Life With s*s: Pt 13

I was left home alone for a little while. The girls went out to do some shopping, I hate grocery shopping, with the understanding that I would clean up the apartment. No need to get dressed, so I start cleaning. I've been cleaning about a half hour when I hear a female voice call out "anyone here?" I was cleaning the bathroom and had the fan on so I didn't hear a knock. There is no way to get to the bedroom to get some clothes without being seen from the door.

To save some embarrasment, I called out "I'm just getting out of the shower, I don't have anything on". The female voice said, "I'll wait". As I came out of the bathroom she was staring down the hallway, right at me. I kind of froze when I saw her but my cock was thinking for itself and started to get hard. We both started apologizing at the same time but she never took her eyes off me, so I figured I'd take the chance. I walked towards her telling her how embarrassed I am that she caught me this way, but she has already seen me, we can't undue that. She was a little embarrassed and said she understands, she never should have opened the door. By now I'm standing right in front of her with a very hard cock.

It turns out she knew some people that used to live in this apartment and didn't know that they had moved, that's why she walked in. I told her my s****r and friends went to do some grocery shopping and I guess they didn't lock the door. Now she seems to be a little bit more comfortable about the whole thing so I ask if she'd like some coffee or tea or anything to drink, she thought some tea would be nice. I went to the kitchenette and got some water on while we talked.

Her name is Susan and she wanted to know if I always went around naked. I told her pretty much most of the time. The next question was about the girls, do they mind. I told her my s****r is used to it and her girlfriends don't seem to mind at all. Then she surprised me and said she kind of thought it was cool, she liked it that I was so casual about being naked in front of her. She also looked at my cock and said she was pretty sure I liked it.

When the water was hot, I made the tea. I put a cup down in front of her at the dining room table and she asked, as she reached for my cock, if I minded her touching it. I didn't say anything, she slowly ran her fingers up and down the shaft, then she cupped my balls in her hand. Next she looked up at me and said she really thought it was nice that I didn't get dressed, she would have missed this. Then I felt her hand tighten around my cock as she started to stroke it.

While she was stroking my cock she was telling me about where she was from, how long she would be in town, etc. I really didn't hear much of it. It felt too good to talk. I did manage a few nods and yeses. Then she stopped talking, she had to, while standing in front of her, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth and started to move her head back and forth on my cock while tickling my balls with her other hand. I warned her that I was about to cum, she didn't stop and neither did I. I came in her mouth over and over, when I was done, she sat back in her chair.

Susan was pointing at her mouth and trying to tell me she didn't swallow, she needed to spit. I told her I had a better idea and told her to let it into my mouth as we kissed, her eyes got big, but I bent over to kiss her. She really didn't kiss much, she was trying to get all of the cum out of her mouth. When I swallowed it, she was still just looking at me, then she said she never saw a man do that before, then she said she thought it was really interesting.

I sat at the other chair and we visited while drinking our tea. About fifteen minutes later, the girls got back with the groceries. They were all surprised to see us sitting there and I explained briefly about her walking in because she thought it was someone she knew. Nothing was mentioned of the blow job. After we finished our tea and the girls had the groceries put away, Susan said she better be going, we both stood, she gave me a little hug and thanked me for the tea. On her way to the door she asked if she could stop by again before she left for home, it would be in a few days. Steph and I both said sure, at the same time.

Once she was out the door, all three of the girls started to prod me, they wanted to know the whole story. How did I get naked in front of her? Did she get upset? What happened? So I told them everything that happened. Sometimes it's nice to be left at home alone to do the cleaning. By the way, I still had to finish the cleaning.
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2 years ago
good one
3 years ago
3 years ago
the distractions that cum up during house work
3 years ago
great but come on man could have been more sexual
3 years ago
If Steph said yes to her coming over at the same time as Jeff.. I can see where part 14 is going!! lol seems like they both have the same taste in girls alright!
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmmm nice, still like these storys so hot