Life With s*s: Pt 14

I hope you don't mind, I'm going to try something different on the follow up to 13, I'm going to write it from my perspective. This is just something I want to try, if you like it, let me know, I can do more.

After Jeff told us about what happened with Susan, we were all pretty excited. I told Jeff he needed to finish the cleaning, after all we had a deal. Terece, Lexie and I sat in the living room visiting, they wanted a glass of wine so I joined them. Every once in a while they would lean towards each other and kiss or just play with each other by rubbing a hand over the other ones breast or rubbing their thigh. I was sitting across from them so I had to watch, it was getting me a little turned on too.

After about 30 minutes I got them a fresh glass of wine, I got half a glass. When I got back to the living room they were in a passionate kiss, reching under each others tops to get to the breasts. I told them if they were going to keep doing this at least they could get naked so I could see what was going on. They stopped for a minute and looked at me, Lexie gave kind of a silly smile and started to get undressed, Terece chose to follow and pretty soon they were sitting across from me totally naked, and looking really good. They were both turned on or cold because their nipples were really hard and sticking out.

About then Jeff came into the room to start straightening up. He liked what he saw, his cock started to get hard as we watched him. Then Lexie and Terece started making out again, only now they had their legs spread apart so they could work on each others clits. I could see that their pussies were really getting wet. I wasn't sure if they were doing this for Jeff, me or both of us. Jeff sat next to me to watch and started to stroke his cock. I told him to keep doing his chores, he could watch when he was through, and he did.

This was really getting me turned on. I reached down to my pussy, it was wet, I mean running down my thighs wet. I put a couple of fingers in so I could lube my clit and started to rub it while watching my friends. Lexie asked if we could move the table between the love seats, I told Jeff to do it for us. He was totally hard walking around with his cock bouncing up and down, I love watching it do that. After he moved the table he sat next to me and said everything was done.

When the table was moved, Lexie got on the floor between Terece's legs and slowly started to work her way up first one thigh then the other licking and kissing as she moved. Terece was moaning and pushing her pussy towards Lexie but Lexie just kept teasing her. I didn't want to climax right away so I was going really slowly on my clit, Jeff was going really slowly on his cock, we were both enjoying the show, I know this because we looked at each other and smiled, then went back to watching.

Finally Lexie got to Terece's pussy, as soon as her tongue touched her clit, Terece let out with a loud moan. We watched as Lexie worked her tongue in and out of her pussy and while she sucked on her clit. Terece was moving around in pleasure and moaning softly. All of a sudden Terece stiffened up, she sucked in air really loud and we could see her whole body shake as she climaxed. The whole time she was climaxing Lexie kept working on her clit. Finally Terece pulled Lexie's face off her pussy and said it was enough. Terece was all flushed and smiling as she told Lexie to get on the love seat.

This was just unbelievable, you can't watch a video this good. It was right in front of us. On top of that, I could watch Jeff jerk off. Two or three times I leaned over to his cock to lick the precum off, I love it. Jeff was beside himself he was so horny. I love watching him trying not to cum while still wanting to stroke his cock.

Terece didn't waste any time on the thighs, she started at the top and started kissing and sucking the breasts of Lexie, first she sucked one nipple then the other, over and over. The whole time she was very gently stroking the clit and putting a finger or two inside Lexie, twice she stopped to lick the juices off her fingers. Then she went down on her.

I could almost here her slurp as she moved her tongue in and out of Lexie, getting all of the juices she could. Then she was licking and sucking on her clit. I had to stop, I was too close to climaxing. I was fascinated watching Terece and Lexie, they've been my best friends forever and now this, I just couldn't get over it.

Jeff stood up and got in front of me. At first I was mad, he was blocking my view but when I looked up at him to tell him to move,he just said please and moved his cock towards me. I know he had to be close or he wouldn't have done this. I took his cock in one hand and his balls in my other. As I pulled his cock into my mouth he started to cum, he didn't wait for me to suck or anything, he just started cumming like crazy. I sucked and licked the head of his cock until he was trained. I really like the taste and texture of fresh cum.

I swallowed as Jeff moved to the side so I could keep watching. It was a little too late, Lexie was pulling Terece's head off her pussy. I could tell by the way she looked she had climaxed. Now I wanted to. So I started to work at my clit, I was so horny I couldn't stand it. Lexie asked if I wanted some help, then before I could say anything, both of the girls were moving over to my love seat.

Terece started by kissing me and then moving down towards my breasts, kissing the whole way. She stopped on one nipple and then went to the other. While she was doing this Lexie had spread my legs apart and was sucking on my clit, I could feel a couple of her fingers working their way in and out of my pussy. I had closed my eyes it felt so good. I was more horny than I thought. I started to climax and when I did I moaned really loudly, it startled me that I orgasmed that fast after they started on me. This was just too unbelievably good.

We all sat down for a minute, just kind of staring at each other and grinning. I'm not sure how the rest of the day is going to go, but this was a fantastic start for all of us.
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3 years ago
3 years ago
it will be a great one
3 years ago
sure wish I was there to see and be a part of all this! ;)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Well, I was aroused... especially at the "running down my thighs wet" part, I was instantly hard!! Steph/Wendy, you are now a strong figment in my fantasies!!
3 years ago
If I could give this a thousand stars I would!
3 years ago
From my point of view, you are all a horny sexy bunch.
3 years ago
Awesome. Made my cock so hard. I am glad you sucked off your brother. Good girl.