What I Want

So far I've been writing about things that I have done, things my b*****r has done and things we have done together. I would like, with your permission (you can send me hate comments if you choose) to tell you some of my fantasies, or things I'd like to do or experience if I wasn't so scared.

First off, since I like to be watched peeing, that is where I'm going to start. I see myself at a NASCAR race, lot s of men around, long lines at the ladies bathroom. I drink enough that I have to pee something terrible. Since it is pretty warm out, I have on a T-shirt that is leaving my tummy exposed and a short skirt. I go to the bathroom line, it is really long, I make a big deal about I can't wait, I've got to go now. I leave the line and go straight into the men's bathroom. Some of them tell me I'm in the wrong bathroom, I tell them I can't wait, please excuse me and I move over to a urinal. Since I don't have on underpants I just lift my skirt and start peeing right into the urinal in front of all these men. When I'm done, I stand there with my skirt up and ask if one of them can hand me some tissue so I can wipe. I walk out like I belonged there.

I've thought of this one too, I like it almost better. I'm at the beach on the Outer Banks, I find a spot with a bunch of guys surfing. Instead of wearing a bathing suit, I wear a very short micro mini skirt and sports bra so it kind of looks like a bathing suit. I go over and start talking to the guys, I know they are all looking, wondering if I have on panties or is it a bathing suit. I have a couple of beers with them while visiting then I tell them I need to pee. There's always one in the crowd, says to go ahead and pee, no ones stopping me. I thank him, spread my legs a little bit and pee right there while they all watch. Then I just keep talking to them like nothing happened.

I really like men in uniform, especially Marines, oh by all the gods, I love Marines. I would love to get into a Marine Corps boot camp company, one that's been in training for about a month, where all the recruits are really horny. I don't know how, but I get snuck into their barracks and tell them that I'll let them watch me masturbate, if they cum in my mouth. I don't know how many are in a recruit company, but I sit on a bunk, hike up my skirt so they can see my pussy and I start to slowly rub it. I move a couple of fingers into my pussy and pull them out all wet and rub them on my clit, I keep doing this until the first of the Marines cums in my mouth, then it's one after the other until I'm full, I can barely swallow another load of cum and I see that I have done all of them. As they are still looking at me I bring myself to an orgasm and then for good measure pee all over the floor. After that I get snuck out and leave. Oh dear, I'm getting wet typing this one.

My next fantasy is kind of strange I guess, like the others weren't. I'd like to be able to get a supply of cum, I mean a lot of it every day, fresh, I don't know from where. I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast with fresh fruit, vanill greek yogurt and vanilla Almond Silk. I'd like to replace the yogurt and Silk with cum. What a way to start the day, a big glass of cum whipped together with fresh fruit. I don't know why, I just love the taste and texture of cum. Now I'm really wet, I might have to do something about that.

I hope I haven't bored you. You can send your hate messages now. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Oh crap, I don't have much chest to give. Maybe I'll do some more fantasies later, these are just the ones I like to masturbate to.

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3 years ago
You are such a girl that I would like to be around...Nice mind
3 years ago
You are such a naughty girl!
3 years ago
we can always dream
3 years ago
I love the way your naughty mind works. Thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
Well, I have to say I love this post as much as the others... and I particularly liked your Marine one too!
3 years ago
Now that's hot
Cum breakfast shake
I would gladly donate daily the amounts you need :))

Loved your stories darling xx
3 years ago
I love this story!
3 years ago
Your fantasies are so fucking naughty.
3 years ago
Thanks Hun that wash hot...
3 years ago
3 years ago
As usual you got me hard. Now I have to waste smoothie material
3 years ago
mmmm fun fantasies. I'd enjoy being the source of your morning smoothie ;)