Life With s*s: Pt 11

After our day with Lexie and Terece I was really tired. After we said our good nights I think I fell asl**p before my head was even on my pillow.

I woke up feeling something soft and warm rubbing my face, it was Steph rubbing the hair from my forehead. When I opened my eyes she smiled and said she couldn't sl**p and wanted some attention. I moved over the best I could so she could fit in bed with me, I figured she just wanted to be held awhile.

Instead, she gave me a couple of soft and gentle kisses on the cheek and then moved over to my mouth. She was being so gentle and sweet, just barely touching me. Then she moved back along kissing my cheek until she was nibbling on my ear lobe, I could feel her hot breath on my ear as she did this. She then moved down my neck towards my chest, I could feel her hair genlty rubbing on my skin as she moved. s*s stopped at one of my nipples and licked at it and sucked it for a little bit before moving on down to my abs, kissing me the whole way, her hair was genlty touching me as she moved, all of this was really bringing me to a state of arousal, my cock was rock hard.

This sure didn't feel like she was getting attention, it was more like I was. Steph moved her mouth onto my cock, first licking and then sucking the head of it. Next she slowly moved down the shaft, kissing and licking it until she got to my balls. First she sucked on one, then the other.

I felt her hot naked body slowly coming up over me as she slid into place with her pussy right over my cock, I could feel how hot and wet it was on the shaft of my cock as she started to move up and down, rubbying her clit on my cock. Her hair fell over my face as she bent down to kiss me again, this time with more passion. Her breathing had changed and she was moaning very softly as she moved, it felt unbelievably good.

When she stopped rubbing her clit on my cock, she moved up on me, straddling my face. She didn't have to say anything, I knew what she wanted. I reached for her pussy with my tongue, I don't think I ever felt it this wet, there was a little trickle of pussy juice running down one thigh as I licked it clean. I began to gently suck on her clit while working it with my tongue. In a husky voice that didn't sound like her she said, "put a finger in my ass." I didn't believe what I heard, that was always off bounds, she said it was an exit, not an entrance, one way only.

I didn't do anything except keep working on her clit, stopping every little bit to get her juices out of her pussy. Then, in a little bit louder voice she said "I told you what to do, please do it now." I reached around towards her bubble butt, it is cute. I moved one hand towards her butt hole and slowly got one of the finger wet from her pussy, then I just moved it around her sphincter gently, she let out a sigh and tried to move her ass onto my finger. I got it wet again, this time I pushed it into her just a little bit, as soo as I had, she pushed down on my finger until it was buried in her, then she started moving on it, like she was riding a cock.

She pulled off of my finger and started to move back down me. She stopped and sucked the precum from my cock and licked off her juices that still had it wet. She got off the ged and said she'd be right back, and she was. Standing along side my bed she told me to get up on my knees, as I did she got in front of me doggy style. I stopped and said "no, we discussed this, I am not going to fuck you." It was said as firmly as I could without making too much noise, I didn't want Lexie and Terece to hear me.

Steph looked back at me smiling, she said "that's lube on your night stand, that's what I got up for." Again I told her we can't do this. Now she was more firm with me, but quietly said, "I know the deal, here's what I want from you. Lube your cock real good and then slide it into my ass. I want to have sex with you and that's the safest way we can."

I couldn't believe it. Also, I was a bit afraid, I didn't want to hurt her. My cock is bigger than a finger. But, I pretty mucy always do what she wants me to do. I lubed my cock and started to work the head of it around her little butt hole, I'd really never checked it out, but it was kind of cute. s*s told me to move my cock in slowly, so I did. It felt hot and tight, but the lube was letting me slide in. Steph groaned a little so I stopped and asked if it was hurting, she said no, it felt good, keep going, so I did.

As I got my cock all the way in she slowly started to rock back and forth, pulling my cock out and pushing it back in. This felt really good. I could see that she was using one of her hands to rub her clit while I went in and out of her. When she started to climax it felt like whe was squeezing my cock with a vice, she got so tight, then it contracted and expanded so fast I couldn't control myself. I came in her like I've never cum before, just one shot after another. It wasn't long, I was exhausted, wore out, depleted.

When I went to pull out Steph told me to get my face under her right away, whe wanted me to eat the cum out of her ass. I just did what I was told, as I got my head under her she sat up and relaxed her sphincter muscles and cum poured out of her ass into my mouth, it was still hot but had her taste on it too.

Steph got off my bed and said she was too tired to clean up, she was going to sl**p and she went back over to her bed. I just moved back to my pillow and was asl**p in no time. When I awoke, my cock was hard and my sheets were wet, I think I came in my sl**p. Now the dilema, was that a dream or real, I'm embarrassed to ask her. Maybe she'll say something.
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3 years ago
Wow. That took the series to another level... Real or Dream... ummmm. Lets wait and see
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Dream or either way!

Thank you!
3 years ago
amazing! :D love it!
3 years ago
I knew you guys would fuck eventually. I am glad you did. Excellent story.
3 years ago
mmmmm can't help stroking my cock thinking about eating cum out of a fresh fucked ass now!
3 years ago
Fantastic me rock hard and rubbing, that's for sure!!