt the fist go in, it was good as I remembered, the pressure the movement as she twisted it around in my pussy. I kept pushing my pussy onto her fist as Terece kept stroking my cock,then I felt my pussy tighten, loosen, and then start contracting over and over as I had a terrific orgasm. I didn't realize how loud I had gotten with the moans until Jeff told me to quiet down a little, we didn't want the neighbors checking on us.

I opened my eyes and pulled Terece's hand from my clit, it was just driving me nuts, I couldn't take it any more, but the fist still felt good. Lexie slowly removed her fist from my puss and got up on her knees, I leaned forward and kissed her. This was so good, I love it. To bad Jeff's hands are to big or I'm too small, whatever. I did look over to Jeff, he was sitting on the love seat across from us with his cock all hard. It looked wet, I asked him about it, he said he was using some of the lube, it felt good.

Lexie asked Terece if she wanted to go next, since her fingers were already full of lube. I changed places with Terece and knelt alongside her so I could start kissing her. I kissed her on the lips for a little bit and then went down to her tits. She doesn't really have big tits, but they are terrific, they are like half grapfruits and really firm. Too bad mine aren't that big. I sucked on first one nipple then the other, and when I would change I would rub the other breast with my hand.

I was looking down watching Lexie, she was really good at this. She had finished licking her pussy and was now starting to use two fingers from each hand to stretch her open. I took the hand off of Terece's breast and started to but her clit. It was always a little bit of a strange feeling to feel another girls clit. I think Jeff liked it because as soon as my fingers were on Terece's pussy, Jeff sighed, then moaned a little bit. Her clit was hard as could be, she was really turned on, her breathing became shallow and I looked at her face, she was moaning very softly with her eyes closed.

By now Lexie was working one hand in and out of Terece's pussy. Lexie looked up at me and as we made eye contact she smiled and winked at me, I didn't understand the wink at first then I saw why. She had her fist in Terece up to her wrist, she was twisting her fist back and forth as I could see Lexie shoving her pussy on and off it. I kept stroking her clit, even after I felt her start to orgasm. She hardly made a sound, but her whole body shook as we kept going. Finally she told us to stop. I looked over to Jeff, he was slowly stroking his cock, he smiled at me so I told him not to waste any cum, don't cum until we are done. He just smiled some more.

Lexie got up and washed her hands. Terece asked if I was ready to do Lexie, I said sure. She then clarified it, are you ready to do the fisting, I felt myself blush as I said I thought so. Lexie traded places with Terece, smiled at me and gave me a wink again and said, be gentle.

I started off by going down on her pussy, kind of strange to do a pussy, she was so wet, she had rubbed some of her pussy juices on her inner thighs while she walked to the sink and back. I could smell and taste it on them, so I started to lick her thighs clean, her pussy tasted like mine, I've tasted my pussy juice lots of times both from my fingers, and from Jeff's mouth after he's eaten me out and we kiss.

When I got to stick my tongue in her pussy I was surprised at how wet she was, it tasted good. Then I moved my tongue to her clit, she moaned, I looked up, her head was back and Terece was sucking on one of her breasts. I started to suck on her clit, it was hard and the vulva was engorged, she was really turned on I kept sucking her clit and moved two of my fingers into her pussy and started to twist them around and move them in and out, then I used three fingers, now I knew I was going to need some lube, she wasn't that wet.

I got some lube and put it on both hands, then, just as before, I started to put one finger from each hand in and pull and stretch gently, then to two finger up to when I had to put lube on one had and push in four fingers. As soon as I did, she pushed her pussy onto my hand, as I pulled it out, she pulled back just a little, as soon as I started to push in she slammed her pussy onto me. I pulled out again and got ready to move my whole hand in. Whe I started to push in she did it again, she slammed onto my hand and drove my whole hand into her up to my wrist, it was startling.

Terece kept rubbing on her clit as best she could while Lexie drove her pussy on and off my fist until she was climaxing. Her entire body was like in a seizure as she shook and moaned. When we were done, I still had my fist in her as she looked down at me, smiled and said thanks for being gentle, then she pulled her pussy off my fist, I thought it would make a popping sound she did it so quickly.

Jeff called out he couldn't hold it he was going to cum. Terece went straight to him and took his cock in her mouth as he started to cum. She sucked him until he told her to quit. Then she came over to where I was still sitting on the floor, bent down and passed the cum to me with a kiss. Terece smiled at me and said it was the least she could do for him, he's been so nice to us.

Our apartment I'm sure smelled like sex. Three pussies and a cock all having cum twice. Thank goodness we couldn't smell it. I got up and got some tissues for us to wipe our pussies with. We decided we wouldn't shower yet, just in case something else came up. I don't think Jeff can do it again, heck I'm not sure I can.
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Better and better...
you are amazing!
3 years ago
thats final i wish i had this life. you should make one when mom comes and vists and all of them have some fun together at the end
3 years ago
3 years ago
Now that was an exhaustingly fun day
3 years ago
MMMMM so fucking hot.
3 years ago
This life sure is knackering!!! As a matter of interest, how many years has elapsed from parts 1-15?