I Got Caught: Another Beach Adventure

It has only been a couple of weeks since I did the CFNM pool party for Tatiyana and friends I was still thinking about it. I had Miranda's number, so I called her to see if there was anything going on that I could do for her. She appreciated the invite, but said not at the present but she'd check with her s****r, maybe she might like me to do something for her.

I waited two days and figured no one was going to call. It looked like I'd have to make my own adventure on my next days off. Later that day it happened, Trinity called and asked if I remembered her (how could I not remember). I told her I thought I did and asked, "aren't you a friend of Miranda's s****r?" I think she knew I was k**ding, of cours I knew who she was.

Trinity said that her and some of her friends, probably six or seven of them, were going down to the beach where I first met her. She said I met one of the girls at Tat's, but not the rest and she wondered if I'd go along with an idea her and Tat had.

They would park their cars on the side of the road just a little bit past mine, maybe a quarter of a mile, and then they'd head towards the beach. The idea was for them to 'stumble' across me in the dunes. They would go to the beach and then walk up the beach towards where I was, I was to listen for them, they new they'd all be talking, when they were pretty close I was to stand up, naked, looking in the opposite direction, shake out my towel and lie back down, making sure I was high enough that the girls could see I was naked. We were then just going to do whatever happened.

We settled on a date and time, on one of my days off. On the day in question, I was at the beach about an hour before they said they would be but I didn't go out towards the ocean, I just laid back in my truck and watched for them to go past me. I didn't want to be in the sun too long and this worked out fine, especially since they were about 1/2 hour earlier than they said they would be. I watched as they pulled over not very far up the road, that was my cue to get busy. I got out of my truck and walked quickly towards the ocean, keeping an eye out to stay out of site of the girls, while looking for a good place to lie down.

Not far from the edge of the dunes I found a shallow spot that looked to be about perfect, I couldn't see the girls coming up the beach yet, but I had to hurry. I got undressed, only wearing swim trunks, and laid out a beach towel to lie on. I rubbed on a little more sun screen and as I was doing that, I could hear the girls in the distance, talking like crazy. I peeked over the dune and saw them, still too far for them to be able to tell I was naked.

As their voices got louder, I snuck another peek, they were close, but I wanted them just a little closer. After about two minutes I stood up, looking up the beach away from them, shook the sand out of my towel and laid back down. Just a few seconds after I stood up it got quiet, they must have seen me and shut up, now I was getting horny, I didn't know what was going to happen, but I new a bunch of girls were going to see me naked.

These girls could never be spies or big game hunters, as they 'snuck' up on me I could hear them. They weren't talking, but as they got close I kept hearing "shush, quite, shush" being whispered. I kept my eyes closed and my straw hat over my face, I think that they had been staring at me for a couple of minutes when one of them started to laugh. I jumped up, like I was startled, and looked around franticly for something to cover up with as I looked up at them. My god they were all so cute, all of them in their teens and in the nicest looking bikinis. Trinity smiled at me and winked as she said "don't bother to cover up, we've already seen you, what's your name."

I introduced myself as Jeff as I stood to face them, my cock all the way hard now. Everyone one of them was smiling at me and some were whispering things to each other that I couldn't hear. They all told me their first names and then one of them asked if I do this very often. I told her not as much as I'd like to, but yes, I like sunbathing in the nude, I liked the way it felt on my skin. She laughed and pointed at my cock and said she could tell I liked the sun. They all started to laugh, Trinity asked if I'd like them to stay.

The girls looked at her kind of puzzled. I asked if I would have to leave. Trinity said, no the idea was maybe we could all stay together here. Now I got the idea and asked if it was OK for me to stay the way I was, since they already caught me. Some of the girls were already saying things like, "yes", "of course", and my favorite comment, "I hope so." Now, I really didn't remember any of their names to put faces on them. They had names like Briana, Chelsey, Krystal, and I'm not sure of the rest, it didn't matter. I was now naked on the beach with a bunch of really cute teenage girls that were getting a bit of a thrill by this too.

One of the girls asked me if I get hard like this all the time, followed by girls giggling. I told her I did, more giggles. Then I was asked if I ever did anything about it, someone added, jack off or jerk off, more giggles. I admitted that yes I did. Then I was asked if they could watch when I did it. I agreed they could if they wanted too, more giggles and some more whispering and more giggles. I was so hard my cock was throbbing, I could feel it bouncing up and down just a little bit, I hoped that they could see it.

Trinity started things going. She was lying on her front and told me "since you're staying with us, make yourself useful and put some sunscreen on my back." I loved the way she said it, I moved across the sand to where she was lying, she whispered so only I could hear, "it's really nice to see you again Jeff, you're really nice to do this." I started to rub lotion on her back and she told me to go ahead and unfasten her top, she didn't want the tan lines. She also told me to do her legs. By now all of the girls were lying in the sun, a couple had taken their tops off but most had just undid them, they were all lying back side up. When I finished with Trinity I asked if anyone else wanted me to help, they all did. How terrific is that, I'm naked getting to rub suntan lotion all over scantily clad youg ladies, they all looked at my cock when I was kneeling next to them, I could hardly keep from grabbing my cock and jacking off right then.

As the day went on and they got used to me being there, they got more daring. Within a couple of hours, they were all topless and a couple of them had gotten nude, oh my did I like that. One of the nude girls only had trimmed her pussy in the bikini area, so she was pretty hairy, the other's were almost completely shaved, I prefer almost completely shaved. As I was looking, one of the girls, still with her bottoms on saw me looking at the pussies and asked if I prefered shaved or hairy. I told her I prefered shaved, but a little patch was kind of sexy. With that she stood up, pulled her bottoms down and asked what I thought. She was totally shaved and had a little ring through her clit. I asked if it hurt, she smiled and admitted it did for a while, but now she likes it. I admitted, I wasn't sure.

When I started to look away from her, she asked if I wanted to touch it, I know I started to blush, because they thought it was cute, I was blushing. She pulled her bottoms the rest of the way off and came over to me and told me to go ahead, pull on it a little, it doesn't hurt. So I did, as soon as I touched it she said "Ouch", when I stopped and pulled my hand away she said she was just k**ding. She reached down and put her finger through the ring and pulled it straight out a little bit and said it didn't hurt. I told her she looked really nice with the ring, she giggled a little and said she bet I wasn't even looking at the ring. They all laughed.

I was asked by some of the girls to put more suntan lotion on them. As I started for the first girl, she rolled onto her back and said she needed it on her front and smiled as she watched my cock get hard again. The next few minutes was like heaven again, rubbing suntan lotion onto breasts and tummies of these little cuties was unreal. Precum was dripping from my cock but no one said anything about it.

Trinity asked if I would help her and a couple of other girls go back to their car and get some stuff out of the coolers, drinks, sandwiches, etc. I said I would and went for my swim trunks, almost in unison they said no, then one of them said "you like to be naked, stay naked." This was going to be a rush. I walked back with three girls to the cars, when we got close to where I could be seen from the highway, they got kind of close around me to block the view. The good news, not a single car came by until we were heade back over the dunes. One car slowed down, I don't know if it was because they could tell I was naked or to just look at the girls, I'm guessing the girls.

When we were settled back in with the rest of the girls, one of them just said, "I can't take it any more, I've got to touch it." With that she came over to me and grabbed my cock, she grabbed it pretty hard and looked down at it. When she looked down she said "you've been leaking, my boyfriend does that when he's really turned on, are you really turned on?" I admitted it, it was hard not to be with such cute girls all around. They laughed and then I couldn't believe it, she knelt in front of me, looked at the other girls, and said "this is the way my boyfriend likes me to do it". In one move she had both of my balls in her mouth while she started to rub my cock, I could feel her tongue on my balls, it was incredible.

One of the other girls came over and said, "this is what my boyfriend likes" and she moved the first girl out of the way, I missed her mouth on my balls. The second girl licked the tip of my cock a couple of times, opened her mouth and went all the way down, this is the first time I'd ever been deep throated, it was unbelievable. She pulled off my cock and did it again, I couldn't believe it.

Someone, I'm not sure who, suggested that they each take turns sucking my cock, it was going to be like Russian Roulette, whoever had my cock in their mouth when I came would have to swallow and I couldn't say anything or do anything to let them know when I was close. They talked it over and decided that they each had to suck on my cock for one minute. Now to make it not easy on me, while my cock was being sucked, the other girls did their best to get me turned on. I had a couple of them standing by me rubbing my butt with their hands, one girl sucked on my nipples, at one point I had two girls sitting on the sand in front of my fingering their pussies. They were doing everything they could to get me to cum. It worked, I lasted five girls and then it happened, I just started squirting cum into the mouth of this really cute brunette with short hair and hazel eyes. She looked up at my when I started to cum and her eyes got really big, she lost (or won, depending on how you look at it). When her minute was up, she turned to the other girls and showed them her mouth was full of cum, my cock was alredy getting soft. Their was a little cheer and then a chant of "swallow, swallow, swallow" and she did.

It wasn't long after that they all started to pack up to leave. I put on my swim trunks and shook out my towel. Trinity came over to me and told me "she appreciated this, it was fun", I told her it was for me too. Then she took a note out of her purse, handed it to me and smiled really nice at me and told me not to read it until I was back in my truck.

When I got to my truck I read the note. She wrote:
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you doing this. Ever since I first met you I wanted to see you again. I know I'm too young for you, but would you be my friend and do other naked things for me? If you will, please send me an email to ?????????@??????.com. If you don't I'll understand. I hope you'll email me.

I really didn't know what I should do, she really is a lot younger than me. So, I sent her an email as soon as I got home telling her how sweet and cute she was and I'd love to be her naked friend. We'll see what happens.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
to right you sent her an email!
3 years ago
I love these stories and they are hot and sexy...
3 years ago
sexy & hot
3 years ago
that is sooo naughty!
3 years ago
This was a fucking hot story hon... My cock is as hard as a rock. I just wish I had someone here to deal with it!