A Business Dinner

I had to attend a business dinner with my boss and a couple of new clients. My job is to take notes and make sure that nothing gets by that we have to take action on. Other than that I'm just supposed to sit and not disturb the clients. The bad part is I have to get dressed up, which I really don't feel comfortable with. I've always been kind of a casual sort of person. Anyway, my bosses wife helps me out,I don't really have very good taste. I was wearing a Kelly green little dress, it was a little bit short, about 6" above my knees, it had a plunging back, but the front was up to my neck, I put a couple of green ribbons in my hair to keep it out of my face and called it good.

The dinner was acutally pretty boring. They kept talking about everything but business, I started daydreaming and had to pull myself back to reality a couple of times. In one of those moments our waiter, who I kept stairing at, came over to see if there was anything else I wanted. He was so pretty, I guess handsome is a better word. He was about six feet tall, wavy blond hair, a really hard body, at least it looked like it, and the cutest little ass you could imagine. I had to ask him "what did you say?" He repeated himself, "is there anything that the lady would like?"

Oh my, I'm the lady, the rest of the table is still droning on and on about who knows what. I looked up at him and said "yes, there is something I want". I reached over and grabbed him by his belt and pulled him over towards me. The next thing I knew I was undoing his belt and pulling down his pants, he was cammando, no undies, I loved it. Not only that his cock was shaved and smooth and then I couldn't believe it. I haven't seen one this big in person. I swear his cock was almost a foot long and getting hard as he was saying that we shouldn't be doing this. I looked around, no one was even paying attention to us.

I pulled on his cock to get him closer to me. While I started to stroke his cock I asked for his name. He asked why? I told him because I didn't do this for strangers. He said his name was Eric, I told him I'm Wendy, I guess we aren't strangers anymore. With that out of the way I took his cock into my mout. I could taste some precum oozing out the head of his cock as I licked my tongue on the slit of his cock. The shaft was so big, I could hardly get any of it into my mouth so I stroked it with one hand while cradling his balls in the other. I just couldn't believe how big and hard his cock was.

Eric reached down and ran his hand over my breasts, he said, "I really love small breasts and your nipples are so hard, they're poking right through the fabric of your dress." Oh my,by all of the gods that felt so good. I felt him tighten up a little bit, I know what that meant before he said anything. When he did talk he said he was ready to cum, if I didn't want it in my mouth I'd have to stop. I just kept going until I felt the hot cum hitting the inside of my mouth. It felt so hot and creamy and I love the taste. I kept working his cock until he actually pulled my head off of it. I looked up at him and smiled, then I swallowed his cum.

As he was getting himself back together I heard my boss say, "excuse me, waiter, I need something to drink when you get the chance." I looked at Eric and told him I knew exactly what he wants. I stood up, lifted my dress so he could see my pussy and put my empty wine glass under it. Then I filled it with fresh pee. He just stared, I told him that was what he wanted, just give it to him. I looked around the restaurant, no one had paid any attention to us. Eric handed the glass to my boss, he smiled and said "how did you know what I wanted?"

I was sitting there really feeling pretty horny when I heard my boss saying, "Wendy . . . . Wendy . . . are you OK?" I opened my eyes. I heard my boss say "Are you OK, we've been asking you if you want desert?" The waiter was standing by me, I apologized and said I must have been daydreaming. One of the clients laughed and said that they didn't mean to be that boring.

Wow, what a daydream. I have to go back to that place again some time.
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3 years ago
LoL what a good dream.
3 years ago
Nice and it is amazing how and where we can daydream...
3 years ago
i have done that to alot of waitress's
3 years ago
that was fucking awesome Wendy!! roll on more daydreams!! lol
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very Sexy Day dream Beautiful & I do hope you have many many more :)
3 years ago
So naughty.
3 years ago
mmmmmm you are a kinky girl!